Understanding Neighbours [nsfw]

North Glenn 
There were teeth against her skin and she downright gasped, pushing her back up against the wall. Both hands helped Cliff remove the flannel however she could, and when it was off she let it fall to the ground.

She felt hands return to her thighs and kind of shamefully, she'd forgotten how nice attention felt. Maxine moved into the hold as it reached her waist, one hand finding itself grabbing Cliff's hair less than kindly to bring him closer. For all the bears' aggression and-

Ow, kodiak. He'd brought her to the ground!

She barely even minded.

Maxine's legs wrapped around Cliff, before she realised he didn't have a bed. Which was fine. Any place would do.

Her gasp owned a small hum of his own as he trailed back down her neck, across her chest, and to the other side. Her hands in his hear and his Bear’s sudden dominance was enough to really seal the deal. His jeans were uncomfortably tight against an erection, which as pressed firmly into the warmth between Maxine’s legs as she wrapped them around his waist to pull him in.

With a low groan Cliff slid his hands down across her ass to cup it, then lifted her away from the counter with ease. He nearly made his course toward he bedroom, before realizing his severe lack in bed. So he changed course a Little blindly as he tilted his head up to press his lips into hers once more, a little more purpose this time. When they made it to the couch, he fell backward into it heavily and situated so that she was straddling him.

His hands continued their roaming and pushed the fabric of her jumper away, finger tips running along the curve of her waist. For his part, the Bear was settling down in a heavy thud partially atop her; forelegs wrapping around her. The Kodiaks nose burrowed deep into the ruff of the black bear’s neck, sniffling and nibbling and maybe biting a little too hard just to keep her excited.

Maxine's legs around him tightened as he pulled her off the counter, and he was hard, and she definitely felt that, and this whole thing was just flattering. Her lips found his and she kissed him back, before she felt herself falling onto the couch.

She landed on top of him gracelessly, and okay hi giant bear that is really unfairly heavy. The black bear flailed her forepaws a little wildly, trying to push the kodiak off. But his bear was also biting hers and so when Maxine went to kiss him she definitely ended up biting his lower lip in response, especially as he started pushing her jumper up. She separated for a moment to throw it off, only a bra underneath, and all these layers were stupid and annoying and her bear hated them.

Ideally, rip through his shirt or something, but nooooo-

Except clothes were definitely getting in the way and unnecessary so Maxine's hand found the collar and began to tear downwards.

Everything from her biting to her bear’s pawing to the slender curved of her naked torso, the soft skin, the weight of her against his lap, the literal ripping of his shirt. It was so much, but not enough all at once. Cliff let out a passionate hum as his hands snaked around to her back and found the class of her bra. It was so tiny, and his fingers were clumbsy, and he had half a mind to just yank it open. But somewhere in the back of his mind reminded him that bras were fucking expensive.

So he worked at the clasp for those extra seconds. He pressed his lips to hers in the meantime, sitting up some so that she could tear away the remains of his t-shirt. When the lace fell loose, he flung it as far away from him as he could, taking his mild frustration with the tiny clasps out on it. His house would be a war zone of clothing and he couldn’t have cared less.

His hands came to cup her breasts as he rolled them suddenly, pushing her onto her back and pulling himself into his knees above her. His head ducked lower then, his mouth clasping on a nipple as his other hand snaked doennthe kengthh of her body to begin working at her jeans. Why did she have to be wearing jeans?

The Bear urged him to just rip them off as he rolled himself over top the Black Bear in a playful mount. Ugh, but there was still that thought in the back of his head that ripping jeans would be a little more significant than a t shirt.

She was so not doing well when it came to Cliff I really really owe you and damaging his clothes didn't help her there. She kissed him with greater urgency, one arm wrapped behind his shoulder while the other tried to take advantage of this position to. Just a moment. Take this right boot off. Her free hand tugged at the heel of it to pull it off while he threw her bra away, and both dropped to the ground a moment later.

Cliff flipped her onto her back then, and Maxine moaned softly as he left their kiss. She felt herself growing warm, and wet, and his other hand was reaching for her button and she really really liked him taking control.

Really casually Maxine brought her left leg closer up to tug this other dumb boot off, before sliding further under Cliff to get comfortable, rubbing one hand through his hair as he sucked her nipple. The kodiak was being a pain and she failed to throw herself over him, but the snapping and biting continued. Except Cliff had moved lower down on her body and the only thing she had to bite was her own lower lip. If he managed to pop the button off she'd shimmy out of her jeans, free hand tugging them down on one side.

