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Eden Project 
It was a rare day, her day off, and she'd found herself unwilling to stay cooped up inside her tiny little apartment that spoke more to loneliness than comfort. It also spoke to the fact that the weather was so nice today that throwing open every window in the small dwelling hadn't been enough to satisfy that desire for something besides what she had. It was a feeling she sometimes had to combat, one long since instilled in her when things got stale growing up, but sometimes had an appropriate outlet.

Today that outlet had been an adventure to two towns over for something a little different. She hadn't known what that would be, just that something had to be of interest here, and had come across it when her phone had dinged with a notification of things near by. Who didn't like butterflies? She was sure there were some people, but she wasn't among that group and gladly paid entrance to the man made garden that housed the flying insects.

In a dress that showed her pale shoulders and legs up to the knee, she felt only a little self conscious of the fact that she hadn't gotten much sun since the weather had shifted. Still, she walked along the paths, her sandals smacking softly against the heels of her feet with each step, and observed all there was to see. Through the milky glass above, the warmth of the sun still managed to seep through despite the bright light being blocked, and she felt as if she were in some kind of heaven. With her easy pace and thoughts astray, she didn't even notice as a butterfly landed in her hair where it draped over her shoulder.

Encouraging his mother to figure out the internet had backfired. It had been an endeavour that spanned over a couple of years, him idly telling her to "Google it" whenever she came to him with a daft question. Now that she finally was Googling things, she had Googled Mountainside and came across the Eden Project online. After convincing her to not come to visit, he was forced to go and send her pictures and videos of the butterflies. He was thankful that she didn't know a thing about FaceTime. Having to hear her voice, let along see her face, would have ruined the experience entirely.

It wasn't a place Dane would voluntarily go to. Didn't really strike his fancy in anyway but it was always good for him to get out of the house or wait a little longer before heading to a bar. The plants were nice to look at, he supposed. He wore a black beanie in case any insect would try to flutter near his ginger head. Dane didn't not like butterflies, but he preferred his personal space, as well.

He walked around with his phone. Mostly just taking pictures of butterflies resting on plants. The sound of flopping flip flops caught his attention. Dane glanced over to see a woman heading in his direction. He smiled. How was everyone in Mountainside good-looking?

She had come round a slight curve in the cobble stone path, curious to where this would eventually lead, when she caught sight of someone else heading the different direction. His hair was a wonderful shade of orangish red, something that stood out among the natural greens of the garden, and he stood a few inches taller than herself. He also seemed to be of the type that liked documenting things, that or texting, as his phone was out in one hand as if in use. He also had quite a nice smile, which she got to see when she drew his attention.

She smiled back, matching his, but it wasn't that over the top bright smile that showed way too many teeth. Her smile was more of the close lipped spread upward that only met her eyes with its light but not its movement. "Hi," she offered quickly with a nod, curious if he was there by himself or someone else would be coming along shortly. So far she had been alone in her adventures, which was sort of the problem to begin with.

He got a smile in return this time. Not some strange inquiry as to why he was smiling at strangers. Pardon his politeness, it had been — in one way or another — beaten into him.

"Hi," Dane said back. He slid his phone into the pocket of his trousers. The device made a small vibration to alert him of a notification but he ignored it.

"Come here often?" Stupid question. Or maybe not. He refrained from physically squirming or fidgeting. Meanwhile, his brain felt like it was twisting around itself.

Dane should have asked a more normal question like “How are you?” or something. But no.

She was deemed important enough to put his phone away, she noticed; or at least interesting enough. Regardless, it was an interesting moment in which she settled into instead of continuing onward like planned. It also seemed impolite to ignore a direct question, even if it did sound like a line from a cheesy movie.

"Nope, first time actually." Though she found it quiet and peaceful enough to visit again. "Had a day off and couldn't stay at home." Not that he needed to know that, but it was out of her mouth before she'd really even thought of it.

