Here Come the Sirens

Night Vision 
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 She was quiet on the drive back to Night Vision, silent on the walk through the club - a stoicism that lasted into the back and down the stone steps that made the area tucked below ground. She supposed as soon as she had shoved open the door to the kitchen she could have started explaining to the vampire in tow, she wagered that it would have been well received if she had at least offered some further reassurance. She did none of those things until she grabbed the door to her office and stepped to the side, motioned limply for the girl to head inside.

 "I don't cope well with insubordination." If she was supposed to apologize for putting the ole' razzle dazzle on Savannah, she didn't - that explanation of sorts was the closest she got. "My name is Margaux Auclair - Margaux will suffice, no shortening." Unless, of course, you were a friend - which she wasn't. ... Yet, perhaps. "You are?" Looking at the girl properly, she walked round and settled in the comfort of her chair once the door was closed and locked behind them.


It had seemed the reasonable thing to do at the time. Till she started to realize she was being taken to some club she didn't know, into a kitchen, past there into an office, presumably to die.

This was so much fun, said no one ever.

So far so good with the no-dying part, though the whole 'insubordination' bit made Savvy think she was about to be drafted into a vampire army. Look at her, lady, she was a tiny pipsqueak who'd eaten too many cookies in her mortal life and like to now lurk cemeteries and take pictures of smoking cops.

Still, all her old manners of talking to people older and more important than her snapped into the forefront of her mind, so she managed to stand straight and only barely squeak a "Yes miss," in reply.

Miss or Margaux. Definitely not Marg. Or Maggie.

Her name? Oh right.. Probably should give her the full one. "Savannah Raight. I'm uh a.. Photography student at the college here."

Please don't kill her she had a good future as a not-too-awful student.

It was mostly coincidence that Dax followed Margaux and the rogue to Night Vision. She'd struck out on dinner, so she grudgingly resorted to the club's "donors", even though the emotions she gleaned from the necessary contact left her feeling dirty and disgusted.

And if she flopped onto a lounge couch within line of sight to the vampire queen's office door, it was definitely just out of convenience. Not because she wanted to eavesdrop (both literally and empathically) and catch a telling glimpse of the girl on her way out.

 "Savannah." She would skip on Ms. Raight -- hardly liked the part where the girl referred to by the title, though she found that it sufficed even if it wasn't her preference. She was quiet, picking up a pen to keep her hands busy and pressing the point into the tip of her index finger as she watched the girl. If she had a heart, she was sure it would have pounded out of her chest and made a mess on the floor.

 "I take it you haven't been a Vampire for long? Do you know who bit you?" She diverted her gaze, focused on her own knuckles and pursed her lips. "Do you know what a Clutch is? What a Domina is?"

Savannah. Yup.

It me, she screamed mentally, whilst standing by in awkward, terrified horror. This was very much how she pictured a job interview would be. Some scary lady behind a desk playing with a pen and scrutinizing her. She'd either get paid or kicked out onto the street with the other godforsaken slumps.

Only this was the option of like, life and death. Hah. Hopefully she was making good first impressions!

She swallowed, trying not to let her voice stutter and attempting to hold the lady's - ah, Margaux's - eyes. "Since September. And no it was some dude from a party I think. He bit me and I like struggled and got away and next thing I know I'm lying at the bottom of a stairwell annnnd then the ah. Suck suck stuff started."

Hi. Undead Savvy all up in here.

Margaux then asked another question that made her eyes widen. Clutch? Domina? Ah.. "Aren't those um. Like the ah.. Aren't those like that weird BDSM sex stuff..?"

Was she getting inducted into a weird sex-gang here??

 Suck suck stuff, weird BDSM sex stuff, a series of minuscule gestures and choices in phrase that Margaux found screamed her age with an extreme intensity. She felt Dax not too far off, wondered if the empath was having a field day with the nervous Nelly in front of her. "Sit down." Her tone was calm, nodding to the seat and making it clear in her own way that this wouldn't be a particularly quick conversation.