Cliff was regrettably oblivious to her struggle with the boots, or he might have stopped to let her pull them off. Might have. But she was doing well enough that he didn’t notice, and instead he focused his attention on the stupid tiny button of her jeans. Her hands through his hair was distracting, but he managed it. With an eager sigh of relief, he pulled away and sat up some, hooking his fingers on her jeans and underwear as he wen. With her help, he pulled them down her legs, and tossed them aside when she was free.

Now, Cliff had seen Maxine naked a number of times. It was sort of a requirement for shifting. But each time, he’d made sure to keep his gaze northward. Toward her face, you know? So really, she’d never been truly naked like this in front of him. In the poetic sense, or something. Exposed, completely. Yielding herself to him. It was just. Really fucking hot. So he said so, ”You’re so fucking hot.” And she was so beautiful. Every inch was perfect in its own little way. He didn’t add that part, too many words.

Cliff took just a moment; much to the Bear’s chagrin, whom was ready to rumble; to pause above her. His hands trailed up along her hips, around the curve of her torso, over her ribs, beneath her breasts. Just every inch of her he could touch. He watched his inked hands glide past her prestine skin for a moment, but his eyes lifted to meet hers soon after. She would see that they were dark, battle black, and beyond that they were alive with the primal hunger his Beast forced upon him. With a low hum, Cliff moved his hands back to her thighs, which he made to part as he sunk back down and began a trail of kisses along her ribs, down her stomach, and further on.

Maxine’s jeans and underwear came off and no longer being confined felt great on all levels. What once might’ve been colder human touch was a warm hand as it trailed across her body, and a compliment which by no surprise, Maxine had no idea what to do with.

So her cheeks just flushed a warm red in response and she smiled slowly, eyes burning a little more amber. Her hand found its way back into Cliff’s hair as his lips moved lower down her body, legs parting. Her other hand found her breast which she grabbed, arching her back into his kisses.

She didn’t have to say anything in response. Honestly, it hardly registered that he’d said it. Her arching into his kiss was enough to edge him onward. As he reached her hip, he gave it a little nip. His Bear, pleased with the progression of things, nuzzled further into the Black Bear, mouthing at her lower jaw and throat with low grunts and and playful huffs.

Cliff snaked his arms underneath her thighs, his hands gripping the top of either as he pressed kisses into the crook of her leg, over the space between either hip bone, then finally to the center. He would start gently, just a gradual step into it, so it wasn’t an overload of stimulation. Hello, yes that was learned from experience let’s not revisit that memory. But if she responded well, he’d pick up the pace with licking and sucking at her clit.

Two freaking worlds. One, where giant furry bears were nipping and playing with each other, and the other which she felt more grounded in right now. The black bear wrapped her legs around the kodiak, returning each bite with a defence as she huffed loudly through her nose, excited. Also not even trying to throw him off because that wasn’t working right now.

The sensation of Cliff’s tongue between her thighs brought her back. Maxine grabbed his hair a little firmer as she felt him reach her clit, hips moving into it as she gave a gentle moan.

The Kodiak wanted to mount her. Just to climb on top and dominate her.Which, in terms of what would bring the most pleasure in the least amount of time, sounded good. But he held him back. Both the man and the bear. It wouldn’t be fair to her to just... like, just drill her. There was the primal need to, but no desire to. So he stayed right where he was, a low hum thrumming from his throat as he glanced up at her moan. She was gripping one of her tits, her brows all kinitted and head back. Just, really erotic. Nothing Cliff could have imagined from Maxine. Or, at least, never let himself imagine. Now that he was here though, he wondered why.

One of his hands slid back around her thigh, his nails dragging across her skin and he pressed forward with a little more vigor. Fingers found the wet, warm entrance that was partially obscured by his beard. After a moment of adjusting and gentle testing, he slid a finger in to accompany his lapping.

Maxine had no idea who was more sexually aroused in her brain and the bear didn’t care so neither did she.

Holy crap though, Cliff. Her skin burned a little after his nails dragged across it, unable to stop her back from arching again, hips moving gently. She inhaled with pleasure, feeling a finger slide in, and her moans grew with her breathing as he fingered her. ”Pantspantspantsss,” Maxine would eventually manage to say, but it all sounded like one long word. Just really, really, wanting him even deeper inside of her and feeling his bear did too.