"You?" This was good conversation right? This was how normal, none drunken conversations happened? Seemed hopeful, though honestly she worked so much that her meter was skewed by drunks and people trying to score free drinks.

Dane made a soft hum in response. Her first time, too, then. It was a rather quaint spot, if he had to be honest. Unlikely a place he would visit often, though.

"My mother found out about it but she couldn’t make it, so she asked to take some pictures." Not entirely the truth but he usually tried not to bore others with details and enlighten them on how much he disliked her.

"What do you do?"

Hmm. Seemed he had a somewhat decent relationship with his mother, something she wouldn't know much about. Not that she hated her own mother, or even had ill will against her, she simply just didn't tend to interact with her much. There were always the phone calls every now and then of course, but last she'd known her mother was living somewhere in Las Vegas, intent on some new job making her happy. "How nice of you," she supplied with another gentle smile, hoping that was a good enough answer.

"Ah, I uh. I'm a bartender over in Belle Vista." She prepared herself for any of the normal comments she usually received with the answer, certain that at least one of them would be made.

He smiled. Yes, Dane was an absolute angel. Only because he knew his mother could be the devil if she wanted to be.

She seemed to get a little awkward, though, over the question. Maybe she didn’t like being a bartender. Dane liked them well enough. Always good company to keep, he thought.

"I’ve never been over there, yet," he said. "Is it nice?" Dane knew that it was the fancier area of Mountainside. Home to more of the upper class folks. He had contemplated getting a house there but he preferred to be a little inconspicuous of his father’s wealth.

Surprisingly he didn’t seem to fall into the category of those who found amusement in her line of work or even those who looked down on the job. It left her pleasantly surprised as she mulled over his words and unknowingly tallied up the marks in his favor. He was an interesting fellow indeed.

"It has its moments, though it depends on what you call nice," she responded with a shrug and a half smile. She didn’t have any qualms about the place, if she did then she would be a hypocrite for living there as well, but it definitely wasn’t her ideal choice. "There are times where it can be a bit much," she added.

"What about you? What do you do?"

Dane made a nod. He had made the right choice, then. Not to live there. Larkspur — so far, at least — was a nice spot to have picked.

"Job hunting, right now. I’ve narrowed down some options but still trying to choose."

A hand lifted up to rub across his faint but growing five o’clock shadow. Had he taken enough pictures? Frankly, one might have been enough.

His options sounded important. Or maybe it was the way he carried himself as he spoke of them. Regardless it sounded impressive to be the one to choose instead of waiting to be the chosen. In todays job market, it was difficult unless one held the proper qualifications, which, as a High School graduate, she didn’t have for much. It might have also been the record of odd jobs held here and there with no real commitment, who knew though.

"Sounds promising."

It was here that she felt a lull in the conversation, a true test of strangers crossing paths. "I’m Arianna, by the way," she supplied while offering her hand in a rather formal way. Was it too formal? It almost seemed natural, one of those things taught to you in school and sticking. Still, it felt a tad awkward.

His smile grew a little at the comment but he said nothing. It was probably easier than he was making it seem. Mostly his paranoia and self-doubt getting in the way. Maybe he should flip a coin.

When she provided him a name he felt as though he had been hit over the head. Dimbo, obviously they hadn't beaten him enough or he would have remembered to introduce himself. He shook her hand. "Dane." His brain gave him a kick. "Nice to meet you."

Only then did he notice the insect on her shoulder, attracted to her blonde hair. Dane had thought it had been some sort of accessory until he saw its wings flutter lazily. He smiled. "There's a butterfly on your shoulder."

She took a moment to memorize the name while they shook hands, just in case it was continually relevant. At the very least, she didn't want to seem rude should it need to come up in this conversation again. She had a tendency to hear names and forget them, partly because she heard so many of them while at work, and it had become a rather undesirable habit.

