Idle hands

Restaurant Row 
Idle hands left the mind to wander; a fact that Arianna was finding frustrating in the pre midday rush of lunch meetings. She did her best to keep up on the menial tasks of keeping the bar stocked, but there were only so many times she could check to make sure the stir sticks were full. This left here to either do a small inventory (no thanks) or stare out the windows and attempt to remove the sticky layer from the bar again.

She wasn't sure it was intentional, this sticky layer that seemed to cling to the varnish of the wood top, but was in fact a build up of years worth of spilled drinks that kept oozing up from the wood. Wasn't that true for carpet with a stain? You could clean it all you wanted, but it would eventually creep back up from the mat underneath. This seemed like the same situation. Still, she wiped at it with vigor as she waited for anyone to take up residence in her domain.

Today had been an awful day so far.

Marco had been enjoying some me time at home, crafting his latest art project, when suddenly, suddenly, his power just. Turned on him. The Pegasus figurine's head had been in just the right spot, and he was getting ready to pull and warp the metal piece for one of the wings, and then it had just...??????

Completely skipped over the actual thing in his hands he'd been focusing on and then totally warped and pulled the horse's head down until it was between his leg like some kind of giraffe.


Why this. This was so mean.

It had been a gift for a friend, too, and just. Why.

And warping stretched metal back into unstretched metal was like. Ten times as hard. He'd hardly mastered it. He could lop the extra material off and try to reform it from what remained, but that left it really weak and easily dented and just. Ughhhhhhh.

So Marco was here wearing the saddest frown as he took a seat at the bar. There was one other girl there and she was probably the waitress, and that was just great.

"Do you guys serve wine here?" he asked glumly, because it was clearly the kind of day that called for dessert wine. And probably food was a good idea too.


Just as she was sure that her day would drag along at a barely manageable crawl, someone approached the bar. Had there bee no music present, he would have surely been able to hear the sigh of relief she exhaled when she turned to meet his gaze. Though, after a moment she was glad that he hadn't as he didn't seem to be quite in the same spirit of content as she did. That wasn't uncommon, especially at this time in the day, but she still liked to temper her own emotions to fit the mood of the customer when there were so few to attend to.

"We sure do," she assured him, lifting a heavy leather tri-fold menu from beneath the counter and promptly sliding it across the surface to him. "It'll be the right hand side. If you would like to hear the specials for the day before you make your choice, let me know," she added with a slight upturn of her lips and a little nod. She was not the bubbly, smiley type, which she was fine with, but managed to gain her tips in other ways.

Well at least she was kind without being pushy about it. Marco gave a teeny sad smile and looked over the menu, choosing a glass whatever ridiculously sweet nonsense he liked for wine. Oh, and also, "I think... you can totally choose what I should eat."

Please help the poor metalboy, he was the saddest, and also he didn't have much for an appetite anyway, so.

"If that's okay."

It was not an uncommon thing for someone to get tips on what to order, but it was rarer for someone to put their utmost faith in her to make the decision and follow it through. She didn’t have a problem with it as she spent enough time eating the food to know what she liked and if he didn’t like it in return that was his own fault. However, she still had some parameters first.

"Alright," she began gently, smiling a little wider as she pulled the menu back and placed it beneath the counter with the rest. It was part of her job to know the menu inside and out in the chance that people decided to eat at the bar; something that had given her nightmares back when she had first started. "First things first, how do you feel about fish?" This wasn’t some high end place, so the prices were nice, but she would trust getting the fish from here too.

It was super nice of her to take charge of his appetite. He smiled appreciatively, tempted to regale her of all the details of his misery, but first he needed to drink too much sweet wine first.

Oh, fish? He pondered it. He used to hate fish as a kid, but that was because of the little bones. He was a little more careful now. "I like it. What do you have?"

He sat up a little, the mundane chatter making it easier to not think of his ruined gift.

So fish wasn't out, that was wonderful. Honestly, she wasn't the greatest fan of fish, but it was light and had good flavor. Though, the fish here was pretty tasty and wasn't bad for being in a land locked state and she felt comfortable recommending it. "Well we do have glazed salmon, which I personally recommend, or we have Poached Fish Fillets in a Sherry-Tomato vinaigrette."

As she spoke, she set about filling his drink order. She did her best to face him at every possible moment, not wanting to seem rude, while pulling a wine glass from beneath the counter and the right bottle from a fridge that glowed behind her. She set the wineglass before him with a flair that had long since become habit, and poured.

There were two decisions to be made here! One, her recommendation, and two, a thing that sounded kind of great. Which one?

Well. He'd asked for her to choose, after all.

"I think you've got me with the salmon," he smiled as she poured him the glass. Yes. Perfect. The water of life.

Did dessert wine and salmon go together? Who cared.

"How long have you worked here?" he hummed into his glass, before sipping down that sweet sweet brandywine nonsense he liked so much and also looking at her still.

Excellent. As long as he really do like fish and wasn’t just saying that, then she was certain he would have a perfectly fine meal. The dessert wine might have not been her best pair, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world and everyone had their own tastes. "It’ll be out soon," she assured him after entering his order in at her computer station a little to the left of him a few seats.

Unsurprised with his question, she did have to think on it for a moment as she tallied it up. Normally she wouldn’t have held a job this long, always having followed from state to state as the urge struck her mother, but now she’d stayed behind. "Five years or so now," she answered with a slight shock in her eyes and nod of her head.

"How bout you? Live here in Mountainside or just visiting?"

Fiiiiiive years at a bar? That seemed nice. Like if she was treated well here. Probably, it was in expensive Belle Vista, so.

"I live here! Or well. I live in Cedar Creek. You live in Belle Vista."

Wait. He'd been. Distracted.

"I mean. Do you live in Belle Vista?"

Ahhh, Cedar Creek. It wasn't a bad place, probably a heck of a lot cheaper than Belle Vista, and she offered a rare smile at his answer. "I've visited there from time to time. It's not so bad. Do you like it?" She hoped so, though just because one lived somewhere, didn't mean they held attachments.

"Barely, but I do" she answered. It was no secret that Belle Vista was on the pricier side of things, and some days she didn't know how she managed it, but luckily she didn't struggle too bad when it came to paying all the bills. It helped that she'd started some decent savings practices growing up.

He offered a nod, smile a little sheepish for the question. "I know it's not all glamor like this town, but I like seeing where I can fix things."

That wasn't said disparagingly, at all. Belle Vista was nice, but he was a problem solver. If all the problems were already solved, why even bother?

"You like it here?"

It wasn't always about the glamour, she could attest to that, but to some it seemed important. For her it didn't much make a difference. Which was why she could nod along to what he said, impressed that he answered so honestly. "How do you fix things?" She inquired, truly curious as to that part of his sentence.

"I do. Sometimes its a little expensive, but I guess I've gotten attached to the area," she admitted with a soft smile.

He straightened up a little for this part. "I'm a forensic engineer, so my job is to see why buildings and structures have failed, or why they could fail. It's pretty great."

Marco grinned.

"Expensive's not bad. What's the best place to visit around here?"

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