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 The night finally came. It felt like he had slept for eternity. The moment he had awoken he was ready to vacate his home and head out. He had locked himself away in his house with his mind deep into his work. His mind was also distracted with Sephi. She had moved out of Crestview for good reasons. Not that he wasn't happy she had; she was safer that way. But that left him quite torn. There was no longer anything tying him to Crestview so the thought of moving with her was heavy on his mind. But she had moved to someplace in Ravenswood and with him still with Bone Hollow Clutch seeking the role of Guardian, he would have to move to Cordova. This conflict has had him in a strange funk for a while which was why focusing on work came easily to him. It took his mind off of it.

 Now, with most of his work pretty much done, he needed to find something else to distract him. So here he was in a place unfamiliar to him. Even more, he had found a rather worn down place called the Landing Strip. It had been a long time since he had gone to a strip club and as he stepped through the door he found himself wondering why he was even there. Perhaps curiosity was the main reason behind his actions. He walked past the bar to find an empty seat by the stage and as he made himself comfortable, folding his arms across his chest, the small part of him was still trying to convince him to leave.