Grit your Teeth

Lavender Heights 

Carmen should have perhaps known better than to wander out into the busy city during the new moon. What had intended to be a short stroll had turned into something else entirely.

Amy and her companion were hardly around. She had hoped the girl would develop some sense, but she'd yet to show her face and apologise. Whatever power of self-control Amy seemed to possess to have not yet murdered her friend while residing with her, Carmen had never seen it in a fledgling, let alone a one-month old fledgling.


It'd all left Carmen extremely frustrated in the last while, and tonight's foul mood was certainly courtesy of it and the new moon. She was waiting out a meal in the most miserable, depressing, way - an alleyway besides a nightclub. Every part of her body ached to turn the corner, enter the club, and slaughter everybody inside. She resisted for all the discomfort it caused her, but couldn't bring herself to leave, either. Turn home.

And, so, Carmen paced. Somewhat madly, fingers twitching, her goddamn power threatening.

She only needed a bite to ease the insanity. That was all, surely.


Savannah felt pretty momma-bird about all this. Fledgling vamp properly dead? Check. Make-up back on point? Check. Ellie's style on point? Not so much, but she wasn't wearing the ugly ass jacket, so semi check.

Two predators on the hunt? McFucking check!

She led Ellie along, intent on showing her the ropes of live-action hunts. You had to go find drunk people. College town? Plenty of drunk people. It was just the small world factor that led them to stumbling across the exact same club that Carmen was stalking. Savannah hadn't even planned at stopping at this one, because it might be a little too intense for Ellie's first time? A pub or bar would be a bit quieter. However, when she turned her head to look down the alley-way, in case a homeless person was asleep there, she caught sight of a figure.

Closer squinting confirmed it - Carmen!

"She's my friend, care to say hi?" Directed to Ellie, she already shot the older woman a small wave. Discrete, no name shouting. Wasn't like anyone was paying attention to a few ladies chilling outside a club, right?

@Ellie Blackwater


Ellie was a proper vampire now, fully dead, and now with added make-up. After Savvy finished her own, she started poking a few sticks at Ellie's face, and now apparently she had purply eyes. She quite liked it actually. They made her stare look even more intense. Like a proper hunter.

She couldn't wait to try sinking her teeth into someone, and using her new suggestion powers. She assumed may needed to be trained like her imprinting, but she was willing to be wrong.

Except then she was directed towards someone waiting in an alleyway. Judging from Savvy saying it was her friend, Ellie assumed it would be this Carmen she'd heard about. But, she was willing to be wrong. Either way, she nodded back. "As long as they're nice."

Carmen didn’t see the wave, pacing as she were, but she did hear Savannah’s familiar voice. Fingers still twitching, she stopped mid-pace to lift her chin.

Perhaps they could help a lady out in a dire, ravenous, otherwise humiliating moment before she did something very regrettable.

”Girls,” Carmen said pleasantly, with a great degree of discomfort worn on her expression. Her jaw felt especially weak. She rubbed it tenderly with a hand.

"I promise," she chuckled softly in turn, because again - Carmen gave her total mom vibes. It was a comforting presence honestly, maybe something Ellie might benefit from. Heck, she was already opening up so much with just a doltish Savvy on the job.

Look at her. Look at the pretty make-up. She just needed better clothes that weren't a track suit.

Darting over, she paused in front of Carmen with a friendly grin. The lady seemed.. A tiny bit twitchy. Like when dad was late getting home and mom was trying to keep dinner warm while worrying where he was.

Such fucking mom vibes.

"Rought night huh?" she mused, sympathetic. New moons sucked with the hormone thing. "Nice ta see you again though, I finally moved out of Cordova. This is Ellie, she's uh.. Well she's new." As in brand spanking new man, been dead like, what? An hour?

So far so good, at any rate.

Savvy promised, so that meant everything to Ellie. You couldn't break a promise. They walked over to the lady who was significantly taller than they both were. Savvy started talking first, which was normal it seemed, up until she introduced her. Specifically as being 'new'.

"Nice to meet you miss," Ellie added on, extending a hand out to shake.

Such short girls, the both of them.

Carmen's gaze travelled with great effort to the one she didn't know. Savannah seemed to have found company, and quickly. She would've been glad for her under normal circumstances.

Carmen grimaced as a hand was extended her way. A bizarre gesture, but beyond that, not one she felt was particularly safe. Electricity tingled just beneath her skin, daring to spark should she allow it, and she extended a hand hesitantly. She would shake Ellie's for just a moment before pulling away, sliding it back within her pocket.

