You want to know what Zeus said to Narcissus? "You better watch yourself"


Friday, April 6th, 2018

She'd made it a habit ever since her meeting with Dax. To be on time, to be precise. And so, she made sure to be on time in this case as well. She'd been awake just barely after dawn and had made sure to be gone before Skuld and Fray were even awake. A promise was law to her, and she wasn't about to break it.

The chance to back down was long gone.

I'd knock, but it'd kill the eeriness

The sun had pretty much set by now and with the location of this place being so far away from the city.. It did, in fact, create an eerie mood. Kind of reminded her of those Slenderman games, but the guy wasn't real, was he now? Truth be told.. she was not sure.. Not after what she'd seen.

But, anyway, leaning against the wooden fencing just a tad, she'd wait for the door to either open or for a text to be sent in return.

@Carmen Abela


She had not expected such a degree of punctuality. Only a moment or two would be wasted before she answered the door, opening it to see Amy, noticeably taller than last time.

She looked rather a lot like the grim reaper. Carmen had preferred her sense of style on the night they’d met - this did not even appear comfortable to her.

She greeted her much how she had the last guest who’d visited.

”Amy,” Carmen said, moving to the side to let her through. If visitors were going to become a frequent thing, she would have to find a place closer to the city. For now, this did its job well enough, but perhaps not for much longer.

Ah, so here she was. Dressed in black, much like she had.

"Black suits you," the comment flew smoothly from her lips as the woman moved to the side to allow her to enter. The place on the inside was rather small, but, admittedly, it appeared quite cozy. Not exactly how she would've chosen to decorate it, but it was nice. Nicer than the van she was so used to seeing.

Amy would turn around to face her, amber eyes briefly shifting from side to side before they refocused on her. "Looks rather cozy," might as well voice her opinion on the matter.

Truthfully, she was rather glad to see her. Carmen had no way of knowing what Amy had been up to in the days since they'd met - who she had been gossiping with, where she had been. Well. Certainly she had ways of knowing, but she had no interest in employing those ways. It meant it was reassuring to see her here now, in some way.

She listened to her heartbeat to hear for nervousness, when a compliment came.

"Must be the hair." Carmen then glanced to Amy's boots, before looking back to her with a faint smile. "I see you're aiming for an advantage in height."

In such a small space, there were scarcely options when it came to seating. There was one sofa and that was it. And so, Carmen would gesture gently towards it for Amy to sit if she so pleased.

"I have to confess this interior is not my doing. But it is a place to sleep."

Was it the hair? She was not sure.

Carmen's style was just pleasant as a whole, bordering classy and casual.

It suited her well.

The quip was appreciated it and she cracked a faint smile of her own. "More like aiming to fit the mood, but that works too." Truthfully, she was rather calm. Her heart rate was normal, but if one were to peek in the confines of her mind, the conflict going on up there wasn't extremely.. pleasant.

The conversation she had with Dax was still fucking her over, but she'd chosen to shut it off for the sake of focusing on the present. She'd give her time and things would be mended. Or so she hoped.

The offer to sit was there and she'd take it whilst keenly listening to what Carmen had to say. "I take it you rather enjoy solitude, away from the bullshit going on in the city." It was rather nice, the open. The lack of civilization, but. She wasn't sure how much she'd enjoy being away from the rest of the world.

Fit the mood. She supposed the grim reaper impression made sense, then. This was Amy's choice of attire for what might very well be her funeral.

"It is temporary until I decide my next step. Truthfully, I do not do well with the silence. It often reflects a stagnant life." She went to fill a glass of water for the girl, the only thing she could offer her. "What is happening in the city?"

It was an invitation to ask, and Carmen did not decline those.

Ah, so she was going to move at some point.

Amy supposed this made sense, for she couldn't possibly see herself living in complete solitude. Life would get boring after a while and there was only so much one could do in the company of oneself. Carmen went to fetch her some water―which was appreciated―but she was never shy when it came to asking questions.

And Amy was never shy when it came to answering them.

"Nothing significant," she paused briefly, "interaction with people has just proven harder lately." The vagueness was definitely there, but she was not done yet. She'd offer something.. more interesting, perhaps. "I reckon the group of vampires you mentioned must be situated somewhere in Cordova. No werewolves, no unaffiliated vampires." A hum escaped her, eyes returning on Carmen.

Did Amy, like Cris, find her generation lacked... solemnity? Or did it perhaps have to do with her impulse to become undeniably undead?

