MAGIC HOLLOW · 10,000 - 100,000 · NEUTRAL
"The Hollow" is small urban city nestled just south of Cordova, and is the true melting pot of the region. It's an eclectic town, with plenty of means for living and entertainment; to the far south, the seemingly neutral territory thrumming with energy gives way to a marshy swamp with mysteries of its own.

Fire Department
Police Station
City Buses
Community College

Bonus Round
Bonus Round is the ultimate solution for those in need of a good time. It's a barcade - a glorious lovechild between a bar and an arcade. From pinball machines and air hockey to Galactica and Mario Kart, there's a game here for everyone - as long as you're of age (or pass as such).

Eden Project
A massive glass dome that is home to several varieties of plants and serves as a butterfly conservatory. A handful of acres of botanical life are arranged in perfectly maintained landscapes, with flagstone walking paths and a man-made stream winding around the enclosure. Multiple species of butterflies live and breed within the gardens, often fluttering around visitors as they make their way around the dome.

Hollow Lowlands
A rather typical swamp, the Hollow Lowlands contains vast expanses of marshland, mossy trees, and plenty of critters that are happy to bite and sting in the warm, humid months. In some spots, the marsh gives away to solid earth wooded areas, with evidence of logging. If you're brave enough, you might even be able to find an abandoned cabin.

Kwik Trip
A twenty-four hour pharmacy, Kwik Trip is considered to be the place to go when you run out of toilet paper or need a bottle of aspirin at two in the morning

The Raven's Nest
An unassuming but well-rated restaurant in the front, serving a wide variety of cultural cuisine, The Raven's Nest has a secret twist: illegal gambling in the back. If you know who to talk to and what to say, you can find your way into a game of craps or blackjack. If you fall into an unfavorable light, however - such as being suspected of cheating or being a rat - you better watch your back, and maybe don't eat the food.

What do you get when you combine a thrift store and pawn shop? Awfully sketchy clientele! A classic thrift store in the front, packed to the brim with junk, Recollectibles is open 24/7 and adds an extra twist with a pawn shop in the back to help you fund your next shopping spree. Employees are known to look the other way when accepting new goods, so if some of your valuables have gone missing, they might just be on sale at Recollectibles.

Stardust Salon and Spa
Owner: Jupiter Ksimazia
Look no further for your supernatural gossip factory. On neutral territory and open 24 hours, everyone and anyone is welcome to settle in and chat about the newest biggest baddest or just who is banging who. At this luxury salon & spa, simple mani-pedi's, cut and dye, or even extravagant packages are available at reasonable prices. Just don't be surprised if your masseuse, nail tech, hair stylist, or even reception knows a little more than they should. Violence will not be tolerated.