Two Moons National Park 
Vitto had chosen their destination this time, because let's face it, he was a whole lot better at this stuff.

Or, anyway, he had the power of Google-fu, and nobody could wield a Yelp review like he could. He was starting to get a feel for the towns and neighborhoods of the greater Cordova area even if they hadn't explored all that much of it, and in his estimation the best possible place to let Becky out to roam would be a national park outside of city limits where as far as he could tell nobody owned anything.

He hoped. Probably. It's not like he could smell pack borders, okay, but he was doing the best he could.

He just didn't want another repeat of last moon, and no more sneering too-good-for-you asshole weres who thought he couldn't run with the big boys because he didn't go all furry once a month.

Somebody had to keep things running.

And for Vitto, "keeping things running" pretty much meant hanging out in the car and chucking meat from a cooler for Becky-aka-Peteyena and watching for interlopers who might need to be chased off.

It wasn't his fault that this whole evening was....already starting to go a little weird.

Pete, also thinking very hard about borders these days, had her head out the window.

It was a nice way to distract ol' Becky as they got to their destination; her hyena liked the sensory overload as much as she did. They cruised through the entry gate, Pete offering a heinously unkempt smile to the attending ranger; sure was convenient that weed was legal now, because she and Vitto in their ridiculous car more than looked the type to get lost and/or start fires out in the woods. She'd have to get a season pass, probably, so they looked less like a pair of deadbeats.

First, though? She had a Beast to satisfy. She kicked her feet up on the dash and inspected her nails as Baby Peters navigated their way to secluded parking.

On the bright side: She let him drive on moon nights, which automatically made them the best thing ever.

"So where you think everybody else does it?" He asked, non-sequitur, and then grinned because, heh heh, does it.

He gestured vaguely around with his good hand, indicating how reasonably alone they appeared to be for the time being.

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