"I am glad to see you both enjoying the ni-night," Carmen managed, moving through the words with difficulty. She smiled at the end, as if it was nothing. "Afraid you've caught m-me on a bad night. Incredibly peck-peckish. Might you help?" She glanced between them, but barely even had the attention to focus on either of their features properly.

Carmen was obviously agitated, Savannah picking up on how.. Weirdly spazzy she was. How long did she go without feeding, jeez. At this rate she was gonna snap and do something dumb, so at the stammered offer to hunt as a group, she nodded. "Sure," she smiled, already looking back over her shoulder to scout the prospects.

Ellie would need her own meal, so perhaps they could manage to snag two in one?

"She needs some more practice, so how about you stay here, we'll go bring someone over to you." Seemed overly risky to have Carmen helping them in the street, as jumpy as she was.

News article with them on the front page? No thank you.

Already beckoning her friend to follow, she headed back towards the street, nearer to the club entrance. "Keep looking cute, okay? You compel one to follow us back to Carmen, that'll be yours. I'll deal with the other." Foolproof, no?

They just needed to convince some party-dudes to stop and talk to two tiny cute girls.

As Carmen shook her hand, Ellie could tell there was a powerful crackling of energy inside her. As they separated, she squinted slightly, wondering what the lady's power was. And also how likely she was to use it, especially since she was supposedly having a 'bad night'. Which only serve to make her more suspicious until the lady got some blood, because she may become whatever Savvy did to kill her.

Speaking of, Savvy spoke then, to offer a solution to Carmen's restlessness. They could go attain two humans for the three of them. Should be plenty of blood to go around, if one guy managed to be enough to feed her and Ellie.

Keep looking cute? Ellie nodded back and followed, with a simple "Okay." However, she didn't exactly know how to look 'cute'. Although then again, she assumed she just had to do whatever she was doing, since the term used was was 'keep'.

There was no judgement she felt on their part so Carmen did hope they could all forget about this.

She gave a single, appreciative nod before both girls headed to the street. Carmen, for her part, turned her back to it, energy crackling at her fingertips. She grunted to herself, sliding her other hand into her pocket as well and balling her hands into fists.

Less than pleasant ways of killing Amy came to mind as she waited. It was, perhaps, for the better that she wasn’t around tonight.

Savannah felt like a boss, seriously. Teaching her new vamp-buddy the ways of the suck-suck, while simultaneously hunting for a probably older vampire. Didn't get much better than that, huh?

She stood very obviously in the middle of the sidewalk, grinning down at Ellie with a little wink. A pair of dudes were walking their way, with that drunken amble that had very much snapped Savvy's neck once upon a time ago.

Made for easy targets, as she learned the hard way.

Lifting up a hand to wave to them, she nodded very subtly for Ellie to do the same. Be like, friendly please?

A chirpy little greeting beckoned them closer. "Hey! What're you two doing all alone?" Was that coming on too strong?? She was honestly a little bad at snagging their interest, but once they were hooked it wasn't hard at all to compel them to follow.

Ellie noted the little nod, and she promptly copied Savvy, though her demeanor didn't change once. The dude on Ellie's side seemed to be a little bit perturbed by her stare, but he still ended up following, mainly because his mate punched his arm and told him to, quote, 'stop being a pussy for the pussy'.

Ellie had no idea what this meant.

Either way, it seemed they didn't need to use their powers of suggestion, since they followed anyway. Ellie didn't quite understand why anyone would just do this, because she wouldn't dare trust anybody enough to. But, it worked for them.

That was up until the walk back when Ellie suddenly felt the guy she was in charge of pinch her rear.

In a sweeping action that was so fast it even surprised Ellie herself, she span around and grabbed the guy's hand, staring right into his eyes. He started pulling, and telling her to get off then, getting more and more frantic, not that he was going anywhere.

"Shush," Ellie quickly said quietly, trying out her new suggestion powers.. only for them to not work. Which she only found out after the guy didn't do anything.

This was getting annoying now, and Ellie gave Savvy a quick glance, before looking back. There must be something, because his friend was getting suspicious now too. Think.. think..

"If you don't shush, we won't have fun." Because people liked fun. She stopped, still feeling nothing from her suggestion.. except the guy stopped and started nodding, then to his friend, and they started smiling again. What was with these two? Ellie looked at Savvy questioningly again.

