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Red River Brewery 

She’d be lying if she said she didn’t imagine wolves as bros that like put each other in headlocks and shit for no reason. And picked on the little dudes. That was kinda Twilight’s vibe????

That was also basically all her brain activity on the way to the brewery.

Katya already knew how to get to it from memory. It was just past six when she parked in the lot (raining again), and yep, the smell of greasy food hit her as soon as she walked in, hair wet. She slid out of her faux leather jacket, draped it over her arm, and just, like, ambled around. Put a fingernail between her teeth without biting, eyes roving for Alina.

With everything going on lately, Alina was sincerely grateful for the monotony of running a pretty successful brewery. The news of a monstrous jaguar racing through the college town of Larkspur had set everyone on edge about Weres. Again. No riots this time, fortunately, but it still left the wolf leader uncomfortable and wary. Now, more than ever, she was pleased that her wolves were (relatively) well-behaved and mindful. She was also pleased that the subject of Were gossip had changed from kissing to “omg did you see the leopard on the news?” “No that’s a jaguar” “omg omg omg”. If the wolves weren’t the center of attention, Alina was a happy camper.

Speaking of local celebrities, Katya was here. The Wolf King didn’t see her immediately — counting money at the register was a focus-required task — but once she had been spotted, Alina paused in what she was doing, a stack of fives in hand. "What’s up, Kat?" She smiled just slightly, using one hand to text Sullivan, telling him Katya was here.

Katya's gaze roved to the register literally a beat before Alina said her name. "Hey!" came the immediate greeting, face lighting up. Wolf boss looked busy. Did that reaaaaallly matter?

Nah uh.

She shuffled over quickly, rounding the register to give Alina a one-armed side hug if she let her. Rest assured, NO LESS AFFECTIONATE than if it was a two-armed hug. She was just carrying her jacket in the other, ok. :'((

"You told me to come. See, I'm the most reliable w- biiitch out there," Katya said. Bitch didn't fit well there?? But. She'd needed a quick replacement. Shrug.

Oh. Oh, again with the hugging. Was this a thing? Her wolf lifted her head and chuffed quietly, pleased with the contact even if Kat wasn’t completely a wolf yet. Okay, sure. Whatever. She stood there, a touch tense, though her shoulders dropped and relaxed once the girl stepped back.

Any remaining tension left when Alina laughed at her self-correction. There were so many things she could have run with and instead she’d gone for “bitch”. Okay, Katya. "Reliable is good," She responded, the smile on her face faint as she counted out 150 in fives and put it in the register drawer before slipping the rest into the small money bag.

"How goes?" It had been a little while since they had chatted and Alina had been busy since then. "I might have found a job for you," She also said, looking over her shoulder to see where Sullivan was.

Alina was good cuddling height - not too much taller, but not the same height either - and yep she was totally laughing??? Katya laughed back because it was a contagious thing, eventually pulling her arm back down to her side. She absolutely ignored the money counting task at hand, gaze set on wolf boss now that she’d found her.

”For real? Where??” Katya skipped straight past the small talk question, beaming brightly.

"For reals"? As if Alina would tell her that and be like "Nope just pulling your leg". Then again, Katya had really only met her the one time and while they'd texted a time or two, talking in person was completely different. So, she made a low sound of agreement ("Mm") and followed it up by answering Katya's question. "I've got a friend that owns a place over in Belle Vista. An art gallery called Work Release. You'd be selling art and whatever else that entails." Definitely was not a job that Alina would ever be interested in doing but that was fine. Yana would likely be a compelling influence on the kid and being that Alina trusted Yana, that wasn't a bad thing in her books.

She counted the ones, murmuring the numbers under her breath before putting that stack in the drawer and this one into the bag. Change next and Alina started counting again, glancing at Katya. "Think that's something you'd be interested in?"

She settled for leaning against the counter, eyes intently watching Alina.

Until she spoke and what. What what. Katya blinked, dumbfounded, and then kept blinking. Only when Alina spoke again did she realise she hadn’t like... verbalised her thoughts.


”Yes,” Katya said quietly, and realised how quiet it was. ”YES.” Too loudly the second time. She literally didn’t care. ”That’d be, like, insanely perfect?? And I know about that kinda stuff and and wow??”

Alina what the hell thank you.

The enthusiasm was unexpected but Alina took it as, at the very least, a good sign. "Cool. Glad you’re about it." It had been just about the only thing she could think of that Katya was looking for, since she'd turned down anything that was food or bar service. Alina was just pleased that Katya had no issues with the employment prospect that the Wolf King had found for her.

"One of us own the place so they'll be able to watch out for you," She offered, putting away the last of the money. "And you have my number if you ever need anything of course." All the wolves did. They had Trick's and Dante's, too. Anyway. Alina was hungry and she wanted steak. Her gaze flickered to Katya for a moment, wondering if she'd eaten before she asked: "Hungry?"

She leaned further onto the counter, half-hugging it as she watched Alina with newfound affection. Because job. And gratitude. And she wanted to spin around in a field of daisies right now.

If she continued to forever ignore that she disagreed with every Vampire being unwelcome in Cedar Creek things were gonna be perfect.

”I’ve only been here once and I didn’t really try the menu then, so yes please.” Katya glanced over her shoulder before grinning at Alina. ”Can I grab a booth??”


Katya asked if she could grab a booth and the Wolf King gave her a half puzzled look, wondering why she felt the need to ask. Then again, maybe that was just how Katya operated, asking before she did things. Alina wasn't sure how she felt about that but figured she'd get used to it as time went on. "Sure," She responded, turning to look towards the heat window with the kitchen on the other side.

"Two dinners." The request was simple and the kitchen knew it well. In the time it took for them to fix the two plates of food, Alina had finished counting out the registers and documenting all the amounts. The money was put into a bag which went in a safe in her office and after that, she was done. Which let her go grab her and Katya's food and silverware and bring it to the table that had been chosen. Steak, potatoes, and broccoli filled the two plates and Alina sat across from the younger girl, unrolling her silverware so that she could start eating.

Fabulous mood was fabulous. She didn't even register the confusion on Alina's face, instead simply skipping away in delight as soon as she received an affirmative nod.

Katya would wait within a booth by the corner. She settled for hugging the table a little, cheek resting on her arm as she watched Alina and the customers of the brewery. They definitely were busy here.

She'd eventually perk up when the food arrived, eating and chit-chatting with Alina throughout the meal.

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