Cosmic Joke [PACK EVENT]

 They were staying close to home tonight, going past the city limits to the Northeast of Cedar Creek. Everyon had met at her place first, piling into three vehicles and making the drive out to their destination, only to inevitably park and make the rest of their trek into the wilderness on foot. She could hear them chatter back and forth, the overall mood light and easy. They were a good bunch, and honestly, they made Alina silently pleased that she'd settled here and taken over. No doubt, the pack was healthier and happier now than when she'd come into power. Even she could see that.

 Once a spot was found that the pack was happy with, Alina and Trick sat back and let the pack mingle some more, knowing that not all of them saw each other all the time. This was their chance to catch up an reconnect and she was fine giving that to them. There was all the small amounts of contact, too, those moments that their beasts craved no matter how experienced they were — the brush of an arm or touching a shoulder, something to appease their beasts while they remained in their human guises. Nothing abnormal, really, other than maybe the fact that she was learning to be okay with that contact after all these years. Something something happy healthy environment something good positive whatever.

 Moon high in the sky, she decided it was time and got to her feet, looking out over all of them, a silent signal that they give into the desires of their beast and shift.

 Did I say nothing abnormal? Scratch that.

All the Weres in Cordova shifted into baby animals.

 Yes. Alina had shifted into a cute white wolf cub, every bit as ferocious as a teddy bear.

WHAT?! Yes, you read right! All Weres, whether part of a group or not, have shifted into their cute cuddly baby versions of their animal forms for the March 31st full moon!

Happy Almost April Fools!



Everything was as it should be.

There was comfort in familiarity and routine—comfort that Julie never ceased to the thankful for when the Pack gathered beneath the full moon. Their company eased both the woman and the beast within her. She didn't have much to say in the prelude to their collective shift, but she was content nevertheless.

Then everything ceased to be as it should be.

The shift, as painful as it always was, had the additional effect of disorienting the Spaniard as she shrank in size by a considerable margin. It felt wrong. Hell, it was wrong. By the time her shift had finished, Julie felt altogether wrong.

Whining with a distressed look in her puppy eyes, the ginger wolf turned in one, two, three circles as she tried to make sense of just how small she was. By the third revolution, however, Julie had spun herself dizzy and promptly fell over, her head still rolling.

A babyish howl escaped her little body as she leaned her head back, a high-pitched complaint to her own confusion.

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