Steak Diane

Red River Brewery 

There were several thousand downfalls to working in a kitchen again and the biggest one right this second was the fact that he heard to wear a stupid fucking beard net. It pained him to hook one side over one ear and then the other and just like, pretend like he wasn't committing the worst fashion crime in all the land. The beard was majestic so it wasn't leaving, he'd just have to. One day. When he wasn't like. Low key not trying to find another job because he actually did like working here, but no one could tell Alina that. She wouldn't have the satisfaction of knowing.

The same way that he wouldn't have the satisfaction of telling off a server for not giving him the right instructions again. He had to play nice. Be nice. Don't hurt the nice human that's fucked up an order four times already. Someone showed up at the window and Evie thrust his spatula in their direction. "This better not be another correction, or I'm gonna come after you."

It was probably less threatening because of the beard net.



 "Ho'shit everyone, look at the set on Everett." She whistled after the fact, bit down on the inside of her bottom lip to try her hardest to keep her expression neutral or at least close to it. Except he had one of those little beard nets on and it literally never got old, reminded her of middle school and lunch ladies with exceptionally hairy arms.

 At any rate she pulled up onto the tips of her sneakers, glanced over her shoulder to make sure that the bar was all good and well and then refocused. Past interactions told her that offering a compliment always softened the blow of a request, so that had been the plan - she would tell him he was wonderful even when he was prickly and then - "You know, if you squint, it sort of looks like a cloud came on your face." Maybe not a compliment, but the intention was pure, at least at the start.

 "Anyway, I'm hungry, you should feed me." Not a lie, but not particularly pressing considering she was hungry more or less ever waking second of her life. Still, she pushed out her bottom lip, craned her neck to try to get a glimpse at what he was working on.

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