Screw the DeLorean, just smoke marijuana to go back 30 years. Works for Skuld.

Outfit, minus sunglasses - Also around East Ravenswood across the river

Whose idea was it for supermarkets to open 24 hours. Because Skuld wanted to give that person a well-earned congratulatory handy. Or, finger, if they were female. She'd do either honestly.

Just the ability to go to a shop in order to get any ingredient for any dish whatsoever, at any time whatsoever, was fucking genius. It was also brilliant, because when you were high, you could get snacks for the munchies at any point.

Which funnily enough was Skuld's exact position. Wandering up and down the aisles with a trolley half-full of various foods and drinks, stoned out of her mind. Because it was a good distraction from her painfully spiraling thoughts.

Also because when she smoked the happy stuff, she was able to do shit like dash the trolley along and jump in the air so it took her forwards.


 Esperanza rarely ever found herself this far out from home. Tonight was one of those scant occasions, thanks to Alejandra's little friend having a sleepover birthday party with a friend, at said child's grandparents' house. Ravenswood was not her favorite part of Mountainside by any means - it just didn't seem as safe as either Larkspur or North Glenn, but after seeing their house, she was comfortable letting Ali stay the night. Still, it would be no surprise that her stomach was growling before she even pulled out of the driveway, and she didn't dare try to make it back home without stopping to grab something to at least snack on for the drive back.

 Generally untrusting of corner store food, the momma bear stopped at a supermarket to seek out something quick and easy. It didn't take her long to find a few things that would tide her over: boiled eggs, string cheese, and organic beef jerky. All super healthy things. The craving for chocolate, though, was hardly deterred by these chosen items, and so Esperanza would not deny herself a sweet treat.

 She rounded a corner in the perusal of just that, mind wandering over the possibilities of Ghirardelli or Godiva, and was promptly met with the business end of a high-speed grocery cart. The woman let out a startled yelp, scrambling to keep her goods in her arms while also trying to use those arms to stop the cart from breaking her hip or something. It ended with success in neither of these fronts, the cart hitting her in the hip anyways, and her food falling to the floor.

 Naturally, despite the flash of hazel in her normally brown eyes, her concerns flew to the other person involved. One hand covered the tender spot where she'd been hit, the other one bracing against the cart as she sought the woman's face. "Ay! are you okay?"

The paranoia from the high hadn't actually hit yet, so Skuld wasn't worrying about running into someone with her charging trolley of death, manned by a fuzzy skinny paintbrush. Which is why the actual impact seemed even more tragic to her.

The woman's food went flying everywhere, and the trolley rebounded back to jab Skuld in the stomach, obviously knocking her off to actually stand on the floor. She coughed a few times, but quickly looked up to see the lady holding her cart.

Oh god Skuld had hit her. She was going to take her to court. Or beat her up. Or what if she was a were and turn into a big beast. Or a vampire and suck her blood. Skuld was going to die.

Or.. be asked if she was okay? "Wh-.. y-yeah I'm fine, but I hit you! Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Oh god I'm so sorry I'm such an idiot I'm sorry." Skuld was panting in a slight panic now, holding her hands out in some hopeless helping flail.

 Her inner beast protested the sudden contact and the pain that blossomed from it. It growled unhappily in her head, regarding the other woman as - well, not quite a threat, but a pest. A weaker animal biting her flanks, so to speak. Something that could be eaten to be taken care of. Esperanza did her best to wrestle against it, but still she frowned. Surely a grown woman knew better than to ride a grocery trolley through the store at such a high speed. It was childish - she shook her head a little. That was unkind of her - that was the bear.

 "Stop, stop," she said softly, both to herself and Speed Racer, one hand waving gently while the other rubbed her face. The beast did not respond well to the fear radiating off the stranger before her. "I am fine, honey, really. It was just an accident." She bent down to gather her scattered items, frowning at the twinge of pain in her hip. "You should be more careful, though."

As the lady spoke, it became clearer to Skuld that she was okay. Through all the haze anyway. There was still the paranoia that she was some supernatural being that wouldn't hesitate to rip her head off, but that could be sated still.

"Yeah, I will, I'm so sorry again. Can I make it up to you?" Weed tended to make her a lot more outgoing, and definitely talkative. Combine that with the paranoia and the new-found anxiety, she wasn't doing well at keeping calm.

 At least she was apologetic and not otherwise rude. Esperanza finally smiled, pushing her disgruntled bear down, even as the potent smell of marijuana suddenly became apparent to her, now that she was no longer in pain. Her smile dissolved quickly, lips pursing in a motherly sort of disapproval. That would certainly explain the basket full of edible odds and ends.

 "No, it is okay," she assured her, voice perhaps a little less gentle now. "That marijuana, though? Are you not a little old to be smoking that? It will get you nowhere in life, my friend."

The edible odds and ends were actually Skuld buying food for her and Fray to survive, but she could see why someone would think she was on a munchies trip. Hence all the packs of chips.

The lady recognised the smell of marijuana on her though, which Skuld was surprised people didn't just smell on her all the time. She nodded back, but frowned at her from her comment of her being too old.

"You can never be too old to smoke a joint," Skuld said, waggling a finger in a weirdly smug manner. "Tobacco yeah, alcohol yeah. Weed? Nah. Nothing but natural." She smiled back, a little goofily.

 The stoned woman had her opinion - as Esperanza should have anticipated. This was Colorado, after all. The bear decided not to argue with her - she had put in her two cents. There was no need to berate an adult for her perfectly legal, if not unsavory, life choices.

 "Well. In any case. Perhaps you should refrain from driving so fast under the influence." There was still some disapproval there, but also a note of humor. But seriously. She hoped this lady wasn't operating a vehicle in such a condition. "Take care of yourself, alright?" The bear patted the basket between them gently, fixing her with a motherly expression before she prepared to continue on her way.

Perhaps she should.. buuuut.. "Yeah, no problem. V-dub campers don't go so fast anyways," Skuld said with a grin back, getting the woman's humor.

She nodded back with the question though, her hair flopping forwards a bit. "Yeah, you too eh. I'll try not to run into anyone else," she said with a chuckle, finally bringing a hand to push her hair back.

"I'm just glad you weren't a were or a vampire or some shit," she added on mindlessly, beginning to push away.

 Esperanza smiled softly at the woman. She had too many children, adopted and otherwise, to worry about to pour too much of herself into this one. Still, she decided that she would pray for this lady tonight before bed. A low chuckled resounded from her as the woman promised not to mow anyone else down with her cart, but she made no other response beyond that short laugh and an approving nod of her head.

 She paused at those last few words, blinking once or twice as she processed them. Oh, the irony - if only she knew. Though she could only imagine what business a vampire would have in a supermarket.

 "Mm. Lucky you," Esperanza said simply, if not halfheartedly, before letting the woman go and moving on to her final necessity. Chocolate - maybe a little extra.

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