 "I don't fuck my vampires." Just - getting that out of the way right quick, sitting up a bit straighter now and propping her elbows on the desk. "A clutch is a group of Vampires. They protect one another, they provide safe haven in times of trouble. There are benefits - should someone harm one of the clutch's own grievously, I can heal them. We have donors at our disposal, should one not enjoy or be incapable of hunting." It was a rudimentary set-up, not wasting too much of her own oxygen just yet - she had an inkling of doubt that this one was going to stick around. Pity, but to each their own.

 "Now see, frankly - while I would welcome your presence in our merry little family ... I will leave that choice up to you. You're welcome to ask questions, I can go through the tangent. But to save us both some moonlight - let's just set the framework for now. Cordova is Clutch territory - I do not allow rogues in Cordova." She trusted that, age aside, Savannah could fill in the implication.

She was told to sit down, and she sat. Maybe a little stiffly, but as the lady er.. Margaux, started talking, it turned out this wasn't some ploy to turn her into a sex slave?

Well that was a good start.

It didn't even sound that awful, really. A clutch was a uh.. Well a coven she guessed. Like in Twilight, only this very much wasn't Twilight. They had blood donors and safety and a whole bunch of other stuff she was already kind of forgetting. It sounded.. Sort nice.

Even if Margaux was still somewhat scary. Maybe that was just the whole oooh I'm a clutch leader fear me type persona thing.

The other option was... Her moving out of Cordova because apparently you had to be part of the club to live here and that was kinda ridiculous but okay. Not about to argue here with the Vampire Queen.

The cheapest rent she found near the school was here so like. Moving seemed a pretty bad option.

So option two! "Got it. No rogues. Ah.. If I joined what's that entail? Do I have to take a test or oath or.. Um. How's that work."

Because joining sounded like the much more beneficial option.

 Ignorant about the culture of what she was, young, but not outright stupid - at least that was what Margaux was able to summarize from that little moment of consideration. "No blood oath or ritual - no virgin sacrifice." The idea cracked the tiniest little grin across her face. "I take you for your word if you agree to adhere to the rules - should you fallback on that ... we'll cross that bridge if we get there. I hope we don't." There was no need to scare her unnecessarily, after all.

 "We don't broadcast what we are - no one knows Night Vision is vampire territory, we intend to keep it that way indefinitely. If you need help, if you're out of your depth, if you think you might shift and cause a hoopla ... call me. If you join I'll be able to sense if you're in trouble within the confines of the city - still ..." She had a lot of plates to juggle, it was important that everyone know themselves just as well if not better than she understood them.

 "If you infect another then they're your responsibility. It's your duty to make sure they respect our rules, your charge - your problem." The vampire equivalent of - if you're not going to take care of your kids, don't have any. She was silent then. doodling on the margins of a printout in front of her. "The one that really seems to get some of our kind shitting in their britches is the most important one - I do not tolerate shifters in Cordova."She looked back to Savannah and motioned vaguely in the air. "Like the man who turned into a tiger on the news, hm?" Certainly she remembered that ...

 "They are strong, they are grouped up, they can sense us just as we can sense them. They can hurt you, as if you were mortal - weak." Hard facts, indisputable as far as she was concerned. "If you sense one, see one, pass one - if you think you can take them so be it. However ..." No offense Savannah, calling a spade a spade the girl wasn't exactly striking fear in Margaux's heart. "A simple text or call to my phone will make due just fine. Me or one of the others will be dispatched to handle the trouble."

Oh my this was a lot of words at once.

Margaux was very no-nonsense and still kinda scary but maybe that was a good thing?? She was offering to help Savannah out of all the shitty situations and like. This all sounded like a pretty sick deal??

Alright, she may have technically broken that one rule about not broadcasting who they were to Ellie. But like. Ellie was alright? And it was probably better to keep her safe in this whole thing because of her explody-ness and the weird people looking for her. So yeah.

Savvy could just like. Maybe find her again and then take it from there. Details ffs.

