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i’m doing a cleanse
so basically i’m texting you to let you know even though we aren’t friends i don’t hate you for things
that’s all


you wouldnt be wrong to hate
I regret being dishonest with you

Katya made it clear she wasn’t looking to mend relationships or ask for apologies, but Julie at least thought it fair to answer honesty with honesty.

Not that Julie regretted anything concerning Liza, but she at least regretted how Katya came to find out about it all.

Robbie had been threatened to be fucking EATEN and Cris reminded her friendship was important and even dumb Astrid was so positive that life was too short to.


Or whatever.

She didn’t even hate Levka.

Ok maybe she hated him.

it’s all cool i noticed you moved out
thanks for the memories and stuff wish you the best ^o^


It's all cool now that she had moved out.

Julie wanted to give Katya the benefit of the doubt that wasn't what she meant by it.

likewise and you too

Autofill proved invaluable as Julie failed to find the appropriate words in English to respond with.

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