Lavender Heights is perhaps the hippest, most progressive town in Mountainside. College students make up most of the local population, along with a strong LGBTQ+ presence. Whether you're looking for a cafe with a bohemian vibe to study for finals, or a poppin' night club with a fun crowd, there is plenty to keep one occupied all hours of the day and night.

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Kind of like Blockbuster, but better, because it's still standing! While you can find DVD's of both classic and newly released movies, there are also shelves still lined with VHS tapes, and if you know who to ask, you can find something of a less kid-friendly nature

For The Record
The first floor is packed with wooden record shelves that are lined with hundreds of records, sorted by genre. The dark brick walls are plastered with bright neon signs and laminated album art posters, and music is always playing over the speakers. A slender staircase leads to the second floor, which serves as a recently refurbished recording studio, complete with a high end sound board and equipment.

Joe's Hole
A secret hole in the wall type of restaurant with a run-down exterior hiding the fact that this is just about the best and most authentic Italian food you can get in Mountainside, hands down. Cooked with love. Kids under 12 eat free!

Jubilee Oval
Jubilee Oval functions as the local football stadium and concert venue. Despite being an older structure that could use some TLC, it is fairly sound and capable of fitting over thirty thousand people for any given event. Restaurants, bars and small shops line the outer edges of the building and are always accessible to the public year round.

Lavender Heights Community College
An urban campus in the heart of Lavender Heights established back in the early 1900s, the college boasts an efficient commuter college experience that still manages to deliver one of the highest ranking biochemistry programs in the country. It is comprised mainly of four large towers interconnected by skywalks over the busy city streets below, which house the School of Arts and Design, the School of Humanities, the School of Engineering and Aeronautics, and the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. In the center of these four towers is the Lavender Heights Performing Arts Center, a popular and timelessly elegant theater hosting dance, orchestral, opera, and Off-Broadway shows.

Mountainside Planetarium
Owner: Ramesses
Opening late every evening, Mountainside Planetarium's interior is lit with cool blue and violet hues, a soothing atmosphere for its many rotating exhibits on the cosmos. From classic paintings of the heavens to high tech hands-on displays to stargazing with a massive telescope, the planetarium offers something for everyone. The experience culminates in a 360 degree theater dome at the center displaying a rotating view of the night sky between documentary showings.

A popular drag bar boasting some of the hottest DJs and enchanting light shows, Pegasus is one of the top party spots in Mountainside. Friday and Saturday nights promise fantastic performances from local and celebrity drag queens, as well as strong drinks that you won't soon forget - or maybe you will. It's also a happening Pokemon Go Gym!