Welp, Ellie took the guy's hand this time and kept walking, completely oblivious to the fact that she'd just offered him a night of 'fun' in an alleyway.

The aching in her jaw could only be described as a numbness which was incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to ignore. She paused her step, giving a small gasp as even from within her pocket her fingers shocked her palm with electricity.

Carmen took her hand out with a dissatisfied grunt, shaking it before turning on her heel to face the girls.

They seemed to be well in the process of compelling two men over. The simple sight had her fangs elongating.

The two boys they'd found were rather rowdy, as demonstrated by one legit pinching Ellie's ass. It took all her willpower not to just clock him in the jaw for that, because how dare. But. They were gonna get what was coming to them anyway in 5 seconds.

Still, she humored her friend trying to use her compulsion powers. Perhaps she'd been successful, as they settled down to follow again.. Or maybe they just assumed they were about to get alley-way.. things done to them. Ellie certainly hadn't phrased herself very subtly there, Savannah thought with a mental wheeze.

No matter, as they walked deeper into the alley and out of sight of the street. Carmen was now in view, causing her guy to begin questioning what was going on. "Only our friend, don't you wanna say hi?" she chirped, winking at Ellie briefly.

Hopefully she could handle her dumbass human, while Savannah just.. Pleasantly smiled to Carmen. "Have at it!" She gave the dude a hard shove towards the older woman, sending him stumbling forward.

She'd stay placed between Ellie and Carmen for now, in case either required further assistance. Then she'd go in for scraps because being the breadwinner was very hard okay? She was starving.

As Savvy's guy was pushed forwards to Carmen, the guy Ellie had a hold of started to try pulling away again, and he started screaming. That wasn't what they wanted, they were here to have fun.

So, she stared at him even harsher and her eyes turned red this time. She spoke low, and with a slight growl behind it. She wanted this suggestion to work. "Shut. Up."

..Nothing. And that was annoying Ellie. In a fit of rage, she brought her hand up to the guy's mouth and went to shut his mouth for him.

Unfortunately, Ellie still didn't understand her newfound power, and ended up slamming the guy's head against the other side of the alleyway, knocking him unconscious. Ellie released him as he flopped to the ground, and she just stared.

Then she looked to Savvy. "Sorry."

She thoroughly appreciated both these girls and their efficiency.

Carmen grabbed the collar of the young man Savannah shoved her way. He was hardly compelled to remain silent, and there was the beginning of a scream before she shoved him to the brick wall and covered his mouth with her hand.

The last thing on her mind was compulsion.

There was a scream behind her as well, which hardly concerned Carmen. The alleyway was far too dark for the human eye to see down, and only a mad person would investigate the source.

She pushed the young man's head back as far as she could, sinking her fangs into his neck hastily. Carmen closed her eyes, disturbingly savouring the taste until he aimed a kick to her abdomen.

One incredibly painful knee to his crotch in return had him sliding down the wall in pain. It made the rest of the feed extremely messy but Carmen pulled away some...

Fifteen seconds later.

Whether it was slight light headedness or the injury, he sunk directly to the ground and Carmen gasped in pleasure as she straightened. With her hand released from his mouth, his shrieks and groans failed to be muffled.

One hand to his forehead and she shoved his head against the wall to knock him unconscious, deeply disinterested in taking the kinder route right now. Blood dripped down Carmen's chin, splotched all over her beige sweater.

She licked her lips then, glancing with a newfound energy towards the short girls. Oh, they were her favourites. A pleasant distraction from Amy's missteps and blunders right now.

Funnily enough, out of the two of her friends, Ellie seemed to be doing better in the whole keep your victim quiet bit. Even if it was by accident. She looked to Carmen a moment, wondering if she needed help.. But ultimately decided against it. The older woman was pretty wound up tonight - if Savvy got in the way, she might get snapped at.

So, sharing with Ellie it was. "That's okay, sometimes it's better to knock them out." Less of a scene.

One hand clutched at her arm, scratching lightly. "Take what you need, I'll have some after, kay?" Not the most appealing option for her, really. Hunting alone? Much nicer, she didn't have to share.

Though, it was weirdly rewarding watching your fledgling learn and improve and like, succeed.

As she looked back, Ellie's gaze flicked from her friend over to Carmen, to watch what she did. How she fed, and acted like an experienced vampire. Not that she didn't trust Savvy, it was just interesting to watch Carmen in action.

