Squealing Hog 
It was split personality disorder. He stared at her, eyes a little wide. Maybe the first bit of shock of the night, because it was just so.. Weird to think.

Thinking of himself having this animal in his head and arguing with it. Yeah. That probably wouldn't go too fucking great. Best stick to being human Fray, you'd be a fucking terror in any other form.

"So you must have to be careful. It can happen whenever yeah, like in the news thing. If I suddenly.. Tried to strangle you right now, you'd snap and then cat in the car and a bunch of bad shit I'm assuming." He made a small noise like a huh, then went back to staring at the road.

All the shit to worry about now. Couldn't piss anyone off anymore.

"How'd you get turned?"

"Mm, I'd probably just break your arm, honestly," she started. "Shifting takes a few minutes. For me, at least. Some others can do it faster."

The how'd she get turned question was met with a small sigh, not in annoyance, but because she felt less and less anger over it each time she had to share it, and that kind of bothered her.

"Got turned by a friend when he started shifting by accident. It was before our other friend showed the secret to the whole world, so. The choice was kill me or turn me."

Honestly, her own cat kind of had the same idea now, but it was easier to keep her sedated at the moment. Thank you, food.

Huh, she was strong in human form too? Lots of weird perks. Lots of downsides. She couldn't even shift into insta-pussy. And the way she described said shifting.. It sounded like it probably wasn't the best feeling in the world.

Still, he grinned a little crookedly and pretended to snort all manly and shit. "Ffs. Like to see you try. Seriously don't tho, I like my arms intact."

He went for one more hunk of meat just in case he didn't eat for a while after this. But like all polite and shit because he was getting told a sad story here.

"Sorry man, that's.. Rough." Tough choice for the friend too. "I guess the laws or whatever are more slack since the news."

Or were you going to kill him too, Asha?

He was equal parts charming and ridiculous and Asha wished he'd been acquainted with a shower lately for... less than great reasons. Remember how Maxine said you could turn someone with a kiss, Asha? Don't be that person.

Even if it sounded good hypothetically. But maybe that was her jaguar suggesting it?

"They're not, not really," she admitted. "I'm breaking a few rules by letting you know so much. But I guess you kind of come off as a cool person to break rules with."

That was a nice way to put it.

Oh well shit.

That was good to know. Could there be a warning label attached to the fact that knowing about specific weres could get you in deep doodoo? Now he had a target on his back, if he blabbed. Or she blabbed. Or anyone blabbed.

Did he actually care at this point?


"Maybe it'd be easier if you didn't break the rules. Maybe I could keep me and my friend safe if I had super strength and a big werecat and I stank to vampires." It wasn't like he was asking or anything.

He didn't really want it.

It was just.. A hypothetical.

What if I was a big puss-puss so to speak.

Boy, he said that and boy, she could feel her cat rousing for it. Do it. Change him. Ensure his silence and loyalty by helping him defend himself. Help yourself become queen. You needed another cat. That's what Jo said. The powers that be.

What had she said to Beau.

Asha swallowed against the dryness of her throat.

"It's... not easy. Even before the first shift, the moment you're changed you'll start becoming... not human. Crazy healing and you get these new senses and it takes a while to adjust to them. And the hunger. You'll need to eat a lot, like way more than whatever you eat now, from the moment you're changed to forever. And."

And...? If he had someone he didn't hate guiding him through it?

Abraham would be so pissed at her.

"I'd help you through it. All of it. But you probably shouldn't be alone around your friend either at first. You don't want to shift and like. Hurt her. Or change her against her will."

What if they both were turned.

Holy fuck, Asha, you just got taken for a mental joyride by your cat and you don't even know it yet.

What was even happening now.

He'd been joking. Hadn't he? Sarcastic. Right?

There were too many bad points to outweigh the good. He'd be a motherfucking hypocrite having yelled at Kam for becoming something supernatural and then going and doing the same thing two days later. His throat suddenly felt so weirdly dry, and he sensed the shift in tone as Asha went on.

She was serious. She'd fucking do it if he asked.

The BBQ kinda lurched in his gut, because what did you want here Fray?