Then she was on about shifters, like what was on the news on JEEZ she didn't realize they could harm her. So yeah, keeping them off Cordova territory sounded chill, she guessed. "I'm not much of a fighter so ah. Calling is good. I like calling." Cue a weak smile.

More questions seemed needed before like. Committing right?

"How many of you are there in the clutch? And you're the leader right? Do we have big official type meetings and stuff? Do I get a title and need to do certain things or is it just like.. I join I go home I call you if I see something or there's a problem? And I can still leave Cordova if I need to go somewhere?"

Or was she trapped forever?

 Despite her ever agitated temper, she liked questions such as those that Savannah proposed - at least they showed that the girl was listening, more than could be said for some. "Calling is fine, as long as you do it." She shrugged, indifferent one way or the other as she prepared to delve into the slightly more in depth questions.

 "You already met Dax. I have a second, like a ... a vice president? Her name is Serafina." She resisted the impulse to rattle them off one after the other and stuck to hard numbers. "Six." She didn't count Ramses, a conversation that she would need to follow-up sooner as opposed to later. "Seven, should you chose to stay local."

 "We meet around the new moon or if there's something dire to discuss - no one knows about this whole level of the building, it's clutch only." She motioned to their surroundings. "Muck about as you wish." A title, a part of her wondered if she should string her along there and insist that she'd be a duchess, she didn't. "Overtime you can earn some sort of rank if that's something you wish to pursue, I encourage it but there's no mandatory homework." Life, or death if you wanted to be technical, was difficult enough.

 "You're not tethered here." The idea was an awful on, a set of circumstances she imagined would be maddening to most were it the case. "If you wish to take a night trip to Red Rock, you don't have to tell me or seek approval - just know my reach ends with the border. If some shifters corner you I won't know it."

So in a way, this was all like a sort of.. School club? Only with a supernatural twist and protection from all the scary shit she'd been kind of freaking over anyway. She'd have six other people standing up for her, possible friends.

One scary bad-ass lady on her side.

Like. There wasn't any downsides she could see here.

Even wandering was still free to do! And while the shifter thing was a new scary freak out to freak out over.. Well, she'd managed so far? Maybe just make trips out there a little shorter from now on, got it.

"I mean. This all seems like. Pretty fricking awesome!" The first little hint of her eagerness coming back, a somewhat nervous smile spreading on her face. One last subtle test - if Margaux couldn't handle how Savvy was most of the time, well. She better get out of here fast then.


"It's been like a real ride trying to figure all this out by myself and like you kinda honestly terrify me but you seem not so bad now and like. If you're really serious about me joining I'd be down!"

She perked a little nervously, still kind of hopeful.

Please like her and say yes Miss Margaux.

 The girl was ... emotional? No, energetic - eager. It was nice in a way she supposed, and luckily there was no ban on personalities. So while she was free to be - this, Margaux's lips just barely twitched into a grin as she turned her chair from side to side a bit. "I get that a lot." Perhaps not terrifying by most people's assertions, but not exactly a warm and guiding light either. "I won't pretend I'm the one you should call to braid your hair and talk out your love troubles with - but I do my job."

 She picked her phone up from where it sat screen down on her desk, flipped it over and shot off a quick message even as she spoke."In that case, welcome home. We're glad to have you here." Truthful as she pulled a card from the top drawer of her desk and offered it out to the other woman. "My number, as well as Serafina's. Don't lose it, don't hesitate to contact me." She sounded like a broken record, but she was running out of ways to drive it home - call your boss if shit hits the fan.

"If you'd like I can see if Dax might drop in and give you a proper tour? I imagine she's ever so slightly more personable." She would not baby Savannah, but she would do what she could to keep from outright torturing the girl.

She's perky. Help.


Oh my.

Margaux braiding her hair while she talked to her about love troubles.

That was in no way any less.. Terrifying. Maybe more disturbing. She didn't even really know her yet, just like. Knew she was getting a safe-haven and wouldn't be left out in the sun to poof. So that was good but also there was that level of new-girl awkwardness going on. "Promise not to do thaaaat heh. Calling yes. For emergencies. Not hair braiding. Got it."