So, back to this knocked out guy. Ellie lifted him up to her level, and held him there with one hand, the other going up to tilt his head back. Both Savvy and Carmen had fangs, but Ellie remembered she wasn't going to get them until she was officially a vampire. So now she was.. she just needed to..

Fangs. She felt them protrude out, and her tongue naturally flicked over them. This was real. She didn't need to rely on Savvy to make the marks any more. She could make them herself.

And so she did, stabbing those teeth deep into the guy's neck. Already the blood started to flow, and Ellie drank it up, a lot easier than when she didn't have these natural utensils.

After a short while, she pulled back, panting almost, and looked over to Savvy, giving a quick lick of her teeth. "Your turn."

Ellie seemed to have finished and was offering her victim to Savannah.

Carmen turned to find hers was... lying on his side. Well. She stuck a foot underneath his ribcage to begin pushing his unconscious body back up, before sighing, taking both shoulders and lifting him to sit.

She crouched before him, chin stained red with fresh blood while one hand tapped at his cheek to stir him.

Carmen did hope she hadn't given him a concussion. She considered piercing her wrist with her fangs to feed him her blood, hurry the process along, but she preferred to not run the risk of another fledgling.

He began stirring after she'd had the thought, groaning in pain. She covered his mouth again, lifting his chin with her other so he'd look her in the eye. "Right, well. Certainly not your night. You'll forget all of this as soon as you leave the alleyway," she instructed, narrowing her gaze for a moment as she sensed if that'd worked.

For once, the night was on her side.

Carmen lifted him up, and while the girls sorted their meal she began guiding the limping and faint young man to the main street. When she neared it she waited a beat for when nobody was passing, before shoving him out onto the sidewalk and turning back to the girls. She sought a napkin from within her pocket at the same time, cleaning the blood off her face.

Better now than when it dried.

It was legit torture watching Ellie feed off the guy, and having to hold herself back. Even in her human years, she wasn't the kid to restrain herself with food. More chips? Yes please! Another slice of cake? Damn right! Second or third helping? Uhh, you need to ask?

It carried over into the undead life. Add on the new moon bitchiness, and she was all too eager to step in when Ellie stepped out. The not-so-poor creeper was.. Perhaps drained a bit too much. When she released him, he slid back down the wall, rather lifeless, and not even awake enough for her to compel him to forget.

Well shit.

"It's not the best idea to just leave him.." she mumbled to Ellie, softly, even as Carmen was escorting her dinner into the street. Beckoning Ellie to watch, she pulled a similar trick as the older lady had, smacking his cheeks a little roughly. Eventually, he'd open bleary eyes, and she'd quickly put her hand over his mouth and gaze into them. "You will forget what happened, when you wake up."

His eyes slid close then, when she stopped smacking him.

And that was that!

Both Ellie and herself were a little blood-stained, and she wasn't as far-sighted as to have napkins on hand. Eh, whatever. She wiped her mouth with a sleeve, shooting Carmen a small smile. "Feel better?"

She certainly did, though like. She could have gone for a biiiiiiiiit more.

Ellie watched as both Savvy and Carmen compelled the men to forget what just happened. It seemed vital that they remained a secret, and it was a clever way to make them forget. Her mind began to work through many different paths a feeding could go down, and the steps she could do to make it all work out perfectly.

So much opportunity with this newfound power. She liked it. If it worked.

Savvy took charge then, asking to Carmen if she felt better. Ellie would let the lady answer, but there was a question of her own she wanted to ask.

"What's your power?" It was blunt and plain, because she wanted to know the answer. "I felt your energy but I didn't recognise it."

She would have to repay both girls somehow.

"Far better," Carmen confessed, placing a brief hand to Savannah's shoulder if she allowed it. She smiled, fangs still unintentionally elongated, before she closed her mouth and she felt them retract like a cat's claws.

"I control electricity," Carmen informed Ellie, pushing her shoulderblades back some as she straightened, the tension she'd previously felt eased so simply for now. "And you?" Unlikely that the girl was the same who could create explosions, but Mountainside was rather small.

Savannah would happily allow the touch, looking up to the older woman with a small smile. It felt like.. so much warmer now, than back in Cordova. Knowing eventually they'd be in a clutch together, looking out for each other. Not you know, murdering people. Unless it was for food. That sometimes happened.


