Take the Bait

Cedar Creek 
OPEN TO ALL OF COURSE but Dante needs some psychic action just sayin'

 Fifty-nine degrees was a damn nice temperature as far as Dante was concerned. After weeks of cold, cloudy bullshit, a warm day with a clear sky and warm sun was a welcome forecast. He had worked the Brewery the night before - bouncing at the door on Saint Patrick's Day earned him a day off on the river, if he did say so himself. If he was really needed, he was in good proximity - otherwise, it would prove to be a quiet day with his fishing gear and a cooler full of beer.

 He set up his chair and rigged up his rod, casting the baited line out into the moving water before he settled down. Despite being warm, the man wore pants and boots, but was without his jacket - instead, his torso sported a short-sleeved t-shirt, hair tied back low. He had just cracked open the tab of his first beer and lifted it to his lips when he realized he was no longer alone.

Alyson pulled at her sleeves. A nervous habit she'd developed along side her superhuman abilities. In truth,she wasn't even aware the majority of the time it happened. It was just...comforting. Her jacket made a small Thrrrip sound as she stuffed both hands into it's pockets. Head tilted down in thought as she made her way along the small path beside the river.

Since moving to Cordova she hadn't explored the other areas much. Let alone get out of the house. Unless she was on her way to work. Aside from all the mythical creatures coming out of the woodwork,life was pretty dull.

Lately she decided to try and get out more. Explore a little if anything. What could go wrong?

Her eyes stayed focused on the ground. Taking in the way the sun bounced off the nearby water and illuminated nearly everything else it touched. Never in her life did she think she'd be jealous of a plant. Alyson let out a small chuckle at the thought. It was absolutely ridiculous but since obtaining all of Elsa's bullshit powers,she had turned into that perpetually cold person.

And to be honest she was sick of the age old excuse of I just have bad circulation. A statement she tended to say a lot working behind the bar at Charlie's Pub. Alyson shuttered as memories of the night before slipped back into her mind. Swearing to herself never to work a night on St.patty's day again. It was then that the sound of an opening beer can broke the silence. Alyson gasped. Losing her balance a bit as she came to a stop.

 Female. Human. Dante caught sight of her from his peripheral, the startled wobble as she gasped. Slowly, silently, the big man turned his head to apprehend the girl. A part of him wondered what had her so jumpy - beer can triggered PTSD didn't seem like a plausible thing. He kept his judgments to himself, silent, attention stolen back by a tug on his line.

 He grunted, struggling to set his beer can down in time to yank on the pole, to sink the hook into his mystery fish's mouth and reel it in. The can landed mostly stable between his knees, with minimal spilling, as he jerked at the line. It would come away easily - too easily. The hook came flying back out of the water, free of either a fish or its bait, and sailed straight for the young woman walking down the bank.

She was about to say something along the lines of I didn't think there was anyone else here so I wasn't paying attention.
or Sorry,I didn't mean to bother you. Any sort of normal default excuse anyone would use in that situation before saying goodbye. Waving off the situation before never seeing them again.

She had just taken her hands out of her pockets before she was about to speak. Instead all that came out was a very loud FUCK!! followed by a instinctive small gasp caused by the pain.

ohgodohgodohgod! Oh fuck!! There's a hook in my hand! shit! Whatdoidowhatido?? Alyson closed her eyes before taking a breath. Trying to dull down her simultaneous shock and panic.

 The situation escalated quickly. Dante watched the hook find purchase in the stranger's hand in slow-motion, smelled the blood that sprung forth from the wound and her fear as her heart rate rocketed and she shouted a curse. He growled under his breath in irritation - less at her and more at the situation in general - and pushed himself up out of his chair.

 "Don't freak out," he warned her in a gravelly voice, approaching at a brisk walk and lowering the pole to the earth near her. He eyed her injured hand, reaching to take her wrist in his grasp so that he might observe it. The jagged barb at the end of the hook would make this a painful ordeal, this much he knew from experience. "Sorry," he muttered. "Let me help."

Alyson inhaled sharply. Eyes fixated on the ground beneath,causing her hand to appear slightly out of focus. But right now it was all she could think to do. Focus on anything but the pain. Anything but the panic that seemed to be taking over.

Don't freak out. The man's voice seemed so far away she barely heard his muttered apology. Taking a small step back her gaze followed as he set the pole on the ground beside them before reaching for her hand,

She stood there for a moment weighing her options. She could call someone. But who was she really that close to? She could go to the hospital...but...how would she drive there?

This was her only option.

Hesitantly,Alyson extended her hand toward the stranger. Taking in another deep breath when she realized it was becoming colder by the second.

 The girl seemed stunned, or at the very least, timid and wary. She all but froze in place after a hesitant step backwards, but remained completely silent. There was no fuss when he took her wrist, no shouting or cursing or even crying. It might have been a little eerie if he hadn't seen worse things overseas.

 "Okay. Stay calm. It's going to hurt, but it won't kill you." Unless it gets infected, but let's not talk about that. There was no easy way to remove this from her skin. Pain was a promise. As long as he could keep her calm, he could keep his beast calm, staving off its attention to her bleeding. Her skin was cold, but he was more preoccupied by the task at hand - besides, being a Were meant he ran hotter than normal, and the weather was not exactly warm yet. "Take a deep breath in; deep breath out." Before he even finished "deep breath out," he was pulling the hook back out of her skin, quick as he could be without being too harsh, forcing the curved metal to follow its original path back out of the wound.

The cold seemed to dull the pain as the hook was yanked out of place. Still a small gasp escaped her mouth out of instinct and she let go of the breath she had been holding.

Do you-um, It took a moment to focus enough to find the words before she finally spat out Bandages. Or bandaids or something? Alyson closed her eyes in frustration. More at herself then anything. Her mouth scrunching to the side. Do you have any?

 The removal of the hook provided a fresh waft of the scent of blood right up his nose. Dante choked the wolf down with a firm clench of his jaw, releasing her hand. Bandages? Uh.

 "I might. Hold on," he grunted, gesturing for her to follow as he moved back to his bag full of fishing supplies. He crouched before it and pulled it open, fishing around uncertainly until he did, by some miracle, find a battered box of bandaids. He made some quiet sound of approval before he rose, handing the box over to her. She was a big girl, he didn't need to dress her wounds. "You should clean that when you get home. River bacteria and whatnot."

Alyson eyed the man a short moment. Taking note of his unease,though she thought it might be just from the awkward situation. She watched carefully as he dug through his things before proceeding to walk back in her direction. Bandages in hand.

"Right."She stammered,unsure of what else to say. Alyson reached carefully into the box,pulling out a just enough bandaids to cover her wound.

"Thank you." Her lips pulled in an awkward half smile. Partially due to the pain still throbbing through her hand. "mm-here. You might wanna keep these. ya know...just in case." She meant it to be evident that she wasn't teasing. But given the circumstances,she didn't want to test her luck in trying to manipulate his emotions even for a few seconds. The ice coursing through her hand was bad enough.

Instead she left it at that,turned back the direction she came from and left before he could reply.

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