Carmen did not find the moment to ask, and instead, turned the tap off to hand her the glass of water. She had information.

Of course, it was nothing new to her. The so-called Frenchman had been helpful in that sense.

"It would appear we've both done some digging in the past week for I've heard much the same," she told her, settling into the opposite side of the couch with one arm on the back of it. "What do you think of it?" Carmen flattened her coat with one hand, before crossing her legs and looking directly towards Amy.

The water would be taken, but she would not drink just yet.

A question was directed towards her and it'd be rude not answering it first.

"I'd be a liar if I said I understood where all this hatred stemmed from," she began after a moment eyes never leaving Carmen's dark green pair. "I've interacted with vampires, never had a problem. Never been attacked; it was always a compromise done in a civil manner―mutual understanding, I suppose, would perhaps fit in this case." She shrugged, her index finger moving against the rim of the glass.

Then she paused.. thinking about what Dax had said. She'd mentioned Larkspur, the fact that werewolves resided there. "I cannot say whether I've come across any werewolves or not for certain, but.. There was this woman, at Chupacabras―a bar of sorts in Larkspur―and her eyes flashed orange." A pause was issued to make sure Carmen was following. "She made decent company before she got pulled off to the side by another," and presumably got scolded or something.

Maybe that other chick was a shifter as well, or she had powers.

Dax had powers before the whole vampire thing.

A sigh escaped her. "I guess my point is.. I'm failing to see the logic behind this all. If humans can coexist with the supernatural, why can't two different species do the same? Is it competition for food? Territory?" A brow arched as she regarded Carmen, gaze never faltering.

She wasn't stupid. It made it easy to appreciate her presence.

"It's possible you met a Werewolf. They run Larkspur," Carmen decided to divulge. She'd seen neither Alex's or Jo's eyes shift to a different colour, but it wasn't farfetched that it might be them or one of theirs.

Carmen took a deep inhale as Amy asked her a question, mood almost dismissing of the entire mess that was Mountainside's supernaturals.

"The group in Cordova has a propensity for violence towards both humans and Werewolves. I haven't met anyone who knows why - to the latter, anyway. Perhaps it's something entirely legitimate. Perhaps it isn't. All that's for certain is that the woman who runs the group murders Vampires who leave her, and she's managed to swimmingly rile up five groups of Werewolves."

Her finger tapped the back of the sofa.

And there it went, the confirmation that werewolves ran Larkspur.

She went to take a sip of water as Carmen continued, confessing that she had no idea―nor had she met anyone who had―as to why violence was being directed towards werewolves. She didn't mention anything regarding humans, but Amy.. was not as interested in prodding further. Not right now anyway.

"Then why isn't she dead?" It was a legitimate question, given that the doll―whoever the fuck she was―had managed to rill up five different groups of furry beasties. Like, Jesus woman.

The fuck was your problem?

Amy went to cross her legs as well, mindful enough not to touch the couch. Respect of property and all that.

Now that was certainly a silly and very human question.

”You cannot slaughter someone because of hearsay. If that was the case the both of us might be dead by now as well.” There was no telling if Werewolves were faultless. If they were, that’d be the first time Carmen had heard of someone attacking others entirely unprovoked.

And, even so.

”You must pick fights wisely, Amy, or you will die younger as a Vampire than you would as a human.” Her gaze, especially then, didn’t waver as she looked at her.

She supposed the response she received was a logical one.

A silent sigh snaked its way out of her and she actually had to look away from Carmen for a beat, focus on the door as she spoke. "I suppose you're right," there were traces of defeat in her tone, but they'd be eliminated as she returned her gaze on the woman and spoke again. "My Uncle used to same thing, pick your fights wisely."

A finger tapped against the glass she'd been holding.

"I reckon you would've enjoyed his company."

But, sadly, he'd reached a realm not even Carmen could reach.

She was receptive to advice. This was positive. But she wondered how receptive Amy would be when she had an uncontrollable, dark, blood-thirsty form ready to escape from within her.

”Then he was a clever man,” Carmen said to her, tone mildly approving.

She was unsure if what Amy said next was an invitation to ask about her likely dead uncle. Carmen was not disinterested - it was important she understood Amy - but she had more pressing questions than ones which regarded a dead relative.

And so, she would ask something that might at the very least tell her about the girl that sat beside her.

”And did you admire him?”

