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Stardust Salon And Spa 
They'd finally settled on a date after a few weeks of trying to connect and now here they were. Or here she was. She didn't know where Asha was yet. The Uber dropped her off in front of the Salon that had the best reviews in Mountainside for prices that didn't look that terrible and she simply waited on a bench outside, legs tucked up beneath her while she occupied herself with her phone in an effort to calm her nerves.

She didn't need to be nervous and she knew this, but there was something about seeing the person that she'd accused of kidnapping her again that just struck something inside of her. She kind of did a good job of hiding it. She had one earbud in (the other was dangling into her lap) and she was trying to find a filter for a selfie she could post on Instagram, and the all the while her knee was only jostling up and down a little bit.

Asha wouldn't stand her up. Right?

Right. Asha didn't stand people up.

She was dressed comfortably, sort of a subconscious move to not appear intimidating, even if her cat instilled within her a confident mental swagger that had her chin lifted just a tiny bit higher than normal.

But she'd pull up with her newly returned rental after having it all cleaned up for reasons, and park in the lot and make her way to the place.


"Hey!" she called to Mateah as she neared, seeing the girl for the first time since their unfortunate first meeting. Honestly, she couldn't have picked out her face, but there was the scent of samecat on the air if slightly tailored to the individual, and it zeroed Asha to her immediately.

"Hope you weren't waiting long," she said with a grin brighter than it had been in... a while.


Mateah settled on a filter and was playing with the colours quietly when the scent made her and... something else inside perk up. She wasn't used to that yet. She squeezed her phone a little and felt the case dent. She was lucky enough to say that she hadn't shattered a phone yet, though she knew that she oculdn't keep up the streak forever. She looked up at the voice and blinked as recognition filtered through her mind.

Yes. This was the other kidnapper. Thought the woman as she stood.
FRIEND! Thought the Jaguar as it bounded around inside excitedly.

She smiled, jaguars feelings mixing with her own and covering her nerves. "Not at all. I was early." She said and reached her hand out to shake Asha's. "Nice to finally meet you in person."

A pause.

"And with clothes on."

"You too!" she laughed for the greeting, taking her hand, and felt the familiar but very unfamiliar feeling of her jaguar swatting playfully at another cat. Another jaguarcat that wasn't Abraham.

It was so refreshing! Except she could... see darker fur in her head, a little factoid she'd managed to forget. Especially since when they'd met, Asha was still one hundred percent knocked out for her shifts.

Hum, considering the story she'd sold Fray on.

Turning to hold the door open, she decided to bench those thoughts for now.

"So what color are you getting?"

There was a split second of playful aggression that roiled inside of her and it brought a surprised laugh to her lips. Oh. She hadn't felt that before. She felt like she wanted to reach out and swat at Asha's hand instead of shake it, but that was most definitely not proper manners. They let go of one another and Asha held the door open for her. She gave a small thank you as she walked through it and hummed thoughtfully under her breath.

"I usually do some kind of like, funky colour or french tips, but I think I want to do something shiny."

She hummed again, remembering what colour her eyes turned to the other night when she'd cut her leg shaving and checked in the mirror to see how bad the damage was.

"Maybe a chrome or something." She strode to the front desk and waited behind someone who was cashing out. With weight centered through her left leg, anchored back through her hip she looked to Asha with a smile. "What are you getting?"

The laughter was sweet, and calming, and her cat settled happily for now even as the touch broke. A playmate! They could play! And it wouldn't lead to weird aggression because she was queen cat anyway! Right? Anyway.

"Ooooh, that'll be cool!" she wriggled in excitement, looking over the available colors while they waited to be seated. "Honestly, feeling something flashy. Probably some glittery nonsense."

Her voice had absolutely no self deprecation in its tone. Asha had not done her nails in so long, but now that she was gonna? She was gonna be glam as fuck, dude.

"Glitter!" Mateah said happily and shifted in her stance as she watched the other woman. There was fresh curiosity where there hadn't been before. She could smell this woman and identify her as someone like her and yet she didn't know anything about her other than her name. She felt kinship to her, felt like she should have known her her whole life and yet...Mateah didn't even know her last name.

"Toes too?" She asked, tearing her eyes away from Asha now that she'd been beckoned by the woman at the counter.

Mateah approved of glitter and Asha added like ten heart points to Mateah-friendship Town. This was gonna be the best, she absolutely missed having just. A girly girlfriend. Also the jaguar thing. "Yes!" she nodded enthusiastically. "My feet are soooo ticklish. Don't judge me if I can't stop giggling."

She'd follow the lady at the counter to wherever she led them. Pedicure first maybe? But manicure first happened sometimes too.

"Oh my god, me too. I haven't gotten my toes done in so long, I nearly kicked my last regular technician in the face." She replied enthusiastically as the two women were led to massage chairs. The receptionist side eye-eyed her and Mateah grimaced. "It probably won't happen here..." She tried to sound like she was sure. She wasn't.

She toed off her runners and sat sideways in the chair, angled toward Asha with a grin. "So like. What do you do?" She asked curiously, excited and pleased to be learning about her new friend. It was so easy to consider her a friend with the animal inside brushing up against her body's borders.

She burst into a giggle at imagining it, poor Matty probably falling over herself in apologies and the poor technician having a sudden case of toes to the nose.

"Probablyyy," Asha grinned, and was kind of hinting that she would be approximately zero help at all if it did.

Slipping her shoes off as well, Asha made for the always awkward climb into the pedicure chair but at least it always ended in comfort so there was that.

