The Winds of Change

Cedar Creek 
Liza furrowed her brow, staring at the front door of Alina’s home. She probably didn’t need to knock on the door, all things considered; this was the wolves’ home, after all, and of late Liza had been feeling more wolf than girl anyhow. Her left hand was wrapped around a ceramic, heat-resistant coffee tumbler, emblazoned with a stylized lightning bolt and the scripted words “Don’t Let the Muggles Get You Down”. Her right clutched at her side; fingers to fist and back again. This was going to be a difficult talk.

She raised a fist to the door and rapped her knuckles against its front. Three sharp knocks to alert Alina of her presence.

…Hopefully she was home, Liza thought. Or someone was, at least. She probably should have checked on that beforehand. She was fairly certain that the brewery was not open at 10:00 a.m. on a Sunday, but that of course did not preclude Liza’s queen from getting work done anyhow.

She just had to hope to get lucky. Because her resolve on this particular matter wasn't going to last very long. Not unless she managed to put herself out there, past the point of no return.

The wolf bit down on her lip Nervous canines drew a trickle of blood that healed almost immediately. Please be home.

@Alina Sinclair

Few people knocked on her door. Especially people who had keys. So imagine Alina’s confusion when she felt Liza at the front door and heard a knock instead of hearing the door just. Open.


Alina dropped what she was doing (nothing special, just hanging her clothes in the closet) and made her way downstairs. It was a minute or so until she reached the door and pulled it open, standing aside to let Mouse in.

"Lose your key?" She asked, curiosity coloring her tone.

"I... No, not exactly," Liza admitted. The girl entered, as she would have anyway on any other day. Honestly, it was all rather strange -- and Liza wasn't exactly sure what she was doing. But given the question she had to ask, it seemed appropriate to introduce some degree of formality.

"Sorry for being weird," she said quickly. "I'm not in trouble or anything! Everything's fine. Better than fine, honestly. Everything's great. But I --" she paused, running an anxious hand through her wavy locks. "I wanted to talk to you about something... Something pack-related. Things have -- things have been a bit tense lately, right? With the other weres, and the -- the vampires."

Liza winced. The word left a bad taste in her mouth.

Her eyebrows rose slightly as Liza fumbled through her words while she stood across the threshold. The babbling wasn’t endearing to Alina — it was annoying — but she still let the girl get to where she was verbally trying to go. As soon as the word ‘vampire’ was said however, she felt her muscles tense, metaphysical hackles prickling the skin of her back as they rose.

"Are we gonna talk about this while you’re standing outside? Or are you gonna come in?" Without waiting for an answered, Alina ushered the younger wolf in through the door and shut it behind them both. "Whats up?"

"Ah... right. That's probably wise," the mouse said. She slipped into the foyer, waiting for Alina to close the door behind the pair of them before continuing her entreaty. This time, there was a more substantial direction to her inquiry; a purpose burned behind her words, even if that tremor of uncertainty still lurked.

"I was hoping you could teach me to fight," she said. "I... I don't want to be a liability anymore. Not when people are getting hurt. I want to be more like you."

Mouse was nervous. This was obvious to Alina as she closed the door and locked it. She didn’t stop there though, continuing to nudge Liza to keep walking so that they could go upstairs, back to where Alina still had a pile of clothes to hang and put away. She hated doing it but now that she’d started, she wanted to finish it.

She listened to Liza as they went up the stairs, surprise coloring her features when she looked over her shoulder at the girl. She wanted to what? Learn to fight? Her mouth opened to respond, turning her head to look forward again when she felt that weird drop in her stomach that happened when she accidentally missed a step. One hand shot out to catch herself, keeping herself from actually falling. That’s what she got for underestimating Minnie Mouse.

"I can teach you to fight," She answered, standing straight again and continuing up the stairs and into her room. "What do you mean more like me, though?"

"Good question," Liza admitted with a sheepish smile. "I'm not entirely sure, myself. I just know that I'm -- well, I don't exactly inspire confidence. I'm the sort of wolf that folks have to look after." She sighed as she followed dutifully behind Alina as the pair made their way up and into the King's room. It wasn't a place that Liza had been often, but she tried not to think about it too much. Don't make this weirder than it already is, girl.

"I guess I figure I've been here long enough now that it's time I start pulling my weight," she said. "Not just helping out around the brewery, but -- but talking to new packmates. Looking out for them. Protecting someone else for a change." She paused, looking pensive for a moment as she cast her gaze towards the ceiling. "And given the way tensions have been playing out of late with the vampires, and even with the humans... Well. I don't want to go looking for a fight, but I think it would be naive of me to ignore the possibility."

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