Let'd dig deep.

There was part that wanted to be nice and mundane and be left the hell alone with all this shit. Go back and apologize to Skuld for.. What? What'd he really have to apologize for in the first place but FUCK IT let's not go there.

He wanted to keep her safe though.

He couldn't do that very well, not now. Not how he was.

Everything she was saying sounded better. Better to protect himself, Skuld. And he'd still age.

He could still die and get old and not leave her by staying stuck as a living corpse.

And there was a very small bit that was hissing that becoming a were was the ultimate fuck you to Kam. She wouldn't come dicking them around anymore, and if she tried anything stupid he could actually defend them.

Fray swallowed hard, not meeting her eyes just yet. "How long? Till I can go back to Skuld and keep her safe from all this shit?"

How long would he have to leave her vulnerable?

In his silence, she almost managed to realize what was happening. But then he spoke, and. He was really considering this. This was not helping pry her from her cat's control of her brain.

"Alone? Not for a few months at least. But I could be with you when you go see her. Her boss is a coyote as well, and I could fill her in on the situation with Kam and she could definitely help make sure Skuld is okay."

What did he say to all that? She glanced at him, wondering if he would back out.

Stop thinking about this, you didn't want this, did you?

His heart was pounding, and surely she had to hear it from where they were. Alone, months. No, he wouldn't do that to Skuld. He couldn't.

But he wouldn't be alone.

That was the tempting bit. He wouldn't be alone. And she'd have a whole bunch of people looking out for her then, him and Asha and her boss apparently. And Fray wouldn't be useless, like he'd felt when he was told about Kam.

Useless like he'd been in other situations when he could have used superpowers.

Maybe on another day he could have been strong enough to say no.

He'd just been beaten down a bit too much lately.

He wanted one moment of selfishness, because everyone else seemed to be having theirs, without him. So alright. He wasn't ever one to cower out of something a little rough, if it payed off in the end. He'd done that before. This was no different.

This was just a little bump on the road to death. Make it a bit better along the way.

Fray had to say it before he backed out of it, before he reasoned too much and went back to being some pathetic useless fucker who lived in a tent and got beaten around mentally by two girls.

"Do it."

Fucking do it and do it quick before he pulled a heart attack.

Do it.

Just like that. Had she sold the downsides enough? Had she made it clear that he would miss his humanity? Had she...

...sold it as better than it was?

But hadn't she also had feelings of relief for being changed? Hadn't she wept to Abraham and thanked him for getting to her before anything else could kill her?

Asha heard him. Her jaguar rose to life within her, and for a moment, her eyes glazed orange with the dazed loss of control. "Let me just pull over," she heard herself say, calmly against their combined beating hearts.

Maxine said it could happen with a kiss. Hell, even sharing drinks. It didn't even have to be violent. You could claim it was an accident and Abraham would probably still be so hurt even though he wasn't-

Or he didn't have to know she'd done it.

Asha pulled to the shoulder, put the car in park with the hazards on.

"Just promise me one thing," she said, looking to him gently as she unbuckled her seatbelt. "Don't tell anyone it was me."

She was so calm. She was so fucking calm and it.. Helped make him calmer?

He could handle this.

A big fucking cat was going to bite him. He could handle it. Then he'd handle everything after, get strong, get controlled. And bam. Protection from everything going around them in the world. And.. Friends in a way. He was going to have an actual friend, or mentor, or whatever.

Breathe, Fray.

"Cool," he echoed as she made to pull over. Super cool.

He could be cool. He was cool. He was gonna be a cool cat or dog or whatever he turned into. Fray should have asked that bit. Too late now. Maybe he'd turn into a werechipmunk.

His eyes were so glassy and hazed over from the absolute mindfuck this was. Asha spoke again, and Fray inhaled deep, reaching for his seat belt buckle. "Promise. Just some random thing came out and bit me in the outback. Didn't know what hit me."

Yeah that worked.

He could do this, he thought one more time, undoing the buckle and popping open the door. When he stepped out, he started... Walking. Just walking along the side of the road, before pivoting on his heel and walking back.