"He was everything I had left," she replied truthfully before continuing. "I'm pretty sure I've failed him on some occasions, however. Chose to dismiss the advice he'd given me, but ultimately.. I wouldn't be here talking to you right now if I hadn't considered his words. Would I?" Honesty. Wasn't that what Carmen wanted? It appeared so.

Or perhaps she was merely curious, in which case.. Amy had no problem sating her curiosity.

She had a feeling this was a trial of sorts, as weird as it might've sounded, but surely, she trusted Carmen's judgment enough.

The woman was not dumb.

How terrible for a child to be torn from their guardian.

How hypocritical of her to think that.

Amy would see a fleeting smile at the end of her words, but a genuinely amused one. ”It would appear so.”

The finger tapping returned, and it would continue as she continued to speak. ”Tell me then, Amy.” Carmen paused, angled herself towards her some more, as if this conversation was beginning from the start again or being refreshed. ”What is it you ultimately seek from me?”

To simply turn her? To guide her?

There was a magnitude of answers, and she was unwilling to proceed with this conversation without hearing one from Amy.

The fleeting smile would be noted, but it would not be returned.

Carmen spoke her name, angled herself even more, as if the conversation had not started. As if it was about to begin. The girl would meet her eyes evenly, but she would not reply immediately. She needed a second to formulate a reply that would be satisfactory―to her at least―and truthful.

A breath left her, eyes still against Carmen's.

"I've already explained my reason behind my wish to be turned," she began at length, tone sober. "Ultimately, guidance is what I seek; it'd be foolish of me to think I could make it on my own if you chose to turn me." She paused for a moment to make sure Carmen was following. "I'd be willing to listen if you'd be willing to teach." That was all she asked, nothing more, nothing less.

A guide.

A guide till she'd be able to survive on her own and not be turned to ash.

She was young, wished to be turned, receptive to advice, and sought a sire who could show her the ropes. Perhaps Carmen had grown cynical, but it all sounded almost too convenient and too perfect.

She studied Amy for a few more moments, after she’d finished speaking, before glancing to the kitchen thoughtfully.

”Is your silver-eyed friend disinterested in doing what you ask of me?”

She looked back to her, unblinking as she awaited her answer.

The question, she expected.

And she would answer, immediately.

"On the contrary," she began, meeting Carmen's eyes with ease. "She appeared quite offended when I mentioned I wished to be turned by an acquaintance rather than someone I knew." They had the same eyes, shared the same hue. Green and silver.

Green and silver.

"But, it's not on my list to die a week after being turned. She's been turned about a month ago―probably longer now―so she's quite new. Left without a guide herself." Dax had chosen a lifestyle she was not too keen on living herself; she would not accept being anyone's dog and especially not some chick's who'd riled five different groups of werewolves.

Don't get her wrong; she cared about Dax, but her life was not gonna be put on the line.

"I reckon your experience surpasses her own, Carmen." Just a simple observation, perhaps a compliment if she'd take it that way.

Sincerely, she was surprised to hear of a young girl who entirely disregarded the feelings of her own friend in order to benefit herself. It was heartless to the sensitive, perhaps, but knowing how to survive was important. In any world.

It would also appear that this time, Amy was far more willing to discuss the unnamed friend she shared with Cris.

”Yes, well. You are correct in assuming a freshly turned Vampire is not an ideal teacher, by no fault of her own.”

She allowed her foot to sway briefly, before she continued.

”Your friend. She is affiliated with Cordova’s group, yes?” A wild guess, perhaps.

It most certainly was not.

It definitely wasn't Dax's fault by any means, she knew that well enough.

The blame was to be pinned on the one who turned her and then abandoned her.

"She is, but she doesn't have as much of a choice there." Not as much as much as Dax made it appear she came to realize. A free meal, the vampire queen to heal all of her injuries. The blonde would've been swayed herself if she was left stranded as Dax was and truthfully, she would've probably chosen to make herself part of this group if she'd been turned in Cordova territory.

And left on her own.

It was all a matter of survival, which.. reminded her that she, perhaps, shouldn't have been as harsh with Attwood.

She wondered how this young Vampire wasn’t dead at the hands of her Domina yet. Here was Amy, with a vast knowledge of Vampires Carmen had most certainly not educated her on, and a Domina who killed humans when they found out about them.

She was, perhaps, a fledgling Vampire, but this girl certainly had done an impressive job of hiding Amy’s existence from her Domina’s eyes, ears, and nose.

