Grab me by my Ankles


She'd stopped her car on the outskirts of Larkspur, tied to some promise of not feeding on coyote ground and willing to stay true to her word it for as long as it served them well.

Through the windows Carmen watched a shorter, tattooed woman in clothes not fit for the chilly weather head towards her vehicle on the other side of the parking lot. They'd been waiting for some time. With a signal in the direction of the human - for Amy to notice her if she had not - she exited through the driver's door to follow her.

"When she unlocks her car, you will hold her from behind and cover her mouth. Simple?" Carmen glanced to the girl for confirmation, before her gaze roved over the other vehicles to confirm they were alone for the moment. A moment was all they required.

Carmen was... decidedly predatory when she wanted to be. It was honestly fascinating to watch and she'd do just that; remain quiet and listen to whatever the woman had to say throughout their drive out of Larkspur. It caused her a bit of discomfort thinking about how humans were viewed by the undead; they were like cattle.

Oblivious cattle waiting to be eaten by the wolves.

However.. it'd also be a lie to say that she didn't find this thrilling; some twisted little part of her longed for some action, for a human heart to beat faster then usual. Now she could only assume how much Carmen must've enjoyed snapping her neck, in spite of her not saying anything about the matter.

The erratic heartbeat.. it.. it was exhilarating.

The words spoken were unnecessary, for she'd already spotted movement amidst the darkness surrounding the parking lot. It was some woman, shorter than both of them, walking casually towards her car. A normal sight to behold, but that's how opportunities came. Without saying a word, she exited the vehicle herself.

The plan was simple and she'd follow it.

Be done with this.

Amy was a fast learner. She was yet to give Carmen a reason to regret her turning.

As soon as she took the woman from behind, there'd be a yelp which was cut short. Carmen made to stand in front of the stranger at the same time. She tried to see nothing remarkable or unremarkable about the woman. She was someone who would be on her way soon enough and wouldn't remember a thing about them. "No sounds," she said, waiting a moment to see if the command had been well-recieved.

It seemed to be the case, for while the woman's struggling continued, the vibrations of sound which Amy would feel against her hand ceased entirely.


She glanced to her, opening the back door so Amy could slide in with her.

There was a short-lived yelp and there was also struggling. Continuous struggling. It was, quite frankly, irritating and if she remembered Beauregard at all, she would've, begrudgingly, agreed with him. Silence and cooperation were so much better than screams and kicks and whatever the hell else.

Carmen was quick to open the back door of the car and it honestly didn't take a genius to figure out what she was meant to do next. Having shut the human up, she found no reason to keep her hand against their meal's mouth and so, she removed it, and went to get a better hold than the one she already had. The woman would struggle and try to get away, but she'd be kept in place and soon enough, they'd be in the back of the car.

Thank god it was no small vehicle.

Her heart beat so fast and she could almost swear she could dance to the beat were it a bit slower.

Fear stirred many an emotion within her.

This was all far easier to do with another Vampire, although it meant the reward was halved. Or, perhaps in this case the reward would be even slighter for Carmen. But she had agreed to many things, as was the simple nature of properly siring someone, and sacrifices such as allowing Amy to feed first was one of those.

Carmen closed the back door once they were both inside, glancing around for any bystanders, before moving to the other side of the car to slide in.

All quick, all mess-free so far. How she liked it.

Carmen received a very unfriendly headbutt upon entry, to which she managed to swerve in the last moment. She grunted for the attack, and the stranger was left hitting her forehead against the car seat. Carmen had to remind herself of this woman's position, or at the very least, try to. It was all made substantially difficult when she could already feel her fangs emerging at the thrill of having her cornered for them.

"Convince her to stop struggling," she instructed to Amy, pressing a knee against the woman's thigh to stop her kicking, and a hand to her throat.

She was squirming, kicking.. determined to get the fuck away from the confines of her own car. The human's heartbeat was maddening and the girl was a second away from grabbing that throat in her hand.

But, alas, Carmen had that already covered.

"Convince her to stop struggling."