And forth.

And back.

And forth.

If he stood still his knees might start shaking and he didn't want that. Couldn't look weak here. So. Pacing, let's go.

Cool. It was cool. He was totally going along with it. And then he was...

...getting out, and... wait? Why was he- oh. Oh, flashback to your conversation before, Asha, where you'd said it had to be a violent attack.


Asha got out and circled the car and went to step into his pacing path. "I. Learned recently that you can also get it... other ways," she said, looking at him. "It doesn't have to hurt. At all."

Asha pressed her lips together, before reaching for his hand to see if maybe he'd chill the fuck out and let her make a move.


Because shifting to change him carried way too many risks. And then she'd shift back and pass out naked and he'd have to deal with that and... nooo?

She got out and he was bracing to get come at by a huge motherfucking cat. But still pacing, because he couldn't just.. Stand there and take it.

Maybe he ought to stand there and take it. Asha stepped into his path, so Fray went rigid, eyes still a little wide. Puppyish. Just tell him what to do, for fuck's sakes.

And... Okay.

Non violence.

That could be much cooler.

"Sure. Hah.. Probably not that good to chew on anyway. Shower, right?" She was reaching for his hand, so he offered it up slightly. Let her do whatever she liked.

He was shaking just a bit, but he held her eyes.

At her mercy for now.

Okay. Good. He was chill. As chill as someone giving away their humanity could be.

Now she just had to like. Access her good old Asha self. Maneater. Predator of lonely assholes. Queen of hearts.

All her beer had gone and evaporated (it was really not a hundred gallons) and just left her having to go to the bathroom honestly but that was okay she didn't need alcohol to get there anyway.

She clasped his hand - his human skin was so much cooler than hers, and she marveled at it every time - and then he was looking down at her and Asha was internally screaming that this would be months of absolute hell for him but at least he was going into it willingly and not forced into it so she had that going for her and she rose up on her toes with intent and sought to meet his lips in a kiss.

He probably needed one anyway after how his... ex? Fucked him up.

Time to test if Maxine was right.

What was she going to do? Bite his wrist in human form? That'd be kind of hilariously weird.

But she didn't, she just held it. It was equally kind of weird, because the contact was so sweet and her hand was so hot. Was that a were thing? Guess he was about to find out.

Fray exhaled again, a soft puff of air as Asha went and stood on tiptoes. It took him a moment too long to process what was happening, but suddenly she was.. Kissing him?

Well. Funny how this all was going to start with a kiss.

His hand tightened, holding hers in a small moment of desperation. It wasn't who he wanted to kiss, really. Though she was hot and sweet to him and they'd be seeing a whole lot more of each other. Still, his mouth pressed deeper into hers, willing to press into something heavier if that's what she was going for.

What this had to do with anything, he wasn't sure.

He started to feel a fuzzy-headed though, sorta flushed. Could just be the kiss. Right?

Kissing a human was so different. He wasn't even... mildly magical like Safi. He was just some dude friend and honestly she could probably just fuck him and add him to a long string of dudes she fucked and leave it like that.

She realized she was working with some sort of intent, though, and that took her enough out of the moment that it was a distraction. But he was pushing back, and that countered her enough, and so she just - if this worked, it worked, and if it didn't, well, she'd helped a guy in need of a rebound and entrusted him to a little too much knowledge, but at least he'd be human.

And vulnerable. Don't let him be vulnerable, Asha.

She brought her other hand to the back of his neck and man, this guy really needed a shower, but anyway, she saw his potential.

Asha would meet his energy and let the kiss meld into something a little more, but promised herself she wasn't fucking him on the side of the road. She was gonna pull back as soon as either of them needed air. For realsies.

Holy fuck she was making a jaguar by kissing him out of his humanity.


Oh wow this was a really good kiss. She was so warm, and eager, and did he get to like. Take the hand that had unconsciously went and rested itself again the small of her back, and slip it lower? Did he get an ass grope? That would probably be pushing it, he mused feverishly, so even as it slipped a little lower down, he just went and readjusted.

Behave, Fray.