”How do you mean that?” Carmen asked.

"The promise of a free meal during.. less than ideal times, and someone to heal your wounds when you get messed up by werewolf does hold some appeal, doesn't it?" She quirked a brow, briefly wondering why Carmen wished to prod further. Perhaps she merely wanted more options regarding this group.

"It offers a sense of security," she decided to add before continuing. "There is no jail, no penalties, no warnings in the world of the supernatural―isn't that what you told me? Everyone's just trying to survive in one way or another." It made sense. Dax's position made sense, which.. only aided her in making her feel way more shittier than before.

Well done, you dumbass.

If only you'd kept your mouth shut.

She wasn’t compelled by the answer. Amy sounded as if she was repeating something her friend had very well told her word for word.

There was always a choice, it just happened to be that this fledgling’s was to settle somewhere where she wouldn’t receive any hardship. So long as her Domina didn’t catch wind of her many human friendships, anywho.

”There are Vampires who would be willing to help her dotted everywhere.”

Carmen kept it at that, finger tapping.

”You should know that if I turn you, the woman who runs your friend’s Clutch will be able to sense you the moment you set foot in Cordova. And she will likely either ask you to join her, tell you to leave, or rip you to shreds for it.”

”There are Vampires who would be willing to help her dotted everywhere.”

She supposed that was also an option.

A less safer one, which.. meant her previous words were not as bulletproof as she would've liked them to. Dax did have a choice according to Carmen, but she simply did not wish to follow this path, it seemed.

A nod was issued after the woman finished her last words. "Understood." Crystal clear. Amy could always prod her for more answers regarding the 'willing vampires' she mentioned, but she chose not to. Now was not the time. Not when the possibility of irking her was present.

"If you turn me..." She began at length, pausing only briefly. "Will the transition be instantaneous.. or will I have a small window of time before it's complete?" She figured it was a reasonable question to ask. She had to know the rules to the game to play it correctly.

”You will have until the next new moon. Which leaves you...” Carmen pondered for a brief moment. ”Approximately a week and a half.”

She fixed her gaze on Amy.

”Do you have family or friends here?”

A week and a half.

That.. was not a long time.

But, it could work. She'd make it work.

"I do, but I fear our plan was not to seek a permanent residence when we came here." She paused briefly, finger tapping against the glass she was kindly given. "We're.. on wheels." A huff escaped her, amusement and exasperation present.

The inconveniences of life.

Yes, the van.

Carmen had not realised she travelled with others.

”I would recommend seeking housing elsewhere. You will not be able to safely interact with them for some time.”

Even then, the desire never truly went away. As if they did not have enough to remind them they were not human.

”I may begin looking for a place in Larkspur soon. You’d be welcome to it if money is an issue.”

She figured as much.

The girl nodded faintly and offered a fleeting smile. "Your offer is appreciated." It was, 'cause she wasn't going anywhere money-wise. And yeah..... Things were not going to work otherwise and she was gonna end up like a burned fry in the sun.


But, in all seriousness, she still had a question to make. "What are the rules," specify them. And she'd follow them.

It was a deal, after all.

She did not think a freshly turned Vampire would have much to contribute to the workforce, and so truly, it was an easy offer to make.

Even though Amy’s answer wasn’t a direct yes or no.

”Do not disclose our weaknesses outside of our own kind. Do not flaunt your supernatural abilities publicly. What else...? Avoid harming humans - they are our source of food and I doubt either of us are interested in fallout, though I can’t blame accidents.”

She paused, with some more care here.

”Most importantly, be cautious and should you need help, call me immediately.”

Now that was just simple logic voiced out loud.

It was like telling your kid not to talk to strangers. Regardless, though, she felt like she owed a reply here. Especially on the last part. "I will," Carmen had pretty eyes―an observation she'd made probably a billion times by now. It was just the green, it was relaxing in a way, weirdly reassuring.

They locked gazes for a while, which gave Amy the chance to study her for a while.

"The first time you killed. When was it."

"Long before I became a Vampire, but I presume that's not what you're asking." She paused, but didn't wait nearly long enough for the girl to speak. "It was a few months in. I turned into our more fearful form and drank the blood of a man until he died." In her arms, no less.

However ideal it would have been for that to not occur, there was little remorse to be held over it.

"It's as simple as someone on the street provoking you in the beginning. So when you start to feel... irate, you leave."

So Carmen had blood on her hands long before she got turned.

