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Red River Brewery 

 When she was on the road, she didn't waste the energy - it was imperative really, to not bleed herself dry without any true benefit. Everything had a cost at the end of the day, and a screaming migraine or a bloody nose, a dizzy spell with someone else's wallet in her back pocket ... that was rookie shit. So she parked, pocketed her keys and zipped them as an extra precaution, some additional measure against any temptation to trick and trickster.

 It came as always on a wave of slight nausea, the cold prickle of someone who might feel better if they could just get up whatever was weighing heavily in their gut. She picked through the fuzzy mental catalog that always stayed on the back burner - friends, enemies, move stars, models, people who struck her as interesting on the walk down the side of the road, a scrapbook of raw resources. Recreating the same shift twice was difficult, but this was easy. Round the nose this time, sharpen the chin, little shifts that didn't hurt but felt unnatural all the same.

 Half the time it was guesswork, hope you come out pretty and go - but she felt pretty good about this one. Happy enough as she pulled off her helmet and wiped under her eyes, ruffled up her hair. It was a Friday night and usually that spelled crowds, which bode well for business all together. No line, but once she made it inside she balked at the bustle, scratched at the back of her neck and pursed her lips as she caught a distorted silhouette, a hint of her own reflection

It was a fucking brewery, and she'd undershot - a little too young.

 Chill. It was fine - just don't attempt to order, it was fine ... Her eyes wondered to the bar but she didn't dare attempt to occupy a stool, kept her head down and wondered about the tables, side stepped those that looked filled with happy couples and groups of friends ready to close ranks at the slightest whiff of a change from the mundane. Something simple, small, insignificant - maybe.

"Waiting for someone or can you spare the seat?"

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 Eric had come for another meal. He was trying to get settled back into things and eating the steaks that were offered here helped him a great deal. He was washing down the last bite with some beer when he heard someone asking to sit. Brown eyes look out from under the rim of his tan cowboy hat to find a young girl standing there. He masks the confusion he had in the moment, was she talking to him? Was she even old enough to be in here? He offered her a smile and shrugged. "It's not saved for anyone." She was not a Were and not a pack member but he was still a gentleman. He didn't know how to be anything else. He stood and pulled out a chair for her to sit into before sitting back down himself. "I'm Eric."

 There was a moment of hesitation as she considered the empty spot that she had narrowed down - the company that she would end up keeping for however long. He looked ... country. Which, wasn't that much of a stretch in the scheme of Colorado but felt like a minority in the sense of what she'd seen of Mountainside over the course of her stay. Unless he was passing through, in which case it was easy to hope that he was perhaps naive - naive was nice.

 The chair was old fashioned manners that made her clench her teeth and force a polite smile, nodding in his direction before she settled in and tucked her hands under her thighs - sandwiched against the seat. "Harper." Always a name starting with H, almost always a lie. "You from around here?" Real casual, real calm as she bounced her feet under the table and looked around rather than staring - uneasy with too much eye contact unnecessarily.

  He watched her for a moment as she sat and her body language came off as more shut off then he would expect from someone who just more or less invited herself to his table. "Nice to meet you Harper." He shook his head. "Not really. Grew up in Virginia. Stumbled upon this place about a year ago before having to go back to Virginia to handle my parents death. Just got back a few days ago. The owner here is a friend." He was not completely sure he'd call her a friend to her face but saying what she really was to him was out of the question. "Did you want to order some food?" He was not completely sure the reason behind her deciding to sit with him. Was she trying to get a drink out of him? If that was the case, Eric was not about to step into that mess. He could screw the whole bar up if they got caught and his ass would be chewed up. Food though, he could manage.

 The smile that she offered in turn was close-mouthed, a bit painful as he went on and proved to be the open book sort. She considered what she knew of Virginia, the idea of ... offering condolences? It felt like something people did when they heard about a death, but she kept her lips pressed together and nodded along. Instead she fixated on the bit about being friends with an owner, a little fact that could have easily complicated things where a simple snatch and go was concerned.

 The mention of food though, that caught her enough that she allowed the confusion to pass over her face before settling on her approach. "Need money to order food." Maybe theft wasn't the best bet here - but there was more than one way to skin a cat,

 His wolf spun up some as he tried to figure out what was with the human infront of them. He could feel the confusion but was not completely sure what the issue was. Mentally shrugging his wolf away he focused on the female. No money huh? He knew the feeling. "Got any skills? I play music here every so often for some extra money." If she could sing he'd play some background music for her and let her keep whatever was made. He was not sure what else he might be able to help her with but he was not sure he'd be ok with just buying her a meal at this point.

 He fucking would. She said nothing of it directly, just another wince of a closed mouth smile as she made the slightest hum of a sound just to confirm that she had heard him loud and clear. "I can touch the tip of my tongue to my nose and I know how to recite my alphabet backwards with minimal hesitation." The rest, would stay with her - a set of skills that were in play then and ultimately no one's goddamn business.

"If this is where you off to black back-up on Whiskey Lullaby for me, I'm going to have to pass."

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