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Incoming FaceTime

He didn't mean to hit the FaceTime button. It was too late to figure out how to stop it by the time the phone was answered.

Trick's phone was propped up on the shelf in the shower. He was... not showering alone. He was showering with his soon to be wife to... save... water.... sure...

He raised an eyebrow, looked at Alina and then reached over to answer the call. Whatever. Brokeback had seen them naked before.

Sup, fam?


Surprise, Dante was holding the phone to his ear like the uncultured swine he was.

Trick. Coyote friend is crashing at my place for a f--are you showering?

People showered with phones?

She was unhappy about the sudden phone call, the ring having startled her, the sound echoing loudly in the shower. She was even unhappier when he reached over and answered, though he didn't put the phone up to his ear like normal.

Also... What the fuck was on his screen. Was that.... Was that an ear?

"What is that."

Trick snorted.

"That's one of our wolves. A Dante!Wolf to be exact."

Yup. You have a beautiful eardrum, Dante.


He could hear Alina in the background. Oh. Oops. A part of him was almost sorry for interrupting what was probably an intimate moment, but mostly he was pleased that his leaders would be so dedicated to answer his call at the same time.


He pulled the phone away to stare at the screen, momentary bafflement erased as he saw the very-much-showering King and Queen. Ah. Unperturbed, he moved on, partially watching his own face in the little corner square.

My friend Alex needs a place to crash for a... unspecified amount of time. She's a coyote. I told her she could come to my apartment if you allowed it.


Dante’s face appeared after Sullivan made a comment about his ear and Alina looked back at him as he looked at them. There was no sudden feelings of modestness or humility — they were wolves and they’d seen it all before. Really there was just confusion. Why were they looking at Dante while they talked to him as opposed to just hearing him like normal.

But also:

Alex as in Second Best Trash Dog Alex?

There could only be so many Trash Dogs names Alex in one city.

Does this have anything to do with the jaguar mess?


Yes. And... yes. She's worried about cops looking for her after being all over the local news.


Alina's nose wrinkled. While she wasn't thrilled about the fact that the cops were looking for Alex, she could understand the need to lay low. Hell, they'd done it together a time or two when they'd worked together a while ago.

Yeah, alright. Just let us know if you guys need anything.


Alina's expression was a decent translation for his own feelings on the matter. He had no desire for police attention, but he trusted himself most of all to be able to keep this whole mess under the radar.

Thank you. I'll keep you guys updated.

He would stay true to his word, and if his leaders had nothing more to say, Dante would end the call and get back to business.

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