CEDAR CREEK · 10,000 - 100,000 · WOLVES
Over a decade ago, Cedar Creek was the place to be. It was lively, safe, and happy, until Cordova was revitalized and built upon, making it practically brand new. Now, warehouses and even a factory or two line the streets, providing labor intensive jobs to all those willing to take them. Among the large buildings are the staples of a once booming but now sketchy night life; from rundown clubs and seedy bars to dark alleys and drug deals, Cedar Creek has got everything your parents wish you'd stay away from. Homeless live on the streets and in the old playgrounds, even under the old, abandoned bridge that never got completed, but they aren't afraid to attack you for what you have. This is the place you don't want to be found walking alone at night, the crime rate here unarguably the highest in the Mountainside.

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The Cage
Once a large and open speakeasy, The Cage is now an underground bar where willing participants can duke it out in the makeshift ring. The entrance can only be accessed via a back alley and if the doorman doesn't trust you, you're not getting in. All the usual vices — drinking, gambling, smoking, etc. — can be satisfied here while partaking in, or spectating, the nightly fights. This bar flies under law enforcement's radar by enforcing one, all-important rule: What happens in The Cage, stays in The Cage.

The Gym
Inconspicuously named and run by the local pack, The Gym is a well-kept secret among the Were community. It is a safe place for the lunarly challenged to pump extreme iron without drawing unwanted attention from the suspicious eyes of the general population. In an attempt to stay low key, The Gym will not be found on any map application or search engine - only Weres are allowed inside, with absolutely no exceptions.

Ice House
Originally used to transport large blocks of ice from city to city, the Ice House was since converted into a brothel and later abandoned to the ages. It's recently been rediscovered and revitalized as a night club where the exposed stonework and many corridors create a very broody yet intimate atmosphere. Each room has a little something different for everyone. Larger rooms are great for loud music and dancing. The smaller rooms are better for drinks and socializing. No matter where one's located, everyone can feel the building quake as the trains roll by on the tracks out back.

Red River
Running through Cedar Creek, the Red River offers a nice change of scenery from the industrial feel of the rest of the city. Local teens throw wild parties and light bonfires that rage throughout the night, complete with shady drug deals on the banks that cater to the partygoers. Alternatively, if you stray away from the nightlife, you can find popular fishing spots and the peace and quiet that generally comes with them. You don’t want to scare away the fish, after all.

Red River Brewery
Currently home to the Red River Pack, this building doesn't look like much on the outside. It's just another red brick warehouse tucked along row after row of other warehouses. To those who know it, however, this brewery is a favorite of the locals as it offers a wide variety of house made beer, bar food, and live music most nights. All beer is brewed on location and cycles between house favorites, experimental brews, and seasonal delights.

Trinity Bridge
At one point in time, Trinity Bridge was a central piece of a city-wide rejuvenation plan; now, the roads around the bridge have been closed off and redirected. At first glance it may seem like it’s never used. A closer look will reveal that the bridge is still bustling with a different type of traffic, serving as a popular spot for drug deals, junkie parties, and general ne'er-do-wells.

Warehouse District
An industrial park that provides labor intensive jobs in a number of factories and warehouses. Many buildings are actively leased and used by businesses, but some have been abandoned and repurposed as sites for avant-garde art shows or midnight raves. During the day, workers can be found at the hole-in-the-wall coffee shops and cafe's, but after sun set, night covers the district in absolute darkness. The streetlights haven't worked in years and it's advised that if you absolutely have to be walked around here after nightfall, you shouldn't have anything of value with you.