Don't piss off the catgirl who was helping you out way more than she needed to.

But fuck, this was a good kiss. He felt so flushed. Really flushed. Actually make that hot. Suddenly he felt the urge to pull back and all but gasp for air, his cheeks probably really red and his vision swimming again.

His heartbeat sounded really loud in his ears.

"That was.. Wow." Fray panted a bit, looking down at Asha with confusion. "That.. Did that do it? Or am I really so appealing hah."

Ohh boy he felt fucking hot. The fuck was this.

He pulled away first and she almost edged towards him insistently to continue the kiss before she stopped herself; that was a human part of her, definitely not totally reacting to the fact that he'd been seconds from squeezing her ass and boy had she been ready to guide his hand there.

Asha this was supposed to be about helping the dude. Testing Maxine's theory. Not getting fucked.

She breathed to catch her own air, realizing she'd definitely been upping it with a ferocity helped by the jaguar's pushing. Fuck.

"It was either a really good makeout, or," she said with a smile, toying with the hair at the base of his head, "or you're going to be like me come the full moon."

There was the cat again, rooing a triumphant sound in her head.

Oh fuck, man, his life was about to turn entirely upside down.

Oh wow. Okay.

Just like that.

He got turned into a puss by a kiss.

This was so fucked, holy shit. This could legit happen to anyone, just. Kiss some random chick in a bar and bam. Instapussed. Fray's head spun a little bit, and he heaved out another sigh. Alright, well. He could cope. He could cope with this.

His head went down and he rested a cheek against Asha's hair. Just trying to calm down, because his heart was still being very loud and he felt feverish. "Thank you. If this worked. Thanks."

Thanks for not mauling him. For offering to help out with everything.

He stayed like that a few heartbeats, before speaking up again. "What happens to me now, if it worked? What do I need to know?"

Going into this blind would be fucking stupid. He wanted to know what to expect, so he wouldn't flip when it happened.


He lowered his head against her hair? Like, affectionately? She stared at his chest, wide-eyed in sudden flustering.

Oh. He was thanking her. She felt suddenly kind of like some kind of savior and her ego both managed to swell and humble itself at the same time.

"You can test if it worked. Try giving yourself a little cut if you're not squeamish. If it heals in a few seconds, congrats, you're a werejaguar in the making."

She said it with some humor, trying not to be a dick about possibly having torn his life to shreds with a kiss.

"Like I said before - you're gonna wanna have a ton of food on hand. You're... probably gonna feel like you have a fever until you get used to it. I was kind of a baby about it. Um. You'll. Probably start hearing heartbeats and things like that."

And also neighbors arguing or fucking and also cars and also everything. It was easy to remember her misery.

On the flip side? Asha had potentially just made another jaguar. And it inspired her to plant a kiss on his chest because – if this worked – then he belonged to her too.

... That was a cat thought, she realized belatedly.

Squeamish? Hah.. As if. He might have been a bit of a panicked idiot over the thought of her cat mauling him, but he hadn't backed out, had he? Of course not. This was Fray, and he dealt with worse.

Still, he listened to the rest of her words as she continued, making note of every one so he wouldn't panic later. Healing, fever, hunger, noises. Didn't sound too bad, Fray mused with a small grin, stiffening only slightly when he felt Asha's face press against his chest in a.. Kiss?

Well. He didn't mind it, certainly.

Almost a little awkwardly, he returned it by briefly touching his mouth to her hair. Then he pulled away gently, reaching into a coat pocket. "So will I be able to shift into a cat now. Or does the infection take a while to ah.. Spread I guess." Fray didn't feel any more kittyish than normal, so he doubted he'd go running off on all four paws any second from now.

But, as he took out an old pocket-knife and sliced open his thumb, it was clear the infection had indeed spread. The blood pooled, and by the time he went from sucking it, to pulling back to look - it had already started closing.


So just like that.

Fray was now a werecat.


He was taking this whole thing so well and honestly after her fight with Abraham she kind of felt ten degrees of smug over it??

"No, you're safe from shifting for now," she said, watching as he pulled out a knife and flinching to the slice of skin but still... staring.