"So, I do a few things. Accounting, for a couple places, and also front of house staff for an auto repair shop, and like, really occasionally, I also bartend. What about you?"

Mateah wrapped her phone in her headphones and set it in her lap, bending forward to pull up her leggings around her knees so they wouldn't get soaked by the blue water swirling into the basin below her. "Wow, you do a little bit of everything." She was impressed. "And you still have time to eat and sleep and everything else?"

That awkward question about what she did for a living tho. I take my clothes off for money! I dance to terrible music and show off my best ass-et.

"Well, you see..." She trailed off a little as she dipped her toes in the water to check the temperature. " Perfect, thank you - Well, I have a law degree. I passed the bar, and then I decided that I didn't want to be a lawyer. So I joined the fire academy and while I was in school for that, I worked in a little place you've probably never heard of, when school was finished I celebrated in Brazil where I adopted a cat - and now I am back at the Landing Strip."

She laughed. "Free food at two of my jobs and tons of packed sandwiches for my commutes and sometimes just napping during lunch breaks — I've been managing somehow."

She was kinda proud, okay.

Asha listened to Matty go, the winding story. It sounded familiar, frankly, and she was tempted to say she had a lawyer friend too (an undead one, but whatever), when the story ended at...


The strip club.

"Oh! What do you do there?" she asked cheerily, because it wasn't nice to assume, but oh my god was she a stripper oh my god oh my god that was amazing.

Matty told her story, complete with where she worked with the small hope that Asha wouldn't recognize the place as somewhere that was maybe not totally on the level. The look on her face said it all though. Asha most definitely did know what Landing Strip was and she knew exactly what people did there. Her question seemed innocent though.

"I am an exotic dancer." She said with a shrug, ignoring the look the woman starting to dowork on her toes was giving her. "It pays the bills until I can be a functioning member of society again." Read: Until there's less chance of me walking into a burning building and turning into a fat black cat that loves fishing.

"And the work out makes my ass look great."

"Girrrrl," Asha grinned with admiration. "I wish I had done that. I went the bartender route instead — but I'd still love to learn anything you wanna teach me."

Too honest? Maybe. Asha had nothing but adoration for anyone who was into that sector of life. She missed the edge and the grime and... anyway.

"I can agree with the ass comment, too," she winked, lightheartedly flirty.

Mateah had never met anyone that wished they'd become a stripper instead of a bartender. Literally no one. Her reaction was to look shocked but also somewhat proud in a weird way that someone was even merely interested in her work other than so that they could oogle her biddies. "I could teach you a little bit! There's a studio in Belle Vista that rents out space that we could go to."

The comment regarding her ass made her snicker a little. She was very proud of her behind that was for sure. Her shape was perfect for her line of work and she'd keep it up until she didn't have to anymore. Maybe she could be a fire fighter and a stripper. That would be a subject to decide on another time after much thought and possibly a few drinks of celebration. "Thanks!" She giggled and tried to turn in her seat without messing with how her toes were being worked on.

More. Dancing. Lessons.

Of the salacious kind, but that was of course all the more a thrill. Asha smiled and wiggled in her seat in excitement. "That sounds like a plaaaan."

She stole a glance at how the nail work was going, surprisingly able to have survived the ticklish danger zone. Whoop.

"Do you wanna come with us next time? The whole party group."

Hopefully she knew that she was referring to.

The question made Mateah pause. Did she want to? Yes. More than anything, her cat wanted her to as well. It liked the Tigers, but they weren't like her. They didn't understand the intricate workings of Jaguar mind anymore than she understood the intricate workings of Tiger mind. And yet... she was still nervous. Meeting the group was kind of nerve wracking considering that she'd accused a little over half of them of kidnapping her to sell her organs on the black market.

"I think I can do that. If not this party then the next one. I have a standing date with another group and I'm a little...attached." She blushed a little. She was definitely attached to Andy, there was no getting around that. They texted every day, talked at least every other day. She'd found a fast friend in him and while it might have been nice if that fast friend had been one of the strangers that had found her and tried to take her home, it was not.

Not that Asha wasn't becoming a fast friend of course - Mateah didn't tell just anyone that she was a stripper.

"It's embarrassing..."

Attached. Embarrassing. Asha was a shark to blood and the smile on her face said as much.

The acceptance of her invitation aside, Asha nodded and decided to... wiggle her way in.

"Who is itttt?" Asha mewled, hoping it wasn't like. Wallace. Though maybe that would be fun for drama reasons.

Ah yes, it was easy to see what kind of person Asha was based simply on how she reacted to what could be seen as juicy gossip. It made Mateah a little wary of telling her important things about herself and yet she still continued to tell her exactly what she was embarrassed about.

"The cop? Andy?" She asked, trying to job Asha's memory. It was awhile ago after all. "We've been texting a lot and I can't tell if he's interested or if he's just being a good friend or..." She trailed off and shrugged her shoulders a little, clearly getting very red. "I'm divorced and fresh out of school and like a big life event, so I dont even know if I'm interested, but he's cute and he's nice and..."

She changed the subject but didn't change the subject.

"What about you and Abraham, are you guys together?"

Yeah so Asha was up on the names and tiger happenings! She wiggled and giggled some as Mateah trailed, and she was about to open her dumb mouth to tease and maybe offer some advice and then MATEAH ASKED A VERY INTERESTING QUESTION DIDN'T SHE ASHA.

"We'rekindofathingnow?!" she squeaked through a terrified smile because it was still sinking in?!?!

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