No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Cedar Creek 
@Alina Sinclair (and probably @Patrick Cavanagh 0:])
Immediately following The Draw

 It was a long trek from Emerald Falls to the house of his King and Queen, especially when he'd lost enough blood to leave him panting laboriously less than halfway through the trek. The rolling mountains did little to help, much less the forks of the river he'd forded to make good time. Generous gashes peppered his flank and his nape, matting the dark fur there; grotesque puncture wounds peppered his muzzle precariously close to his eyes, not to mention the hole that went straight through the soft flesh of his lower jaw. The bleeding had nearly stopped by now, their progress not helped by the cold water that still slicked his body.

 He walked painstakingly slow through the shadows as he made his way to their home, tongue lolling out of his bloody jaw, lax with pain and exhaustion. He hadn't even gotten the hunt he'd been going for; just wasted energy in defending himself from some dickhead. By the time he made it to the back yard, the hour was likely ungodly, hence the complete lack of traffic he'd come to pass on his way here. It made it all the easier to lower himself onto his haunches at the back door and scrape a massive paw against the wood with a loud whine.

She had been asleep when her subconscious first tried to wake her. Her eyes had been open for all of a few seconds, looking around before fluttering shut again, body sunk into the warm and comfortable mattress. That peaceful slumber hadn’t lasted much longer after that.

All too suddenly, the sound of scratching at her door sounded and then the heavy feeling of pain and discomfort hit her all at once. The Wolf King managed to stumble from her bed and hurry downstairs only to throw open the door and find —

"Dante what the fuck."

Dropping to her knees beside him, her hands delved into his fur, searching his body for the wounds. Her wolf surged forward at the same time, taking over and doing what she could to start the process of healing him.

 There was a sort of relief as he heard Alina bounding across the distance between them. His ears perked some as she pulled the door open, sighing as she dropped down to run her hands through his fur. She seemed smaller than normal, and a giant all at the same time. His pain spiked slightly every time her fingers found an open wound, but he made no sound to express it, only panting with exhaustion. "Hyena attack," he grumbled slowly, the words broken and awkward in his bloody maw.

The reply made her stiffen. Hyena? That didn’t even any fucking sense. The hyenas were aliens allies and — as far as Alina knew — had no reason to attack the wolves. And she trusted Dante not to lie to her and say a hyena had attacked him when something else had happened... So, what the fuck? Those were questions for later. For now...

"Up we go." Getting her arms under his massive form was no easy feat but carrying him as a wolf was infinitely easier than carrying him as a man. "God, you're fat," She grumbled, weighed down by a roughly 350 pound wolf who she carried like a baby into the depths of her home. Kicking the door shut behind her, Alina was quick to get him to one of bedrooms on the lower floor so she could get him on the bed. His size made it a slight struggle but she handled it easy enough, though made no moves to make him any more comfortable than he already was just by being on the bed.

Her hands went to his head, releasing the hold on her beast so that it could flow from her and into her pack mate, working to heal the worst of the damage first. She made no demands of him to explain. Not yet, especially not with these puncture m—

Alina huffed.

"Be back."

Within a minute, Alina had left and come back, this time with her phone in hand, taking a few careful pictures of the damage so that she could send them to Avery when Dante was asleep. Back to the healing, Alina focused most of her energy on the more severe injuries first.

 If he'd had the capacity to care, being lifted up by a woman in this massive body might have been a little emasculating. All the wolf knew was that this was his King, he was grateful for her strength, and he was grateful she was taking care of him as much as he didn't want to need it. She called him fat, and the great beast merely grunted an indiscernible sound.

 The bed was heavenly even in this furred form. He would adjust himself once she had put him down, wiggling his weight evenly against his less wounded side and closing his eyes as her hands rested on his great skull. They blinked open again when she pulled away, following her expressionlessly in curiosity. She came back, took pictures with her phone, and resumed her powerful aid. The wounds itched profusely as they began to close up, but he made no sound other than grunting out a broken question. "Why pictures."

"To send to Avery." A simple reply. To others, she might not have given a response but to Dante, who was aspiring to be her and Sullivan's Second, she would not pull punches. She supposed she should also tell him what she was thinking. Open door policy between leaders and all. "We are friend with the Hyenas. Allies." She huffed, dropping the phone and delving her hands into the blood soaked fur of her wolf to heal him some more. "Where did this happen?"

 To send to Avery. Familiar name. Dante merely grunted his understanding, a common sound for him, eyes closing once more as she continued to speak. Friends; allies. He chuffed. Apparently his attacker didn't get the memo.

 "Emerald Falls," he tried to say, but it was hard to make R's with his canine mouth. Another puff of air as he struggled to make words, twitching under her hands. "Thin air. No... instigating."

Emerald falls. Alina’s frown deepened. Outskirts. More or less neutral territory. What the fuck had happened? Still pushing that power into him, the Wolf King ran through the possibilities in her head, a growling huff leaving her. She wouldn’t assume though. Not with the Hyenas. Avery would come to her if she had beef with any of her wolves.

"They just attacked?"

 He could feel the wounds closing, the watery wounds coagulating more fully, the flesh growing back under his jaw at a rate that could only be described as supernatural. Idly, he wondered if the hair would grow back; would he be left with scars? Unimportant.

 "Yea," he growled loosely, running out of the energy it took to explain in detail. Just get the important bits out before you go unconscious, fat wolf.

A hyena has attacked him. Not good. Her and Avery would have to chat about that. Had it been any other species, Alina would have asked if Dante had left the other guy just as fucked up as he was, but if the other guy was one of her best friend’s Cackle, it was best not to stoke that fire.

Gradually, she felt her ability to help him heal this all away fade, leaving the wounds markedly better looking but still there. Without preamble, Alina used that metaphysical hand to reach into him and bring the human back up to the surface, assisting in a fluid and easy change back to his human form.

 His energy was zapped; at least Alina asked him no more questions, and her power had healed his wounds past the point of that unbearable itching. Probably much farther than that, but the wolf was having trouble grasping onto consciousness as it was. His King would seal the deal in that department; as her hands drew away from him, he glanced briefly up at her with a low whine. It was short-lived, as she dug the human out of the great beast's mind, and his eyes rolled back into his head, plunging him into darkness.

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