But. There it was. Immediate healing. Holy shit. Maxine had been right – she'd fucking done the deed. Holy shit. They had a third jaguar. Fourth, if Mateah came around soon.

Holy shit.

"You, um. You won't be able shift until the full moon. Which..."

She pulled out her phone and googled it. "April 29th. So. I know you said shit is awkward with your friend. But you should definitely make up and spend as much time with her as you can for now."

She opened the add contact screen and handed it to him.

"Put your number in so we can keep in touch."

He had a little while before the cat was out of the bag, so to speak. That was pretty cool then, and.. Yeah.

Yeah he had to tell Skuld all this immediately. One, to not risk her around Kamaal. And two, because he wasn't a fucking asshole who was going to dick her around for a week. So as fucking awful a thought it was.. He'd do it. "Yeah, yeah deal. I'll crawl my way back to her."

Tail tucked so to speak.

Sorry he was a short-fussed asshole who kinda fucked up.

Might take a day or two to work up the courage at least, and also he had.. Other issues.

Like Asha expected him to give her his phone number and uh. Whoops. Kinda went and stepped on his after calling Kam in a show of pissiness. The look of mild embarrassment showed across his face for a moment. "I ah. Well I would. I kinda. Don't have a phone."

Don't make this any more awkward than it was fuuuuuck.

"You got a street address or somethin? I can come find you near the moon."

Hahaha what. You're fucking kidding her, right.

"You... don't have a phone," she repeated, staring at him. How. Was that even possible in the 21st century. "Can you not get a new one?"

She was absolutely not giving him Abraham's address that would absolutely not work at all. She couldn't even be like "hahaha hey Abraham I found a guy who got mauled by a jaguar!!" because the timing would be so fucking suspicious.

Oh well this wasn't fucking working.

He literally. Just had one. Why. WHY HAD HE STEPPED ON IT?!!?!

Fray was hot. And already mildly hungry again. And tired. Did he mention he was turning into a motherfucking cat? Now he had to get a new phone. When his had been perfectly fine till a good old size 12 cowboy boot squashed it.

"I... Yup. Yeah I can get a new one later. Give me a few days and I'll text you my number. Got something to write yours on?" He could just keep it handy till he could.. Find money for a new phone.

Fuck this fucking society that needed technology to function.

Okay well great. At least he could get one. She nodded and gave an exhale of relief because BOY THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A REAL MESS.

"Yeah. Gimme a sec," she said, going back to the driver's seat and opening the door to grab a pen from her purse and some restaurant receipt she had in it. Asha wrote her number on the receipt, and handed it to him, and.

"If you like. Lose this. Or you just wanna chat or something. You could come by my job at Iron's in Larkspur, I'm usually there during the weekdays." She thought of giving him Shift Happens too, but. That was in Crestview and it just seemed inherently riskier?? Also she worked nights in Crestview.

A pause, and then she considered maybe Iron's didn't work for his schedule. "Where do you work?"

At least she was a responsible adult here, and he followed her back to the car as she got something to write on. He took it with a nod of thanks (he was thanking her a lot tonight, jesus), and pocketed the receipt carefully. Iron's.. He hadn't heard of it, but Larkspur was where they'd parked the van so that was convenient.

Then of course, she asked for his place of work.

Fray was already sketchy enough not having a phone.

Did she not realize, from him washing on the beach, to living with a friend in a van, to not having a phone, that he didn't have a fucking job??

Deep breath. Smile Fray. Shrug it off. "Ah.. No actual address. Do some.. Freelancing. All over. Yeah." Freelancing.


His hands dug into his pockets. "I'll make sure to hit you up, promise. And won't be saying anything about all.. This. Something just bit me in the night. Whoops. Looked like a cat."

Lying was easy enough.

Freelancing. Okay. That was probably the best option because he was about to probably find it difficult to keep a job for... at least a few weeks after the moon. Who knew what he did.

He assured her again and she really fucking appreciated it. And then paused.