So totally got it, yes ma'am!

Savannah took out her wallet (a colorful thing with a bunch of owl designs) and found a spot to keep the card safe, as the Vamp Queen went on. Dax? The cookie-girl? Ohhh sure, that couldn't hurt right?? "I wouldn't mind, if she isn't busy! And you're personable, just like. Intimidating," she added, with a helpful super encouraging smile.

Maybe she could eventually warm her up into less-scaryness.

Margaux's text came in as Dax scrolled distractedly through Washington Post headlines, one metaphysical ear trained on the women inside the office. She exhaled in grudging amusement and took that as a cue.

Dax let herself into the office, glancing between vampire queen and new recruit. "I've been summoned?" she prompted dryly.

 Personable yet intimidating, she dog-earred that particular page in her mental scrapbook with the tiniest little twitch of amusement in the corner of her lips. She wondered who would echo that assessment - Greta? Beauregard? Probably not. Pity.

 On cue Dax entered, and Margaux wondered if the other vampire could feel the little tidal wave of relief that she felt from it. Not intimidated, not bored, not agitated - just ... out of her element in a different way. "Dax, meet Savannah - our newest member. Savannah, Dax." She motioned from one to the other - a proper introduction after the implied ones throughout the course of the night so far.

"I was hoping you might show her around?" Her gaze was expectant but not narrowed.

Savannah stood up when the new gal entered, this one.. Not as scary as Margaux. It was the cookie-girl, and she just seemed to be that type of chick who probably stayed in with her cats and watched Netflix. Sort of like Savvy if Savvy wasn't outgoing and stuff.

"Hi!" she all but beamed, offering a little hand-wave at the introductions. "Only if it's not a problem, I can wander on my own!"

Just like. Friends would be nice. You guys chased her last new friend awaaaaay but she'd find her eventually. For now. Dax would get the full treatment of eagerness if she'd be so inclined.

It was definitely a problem, but she suspected Margaux wouldn't appreciate her declining as she noted the relief that rolled off of the vampire queen. So Dax sucked it up and pulled back her metaphysical feelers in preparation—this close, the chick's enthusiasm was way too much, and it mixed nauseatingly with her poor mood.

"No problem," she replied flatly. She promptly backed out the way she came and paused for Savannah to starting down the hall.

"Stop me if I'm waxing on about something Margaux already addressed. Bottom floor's clutch-only. There's blood donors in the rooms at the end of that hall, if you strike out one night. It's not a particularly enticing option, so."

Cookie-girl wasn't too exuberant over showing her around. Either she was annoyed she had to (cri) or she was just very flat personality wise (moar cri).

Still didn't damper Savannah's mood as she followed along with a small bounce. So they were in the basement of this club area, and the basement was like.. "I guess like the Batcave? That's pretty cool." It was also cool because she'd never actually been in a club before, so like.


"Why isn't it enticing?" she added, eyeing the donor area with slightly hungry eyes. She still needed her hit for the night, now they'd taken Ellie away.

Dax exhaled an amused breath through her nose despite herself. "Yeah, I guess so." Batcave. That sure was a comparison.

She paused outside the donor rooms, offering Savannah a chance to take care of business if she wanted and also ready to warn her away from the woman Dax had already fed from. "They're not exactly consenting, as far as I know. They're also not the most appetizing."

Just casually discussing non-consenting blood donors like they were only food, no big deal. Another thing to hate herself for.

Hah! She got a laugh! Or like an amused snort. Close enough.

She was breaking walls here.

They paused outside the rooms, Savannah perking up a bit and starting to salivate again. The way Dax spoke, it sounded like they sort of just compelled some randos to come sit still for a night while people fed off them. It was.. A little weird, but so was cornering someone on the street and dragging them into a quiet alley.

So she shrugged a little. "Gotta do what you gotta do, right? Wasn't like the poor cow going into your cheesburger wanted to get slaughtered either. At least this doesn't kill anyone, right? They probably don't even remember anything after."

This was a morbid kind of topic, and she found herself drooping a little.

