Illegal capture

Magic Hollow 
Beauregard was, quite sincerely, a tad nervous.

There was a reason he had not immediately leapt on the opportunity Dax presented to pull another member from Bone Hollow into the clutch. The clutch that, as of yet, was not entirely formed.

He was not in the business of poaching members from Bone Hollow, and he had no desire to earn Margaux's pointed wrath.

Yet, here he was, sitting this time without a coffee for show. He sat at a table outside of the cafe, comfortable in the cool evening air. He was not particularly sharply dressed, but it had been on rather short notice, and it was important to find time for dinner first.

And to arrive early, of course.


Outfit + jeans

Carmen had made the drive to the familiar café with Savannah in tow, parking nearby.

And then she’d walked with her, eventually spotting Beauregard at one of the outside tables as they approached. Outside was her preference, as well.

”Good evening,” Carmen eventually greeted from behind, before pulling out the chair across from Beauregard for Savannah. She gave a slight smile to the girl, reassuring in case there was any nervousness now that they were here.

There needn’t be, unless the two were already familiar.


It wasn't too awkward in the car-ride back with Carmen. In fact, she kinda liked the lady. Total mom-vibes, it was really welcoming for a girl who was slightly homesick.

They came to a cafe, eventually, and there was a man outside she assumed to be Carmen's friend.

He kinda looked like Mr. Rogers? You know, from that TV show for kids??

Well, welcome to the neighborhood, she guessed.

A seat was pulled out for her, and she swept into it with a nervous little smile back at her. "Nice to meet you Mister," Savannah chirped at the man, extending a hand in case he wanted to like, be all formal and shake it. "I'm Savannah Raight."

Who on earth was it that kept turning children into vampires?

People like Carmen, he supposed, who saw some value in near-teenagers that had utterly escaped Beauregard.

Still, he offered a smile as they approached and reached out an unfortunately cold hand to meet Savannah’s after a nod of greeting to Carmen.

"Beauregard Bertrand, but you are welcome to call me Beau," he said, warm in his greeting if mostly because it was necessary. "Carmen tells me you’re not quite a fit for your current clutch?"

Asked innocently enough, and he sought eye contact with her early in this process.

The nickname didn’t suit Beauregard and she wondered why on earth he thought it did.

To more pressing matters, however.

Once Savannah had gotten comfortable, Carmen edged behind her to sit to her right. She rested a forearm on the table, one leg crossed over the other as she, for the moment, silently regarded them.

Beauregard, Beau, Bertrand.

That's a lot of Bs, Savannah thought with the overwhelming hamster-brain of someone being interviewed. Also, he was totally still gonna be Mr. Rogers in her head, okay? Okay.

He sounded kind enough though, so she smiled a bit and nodded. "She explained more than I'd been told, and it isn't no. I don't like fighting, and the few weres I met just.. They don't seem like people you kill just for entering a city."

She shuffled uncomfortably a bit, feeling the need to add on. "I didn't realize what I was getting into at the time.. They kind of showed up and gave me the ultimatum."

There was some degree of discomfort within her, and Beauregard latched on to that with a hint of suspicion.

But as she continued it did seem to be a familiar story. A rogue offered an ultimatum. It was, in the end, a surprisingly effective recruiting tool. So long as your recruits didn't wander off to find something better.

"That is, unfortunately, the way many are brought into Bone Hollow," Beauregard began gently.

He sought Savannah's gaze and spoke with intent to compel.

"Please tell me of all of the conversations you've had with Margaux. This will help us to be sure you can make the move from one clutch to another safely."


A waitress came over to serve them during a pause. A glance to their table and a mental sigh later, Carmen beckoned her closer to her so she didn't bother Savannah and Beauregard. She would - discontentedly but she would - take up the tiresome duty of protecting their cover. And, so, she murmured an order of an espresso before sending her off.

When Beauregard posed Savannah a question, she looked towards the girl with great attentiveness. Carmen didn't imagine this was some wild attempt by Cordova's Clutch to infiltrate another, but she had seen stranger things.

Unaware Beauregard was doing anything but asking a simple question, she nodded and began her very short list of conversations. Namely like. The one. "I've only spoken to her the night she recruited me, so honestly like. Hasn't been very much."

But anyway, let's see. They talked abouuuut.. "Well she basically described how a clutch works. Then went on to say that she doesn't allow rogue vampires in her territory, AKA me at the time, and that if I decided I didn't want to join I'd be asked to leave." What else, what else.. "She explained their rules, basically to not like. Advertise Cordova has a vampire gang in it, to call if I needed help, to call if a shifter appears in the city so that someone could come to like.. I she think called it like, handle the trouble."

Which Savannah now knew meant killing the unfortunate wandering werewhatever.

"Aside from that, she told me about a few members, and I've hung out with one a few times. Her name's Dax and like. She's been okay. Not overly friendly, but okay."

She shrugged then, at the end of her list of Bone Hollow meetings.

Carmen was obliging enough to take care of the human, and he spared her a brief, thankful nod.