A simple command, but one she felt a bit uneasy heeding. Uneasy at the prospect of failure, disappointment. Still, there'd be little hesitation shown from her part and soon enough, she'd angle herself so that eye contact was maintained.

A hand reached out to touch the woman's jaw lightly and a finger would move to her bottom lip, the motion almost teasing. "Best remain still, darling, fangs have a mind of their own sometimes," it was more stating a simple fact than a threat, but her voice tolerated no disobedience.

No games now.

Unbeknownst to her, her eyes flashed crimson, fangs begging to be freed from the confines of her lips, but she would not move to bite.

Even after the woman's struggling had ceased.

Carmen would have to give the go ahead first.

Amy knew how to follow through with instructions without fault.

Carmen thoroughly appreciated that in the girl.

She watched as the human slowly began to stop struggling, submitting to them by no choice of her own. Carmen's hand around her neck released gently, as did the knee to her thigh.

"Go ahead," she instructed Amy with a simple nod, resting back against the car seat with a relieved sigh. She kept half her attention on Amy to ensure they didn't end up murdering the woman, but ultimately left her alone to feed without the sense of eyes on her.

"Go ahead."

The grip Carmen had on the human was released completely and with her settling back against the car seat, the girl would focus on the woman's heartbeat once again. Her heart was still racing and it only took a few seconds for her fangs to finally slide out. A hand would reach to get a hold of the woman's jaw, tilt it slightly.

Make her life―or unlife depending on how someone viewed it―a bit easier.

Fangs would finally pierce skin and she'd let herself relish the feeling of warm blood against her mouth. She'd thought it to be strange a week or so ago, drinking blood, but her opinion on the matter quickly changed. Perhaps it was some animal instinct that drove her into believing this was right, but whatever it was, she found enjoyment in it.

She wouldn't be long. Resisting the urge to drink more than was really needed.

The meal was meant to be shared between the two of them and, as such, she pulled back once the woman's heart slowed down just a tad. A tongue would run over her teeth, fangs beginning to retract themselves.

Your turn, Carmen.

Carmen felt her fangs lengthen fully as Amy began to feed and she smelt blood.

She glanced towards the small woman once it seemed all was done. And with no need to intervene on Carmen’s end.

”Very good, Amy,” she managed with a look to her, somewhat predatory when she focused back on the meal.

Readjusting in the seat some, Carmen moved the woman’s short hair away. With a few fingers, she tilted her jaw and let her fangs settle into her neck, feeling warm blood run across her tongue and teeth.

Carmen pulled back after a short while with a shaky exhale, teeth and lips stained red. She licked them, one finger tapping up any excess around where she’d pierced the stranger’s skin.

”Now?” Carmen asked Amy what the next step was.

The red from her eyes began to fade away as the human's heartbeat slowed even more. She was still alive, but definitely in the daze of it all as Carmen pulled back and cleansed herself of any access blood. It felt empowering, knowing that you were in control, knowing that you were superior in a twisted way such as this.

Knowing that you could toy with one's mind.


A side-glance was offered Carmen's way and she swallowed before refocusing on the human. It took her a moment to find the words she was looking for, but she eventually spoke. "You will forget every moment from the last hour, starting as my friend and make our departure." It was spoken clearly, gaze narrowing as she waited for either the sign of success or failure.

Although, truthfully, the former would be much preferred.

She made the effort to pull the woman’s hair back over her shoulders, twisting it prettily at the ends and letting it fall as Amy spoke her command. The stranger stared, eyes wide with fear. It might have all made her uncomfortable if this was not a sight she’d seen a million times over.

Carmen, for her part, remained silent as she studied the woman to see if the command had been successful.

The command seemed to stick, which heaved a great weight off her shoulders.

She needn't fuck this up.

The terrified look in the woman's eyes didn't really disturb her. Perhaps.. it made her feel uneasy thinking about herself in the human's shoes, but that was about as sensitive as she'd get over the matter. They hadn't hurt her, hadn't drained her. Killed her. She was going to be fine the morning after and remember nothing.

That was all that mattered.

Her eyes slid over to Carmen and she nodded towards the door of the car. She'd let her exit first and then she'd make her departure.

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