It was nice. All of it. Her back arching and her groaning and her pulsating under his touch. But. It wasn’t enough. His patience was thin. The Bear wore on with his incessant groping and mouthing and biting of the female below him. But he wanted more. Needed more. Maxine did, too. With a final kiss to her wet clif, Cliff pulled away. His cheeks were flush and beard was wet from her juices. He didn’t mind it in the slightest.

With an eager sigh. Cliff rolled back to a sitting position and hastily undid his belt and pants. He was careful not to yank too hard as he lifted his butt and shimmied the material off. It was a tiny bit embarrassing how rick fucking solid he was, but. October. That was nearly six months. And it was Maxine, who was just so fucking hot and connected to him on an entirely different plain of existence.

Cliff settled back down and moved to pull Maxine to him, helping her to straddle him. When she was there and ready, he would find another nipple to place his mouth around, and move his hands to fit around her ass, allowing her to do the maneuvering.

She was reluctant to part but she'd asked for it, and by the time Maxine got on her knees Cliff's pants were already well on their way off. He basically lifted her onto him with ease after that, which.

Were strength made things great and less sloppy. So thanks, really.

Maxine straddled him, one hand near his collarbone. Her ass was being gripped and he was back to sucking her nipple and it was all really distracting. But she rose slightly, free hand helping to guide him inside. It took a moment before Maxine whimpered gently in pleasure and slid down some.

Really not so distantly was caught with regret as she realised he didn't have a condom on. But! It'd be totally fine this time. Right. Yeah!

Good news! He did remember being told that female weres weren’t infertile. Bad news! I was never told that was actually false. So it didn’t even cross his mind as Maxine’s had wrapped around his dick and she positioned him at her entrance. His teeth locked around her nipple as a groan rose from his chest in time with her easing down. Cliff’s grip on her ass tightened, holding her in place for a beat as she settled. His head tilted back, and he gave a low, whistling exhale as he glanced up at her face.

One hand snaked around so that he could bring it to the side of her neck, cupping it so that his fingers tangled with the nape of her hair and his thumb pressed into the crook of her chin. The other nudged her forward, coaxing her to start slowly but surely build up a rocking movement with her his.

The Bear, for his part, was eager to get on with it. He rolled his weigh off and away so that he could stand above the black bear, his head ducking to nudge her to join him. If she did he’d circle around so that he could rest his head on her lower back area and give it a longling snuffle and maybe a little lick, foreleged pressing firmly to her rear ones. He was massive in comparison to her in size, so he’d have to get crafty.

Cliff was glad Maxine wasn’t especially small in her human form.

The black bear was never going to live down the submission. :( She’d just have to make sure the next time they wrestled she showed him who was boss again, okay.

In the meantime, Cliff grabbed her ass even firmer, while her other hand wrapped behind his shoulder to support herself.

Maxine began slowly, moaning gently as Cliff held her near the neck. Without moving her chin, her amber gaze fell on him for a few moments to read his pleasure, breasts bouncing as she increased the pace.

Her beast submitted, yielding to his as it placed its forearms around her and pushed her to the ground. He’d be too heavy for her to stand, so they sunk to their bellies. It didn’t bother the Kodiak, and he made it work just fine. As soon as a connection was made, his jaws parted to grapple against the nape of her neck rather roughly, and things in the flip side intensified.

Cliff’s eyes gleamed in their shiny black shade, his brows furrowing low as Maxine rolled her hips. A shark intake of breath, then a long exhale. His hand guided her, but he doubted she needed it. His fingers laced themselves through her hair, and his thumb pressed a good deal further, his hand sliding some so that it cupped more of her throat. He wanted more; to grip her until she could hardly breathe and squeeze her ass until he left a bruise the size of his hand. But somehow, he reserved himself to testing her limits, watching her forna reaponse to his grip with a hungry gaze. He’d never felt so connected during sex before. Not even with the one woman he’d thought he’d loved. And whilst it was largely the bears’ doing, Cliff didn’t mind one bit.

He let her guide herself for a few moments, his lips parting some as he moved his gaze from her face to her breasts which undulated before him, down to where they were connected. She was so fucking wet and tight, and the sigh of her sliding down on him, then lifting up to leave a trail of he juices behind on his lower stomach... ”Fuck...” He breathed, his voice hoarse.