His suggestion had been unsuccessful in its demanding power, but Savannah dove into the topic in great detail regardless. The young woman hardly seemed sharp enough to delve into such specific lies, and so Beauregard was wiling to trust her.

Particularly as Dax was mentioned.

"Dax will be joining us in this new clutch," he said, some words to fill the space as he decided how to manage this moment. "Do you currently live in Cordova?"

Carmen didn't need more reason to believe Margaux was extremely unintelligent, but Savannah provided it anyway.

She rested an arm to the back of her chair as she trailed her fingers down the sides of her mouth. The famous Dax was mentioned. Beauregard posed another question. All for the moment things Carmen knew the answer to, so until something new was mentioned she'd remain quiet.

Oh wow, so Dax was changing sides too?

"That's pretty cool, she's not a bad person." She nodded a little thoughtfully, to herself, before focusing back on the question at hand. "Yes, I was going to school at the college there but.. I'm guessing it won't be too hard to transfer into maybe the Lavender Heights one?"

Savannah shrugged, feeling slightly more helpless with all those logistics.

"I'm assuming.. That I shouldn't wait too long to leave? That'd it'd be better to quietly peace out so when I join your clutch, it doesn't look suspicious?" A cock of her head, hopeful he'd have a plan in mind.

She was bright enough to have some sense for the... delicate nature of the situation.

"It would be best to leave sooner than later, yes. Margaux is not prone to dropping in, but if she calls some surprise meeting in the near future, you would not want to be in a position to lie to her."

Beauregard did not know Savannah well, but he had some sense that she was unlikely to be a particularly proficient liar.

"I can help handle your enrolment at the university in Lavender Heights for next semester," Carmen offered simply, truly not interested in making the topic a discussion. She glanced towards Beauregard. "The issue left with moving is housing, I believe."

And, as they didn't have a hub yet, the girl had no temporary residence options in Lavender Heights.

Carmen looked towards Savannah for confirmation to ensure she wasn't mistaken.

Yeah, she didn't imagine it'd be too good to have to.. Lie. Could Margaux tell if she was lying? Savannah nodded, a tiny frown marring her features. "I'll go as soon as I can get my stuff in order."

She glanced to Carmen as the woman spoke, nodding. "It shouldn't be too hard to transfer to the college yeah. I just need to like, move somewhere." And it had to be affordable to rent. And finding that?

Definitely a little hard to do.

"You guys don't happen to know any places looking for tenants huh?" she ended up joking after a moment, but also like. Very serious.

Coz homelessness? Did not suit her.

"Lavender Heights is a college town. You will find similar accommodations to Cordova, but much cheaper," he said.

There was simply nothing more expensive than living downtown. Lavender Heights was not the most affordable real estate in mountainside, but he had little doubt she could find a suitable place if she had the funds to live in Cordova.

"If you find that you need help, don't hesitate to reach out. There is always the power of suggestion if you find a place you like but find the price unreasonable."

A slightly wry smile, hoping to keep the mood somewhat laughter than what talk of Marge typically dictated.

There was a faint smile at Savannah's final words, but Carmen otherwise shook her head.

Beauregard spoke of compelling. Carmen proceeded to consider what would occur when Cordova's mental asylum escapee inevitably found her fledglings were missing. They would, at some point, need to discuss that matter.

Well like.. Yeah he was probably right on that front. Finding an apartment couldn't be so hard, she'd done it once on a whim. So she nodded, biting her lip momentarily in slight fret.. Only to break into a small burst of giggles at the older man's suggestion. "You know, never thought of it that way. Thanks. Like.. It's better having people to reason with you."

Otherwise your own head spun the worrying out of control.

She bounced in her seat a little, now everything was mostly settled. Well. Mostly. There was still the main question that remained unanswered. "Does this mean I'm going to be able to join the new clutch when it's formed..?" Savannah ventured hopefully, head tilting to one side.

Please Mr. Rogers. Spare a poor Savvy.

She was very much a child. He wondered how well she conducted herself with feedings. Beauregard would admit that, despite an air of naivety, she had been rather polite.

"We could certainly arrange that. We are in the process of making the group official, but when the time comes, I would be happy to extend an invitation."

If Carmen found something redeemable in the young woman, enough not to warn Beauregard of her, he assumed she could manage clutch life reasonably enough.

Awesomesauce! She beamed at the pair of adults, trying to look.. Somewhat adultish anyway.

"Please do! Hang on, let me give you my number.." She pulled her bag out, rifling through and managing to pull out her trusty, very adult notepad shaped like a fat purple owl. Scrawling her phone number down, and name, she passed it on to the man. "Thank you, again. This was all very appreciated."

Now.. What? Was this where the meeting ended? Did she excuse herself, or get excused?


Writing it all down on paper seemed surprisingly low tech for a young woman, but Beauregard would not complain. The owl was nearly charming, and he just barely refrained from shaking his head.

"Of course, dear."

He would offer a smile to Carmen, knowing they could not easily have a separate conversation with the girl here.

Another day, another time. They would have many opportunities.

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