Poison in the Fang of the Serpent


Carmen didn't make a habit of turning humans, and so she was uncharacteristically sentimental when it came to the fact that this was the beginning of Amy's second life.

As sentimental as she could find herself, anywho.

She expected to hear the heartbeat in the other room to stop any minute now, the distance she'd placed between them deliberate. She was hungrier than normal around this time of the month, mouth feeling dry before she'd had one of their blood bags, throwing it in the bin once finished.

Carmen moved to the sofa in the living room after that, glancing to her white shirt to ensure it was still clean. "Amy?" she called for her, taking a seat on the sofa. She retrieved a minuscule box from her pocket, placing it by her thigh.


Frustration was nagging at her and with last night's events still swimming about in her head.. it was safe to say she was in no good mood. Carmen had put some distance between them, the new moon having a greater affect that what Amy was comfortable admitting.

It was bizarre.

She'd settled in her room, sat on the bed cross-legged with a finger tapping aggressively against her knee, above the leather. It was the final countdown in the most literal sense ever and she didn't know whether she appreciated the humor of her situation or hated it.

But, it wasn't like she had much time left to ponder on it.

Carmen's voice rang from another part of the apartment, beckoning her to rise and actually do something. She'd be in the living room in a matter of seconds, amber eyes giving the woman a quick once-over and noticing a tiny box place against her thigh.

Marriage proposal?

The thought was rather entertaining, but she would not bother voicing it. "You called?" A slight arch of a brow before she went to join Carmen on the sofa.

Carmen wiped her lips one last time before the girl strolled in. The accessory she wore around her neck was actually rather cute. Unfortunately she imagined how it could interfere with feedings a moment later.

”For you,” she told her with a faint smile, offering her the swarovski box in which she would find a ring that took the shape of a serpent. She was welcome to find her own meaning behind it.

Carmen crossed her legs, angling herself towards Amy.

”To mark the beginning of a second life and all,” she made a gesture towards her with a hand.

”For you."

A minuscule swarovski box was offered her way, along with a smile, a faint one. She'd regard it for a heartbeat before taking it from Carmen's hands, letting her own fingers feel the texture of the box. It was charming in its own unique way; small and dark, insignificant, but. It certainly wasn't what Carmen wanted to gift her.

The box would be opened, eventually, and inside of it would lay a ring, a ring molded in the shape of a serpent. A ring composed of small black diamonds. The bitter irony of it all was not missed on her, although she doubted it was intentional. It just so happened to be. Life wished to give her a reminded of the night prior to this one. Snakes were beautiful, but slippery bastards. Beady eyes, a tongue that flickered like one's heartbeat, skin that could make you shiver, cause numbness as the hairs on your nape stood on edge.

So cold.

So, so cold.

They reminded her of herself. Pretty in her own broken way, yet poisonous. Willing to sell anyone. Just like a snake who'd bite the hand that fed it. It would never hesitate to poison, cause pain. Shatter. She was much the same, one with the snake, always playing games. Never lurking in the light, slithering in the shadows. Always.

Waiting for the right moment to strike.

”To mark the beginning of a second life and all."

They'd fall on deaf ears, the words. Small, black diamonds sparkled and shined, their reflection dancing against her gaze before a dull cloak took over. Amber eyes grew cloudy and she blinked once as she continued studying the gift. Coward. Wasn't that what she was? Wasn't that what Fray had called her?


She'd lift her eyes to meet Carmen's, part her lips to speak, only to close them again. Her attention would briefly return to the ring, but the woman angled against the sofa demanded her attention more than the obsidian diamonds did. And, so, her eyes would avert themselves from the sparkling stones to meet the green they'd been searching for all along. Words seemed to fail her, which only helped force a sigh―however gentle it was―out of her.

She'd close her eyes, blink them open again a moment later.

They stung.

"You didn't have to." Softer were her words, pain gnawing at the frayed edges of her mind. It was funny. Funny how something which was meant to bring joy only brought sadness. She felt powerless against life's humor, defeated. No matter what she did, she'd always have it return to her in one way or another, and it'd be stronger. Stronger than the blow she'd issued. Stronger just to prove that she was not in control.

She was merely the black box, small. Insignificant.

So easy to break.

The present must have taken her unexpectedly, because for a while, Amy didn't say anything. Yet she was the audacious sort, not one who kept her mouth closed often.

When she raised her gaze towards hers, she expected her to speak, but nothing came out. A good sign? Or perhaps she had made a terrible judgement in what Amy might like.

Eventually though, there were words.

"You know what a serpent is good at?" Carmen asked after her, albeit it was rhetorical. "Protecting herself. She can bite and she most certainly will, when you do and do not expect it."

She held her hands together in her lap, taking a breath.

