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Red River Brewery 
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  He slowed the truck as he pulled into the parking spot. His brown eyes looking over the building. Roughly a year ago he was doing the same thing. He had no intention of staying then and he had not had much intention of coming back when he got back to the ranch. Here he was though. He was a different beast in many ways. He had little understanding of his wolf's true needs and resented the inner animal that had caused him to lose so much. That was not the case as much now. He had been hunted and his wolf was the reason they survived. He had given in and they found a balance. Perhaps that was the real reason he was back here. It was the one place that his inner beast had longed for. It had seen something in the King that Eric was far to blind to see and attached itself to her and her pack.

 He glanced at himself in the rearview mirror, he should have shaved. His face was covered in stubble but it helped cover one of his newer scars so perhaps he would decide to keep the facial hair. He grabbed his tan hat and stepped out of the truck. Virginia had been in the upper eighties when he left so he noticed the temperature difference right away. He placed the hat on his head and adjusted the black tee-shirt he had one that had a wolf's face on it. He found the humor in it. He walked inside and stood in front of the door for a moment as his eyes adjusted and scanned the room. He was not the same person this time around, no need to beg for time to sing or fight his wolf. The moment he started driving here his wolf settled and was still content to stay settled. He walked to the bar and found an open space to take a seat. No need to announce himself. Those who needed to know, knew he was here.

Who the fuck was Hoss?

Trick didn't care.

Some guy was coming here. Food was being made for him.

She was feeding it. It would come back.

His nose wrinkled, but as instructed he put a steak on the grill and had delicious starchy fries put in the fryer before settling in to serve drinks at the bar since they were short staffed. He felt the Wolf enter Cedar Creek and aggression momentarily filtered through him. This hoss didn't feel like a Rogue. He'd already been accepted into the pack. He shot off a message to Isla that was just a series of irritated emojis with absolutely no context whatsoever and tried to put on a happy face for the masses. He could be nice. He guessed.

He didn't have to wait particularly long for the guy to show up and once he did, Trick zeroed in on him instantly. He recognized him, but only barely and he couldn't pin point when they'd met before. This revelation did not make him feel better. He picked up the plate from the window and put the plate on the bar in front of him.

 Say something, Trick. Be nice.


Territorial Trick grunted his hello and stared at "Hoss". What kind of a name was Hoss?

  Eric's eyes caught sight of a male moving towards him with the steak he had been promised. His wolf spun some and he had a vauge memory of the guy but had no memory of a name. He flashed him a quick smile in thanks before looking down at his food. The brim of his hat now between the two but he could feel that he was still be looked at. He slowly lifted his gaze back to him as he picked up the fork and knife. "Thanks. Looks perfect." Did he want something else? Eric had little desire to talk with anyone in the moment. He wanted to eat. He could feel his inner beast trying to pick up more details about the wolf infront of him. He was working freely at the bar so he must be part of the pack.

@Patrick Cavanagh

"Youre welcome. "

The guy didn’t want to talk, so Trick wasn’t going to press.

He walked away so the wolf could eat.

 Brown eyes watch as he walked away. Probably not the best way to start things back here but he hoped that the desire to eat was well-known enough that things would not be an issue. He turned his attention back to the steak and fries and started to eat. It was cooked perfect and he finished it quickly. He felt himself relax further as he started to munch on the fries and take a better look around. The crowd was taking up a far amount of space but he did not see Isla right away. He looked toward the male that had served him the food. It seemed Alina had found herself an equal. He wondered if she still called herself King or if she had handed that over to this guy and was now a Queen. There was a difference between Alina and this wolf though. He picked up a few fries and munched on them while watching the slightly familiar guy. He must have been here while Eric had played but why could he not remember him more? Had he left before things had gotten... Interesting?

After responding to the text messages, Alina had gone back to work, negotiating a contract with one of their suppliers who was being particularly obstinate. Normally, she handled this pretty calmly, able to get them to agree to contracts that benefitted both her company and theirs equally. Perhaps it was Sullivan’s mood affecting hers. Or her hunger. Or both.

Either way, Alina cut the person off. "Look. You can either come down On your price since I’m buying in bulk or we can stop selling your product. Think about it and get back to me tomorrow." And with that, she hung up and slid on her jacket. She needed to get out of here for a little while, having had enough of... just about everything today. Sullivan could hold down the fort for a few hours and take care of Hoss when he rolled up.

Leaving the office, she grabbed the keys to her bike and shouldered through the door to the front of house, immediately finding her mate and going to him. Her mouth opened to say she was gonna her when she spotted the cowboy wolf eating and... staring? At Trick.

"Yo. Been a while. Reason you’re staring him down?"

 As expected, his wolf noticed their King before she spoke. The sense of loyalty to her was mildly annoying but Eric was not going to fuck with anything. Seemed to be a good enough thing going and after everything else he could not complain. Brown eyes look to her as she speaks and he smiles warmly, holding back the chuckle in his chest. He knew they were mates and he doubted she would take well to Eric laughing at what could possibly be seen as a threat. "Trying to remember where I had seen him before." He looked back toward Trick for a moment before settling back on her, keeping his gaze lowered slightly. Was this where he offered them some sort of congrats? Seemed out of place. "My first pack, the one I told you about before. No longer an issue." They were dead. All of them. Bodies burned in the fire they set. He nodded towards the fries in an offering to her. "How have things been here?" There had been some changes, her mate being one but he was sure other things as well. This was the chance to get caught up on who was friendly and who was not he hoped at least.

His first pack wasn't an issue. Great. Why the fuck was he talking about it out here? Whatever. She'd take him at his word on it, ignoring the offer of fries. She'd eaten not long ago and was intending on getting out of here and shifting for a little while anyway; she'd hunt then.

As for the question about general happenings, Alina shrugged. "Could be better, could be worse." Out in public, out in the front? She wasn't going to talk Pack business. Or supernatural business, for that matter. If he wanted a further explanation, he could ask one of them when no other ears were around to listen in and glean information they weren't privy to.

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