The.. option to prod was always there, but she found herself respectful of the fact that Carmen had stopped her prying and the girl wasn't too keen on starting it back up. She could always learn more details about the woman at a later point, spare herself from another row of questions that might as well turn more personal.

She wrecked her brain for something to say that would be suitable for this situation, but nothing came. Instead, she straightened herself some as she attempted to silence the conflict going on in her head. The rules were clear, the situation was explained. A time window was given, and yet, here she was, doubting herself.

Replaying the conversation she'd had with Skuld.

Replaying the words Dax had spat in her face, words that she found weirdly appreciating rather than hating.

"I'm freaked the fuck out that you somehow came to the conclusion that fucking dying and becoming a bloodsucking parasite is a good idea."

It had its perks and drawbacks, just like being human had. That was what she'd come to tell herself.

"Do it."

Her eyes would not leave Carmen's, gaze steady and tone even, intense.

Get this over with.

The girl was entirely tactless. Bossy at times with people she ought to have known better of. Mad, at least slightly. Stuck in some bizarre phase of fashion. And as if to contradict, she was also receptive to advice. Not entirely stupid. In dire need of any form of a mentor, whether she was a human or Vampire.

Carmen was thoroughly unsure if a girl like Amy was what she required in her life. But perhaps she would surprise her. She supposed, without an opportunity, she wouldn't know. She also supposed she had no reason to grant Amy an opportunity.

But she was not blind to the fact that there were any number of Vampires Amy could have chosen for this, yet she asked it of her.

Carmen sighed gently, before focusing on the sound of her heartbeat. Her fangs elongated, and she created two puncture holes within her own wrist. "Come," she invited her closer, extending her hand towards her as dark blood began to slowly ooze.

Carmen sunk her teeth in her own wrist and all Amy could do was observe in silence.


A single word which beckoned her eyes to avert their focus from the Vampire's wrist and refocus her attention on those green eyes. Drink her blood, that was what she was requesting and the girl would oblige, coming closer but not quite touching her yet. Amber eyes locked with forest green ones, waiting for some sort of confirmation before proceeding.

The final go ahead.

It'd be rude otherwise, wouldn't it?

She was hesitant. Carmen didn't mind it, if only because it meant she was seeking her approval. If Amy allowed her she was quite certain she could help foster a girl into a clever but deadly woman.

It would benefit them both, and it could all turn out rather splendid.

Or it could end with Carmen having to kill a freshly turned Vampire. Hopefully the former would happen.

She gave a single nod as Amy sought her gaze, busying her mind with the thought that she didn't even realise how many opportunities she had given Carmen to compel her, had she wanted to.

"Some guy got behind me and choked me out until I swallowed some of his blood. He cut his palm, I guess."

A much more violent Vampire encounter than she was experiencing right now.

"He, uh. Snapped my neck. And then I woke up and he was dead."

Dax's neck had been snapped. Would Carmen snap her neck as well? Cut her open? Choke her until she was no longer squirming like a fish out of water? The possibilities were endless, but she would not allow herself to linger on it for long, for she, was practically asking Carmen to kill her. The concept became less entertaining as she mulled over it.

She groaned mentally, but with the go ahead from the woman, she took her hand in her grasp―a gentle move, mindful―and began to drink her blood. And, truthfully, drinking the blood of another was not something she'd ever pictured herself doing. Not in this fashion, anyway.

She'd pull back eventually and return to staring Carmen dead in the eye.

The metallic taste in her mouth reminded her of the countless of times she'd tasted her own. Be it because of a heated argument after her Uncle's death, a street fight, or out of stupidity which ultimately led to injury... She was no stranger to the taste swimming around in her mouth.

Yes, well. One thing was for certain, and that was that Carmen undeniably preferred feeding from others, rather than this.

She forced herself to look away from Amy as she ingested her blood, largely so she wouldn't be tempted to bite her. Fully fed or not, Carmen couldn't escape being at the mercy of her own prey, which was troublesome in its own right.

But, thankfully that desire would be gone with Amy, at least.

The girl pulled away and Carmen was left with saliva on her wrist and a fast healing wound. She would have to clean that, but for the time being, she simply pulled her sleeve back down to hide the skin.

Her chin lifted some as she watched the girl, as if to ensure she'd swallowed the blood. She didn't desire an early death for her, largely because she would prefer to avoid being haunted by a vengeful Amy through a necromancer if she could help it.