"Has tonight got you nervous?" Carmen said after another moment, wondering about her... strange softness.

Carmen's explanation was nearly identical to the one swimming around her mind, but perhaps.. her's focused more on strength rather than self-deprecation. She supposed the woman's words were true enough. There was nothing that could be done for what had happened; there was only one way left to go and that was forwards.

"Has tonight got you nervous?"

"I suppose it has," the truth, but also not. It was not just the fact that she was going to become one of them in what probably was... she didn't know how long, but... The thing was that it was not the only thing concerning her right now. Last night's situation had her fucked over, but Carmen didn't need to know that.

There was no point in crying over a broken toy.

It was never going to fix itself no matter what was done to it―and especially not with her aid.

"How did it go for you? The first night." After the transition was done, after her heart had stopped beating.

"Safely. Simply. I had my sire with me - it wasn't all that unlike to this."

Many didn't. She was aware and thankful for her knowledgable beginning to a second life.

"Your senses immediately heighten, to even more than what they are now. For example I can hear the smallest of squeaks in a room full of people, if I'm paying attention."

The vagueness was not appreciated, but.. was there really a need for detail? She was unsure.

Unsure if she would've preferred it if Carmen got into more detail or not.

Her next sentence made sense. "Explains the knife you'd spotted," which still annoyed the crap out of her, but she wasn't about to voice that out loud. "It's affecting you, too," was instead what she chose to go with, referring to the new moon. It was bizarre to think that it could have such an effect on both Carmen and herself.

She could feel the change, the tingling sensation of tension within her.

The frustration.

The deliberate distance Carmen had placed between them, it was logical.

Their night vision was an adaptive trait Carmen thoroughly appreciated.

Assuming Amy was speaking of her transition, but not entirely certain, she asked to confirm. "What is?" And then she nodded to the box, desperately curious to see if the ring would fit on either her index or middle finger. How it would look to the eye, too. It hadn't suited Carmen all that naturally as she hoped it would Amy.

Something dainty, classy, yet unmistakably her.

"The moon. You're more distant than usual," she clarified, whilst at the same time taking note of Carmen's body language. She'd nodded to the box and without saying much else, the girl went to take the ring out, slide it against her index finger. Frankly, it looked rather nice.

And the symbolism behind it was appreciated, even if it was bitter.

She'd lift her hand then, turn it towards Carmen. "Keen eye."

Like she'd said before.

It sat well on Amy's finger, and she smiled crookedly for it. Carmen hoped she'd continue to wear it, or at least store it some place for memory. Some tangible representation of her turning, besides her own being.

"The new moon makes us powerful, but it also makes us incredibly hungry. Difficult to keep our head level. And your heart still beats, so you can imagine that is almost like a trigger."

It would not be difficult for Amy to push her into a foul mood either, should she try, but Carmen thought far higher of her than that.

She was never one to put away gifts. She'd keep them on her, just like she had done with the cross Igor had given her.

Just like she'd done with the lighter gifted to her by her uncle.

"The new moon makes us powerful, but it also makes us incredibly hungry. Difficult to keep our head level. And your heart still beats, so you can imagine that is almost like a trigger."

Slaves to the moon, wasn't that what they were now?

Amber eyes would continue to study Carmen and before she knew it, the girl would twist her wrist so that it was facing upwards. "Bite me," it was an offer, her tone sober, gaze steady. She trusted Carmen not to fuck her over, trusted her enough that she'd let her drink her blood if she so pleased.

Oh dear.

Carmen glanced towards Amy's wrist, much like a vulnerable stray who sought to take food out of your hand but was fearful. The blood bag should have filled her enough were it not for the time of month. She tried to compose herself, glancing back up to Amy despite a painful, thirsty, sensation finding its way to the bottom of her teeth.

"Do you wish to experience it?" she asked, not necessarily declining, only...

Perhaps that was the reason for the peculiarly abrupt offer?

"Do you wish to experience it?"

"You're not the first one," Dax had bitten her, drank her blood. It never really bothered her and as long as Carmen did not drain her, she'd have no problem with it. Besides, it felt kinda like a dick move seeing her like this, when she could clearly ease the mental strain and allow her to wait for the damn human heartbeat to cease with a clearer head.

She'd lift her wrist just slightly, then. "I won't freak out, promise."

She was quickly reminded of her other friend. A momentary lapse in composure which resulted in unflattering forgetfulness.

Amy was an impossible girl to predict, even for Carmen. This was unexpected. As was her wishing to be turned. As was her sharp shooting.

Ultimately, she sought to understand why she would suddenly seek this, but only encouragement was given. It was frustrating - not understanding. Even more frustrating that she found herself unable to sit here and question longer, as she would've liked.

She desired to either rise and pace away from Amy, or...

