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Cedar Creek 

 It was time to get back on track. For too long, Kai's diet had consisted of tequila, greasy trash food, and whatever was living in the cans and boxes in her cupboard. It had made things harder on the whole beast front, and more importantly, she had begun to notice a decrease in muscle mass - the second most important source of her pride, after her car.

 So here she was, at Alina's secret Were gym in some nondescript little building in Cedar Creek. She was grateful for this place - benching two hundred and fifty pounds at a gym full of humans would have been a little suspicious. She had even eaten a proper protein-packed meal earlier and had a shake mix ready for afterwards. However, the coyote wasn't sure she would even make it that far - she barely made it through the door when the intimately familiar scent of Jo Wilsey smacked her in the face. He beast preened in eager joy, and she found herself seeking out her King before she realized it.

 She swung her water bottle leisurely as she grew nearer, picking the taller woman out of the thin gym crowd almost immediately. "Hey, stranger," she greeted with a jerk of her chin. "Come to get your ass kicked?"

Jo had never heard of a Were-only gym before Mountainside, and she could've kissed whatever wolf came up with the idea. There was nothing like beating the shit out of a punching bag to de-stress after a long, dumb, and frustrating week. She'd had to kick out four unrelated customers last night! Four! In a three hour period! Weren't hipsters supposed to be polite or something?

Her nose itched with the ghost of a familiar scent. Her coyote recognized it as Kai's before Jo could put her thumb on it, the mutt all but whining in anticipation. They needed to have a chat on the whole "playing it cool" front later because that was definitely not a dignified reaction.

She glanced up to catch sight of Kai crossing the gym toward her, and Jo smiled despite herself. Yeah, maybe she needed to have that same "playing it cool" chat with herself.

Jo straightened up as Kai neared, lifting one wrapped hand to shove it through her damp hair. "You offering?" she retorted with a sly grin.

 The mechanic smirked as she watched Jo straighten up, glancing at the punching bag that still swung gently from its chains. If the shine of sweat on the other woman was any indication, she'd been doing a number on that thing. Vaguely, she wondered how often those things had to be replaced for having the filler busted out from one too many attacks.

 "Fuck yeah," she retorted with all the cockiness that should be expected of her. "I'm a lot more fun than the punching bag." Her eyebrows rose, expression perhaps a bit goading as she waited for a response.

"Well, I can't argue with that," she agreed with a toothy grin. Granted, Kai was more fun than a lot of things, and both her confidence and her expression were more than slightly baiting.

Jo set a hand on the punching bag to still it, then stepped in the direction of the mats. "What do I win when I put you on your ass?" she asked, matching Kai's cockiness as that good old competitive streak reared its head.

 No, she couldn't. Kai's smirk grew another inch or so. She would step along to follow Jo towards the mats, but not without reaching out to give her a playful shove on the shoulder. The coyote knew she was about to get her ass handed to her - the human was, not surprisingly, a little more confident than that. "I'll join your band if you win, but don't get your hopes up."

Jo rocked to the side with the shove, snorting a laugh, then playfully knocked her shoulder against Kai's. "Ooh. How tempting."

She stopped in the center of the stretch of mats and turned to face Kai, shfiting into a loose stance with feet splayed apart and fists raised once the other woman seemed ready. No need for ceremony.


 Kai sneered at her King good-naturedly at her rebuttal, sticking her tongue out briefly as Jo turned her back, following her onto the mats. She wasted no time; as the taller woman readied herself, Kai dove straight in, throwing a false punch for her abdomen before going in for real to sock her right in the jaw.


Alright then! Kai wasn't pulling any punches. Literally. Apparently there was no gentleman's agreement to avoid the face.

The coyote walloped Jo right in the jaw, and she rocked back with the blow but didn't yield ground even though it hurt like a motherfucker. She responded with a hook, forward hand tucked close to her jaw as her rear hand snapped out for a strike, aiming for the side of Kai's head.