She stood beside Ellie, quiet for once in her life while they talked. Might as well let them get to know each other better, then after maybe they could go hit the town or something. If Carmen wanted of course - maybe adult vamps preferred to like. Spend their awake hours watching antiques roadshow or something less uh.. Fun?

"Electrickinesis.." Ellie mumbled to herself, her mind instantly working through all the possible ways that power could work, all the strengths, the weaknesses, the clever ways to use it, the ways to beat it..

She liked learning. Especially if it involved psychic powers.

Tucking that knowledge into her brain, she focused on the current conversation. "I can make things explode or shatter." The latter of which came from years and years of brutal practice. One of the only benefits she gained from that life.

Was it worth it?

Electrickinesis was a fair attempt at the word.

"So you are the famed friend," Carmen brightened faintly, eyes on Ellie until they shifted to Savannah, perhaps a pointed question. "How new are we speaking?"

Ohh yeah, she'd mentioned Ellie's power to Carmen on their first meeting! Which.. Therefore meant she now knew Ellie couldn't have been a vampire for long. Well, it wasn't a bad thing was it? Savannah hadn't forced her to become undead or anything..

Carmen didn't look upset, at least. Encouraged, Savvy shot her a small smile. "This is her first night!" Which, might she add, was going quite well. "I think she'll suit the whole vampire thing pretty well, honestly," she added, shooting Ellie a grin and a wink.

Ellie didn't know how she felt about being talked about without her knowing, but she didn't mind as long as it was good. 'Famed' was a nice addition to the term of friend.

Carmen turned to Savvy to ask the question, which confused Ellie, because she could answer the question on her own. But, she'd keep quiet, because she wasn't being spoken to. Savvy gave the right answer anyway, obviously, considering she turned her.

She liked the compliment of suiting being a vampire too. She got winked at, so, Ellie winked back. She didn't know why, but that didn't matter really.

Carmen didn't think anyone but Savannah had turned her friend or she would've mentioned it. It made her want to sigh for yet another addition who likely wasn't even of drinking age - something she wasn't faultless in helping to propel.

Instead she smiled between the two.

She had seen many successful and clever young Vampires. She couldn't discount one because of another. Friendship was what Savannah needed, anywho.

The girls winked to one another, and retrieving the pack of tissues from within her pocket she gave one to each. "I presume you'll be joining our group in the Heights, Ellie?" she asked. "We'll all be able to see each other frequently when Beauregard and Edvin decide on a hub."

Ermergerd. She got a wink. So frigging cute.

Savannah smirked back at her friend, before refocusing in on Carmen. Ohhh yeah, she'd need to introduce Ellie to Mr. Rogers Beau at some point, if they wanted to join the clutch together. "I'll set up a meeting with Beauregard a bit later on," she hummed, regarding Ellie with a faint frown of thought. Probably better if she allowed the girl to adjust a bit more to vampire life first.

Didn't want to make a bad impression.

"She should probably like. Get a bit more used to being a vampire before I throw her a bunch of other vampires. Kinda overwhelming."

A group of vampires sounded like a promising arrangement. Ellie already understood how powerful it was to have more than one vampire around, thanks to this evening, so a whole group of them would be very useful for everyone.

Ellie was about to nod back, but it seemed Savvy decided it was best she got more training before meeting a lot of vampires at once. Well, if she said it was overwhelming, then Ellie would believe that it would overwhelm her.

So, she just looked between the lady and the girl, waiting if there was anything else that needed to be said.

A meeting. How formal.

Carmen watched the frown directed Ellie's way, before Savannah confessed what was on her mind. She did seem to do that readily. Confess her thoughts.

There was a rise and fall of her shoulders at the concern. In contrast to Lazarus, everyone seemed sociable. "Take your time, then. We have an eternity, after all." A small but mirthful smile.

"I'm sure the both of you have plans for tonight so I'll leave you to it," Carmen told both girls. "Do get home safely. And thank you, again."

They seemed to parting ways, which she didn't fully mind. Ellie would probably have more fun, if Savvy wasn't feeling pressured to behave and stuff in front of the adult. She was still happy to have made an older vamp friend though, someone that might help them out in a pinch - so had to keep friendly.

Wasn't like it was hard, her frown vanishing to smile politely. "You too, Carmen. Glad to help too, we should do this again sometime!"

Dinner date, ffs.

Flashing her a small peace sign, she would beckon Ellie to follow her off into the night, for more new-vampire fun.

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