"Oh, whoa, so I do." She hadn't seen it until she looked, her head turning causing the hair to shift ever so slightly. Still the butterfly clung on, seemingly content to sit there and flutter its wings every now and again. "Guess it wanted to use me as a taxi," she joked while turning back to look at him. She didn't want to touch it as that was bad right?

A soft chuckle hummed within his throat whilst his smile broadened. Light blue eyes studied the patterns of its wings for a couple of seconds before his gaze returned to Arianna's. His phone buzzed again in his pocket. Someone must be texting him but he continued to ignore it. Talk to whomever it was later.

"Won't find a prettier cab." Hm. Did that make sense? It did in his head. Dane licked his lips.

"Been in Mountainside long?" That was better.

Well wasn't that sweet? Maybe even a little bit cheesy, but it still brought a smile to her lips and a soft chuckle from her throat. She wasn't against accepting any compliments, especially when they came from someone with that great of a smile. "I think that might make a better day job. Better customers too." Granted, it wouldn't pay, but the joke still stood.

"Hmm, about five years or so. How about you?" She had a guess that he was new to town, what with job hunting and not having visited Belle Vista. Though, if she had to admit she might not have visited had she not had the job.

To his surprise, she had actually went along with his little, pathetic quip. He thought she might have just ignored it, which, honestly, had been what he was hoping for.

"About a month." It felt more like two months. Or maybe it had been and he had managed to drink the rest away. "Still trying to decide if this place will good for me."

That sounded deep, something she was no stranger to in her regular work and the few friendships she had managed to maintain over the years. One blond eyebrow rose in question, certain that he wouldn't have answered in such a way if he wasn't willing to divulge in more. "And what do you think so far?" She asked, choosing the less evasive question that had come to mind.

Mountainside had been a saving grace for her, somewhere she could finally break free of her mothers constant upheaval towards the next big thing, but that didn't mean it was that way for everyone. Though, maybe he just hadn't seen it the way she had. Either way, it seemed as if he was still on the fence about his feelings towards the place.

"It's... nice." All right. Could be worse. Nothing bad had ever happened to him, even though Swift totally could have mugged him if he wanted to. He had adopted a dog. That was nice. He could have adopted a dog anywhere, though.

As for the supernatural aspect, that was everywhere, too. As far as he knew. Anywhere he went, there would for sure be some unnormal. He was apart it. Unwillingly, but, what could he do, at the end of the day? Die. The natural way, not the vampiric way. What a mess of existence.

Dane was lonesome. Intentionally. He had friends, but he avoided them. It probably made anywhere he went just "nice".

His response was so reassuring. She couldn't help but tilt her head to the side, just ever so slightly, as she considered his words. Not that she would blame him as Mountainside had a tendency to attract more of the supernatural than other places, or at least it seemed to feel that way. Only Mountainside had managed to show up on the news so frequently with otherworldly related bulletins. Though, that might have also been bias because she lived there.

"You don't sound so convinced." Her tone wasn't judging, nor were her eyes, but simply curious if that was really how he felt and if he were sold on living here. Why did that interest her so much? Maybe it was out of habit.

The little head tilt was kind of cute, he had to admit. She seemed to be quite inquisitive. But he knew that he might grow weary of it soon. Dane didn't really like talking about himself so much, preferring to learn more of others rather than others learning of him. Not so much out of privacy or secrecy. He was simply naturally humble.

"I guess it hasn't made much of an impact for me, yet." He lifted his shoulders in a subtle shrug. Dane was smiling, though, as if to show he had some hope. He actually had very little. He didn't like hoping too much.

She could understand that. She’d lived her fair share of places and none of them had quite made her dig her heals in like this place and she had to remind herself that it didn’t automatically do that for everyone. Still, she nodded and looked thoughtful before focusing on him once more.

"That makes sense. I’ve lived somewhere new every two years or so since I can remember. Each place has their different hold and some I was glad to leave." she failed to mention that she just wished some of them would have been by her choice instead of that of her mothers.

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