 Ow! Kai might have yelped for the pain if she hadn't been struck like that before, too many times to count. She was used to sucking it up, but still, she recoiled, growling. Maybe she was going to get her ass kicked after all. But! She would not be so easily discouraged! Instead, she came back, lunging for Jo, tackling her to take her down to the mats. Jo was a boxer - Kai preferred to wrestle. Maybe this would level the playing field.

hit! miss! >:D

She hadn't anticipated Kai tackling her, and she went down like a rock, back hitting the mats with a sharp huff of breath. Jo was a boxer, not a wrestler; and although she could brute force her way through just about anything, she was at a distinct disadvantage here, compared to Kai who apparently knew what she was doing.

Jo grappled for the other woman with a huff that was a little more coyote than not, tried to drive a fist into her gut but couldn't get much force behind it, given the angle.


 It was a good thing she had put her hair in a tight braid. A few stray tendrils hung around her cheeks as she grinned wildly down at the other woman, gloating silently on her successful takedown. She steeled herself for the punch, engaging her core and grunting at the hit. With a huff, she snatched the offending hand, bowing her body up off of Jo so that she might pull her onto her stomach and twist her arm behind her back. "Aren't you gonna put me on my ass?" she whispered against her King's ear, clearly amused with herself.


Jo grunted at Kai's breath against her ear, more than a little humiliated at how effortlessly she'd been flipped onto her stomach and pinned down in under two minutes. Getting topped in bed was one thing, but damn, this was just pathetic.

She wormed her free arm underneath her and shoved upward in an attempt to dislodge Kai or at least get her knees underneath her. An ultimately futile attempt because she got just about nowhere, the coyote's weight and the arm twisted behind her back enough to keep her in place.

"Fuck," she muttered into the mat.


 Kai could have just taken it like that. She could have literally and figuratively rubbed Jo's face into the mats and bounced away with childish victory. But she was unsatisfied - she wanted more than a quick swipe to the mat!

 So, the tattooed woman released her King, all but bouncing away. "Alright, don't go easy on me this time, yeah?" She grinned impishly, waiting for Jo to get on her feet before she moved back in again, aiming for a strike to the ribs.


To her relief, Kai didn't take the opportunity to mock her or rub it in, and Jo quickly rolled to her feet. "Yeah, yeah," she groused with a faint smile.

Alright, take two. Time to redeem herself.

Kai came in for a blow to her ribs, but Jo neatly twisted out of the way. She countered with a quick jab to the other coyote's chin, quickly snapping her fist back into place to cover her own jaw.

MISS kick her ass Jo

 Slippery woman. Kai wasn't quite as fast - short girl physics had nothing on Were speed, apparently - as she wasn't able to retract from her attack quick enough. Jo's fist rocked her chin, powerful despite its swiftness, and she scoffed as she covered her mouth and hopped backwards. That was more like it. She lingered back a moment, considering her next move before she leapt back in, swinging her right leg up to strike at Jo's ribs again, doing her damnedest to yank it back to avoid being snared.

miss :')

Jo's brow was drawn in focus as Kai backed away, but the corners of her mouth twitched in a faint smirk. She dropped her elbows to block the coyote's strike, forearms stinging at the impact, but didn't grab for the woman's leg, reluctant to leave her guard open in case the coyote proved more slippery than anticipated. Instead, she crowded in close to drive a fist into Kai's ribs, swinging out wide in a hook.


 Jo moved in - Kai jerked back, grunting as she crunched down to deflect her strike with an open hand. She barked a taunting laugh, throwing a fist in an attempt to box Jo in the side of the face again.

miss! pls dice.

Jo definitely found Kai's cockiness way more endearing than she should, and she huffed a breath that was equal parts amused and piqued at the woman's laugh.

She caught the incoming fist with her rear arm, rolling with the force of the strike to maintain her balance. Halfway through the motion, she hooked the opposite fist toward the side of Kai's face.


 Kai ducked just in time to avoid the fist that sailed toward her head; she could feel the rush of wind that came off of the hand, fluttering a few strands of hair around her face. She squeaked, popping back up to shove Jo backwards at the shoulders, stepping in to crowd her space with a grin.


Jo backpedaled a step and a half at Kai's shove, rocking back on her heels to keep from yielding any more ground.

And her grin! Was just so endearing!

But Jo still had no qualms about decking her. As Kai stepped close, she jabbed at the woman's chest in a short, pulled punch that provided cover for a more powerful follow-up with her rear hand. The good old one-two combo.

 Kai had perhaps gotten a little too cocky - where she had started out mostly sure she wasn't much of a match for a King, she had begun to think that maybe, just maybe, she would actually kick Jo's ass.

