We are LIVE! Thank you so much for your patience over the past couple of days! Shin and the admin team are proud to present you to our new and imporoved site layout. You will see that most things are in the exact same places with much needed improvements such as spacing or image changes, however you have also gained access to some super cool new features!

Real time weather & moon phase updates live in the announcement bar!

Peep those new profiles! You got some new fields to fill out to complete your profiles and ALL NEW BANNER SLOTS! That's right, shoppers. Personalize your profiles with toppers sized 1060x320. Avatars are still in use - you'll only see them in thread view! We've created you some banners to get you started, and you can find them right here!

What's that? We're completely mobile friendly now? Can you repeat that for the people in the back on their phones just trying to post?? We are completely 100% mobile friendly and we are featuring an ALL NEW SAFE FOR WORK SKIN IN LIGHT AND DARK MODE! Get your WLWB fix at work when you should be doing adult things with less risk. No images whatsoever will show on this skin, giving way to the important bits and doing our part to keep you out of trouble. Please Breathe Responsibly.

We really really wanted to make your lives easier when it comes to posting so we made some edits that we think are really gonna make your millenium. You now have buttons for your Q tags, I tags, and indent tags for your in character areas. Tabletop forum now features an output for your rolling desires, simply put in your characters levels and the opposite characters levels and the roller will do the rest. Finally, in the Yellow Pages forum, you also have buttons for you blue text, green text, call text, and AN EMOJI BUTTON - go ahead and check those out, I'll wait here.

Now you can say only what an Emoji can. Click that plus sign on the bottom of each post and put a thousand words into one rice bowl. Go on. You know you waaaaaaant to.

Furthermore, as you can see - Mountainside has gotten a whole lot bigger! With four new territories (not to mention their individual locations), the citizens of Mountainside have a lot of unfamiliar land to cover. Make sure you peep those location threads to check out all the fun new places - and thank you for all the suggestions! A big thank you to Hal for updating our map to reflect these changes!

We ask that you reread the psychic portion of the guidebook, as these nifty little extraordinary humans now have the opportunity to gain a third power in game! Not to mention, there might be some new powers lurking in the guidebook.

Lastly, if you encounter any issues or broken patches of the site, please let us know in the skin-maintenance channel on Discord! The dark skin has a few kinks in it that still need to be worked out, so if you find something there don't be surprised if it's a known issue. With that in mind we ask that you please be patient with us as we work out those final little kinks. Admin team work hard everyday, don't make them do a big cry.

A beyond huge thank you to Shin for her hard work in making all of your requests come to life. We certainly could not done it without her. Please give her a huge round of applause.

- Gina, Bones, Keeva, Kiew & Shin.