With a low grunt, Cliff pulled her down to still her for a beat and shifted his weight some so that they were sitting closer to the edge of the couch. His hand wrapped underneath her thigh then, lifting her up and keeping her there as he braced his feet against the floor and lifted his own hips to meet her. The slightly new angle was just. Yes? His eyes flickered to meet hers for confirmation as he repeated the motion a few times.

Cliff’s hold around her throat was really not the most comfortable. But that wasn’t bad? At all. So much so that Maxine didn’t even try to move in a way which would act against it as she rode him. It reminded her she wasn’t in charge, and she found herself wanting it to stay like that.

Honestly, she even wanted more of it.

Her fingers curled over one of his shoulders, moaning as she felt him get deeper inside of her, nails digging into his skin. Hearing him only encouraged Maxine on more, until she felt him ask to slow. She took a moment to catch her breath as he readjusted beneath her, lifting one of her thighs up, which. She was totally okay with this. More than okay. All of this was okay.

Maxine managed to meet Cliff’s gaze momentarily, moving her head closer to his so her hands could grab the back of the couch desperately. More for the black bear who had the weight of a giant kodiak on her than anything else.

Cliff let out a low huff, his jaw tense and lips permanently parted as he fought with the overwhelming urge to just. Ravage her. She responded to his adjustment with what he’d needed, and he kept the pace steady for a few moments longer so that she could brace against the couch. His nails dug in to the tender skin of her thigh then, and her let out a low sort of whimper as his pace sped double fold. Thank fuck for Wrre endurance. He was certain his old ass would have collapsed by now without it. It wouldn’t last for as long as he would have liked, but he’d make the position worth it while he could. Her forwar doositin gave him great access to her collar bone, which he latched his teeth around much like his Kodiak licked his jaw against the black bear’s nape.

Maxine rested her head beside his, and Cliff didn’t waste time in increasing the pace. It was bordering discomfort and she found herself literally so pleased, chest rising faster as she moaned. As if whatever caused the most pain with the pleasure, she wanted.

Her grip on the sofa tightened as she felt Cliff bite her collarbone. Maxine angled her neck away a little to give him a better chance at a possibly painful...



Fuck. She was so fucking hot. Her moans were erotic, and borderline unfair. His grip on her throat tightened somewhat involuntarily, and the hand at her thigh moved away for a moment only to come slamming back down against her ass. His teeth bore down into her skin, and his eyes tightened shut as he pushed every inch of himself into her. ”Fuck,” He breathed against her skin. ”Moan for me.” He demanded. It was all so fucking hot. Hotter than he could have probably imagined.

Consider her really surprised that this was Cliff who was being rough with her and asking her to moan for him. Pleasantly... really pleasantly surprised.

The hand on her throat grew strong enough to leave the skin around it a little red like her flushed face. Maxine readjusted a hand clumsily to hold behind his back, ignoring the fact that her leg on the couch was quickly growing tired. She moaned more than she would’ve as he pushed himself inside of her each time, trying to catch her breath between it.

Maxine moaned obediently, her arm wrapping around his back. Cliff breathed heavily into her collar bone, his voice hoarse and ragged. Just. Fuck. He wanted to keep going like this. the Bear wanted to. But endurance only lasted for so long. With a final thrust, he pulled away completely, and pushed her to the side with a gentleness that starkly contrasted the roughness he’d just been thrusting into her with.

His hand released her throat, sliding down to cup her breast for a moment as he let his hips fall. Letting out a slightly exhausted chuckle, he pulled himself up and rolled to his knees on the couch. ”Lay on your back?” He hummed, his hands finding her thighs to help her into the position. Or whatever she wanted. He just needed to be back inside of her as soon as possible. If she did lay back, he’d part her thighs and position himself to slide back into her, and duck to place a kiss against her neck.

He seemed to want to switch it up again and it required basically no movement on Maxine’s end as Cliff pushed her to the side.

A loud breath was released as he let go of her throat, marks left red, and as she went to lay on her back she refused to let her hands move away from his skin, pulling him down with her. Maxine managed to grin a little tiredly to Cliff, face feeling warm, but she was aware she could go on like this for even longer.

She was extremely wet and her eyes glanced down as he slid back inside of her, moaning gently in pleasure. Maxine fought the reflex to curve her body too much as he came down to kiss her neck. Her legs rose to wrap around him some, hand finding his hair to pull, but not too firmly, boss asserted and all.