"Done?" Carmen asked, by means of seeing if she'd ingested it.

Believe her, Carmen, you were experiencing an eerily similar situation here.

Somehow being sucked on by an elongated set of teeth was less disturbing than drinking blood yourself. If only she knew what was going on in the Vampire's head right now. Dax's awkwardness was totally justified now, she was never gonna judge her again. Nope, nope... Defo not. It was defo awkward as hell even if she'd kept her composure just fine.

Hopefully, though, the awkwardness would die down in time. Perhaps it was just the fact that it was the wrist, probably. Although... she wasn't sure if any other spots would've made it any less, ah... strange.

A silent exhale left her, a mental sigh following suit.


"I believe so, yes." She'd offer a slight tilt of her head and study the woman for a few moments. Her tone was calm, but color danced in it like it always had. She'd swallowed the blood, that was not the problem. The problem was the awkwardness, which.. luckily enough, had began to fade away.

Truthfully, even Carmen was reconsidering whether she believed herself a rational woman given... all of this.

In the end, she resigned to a tight smile, which lacked any desire to comfort Amy. If she'd sought to be coddled, she would have found another Vampire for this.

She lifted the hand which had been resting on the back of the sofa the entire time, aiming to move the girl's long hair out of the way and grip her neck. For the moment, the hold would be gentle, but her hand was as icy as it had been for a hundred years.

Carmen looked towards Amy. In case she had any desire to turn tail in the last moment, she wouldn't stop her.

Well, perhaps she would. It was undecided.

A hand would be lifted and then placed on her neck, a hand as cold as ice. A hand that lacked any human warmth. The same hand that would be her demise, whether it be by suffocation or by the snapping of her neck. It was strange, knowing when you were going to die, seeing the face of your killer and yet.. being unable to feel any sort of hatred.

It had to be the only time Carmen would be able to feel her heart beat faster, her subconscious urging her to get the fuck away and forget this ever happened. Urging her to turn tail and disappear into the night. But, here she was, sitting on a piece of furniture that would, hopefully, not be stained by her blood.

Amber eyes would drop down in an attempt to get a glimpse of the hand around her neck, but her gaze would eventually ascend back to the Vampire. The girl would lock eyes with the woman, swallowing as saliva built in her mouth and yet.. Somehow.. her throat felt so... dry.

Do it.

It was written in her eyes.

Kill her.

So her heart was, in fact, capable of beating faster. Well it was nice to know she was at least going out as a true human - afraid.

Carmen's gaze cut away from Amy's, the hand on her nape quickly sliding further, towards her jaw. Her closer hand went to grab the other side of her jaw at a speed which could not be attributed to humans, and she twisted the girl's head to the side until she heard her neck snap a moment later.

Such an efficient way to kill.

Carmen would allow Amy's body to fall limp in her hands, before pulling her closer to her end of the sofa and lying her down.

She would admit to a great tension being relieved within her when she couldn't hear Amy's heart beating anymore. Much like when Cris had driven far, far, away, back home, where she couldn't hear hers.

Carmen straightened out her coat as she stood, before going to wash the saliva from her wrist. She proceeded to turn the lights in the kitchen off, leaving only the distant ones in the bedroom on. No doubt when Amy awoke in any number of minutes the intensity of them would bother her, and no doubt she would be famished. Carmen sighed at the last thought, heading out to her front yard for a moment to see if her neighbour's lights were on.

To her dismay, they weren't.

A second sigh, and she returned inside, closing the door. Perhaps tomorrow night they could hunt something so convenient it made her head hurt.

The rest of the time Amy spent unconscious, Carmen would spend idly dusting off the divider with one hand.

It all happened so fast.

She barely had enough time to register what was going on. Carmen's grip had shifted closer to her jaw and she immediately knew she was going to go out the same way Dax had. The irony in this. So cruel and yet, she wouldn't have enough time to ponder on it, 'cause next thing she knew was the lights had gone out.

Sweet dreams.

The speed in which it all happened was absurd and for a handful of minutes, her body would be left in Carmen's mercy as she laid her down on the sofa like a lifeless rag doll. What the woman did or where she went, she'd have no idea once she woke up and it was rather.. doubtful it'd interest her in the first place.

Not everything was her business.

The minutes ticked by, kick-starting the need to breathe and her chest would rise and fall out of habit more than anything else. There was an urge to shift from the position she'd been placed, but she held back for the sake of allowing her eyes to flicker from the ceiling to the side and onto Carmen herself, who appeared... to be dusting off the divider?