With a thoughtful look to her, Carmen took her dainty wrist in hand. Fangs elongated the moment she allowed herself to focus on her heartbeat, her smell, her blood.

She promised herself it'd only be a moment. A temporary overstepping to her own rule which was to not feed on those she personally knew.

Carmen angled herself towards her arm rather than the other way around, uncrossing her legs. She settled her fangs into Amy's pale wrist comfortably, mindful enough to sit over it so any blood wouldn't stain the couch. The taste was rich and warm, exceeding in quality far beyond stored blood in every way.

And she would, only be a moment, thankfully.

Pulling away very shortly after, Carmen glanced at the marks on her wrist, blood staining her lips as she held Amy's hand gently, waiting for her to pull it back.

A cold hand wrapped itself around her wrist and she'd let Carmen tug it forward, angle it however she pleased and sink her teeth in. The elongating of her fangs was an interesting thing to watch, but ultimately, Amy chose to tear her eyes away from the vampire, but not due to discomfort; more because she found it rather rude to stare when one was feeding.

Her teeth did not hurt as they pieced skin―much like Dax's―and she'd sit against the sofa idly, amber eyes lingering in the distance, trying to occupy themselves till Carmen was done feeding.

She would not take enough blood to cause her vision to blurry and send the room spinning. Composure.

She had much of it. Composure.

"Mutual understanding," her gaze traveled back to the vampire. Carmen's lips were stained, tainted by blood, but the girl was sure she was as aware of this as she was. She'd remove her wrist from Carmen's grasp then, the movement slow as she continued to hold her eyes.

The gentle feeding was favoured. Carmen wasn't interested in harming or murdering what she'd started and intended to see to the end. Not when they were this close.

"Not for long," she huffed, almost a chuckle, as a finger wiped her bottom lip free of blood. A glance was given to her suit as she resettled comfortably, faintly displeased to see a drop of a slight red hue against the black, but ultimately unbothered. Clothes were clothes.

"Thank you," Carmen found herself saying, eventually meeting Amy's gaze again.

At the very least, she wouldn't be prey for much longer, and perhaps a part of Carmen's curiosity was sated. She couldn't say the thought of how Amy's blood tasted hadn't crossed her mind quite regularly in the past few days, though there was no need to voice it.

She kept an ear out for her heart as it still beat.

"The science behind your heartbeat stopping all at once is fascinating, in that there is none," she thought to tell her. "Completely and utterly inexplainable."

Not for long.

She found herself unable to hold back the huff she'd hoped to choke out, faintly amused at the concept.

But, also not. Also not for weird reasons she could not explain.

Carmen thanked her and she nodded faintly as a way to say 'you're welcome'. The feeding process was not a painful one; it did not cause harm, so there really was no reason for her to decline. She briefly wondered if she was what Dax and Fray had characterized her as; a parasite. Their species did not kill―except maybe on a few rather.. unfortunate occasions―whereas humans slaughtered many an animal to feed.

So much blood was shed in the history of man.

Perhaps, they were the parasites and not the ones they'd labelled as such; they were just too blind to see.

You couldn't call one a monster when you were staring at your own reflection in the mirror.

Carmen spoke about her heartbeat, the fascination behind something that could not be explained. She'd listen to her, head canting slightly to the side. It'd stop, her heart. It would stop beating and she'd still be alive. Stuck between the realm of life and death.

Frozen in time.

And it did.

It faltered, ceased. Her heartbeat.

She would continue.

"I have tried for many years-"

Until the sound which she had to always make a conscious effort to block out ceased entirely. Carmen lifted her chin, eyes cast ahead of her, and quite shamelessly she...

Brought both palms on either side of the sofa by her thighs, giving a giant sigh of relief Amy would certainly not be hearing again anytime soon.

She could not explain how nice the absence and silence of her heartbeat was. But the girl would understand to a much greater extent the moment she set foot in the lobby downstairs.

Carmen angled her head towards Amy, a fleeting look of pride.

"I have tried for many years-"

Carmen stopped suddenly and released this giant sigh that actually caused the blonde to blink.

And for a moment, that was all she could do, before she legitimately cracked up. Pls don't be offended, Carmen. She just couldn't help herself. The laughing, eventually, turned into a chuckle and then faded away completely, the grin on her face remaining. "I bet you really wanted to strangle me since settling here, didn't you?" A brow arched, her tone rather light despite the seriousness of the question.

This was just gold.

"I'm sorry for putting you through this," a huff escaped her―an amused one―but her grin faltered somewhat; she meant what she'd just said.

Amy laughed. Truthfully Carmen chuckled faintly along with her, but with quite great mirth.

"There is no need to apologise, you did not force me into anything," she explained, rubbing a hand idly over the sofa's cushion before holding her gaze. "In all frankness I needed the test of patience."

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