This was admittedly so much easier, if not a little less pleasurable. Not to say it didn’t feel fucking amazing. She fit around him so perfectly. Her body fit right against his. He buried his face against her neck, finding purchase on the area his thumb had been. As he thrust his hips forward in long, smooth movements, he sucked at her already tender skin. Would hickeys heal at a faster rate? If they did, he wishe he’d been a Were in highshcool.


One hand found its way back to her nape, his fingers twisting back into her hair. The other roamed her body, eagerly gracing every inch he could touch. After a moment, though, it found itself at her breast, where he gathered as much as he could in a handful and massaged her nipple with his thumb. For now, the Bear was content with the figurative eye of the storm, allowing him to gather back the energy he’d burned.

Her body moved with each thrust, and Maxine rolled her head back as much as the sofa would allow it as he sucked at her neck. She shouldn't have thought about Vampires in that moment but she... strangely... did. Disconcerting. Her free hand grabbed the edge of the sofa, something to steady her, and she moved into the touch of his hand on her breast.

"Harder," she asked through a moan, wanting to get back to that pace from earlier and wanting to push Cliff to his own edge.

Whatever pace it would heal at, there’d definitely be a hickey left. It pleased him to see the already pinkish purple blooming as he pulled away to look over her as she moaned. His breathing faltered some. She was so fucking hot. Her simple command nearly was enough to make him lose control right then. But he barred himself back. Hiw pitiful would it have been to cum a few minutes in? He wanted to make her cum first. Needed to, really.

So he followed her order. Cliff sat up onto his knees more with a sudden huff, his hands sliding down her sides to wrap beneath her thighs and anchor his hands around the crook. He lifted her legs up more so that her knees tucked toward her torso. The change in angle squeezed firmly against his dick, and he caught his lip between his teeth. There was a beat in which he thrusted once, twice, and a third time at the same pace he’d been going. Then, without much wanting, his speed doubled, and he rammed into her loud enough that the impact rung throughout the house. His hand pulled downward agianst her hips so she slammed down to meet each of his thrusts.

His head tilted backwards as he let out a rather loud call of pleasure. Fuck. ”Oh, fuck, oh m-hmm.” Words were not a thing, but they left his lips anyway. He wouldn’t be able to last much longer like this. She needed to fucking cum.

Holy. Crap.

The human part of Maxine wanted to edge away from how deep he was pushing himself inside of her, but she only found herself grabbing the edge of the sofa harder, hand almost cramping from it.

She closed her eyes shut, the hand which had previously been in Cliff's hair travelling clumsily to her clit to touch herself. Her breathing grew, moans louder as he pushed her further with each thrust. It'd be a little while longer before Maxine gasped at the orgasm which came, arching her back and angling her head to the corner of the couch. She felt her muscles spasm at the sensation.

She writhed beneath him, her walls tight and wet around his cock. Cliff took in sharp inhales with each thrust, and let them out as he pulled away again. He bear groaned low and log with pleasure, and his own voice echoed the rumble that shook through the beasts chest. Maxine’s hand moved to touch herself, and he let out a sigh of something between disbelief and appreciation of how fucking hot it was. It wasn’t long before he felt her tension building, watching as her chest swelled and head tilted and hand gripped. ”Fuck, come for me-“ And she did, her walls constricting around him and her body tremoring beneath his.

Cliff let out a moan as he tilted forward some, pressing her knees further in so that the angle at which he thrust was nearly straight down. He was able to brace a forward against the couch, his hand finding it way to crandle her face. The tension was building for him; a swell of sensation as things intensified double fold. He pace slowed, his breathing shifting more into the animalistic grunting that echoed through his head and the space between their minds. He pulled his entire length away, his hand moving so that he could steady himself with fingers around the base of his dick. In a long movement, he eased himself back in, then pulled away again, just experiencing every inch of her. He wanted to hold on, maybe make her cum again, but.

That didn’t happen. Remember; October. Six months. He was surprised he made it this far.

His eyes found hers, his brows furrowed and knitted, his mouth parted and jaw taunt. ”I’m gonna fuck-ffff.” the orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks, choking out whatever words and whatever thought might have been forming. The first wave took him slightly off guard, and he was a little unsure of if he’d been able to pull away completely before it. The rest, however, he was able to pull away from her and rest his cock against her lower stomach, his body ttemoring and his breathing reduced to broken, strangled grunts and moans.

