A Series of Awkward Events

Cedar Creek 
Jane's life was a continuous train wreck, so she really should have had a contingency plan in place for when she inevitably locked herself out of her house. But of course, she didn't, and her landlord wouldn't be able to get by until the evening, and he insisted she didn't call a locksmith which would have solved everything in thirty minutes, so. Here she was. Awkwardly squirreled away at Alina's house following a frantic request for sanctuary.

She didn't have shoes or socks or her wallet and she wore an unseasonable white tank top, but at least she'd had a spare car key stashed under a potted plant (why hadn't she added a god forsaken house key to that hiding place) and her laptop bag had still been in her truck. Small blessings. Or something like that.

She sat wedged into the corner of the couch, halfheartedly tooling around with a logo design on her laptop. Her wolf was vaguely aware of someone else in the house but there were like, four options because apparently Alina's house was a popular spot and she really just hoped no one noticed her until she could abscond in a couple hours. That was a lot to hope for, though.

There was quite the difference between the pack now and the pack over a year ago. For instance before Alina came to town and the pack had been run by Dumber and Dumberer, Trick never would have found himself sleeping with the King. In fact, he probably would have been on business trips all year round and barely been here. He never would have had the power he did now and he certainly didn’t think that he’d be mated let alone have a pack house where the pack let themselves in and out as they pleased - it just never would have flown.

The comfortable feeling of pack being around meant that it was easy for Trick to forget that he was naked in his house after a cup of coffee. It meant that went he walked out with his cock out to the living room and looked up to see sweet Jane sitting on the couch, it didn’t even register that maybe she would be comfortable if he put clothes on.

Instead, he walked to the couch and sat beside her, leaning his head on her shoulder affectionately. "Hi."

Of course five seconds after Jane hoped no one would notice her, someone did indeed notice her. The faint smell of coffee tugged at her attention, followed by the familiar scent of the wolf queen, which her wolf found soothing but only keyed Jane up because throwback to that time she and Alina had fucked and the thought of subsequently interacting with her mate gave Jane heart palpitations.

She tensed a little as Trick joined her on the couch, settling close to her and then resting his head against her shoulder in a kind of familiarity that had her insides a riot of conflicting feelings—namely, hi pls don't touch; actually pls touch; and ???.

Jane dragged her focus away from her work to look aside at him and offer a small, nervous smile that instead instantly transformed into a look of surprise as her thought processes uniformly combusted and died.


Jane!! Was not having a good time!!! Alina in lingerie was one thing, but Trick buck naked was another even more distressing and confusing thing!

Granted, it was his house so she couldn't really judge him wandering around naked.

But Trick!!!!

"Hi," she echoed in a faint, strained voice, then prudently informed him, "You're naked." Her face felt distressingly warm.

She was uncomfortable. He could tell but didn’t know how to fix this. He settled for for inching closer, and looking at her computer screen at what she was working on. "You're not wearing socks." he countered, and nudged her lightly with his chin.

"What are you working on?"

tRICK that wasn't a counter-argument! Jane would gladly put socks on if she had any and if it meant he put on some pants.

Just. Don't look at him. Which was very difficult with his nude bottom half hovering in her periphery and his chin on her shoulder. Trick please.

"Ah. A logo. And brand c-c-colors for a business downtown." She reluctantly turned her laptop a little for him to get a better view of a logo mock-up that, if you squinted a certain way... "It's a vagina." She heaved a long-suffering sigh.

She had no arguemnet to his argument and Trick was secretly and tiredly pleased. He wasn’t sure that he’d have been able to come up with something else on short notice. Her computer turned toward her, he squinted when she did and then titled his head a little. Ah. A vagina.

He suddenly remembered that Jane also had a vagina. A vagina that Alina enjoyed. And Alina had a vagina that Jane enjoyed. Neat!

"Is it anyone’s in particular, or?" he continued on after taking a sip of his coffee. "It doesn’t quite look like Alina’s, but you know. Artists rendition and all that."

H E L P.

"No, it's just--I don't--" and she ended on a low hum that was basically the sound of her brain crashing and rebooting until she could manage a mumbled "sorry".

Jane had no idea what she was sorry for, mostly because there were too many options to choose from. Also her cheeks felt very warm and breaking a window to get back into her house no longer seemed like such a drastic measure.

She sputtered. What was it about these Wolves that were so weird about nakedness. Why. Why why why. He thought about asking her why she was asking, but ultimately did not, choosing instead to raise his eyebrows at her.

"I think it’s a nice vagina." He said simply with a shrug. "I would be proud to display one of your vaginas on my letterhead. Sadly, I have no letter head."

He nudged her with his elbow a little. "Did you spend the night?" he asked curiously, maybe feeling a little dumb because shouldn’t he _know_ whether or not she spent the night? Shouldn’t his Queenly powers be able to tell him that?

Okay there were like, five different lewd ways to interpret display one of your vaginas, and Jane was not qualified to handle any of them. She managed a small "thanks" because she did think she'd done a rather good job with it. The logo in its entirety, not the hidden genitalia.

Her brain was still stuck on the whole sleeping with Alina thing, and she was pretty sure she was about to spontaneously combust when Trick asked if she'd spent the night. But actually hold up a moment, maybe they weren't talking about that anymore. Unclear. "Um. Last night? No, I just locked myself out of my house."

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