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Landing Strip 
Several hours of sleep and then a long drive later brought Andy to the Landing Strip. Or rather, to the lot. of. the Landing Strip. Parking his Jeep into one of the spots, Andy put the vehicle in park and picked up his phone, sending off a text to Matty to determine what she wanted him to do.

Dooo you want me to come inside?

He didn't mind if she wanted him to come inside but like. Some people got weird about their friends showing up at their place of work. He could only imagine that strippers got really weird over it.


She'd been watching the clock when her phone went off. Sadly, her costume didn't really leave anywhere she could put... her phone... All the same, as if she knew that her phone was going off, she went to the punch clock and punched out five minutes early, deciding that she didn't care as long as she got home in one piece and with Andy coming to get her, this was a far better choice.

Instead of getting dressed however, she threw her hoodie on zipped it up, changed her heels for runners and stuffed the shoes as well as her hat, gloves, and handcuffs into her backpack and hurried out to the parking lot to spot Andy's car. She could smell him once she got out there so she didn't need to do much looking, she simply strode to the vehicles driver seat and bent a little to knock on his window.

"License and registration?"

No response. She was probably wrapping up her shift and changing, which was fine. He was fine sitting here and waiting. Why? It meant that he could recline the seat back and close his eyes, hands folded over his abdomen. He was still a little tired after waking up not too long ago, and taking a short nap while he waited seemed like the best idea.

Except almost as soon as he closed his eyes, there was a rap of knuckles against his window and Andy groaned as he sat up again, giving her a look through the window as he rolled it down. "But Mattyyyyy..." He grinned, yawned, and then kept grinning. "Are you gonna arrest me if I kidnap you?"

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