It would be a minute before he recovered, his panting slowing and mind clearing. The Bear, having mirrored his hosts finish, pressed his muzzle into the black bear’s fur before standing away from her. Cliff, instead, collapsed atop her, not really minding that he was sorta laying in his own semen. That’s what showers were for. With a shaky, slightly bewildered chuckle, Cliff pressed a kiss against Maxine’s forehead.

The top of her legs spasmed even as he continued thrusting himself into her. It was a degree of helplessness and a degree of pleasure Maxine hadn’t experienced in a while, and she gave another few, softer moans, as Cliff tilted forward and closer to her. Hearing him moan himself and manage a few words was so nice and there was something so animalistic? About it that she enjoyed.

Maxine managed to look at him as she felt a hand to her face, opening her eyes to reveal a half-lidded amber gaze. Her hand trailed back up to hold her breast, watching Cliff be taken by the surprise of his own orgasm. She writhed beneath him a little at how freaking good it felt to see him reach his own climax, glancing down as he came on her. She wasn’t sure if her own bear had something to do with her orgasm or Cliff or something else, but she sure as hell knew it usually took longer to please her. At least with people. Normal human beings.

Maxine tried to collect her breath as Cliff did the same, lowering onto her as he planted a kiss to her forehead. She smiled to herself, albeit with a bit of a tremble, sighing with the pleasure as one hand went to rub up and down his tattooed arm.

Cliff took in a long stream of air through his nostrils to steady his breathing. His head rolled to the side, and he let it drop beside hers, his chin resting against her shoulder. Maxine’s fingers along his arm was a nice sensation. Something to focus on as his head spun and he reclaimed control of himself from the Bear, who’d been doing most of his thinking until this point. Distantly, there was some reminder that he’d gone completely against what he’d told her. But as he moved his arms to wrap beneath her back and pull her to his chest... he found it pretty hard to give a shit.

After a few moments in which he pressed small kisses into her collar bone, Cliff lifted his head to look down at her. His eyes has mellowed, but his cheeks were still flushed and bested toustled. His gaze roamed her face, then her neck... which... well. He frowned a little, his brows knitted. ”Um, I hope you own a few scarves.” An apologetic smile...??? :D?

She let him pull her closer to his chest as he placed gentle kisses on her collarbone, before moving a hand through his hair to pull it back as he looked at her.


Maxine focused her senses to the developing discomfort around her neck, a noticeable hickey there but more significantly, hand marks which would grow into something even nastier. And Cliff wasn't a human. Which meant.

She wasn't allowed to wear freaking scarves to work!

"Good thing I... liked it," Maxine confessed in a murmur, breath nearing steady.

But now that he was over her and they weren't having sex and this was just really incredibly intimate she wasn't sure where to go, so she tapped his backside with a hand gently to ask him up.

Yep, still fucking hot even when he wasn’t fucking her. Still, he felt sort of terrible about it? If the bruises worked like other injuries from Weres... ugh. That would be a few days. Yikes. ”I’ll come to your house every day to cover them with makeup until they heal.” She assured her jokingly, sort of. Her hand on his butt made him flinch, and he pushed himself up with an over-exaggerated grunt. He rolled onto his knees, leaving behind a sort of gross mess. ”I’ll get some paper towels, then, you can shower.” He informed her as he turned to pad toward the kitchen. He paused to wipe himself down first before collecting some for her and returning.

The image of Cliff applying makeup for her was kind of funny. It made her chuckle lightly, a little tired but mostly just satisfied.

He got off her, the warmth his presence gave disappearing with it, and Maxine stood from the couch to pick up all her clothes from around it, just. Really kind of sore. And her neck felt like she needed to actively be gasping for air. Which. Thanks, bear.

She was annoyed about it but...

Not really.

Plus, she'd freaking torn his shirt.

"Thanks," Maxine said as she took the paper towels, eyes lingering on him for a few moments before she hastily looked down to her stomach. She took a moment to clean herself up, spacing off as she thought if things were going to be awkward and how hot and aggressive Cliff was and really wanting his hands on her body all over again but.


"I'll be quick," Maxine told him, holding the paper towels and clothes to her body as she headed to the bathroom, mindful that he got to stare at her as she did that and she wouldn't be able to see. So she glanced over her shoulder really quickly, you know. To see if he was staring.