Right uh. She could slink back here before leaving. "Is there anything else cool to see? Do we get a Batmobile too?" A tiny joke, trying to grin wide and not think about being a bloodsucking fiend.

"M'hmm," Dax hummed noncommittally. A girl's gotta eat, right? But Savannah didn't move to pay the donors a visit, so she continued down the hall toward the staircase.

This chick was way too perky and Dax was way too tired for this. A jittery anticipation, leftover from the emotions she gleaned, sat underneath her skin. She was too tired for that, too.

"Alas, there's no Batmobile. But downstairs are a few bedrooms if you're caught out near sunrise. Then the rooftop is sectioned off for the occasional clutch meeting but is otherwise mixed company." She paused, then gave a little shrug. "That's about it. It's not a particularly long tour."

Progress had halted somewhat, and Dax didn't seem super into showing Savvy around. Sadness, but then again there wasn't too much to see so she was excused from the lack of peppiness.

Besides, she was hungry.

"Okii! Thanks for showing me around a bit," she chirped, offering up a tiny smile. "I guess I'll see you around then? Do you keep in touch with the other members or kinda just.. Everyone does their own thing?"

Did they have like, vampy-get-togethers outside of meetings? She didn't want to be left out of those!

Savannah's question rather stumped Dax. It shouldn't—it was a very straightforward question—but she honestly had no idea. She didn't think so?

Dax gave a small shrug. "I don't, but I'm a hermit. I can't speak for everyone else." Who was left, anyway? Just the intimidating assholes from the clutch meeting? "Did Margaux give you her number?"


Seemed like everyone wasn't the most friendly here. But hey, as long as she had the protection and a safe place to be - Savvy could cope. "Yup, but she was pretty clear to use for emergencies, not hair braiding." She quirked a little grin, holding her hand out towards the girl.

"Gimme your phone. Maybe we can start the club being a bit more social." If Dax handed it over, she'd put in her number. Then maybe like, dunno. Offer to go out sometime to do vampire things.

That seemed legit??

Dax glanced down at the woman's hand. No thanks, she didn't do social clubs, and Savannah didn't seem like the type to go grave digging or seancing with her. But she also wasn't enough of a bitch to reject Savannah outright. Oh well, it was easy to ignore texts and calls.

"Sure," she agreed evenly. Dax dug her phone out of her pocket and pulled up her contacts list before handing it over.

Eeeee! Friend!

Savannah sort of bounced on the spot in excitement as Dax dug out her phone, reaching for it and nearly fumbling it. Clumsy vampires didn't sound like a possibility, but you were looking at one. "Whoops. Kay."

She managed to put her number in, handing it back to the other girl with hers in turn. "Honestly, I don't know too many people around here outside of like. A few of the people in my classes. But I don't get too close cause its awkward when they ask you to meet in the daytime and you're there like 'Uhhhh.. Naaaah how's midnight sound?'"

A somewhat nervous giggle escaped her.

Please be her undead friend.


Dax didn't have that problem. The few social interactions she had were with either kindred undead or blood donors. Other than Skuld that one time, but she came as a blood donor's plus one.

She waved off Savannah's phone in favor of shooting her a terse message.


How eloquent.

"I thought college students were supposed to be all but nocturnal," she remarked dryly. But she hadn't gone to college, so what did she know.

Ohhh okay, a message worked too! She briefly glanced at it as if expecting something grand but it was. A. Dot.

... Dax wasn't much for talking was she? Savvy drooped just a tiny bit.

"Maybe the party-goers," she remarked, shrugging a bit and pocketing her phone. "But I don't really like that crowd, I tried it when I first started and um.. Well this happened." She got bit, she bit back, she tumbled drunkenly down a flight of stairs and bippidy boppidy boo, vampire!

Knowing when she wasn't wanted, and way too hungry to persist this any further, she respectfully peaced out. "I'm gonna hit up that donor thingy I guess. Nice meeting you!"

Well.. Bit of a stretch, but there was hope she thought, as she went and flounced away.

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