 Instead, the taller woman rocked her world. The double hit to her chest was hard, knocking the wind out of her and dropping her on her ass. With an expression that betrayed her surprise, she wheezed, holding a hand to her chest and tucking her chin. She lifted the other, open-palmed, in a hasty surrender as she struggled to suck some air back into her lungs.

 "Jesus," she finally squeaked, grinning up at the other woman.

Jo lowered her fists and straightened up when Kai, instantly contrite despite herself. Maybe she should've pulled her punches a little more. But damn, after that sock to the jaw and Kai effortlessly taking her to the mats, she deserved at least one good hit!

Her concern evaporated once Kai managed to speak (and grin!!) Jo flopped gracelessly down to the floor across from the coyote, stretching her legs out as she caught her own breath. "You good?" she asked with an impish smile.

 Kai huffed a sigh, watching Jo drop down to the mat. She was already sore, body aching in all the places the stronger woman had managed to land hits. "Fine," she said gruffly, waving her concern off with a proud hand. That didn't keep her from flopping onto her back in a sprawl, staring up at the ceiling. "So much for working out, damn it."

She lifted a hand to her jaw, probed the tender spot where Kai had decked her. Not bad.

Jo wasn't sure if Kai was complaining that she was too wiped to work out now or that her working out had evidently been useless, but she went ahead with that first one. "Hey, that counted as a work out!" she insisted, watching with a languid kind of interest as the woman flopped onto her back. "I say we count that one as a draw."

 Sure, it counted as a workout, she guessed. She shrugged haphazardly against the mat and let out a little "meh." She chuckled, lifting her head to peer at Jo from the mat. "Guess we'll have to have a tiebreaker then."

Jo's brain immediately went to sex, not boxing, but she quickly reined her thoughts in. "Yeah?" she prompted with a sly smile. "So like, right now?" She bumped her foot playfully against Kai's.

The adrenaline rush of their fight ebbed out of her, leaving her hungry and tired but with a cat-like contentment. So much for her work out, too. She'd only done half of her routine before Kai showed up, but she couldn't say she was overly concerned.

 Kai rose to prop herself up on her elbows, considering Jo's impish grin with narrowed eyes and pursed lips. Was that a loaded question? The odds were pretty high. She would just act like they weren't - in case, you know, they weren't. "Fuck no," she chuckled. "I need to eat before I let you do anything else to me." She tilted her head, pressing herself to sit up all the way. Takeout sounded really good right now, but she had to stick to this healthy shit, damn it. "We can say you won if you cook me chicken?" It was worth a shot, right?

And her brain went right back to sex. But in her defense, that was a very poor choice of words on Kai's part—unless she meant it as an innuendo, in which case, it was a great choice of words.

"For some reason, I feel like I'm getting the short end of that deal," Jo remarked with a wry smile. Still, she stood, dusting her hands off on her gym shorts and then offering one to help Kai up.

 Another smirk. "I mean. I can go around telling everyone lil' ol' me kicked the coyote King's ass, if you prefer," she teased, grabbing a hold of Jo's hand and lifting herself to her feet. Was that less humiliating than coercing your King into making you dinner?

"Bold move, blackmailing your king," Jo retorted playfully even as the pit of her stomach dropped. She wasn't normally a sore loser, but... that one kind of stung. But this was all in good fun so she just needed to get over herself. "But I will graciously cook you chicken, if you insist."

 Was it a bold move? Kai tilted her chin up, smirking at Jo as she waited for her to say something more, chuckling when she conceded. Bold or not, it had worked, hadn't it? The mechanic nudged the taller woman. "I insist. You know, you're the best King I've ever had." Mostly because she had never been a part of a group before but that wasn't the point! "C'mon. There's chicken at my house."

Oh thank god, this dinner didn't involve grocery shopping. She hated grocery shopping.

Jo was rather ritualistic about her gym and post-workout routine (she had a system), but she was willing to make sacrifices to retain Kai's current attention. Which, when she thought about it like that, sounded kind of sad? Oh well.

"M'hmmm," She hummed skeptically, bumping Kai's shoulder with her own as they moved toward the exit. "I'm the only king you've ever had, but I'll take it."

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