"A black cat," she said. A black cat had attacked Abraham. A black cat wasn't hers. "You were out in the outskirts camping and a black cat came at you and then mauled you for a bit and then you passed out. And when you woke up the wounds were gone."

An amalgamation of pretty much all the turning stories she'd heard. What was one more.

She looked at him, wondering how he'd take to the steering of the lie. She just wanted to keep both of them safe. Abraham would never ever have to know.

No one would.

Fray literally gave no fuck's about how she wanted him to tell people he got kittied.

"Got it. Black cat, didn't see much." He shrugged lightly, feeling a little woozy from just.. all of this. This whole fucking night. It was. Entirely fucked.

But he got what he wanted, in the end. Payback, protection. His own path to something new and better and probably kinda.. Fun.

So where did this leave them, now? He looked around, not recognizing much, but then again.. He still needed a bit of time to deal with Skuld. He didn't want to crawl back right away to explain he'd been attacked. So in a day or two, he'd go find the van. The other priority was getting a phone.

Right, so here was the plan then. "I think maybe just like. Leave me here for now. I'll walk back, take my time, make it all plausible I was that far out and got fucked up."

Just one more thing.

"Would you mind much if I stole the rest of you meat?"

He was down to stick with the lie and she could have kissed him again but like she was really reminded of the whole shower thing.

The idea of leaving him here stirred a really sudden protective edge in her. What if something actually attacked him? Courting the lie and all that.

"Um. You can keep the food. But how about you stay with the car too until you're ready to go back to Skuld. We can drive it into somewhere more populated later and I can just take an Uber from there. You can even use it a bit. Just don't get a ticket. You have a license, right?"

Please have a license at least, dude who wanted to walk from the nearly outskirts of Mountainside all the way to Larkspur what the fuck.

Who had she just turned?? Was he a criminal???

Duuuuuuuude she was giving him a car??

Well to like. Borrow a few days.

Still. This might be love.

Not really, because he was an embittered old Fray-Fray now, who would never ever love again no sir. It only brought heartbreak. He was just not meant for happiness, apparently, so fuck that and he would enjoy this really lovely chick in a totally platonic way. "That's.. Wow. Are you a saint part-time?" He chortled a little, but in a sort of aw shucks way.

He dug in his wallet, pulling out a slightly beat-up licence that, thankfully, had yet to expire. "Yup. Haven't used it much lately. Walking keeps ya fit you know."

Fray then lightly flexed an arm, before walking around the hood to get back into the passenger's side.

She laughed a little, to both things, and that he had a license was a serious fucking relief. Thank. You.

She settled back into the car, pondering things. How this was gonna work. How would she be able to keep an eye on him until the full moon. How they could even orchestrate it. Because. Abraham would be there. He just always was.

Unless they had another fight, but she definitely didn't want that now.

"So once you get a phone, just let me know how you're feeling, if you need any food. I get free meals for working at Iron's and I'm happy to let you have them but like. You'll need to get used to eating like twice as much as you do now. Or more. It's good you like long walks though, that'll soothe your cat when he comes."

A shpiel. She hadn't like. Thought this over or anything. It was just easy to come up with the important shit.

What else.

"There is something else you should be aware of too. Pretty much every part of Mountainside is owned by someone. Mostly weres, and they're cool as long as you don't make any trouble. We're welcome pretty much everywhere except for Cordova, the city in the middle. Once your cat comes you won't be able to go there. It's run by vampires that will definitely try to kill you if they find you."

He nodded, pulling the bag of food towards him and settling it on his lap. Eat twice as much, got it. That'd be... Easier if he knew Skuld would welcome him back. Even still, he should probably try and actually find someplace to work. Just a bit extra cash to feed himself. And then to buy a phone.

Well, pets were expensive he guessed??

"Got it. Text my Kitty-Counselor, eat lots, keep cool."

And stay away from Cordova. Vampires could honest to god, suck his ass at this point. He hadn't met one he actually liked, so perhaps you just turned into an asshole when you died.

Fray grunted, staring out the window. "Never liked it much anyway, no big loss. I'll stick to ah.. Were territory I guess?" Is that what they used as a term?

