Avondale is a quiet little town tucked into the mountains, home to simple folks who all seem to know one another, whether it's a good thing or not. This blue collar community also harbors its fair share of oddballs, but is overall an unassuming place to anyone who's none the wiser. Visitors and locals alike are attracted by a wide variety of locations, from the peaceful solitude of the woods to the fast-paced roar of the race track. It is ill-advised to wander to any poorly-lit areas after dark; consider yourself warned.

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Avondale Woods
This impressive section of woods is most notable for being home to the tallest tree in Colorado, and is acommon stop for nature lovers and trail hikers of all experience levels as well as photographers. The trails are peppered with educational placques that highlight various species of native trees and plants, and avid birders flock to the area in the warmer months. Some areas of the woods are regularly used for hunting, and the trees here are appropriately marked with warning signs.

Burning Rubber
This quarter mile dirt track is one of Avondale's major sources of entertainment throughout the drier months of the year. The long stretches of the track are lined with bleachers, which stand over concession stands peddling the likes of beer and nachos, and several acres surrounding the track serve as parking and camping for drivers and their teams. On Saturday nights, you can pay to be driven around the track on a personal joy ride!

Clearwater Craters
A series of crater lakes pepper ridges at various heights in the mountains surrounding Avondale. Most of them are accessible by hiking trails - others are more secluded, and only a select few know how to get to these hidden gems. A handful of these lakes are at high enough elevations that they freeze over in the depths of winter, but are great for taking a swim when the weather is hot.

Colorado Mills
Colorado Mills is the second drive-in theatre in the world to be built on the roof of a retail complex. If you want to get the full nostalgic experience, you can book one of the six 'veteran' automobiles, including a '57 Chevy or a two-tone T-Bird, just make sure you bring some wet naps, because who knows who's been in those before you. The interior mall is three stories and has several flagship locations within.

Copper Mountain
A long since abandoned mining town from Mountainside's formative days, Copper Mountain is a run down mess of dusty and narrow roads, wooden buildings, and questionably sound structures. Many of the vacant buildings are popular squatting spots for drug users and the homeless, and it's not uncommon to find wild animals making homes for themselves, either. Explore at your own risk.

Mae's Mazes
Mae's Mazes is a well loved jewel within Avondale, an impressive and sprawling hedge maze that is family friendly for most of it's operating hours throughout the year. Drop by in October for the haunted hedge maze experience, and if you have little ones - don't forget to check out the adjacent mirror maze!

Avondale Shell
An outdoor amphitheater, affectionately called "The Shell" by the locals, which is built into the side of the mountain. Entertainers perform on a covered stage that is angled towards the mountainside, providing stellar acoustics, and mesmerizing light shows at night. Visitors will find seating carved into the earth as well.

Motel Glenn Capri
A less than pristine motel, Glenn Capri is known for it's shady management, gross standards, outdated carpet, and alleged bed bug infestation. Motel Glenn Capri is infamous locally for being the sight of a whole slew of criminal activity ranging from murders to drug deals and whatever else you might imagine.