The girl regarded her for a heartbeat, before she extended an arm to get a grip on the back of the sofa and position herself differently. She'd sit quietly at the edge of the sofa, amber eyes flicking from Carmen to her knees a moment, to observe as her finger tapped against the black leather.

Her throat felt parched.

It was like the glass of water she'd been offered had never been handed to her. It was like she hadn't drank anything for a week and yet.. Not exactly. It was a weird state of hunger and thirst and it really did not take her long to connect the dots and come to the conclusion that hungry Vampire equated to super irritable Vampire.

"So that's how you felt, way back when." Her tone was.. uncertain, for she was uncertain herself. Like... One couldn't possibly wake up and feel fine after this. She felt so many different shades of 'not okay' right now and the image of Carmen snapping her neck in a matter of seconds only aided in reminding her of the rules.

No bullshit now.

Still, she'd regard the woman, holding her gaze steadily.

Carmen turned at the sound of Amy readjusting. She wasn’t interested in making a habit out of this, out of turning humans, but she’d be lying if it didn’t feel powerful to the point of threatening to get to her head.

She eased that thought away.

”Fifty years ago, yes,” Carmen confessed to her, moving closer. ”I was ill and preparing for my funeral.”

She extended a hand towards Amy’s face, smiling faintly and seeking to lift her chin as she looked at her. As if she might somehow appear more Vampire now.

”Tomorrow night we’ll hunt, and then by the new moon you will be one of us.”

Fifty years ago.

Carmen had died fifty years ago, which made her what now? How old was Carmen even? Forty? Forty-five? She definitely appeared a bit younger than Skuld, but holy fucking shit... She'd been born a century ago. A fucking century. The girl would've perhaps.. pried some more, but she figured it'd be a rather rude question.

The observation was made after all, the answer was given.

There was no need to voice it out loud.

A hand moved to lift her chin up just slightly, urging her focus to switch from one green eye onto the other. The promise of a hunt was thrown into the air and she mentally nodded, but.. instead chose to ask another question. "Was there a funeral," was what she chose to shoot Carmen's way, gaze steady.

"Did they mourn your death."

Did they let you go, start anew?

Carmen pulled her hand back a few moments after Amy's question. She inhaled unnecessarily.

"Hardly. I had become estranged from my family long before any of it. In addition, very few people knew I was ill, least of all me," she chuckled towards the end, at her foolish, human, denial.

Deliberately, Carmen shifted the conversation with ease.

"Now, what I would recommend," she glanced to her watch before regarding Amy again. "You stay the night here - I'll sleep in the... caravan, outside. Tomorrow we'll get you fed. And in the meantime, I'll begin looking for a place for myself in Larkspur, which you'll be welcome to for however long is necessary. How does that sound?"

Undeniably, Amy was her responsibility, and if they were sharing a roof that could at least help Carmen ensure she had not taken to any mischief.

Ah, so the transition was not as rough.

She had no ties with anyone, no one was holding her back.

Carmen was lucky in that sense and, perhaps, if Amy had chosen not to get close to anyone after leaving Igor.. she wouldn't have to be dealing with all this drama right now. Like leaving Fray behind and Skuld... The former especially, kinda got a hard hit, she was sure.

"Now, what I would recommend."

Of course.. the much beloved change of topic. She was not blind to it―she never was―but she knew when to press harder and when to relent and right now.. was not the right time. "Sounds like a plan," hey. Never say no when someone offered you a place to stay and an opportunity to be taught new shit.

"Do you need help to get settled in the caravan?" A genuine question and an offer of assistance if she required it.

"No. No need," Carmen turned down politely with a small wave of her hand. The caravan had its windows covered and that was the only important thing. "I'll be awake until sunrise, anyway. Shall you rest, and we can speak more tomorrow night?"

"No. No need."

Alright then, a polite way to decline. The girl did not mind.

A faint nod was issued in response to Carmen's question. Yes, they could talk further the night after, map out this... plan? in greater detail.

"Thank you," it was genuine, the gratitude in her tone. Thank you for not just turning her, but also accepting to guide her. Show her the ropes of the supernatural world. Amber eyes would hold green ones, gaze unwavering. Carmen was a cold woman, but there was a weird air of.. warmness surrounding her.

Safety even.

She was intense, but she knew when to put on a leash and when to roam free.


Control was important.

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