Honestly, he didn't care. He would leave everyone else alone, as long as they left him alone.

God at least he was conducting himself super, super in control. She liked it a lot, and felt really freaking validated for it. Not that she could take the opportunity to shove it in Abraham's face or anything.

Also, you know. Fray was still mostly human. The real test would be his first few months of harboring a possibly murderous beast.

Still, Asha smiled at being called 'kitty-counselor.' Apparently aside from his own odd choice of nickname he was pretty good at having fun with others' names too, and it was nice to be looked up to.

"Yeah. Were territory. Anyway, yeah, just let me know when you patch things up too and, uh, I'll probably need the rental back at that point if that's cool."

Because giving someone else your rental is illeeeegaaaaal.

"We'll figure out the full moon stuff, too. I'll probably text you the place to meet up with the rest of us."

Yeah he totally wouldn't go stealing your car Asha, ffs. Maybe. If he couldn't get a job no promises it might just kinda roll away and vanish into the black market of car theft.

Nah, he wouldn't. Didn't want to piss off the possible multiple weres she was friends with. "Promise, as soon as I can. Doubt ending up in jail would be the best idea right now, eh?"

Eh. He'd picked that up from Skuld dammit. Fucking Canadian.

Full moon, meeting up. Seemed so surreal, but like. In a kinda cool way? Fray just wanted to get himself together so he could go back into normalcy. "How many of us are there? Jaguars?" He knew there were probably a lot of weres in general, from what she'd already described.

But if he wasn't just meeting with her, then surely there was at least one more jag?

She laughed and shook her head. Indeed, sir, jail would be a good decision never ever and especially not now.

"Um, including you, it's four now." Hopefully. There was still Mateah, the possibility of connecting with her soon. Asha sincerely hoped so, and it wasn't just for her own future gain. The idea of being around someone like her who wasn't Abraham just. Invigorated her.


"You'll find that your cat will probably make you want to stay close to us. It's... some kind of instinct thing. All the weres mostly seem to like, group up eventually. And it comforts the animal, makes it less likely to lash out or make your life difficult."

More difficult.

So three other cats. Seemed like enough that he wasn't going to be third wheel, more like. A small group. He could cope with that, and if it did soothe his inner pussy, why the hell not? Fray nodded then, looking to Asha with a somewhat strained smile.

"Sounds okay. I could use more.. Friends."

That sounded sad.

You were a sad human being Fray. Or werecat. Whatever the fuck you'd become.

He slouched down lower into the seat as they drove, feeling completely exhausted by this point. As soon as she got an Uber or whatever, he was going to curl up in the backseat and fall asleep. "You're a good friend." It was a mumble, as he started giving into the tiredness and sadness again. "Thanks. For chasing the vamp off."

He'd been saying thanks a lot tonight.

So accepting.

His girl must have really hurt him a lot with her decision for him to make such a willing leap. Privately and selfishly, she was pretty fucking glad she'd found him tonight at his worst before he could get over it.

A saint, he'd called her. She cared, but selfishly.

As he settled in and she drove, it was a familiar feeling to have the dude in the passenger's seat be kind of a mess. She'd been around Abraham for months now and every time she was the driver it was because he needed to slump.

She was reaching to run her hand through his hair before she realized what was happening, and then she committed to the move and decided not to comment on it if he didn't.

"You're welcome. Can't let my friends be vamp food."

She smiled and wondered if it was possible to get him to move to Crestview. But Larkspur was a decent stand-in. Dude just needed a phone.

She'd drive them back, content to let silence fall. Even her cat seemed calmed by the eventual promise of another.

She went to stroke his hair, before he realized. The feeling was both comforting and almost like another little stab, because Kam had done that to him, before. And Hikari, years before either of them.

It didn't hold as much affection as either of theirs had at the time, but it was still welcomed. Asha was weirdly.. Welcomed.

He'd take the weird pet, and her words with a small smile, before letting his head loll to lean on the window.

Another few minutes and he'd be dozing with the vibrations of the car, at least until she woke him up at their destination.

This whole day had been madness, but it wasn't anything knew to Fray's life.


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