She cleaned herself up, and Cliff looked around the room at what looked like the aftermath of s closet exploding. He bent to pick up his pants, which he begrudgingly slid back on. It had, admittedly, gone by much too quick. He was usually able to last a lot longer than that. But given the circumstances, he guessed it was fine. He just had to idly wonder if it would happen again... or if Maxine would even talk to him now. Had he just ruined everything? It didn’t feel like it, witch the adrenaline and satisfaction still coursing through his veins... but there was a fear pressing down on him as he sunk from the high of it all.

He was totally staring, Sorry. Not creepily, just. With a mix between admiration and apprehension. He caught her gaze, offered her a sheepish smirk, then looked away to the scraps that used to be his shirt. Welp, good thing it hadn’t been a favorite. He collected the tattered material and returned to the kitchen to shrug his flannel back on, not bothering with the buttons.

It wouldn’t be long that she was in the shower, just as she’d said. When she returned, he would be in the process of making sandwiches, and had set beer on the counter in case she wanted anything. In the time he had alone, he’d settled on the fact that it was still sleepy up in the air if they’d just completely fucked uo their friendship, and if they hadn’t, what that meant going forward. Nothing serious. Neither would be good at serious. Cliff had resigned himself to that year’s ago.

Okay. Really flattering. She smiled back, before closing the door to the bathroom.

She only spent about five or ten minutes in there, soaping herself down and feeling a little more refreshed. Even though the growing steam made her... kind of sleepy, so she had to make the water run a little colder after a while.

She emerged, zipping her jumper up to her neck as she pulled her hair out from beneath it. Maxine saw Cliff making sandwiches, and there was beer on the counter and she had half a mind to say she had to go. Which wasn’t untrue. She should go. That’s how... this stuff worked, right. You weren’t meant to linger.

But he was being all nice and making food, so with a bite of the inside of her mouth, she leaned her hips forward against the counter. She’d just stay for... a little while.

Maxine glanced to the beer and sipped it wordlessly as he made the sandwiches.

Cliff looked up at her from the bread he was spreading mayonnaise onto when she entered. His brow raised some, but he looked back down to the bread. She seemed like she was going to stay, which he hadn’t exactly expected her to do. It wasn’t really the most comfortable situation. Now that the bears had gotten what they wanted, and the feelings were out in the open and acted upon... it was sort of unclear on what to do next.

He looked back over his shoulder at her as he scraped the knife against the bread. ”So, How are we going to do this?” He approached the topic gently. Casually. Not accusing or aggressive. ”I don’t want to lose you, you know, as a friend?” He folded the sandwich closed and turned to slide it to her. ”And I won’t say I really regret any of that.” His eyes sought to make contact with hers.

”Thanks,” Maxine said as the sandwich was slid to her, before meeting his gaze. ”Nothing’s changing? We just, you know. Same as before. Gym on Saturday too? And, you know. If you ever want to...”

She stuffed the sandwich into her mouth to hide the smile. Not extremely effective.

Maxine took a bite, washing it down with beer.

Nothing was changing. Gym on Saturdays, regular conversations, sandwiches, beer. And. Apparently. If he wanted. Cliff’s brow raised at her feebly disguised smile. ”Oh,” Oh. ”Alright,” He shrugged his shoulders, and turned to retrieve the sandwich he’d made himself, arms open to either side for a moment before coming together in a single clap, where his palms rubbed together when they met. He didn’t know what else to really do with that. ”Sounds good.” He agreed after a moment, and returned to retrieve his beer and take a sip, his brows raising suggestively at her over the bottle.

Was this what Asha did she hoped she was doing it right?

Seemed so? Because Cliff looked... satisfied. With her answer. Or at least didn’t mind.

Still, probably best to not linger for too much longer.

Maxine took another swig from the bottle, before putting it on the counter with some sort of finality. ”Should go home. But, thanks,” she wiggled the sandwich a little in the air, before taking another bite. ”See you Saturday?” Maxine went to slide her boots from beside the couch on.

She had to go, or maybe wanted to go. He wouldn’t stop her. ”No prob. Uh, thanks for helping clean.” He literally had forgotten about the bed until this moment. It was definitely worth it. As she moved to put her shoes on, he circled around so he could walk her out. ”Sounds like a plan, Stan.” The gym. Normal. Except.

Did he and Maxine just... like just become friends with benefits? He guessed so. Not something he’d done in years, but all together not exactly something he could complain about. He really liked her, and she was great to be around, but that didn’t mean they had to make anything serious. Just. Appreciation of one another and stuff.

”Can’t wait for you to beat my ass again.”

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