Pointy Ears


Ok, first time to be out in the heat with this newish body temperature. Definitely felt way warmer. Not a fan of hot weather in general, sooo.

But there was about one good thing about it.

FREE THE NIPPLE SEASON. Braless life made her feel like a floating fairy.

Katya made it up creepy stairs carrying a medium-sized canvas. Not before appraising all the potential places Jo might put the art, but anyway. Up the stairs she went. One by one. Which was very awkward with a canvas which had a cloth draped over it.

”Awooooo,” she greeted when she made it to the final step.

There were two good things about were metabolisms: she could eat whatever the hell she wanted, and she burned through hangovers fast. She'd woken up with armageddon unfolding in her head, and several hours later, she had only the faintest headache, although her stomach flopped whenever she made sudden movements.

She'd holed up in the upstairs lounge to knock out payroll and any associated paperwork and had made her way halfway through when footsteps clunking up the stairs heralded Katya's arrival. At the girl's greeting, Jo twisted around on the couch to peer back at her, and her friendly but sorta weak smile shifted into a grin when she noted Katya's haul. "Heeeeey. Whatcha got there?"

As expected, Jo was right there. Katya grinned widely, making her way over to her.

"Present!" she informed, leaning the canvas against the side of the couch and keeping the cloth draped over it for now. "I wanted to get it done before, like, wolfbrain," Katya informed, straightening again and looking to Jo.

Maybe a little sympathetically.

"How are you?" she asked, genuinely interested in her well-being. Jo had cared when she got infected, so the feeling went both ways. Duh.

Jo draped halfway across the back of the couch, folding her arms along it to watch Katya with more interest and enthusiasm than she'd managed since. Y'know. Jaguar wrestling.

Right. Trying not to think about that.

"Decent enough," she answered. A small, probably obvious lie, but she really didn't want to get into the whole jaguar thing again, especially with the way Katya was looking at her. "How's the wolf situation going?"

Decent enough was a vague answer but she wasn't gonna press it. Jo was here and alive and if she had PTSD Katya would rather not witness, like, an episode happen.

"As good as it can go I guess," she said in return with a small shrug. "I dunno where you're gonna put it or if you're gonna put it anywhere, buttt," Katya continued, pulling the cloth away from the painting with about zero suspense. "Joyote," she said with a small grin, angling the painting her way.

It was a full-size Jo, sitting with her nose angled upwards to the camera. Majestic, if you asked Katya.

It gets easier. A hollow reassurance, and one Katya had doubtlessly heard a dozen times already, so Jo refrained from saying so.

Katya, bless her, didn't keep Jo waiting, unveiling the painting without flourish or ceremony, and she beamed at the sight of herself. Her coyote wasn't much interested in things she couldn't eat, fight, or play with, so she only lazily inspected the painting and the not-quite-wolf before curling back up.

"I love it," Jo enthused, her smile all teeth. "Aw man, you're fantastic. My coyotes tell me it's conceited to hang a painting of myself in my apartment, so I was thinking downstairs, the wall on the right-hand side when you walk in. And if you have any other stuff you wanna put up, too."

Downstairs. Wall on the right side. That was like, pretty visible. Not that Katya expected work to flow in from here or anything, but it did stroke her ego just a little knowing tons of people would see it, ok.

"Other stuff??" she blurted, having not expected the offer. She looked to Jo for a few moments without saying anything, just to see if she was serious?? "I mean hell yeah. I don't have anything on me right now - all my stuff's commissioned work - but if you wanted some more pieces around the place or had any ideas of what, lemme know dude."

What the fuck was a commission? Like... already sold, maybe?

Jo waved a hand dismissively, like she totally understood what Katya had just said. "Nah, I just figured if you had anything you were tryin' to unload, y'know. I'm perfectly content with my fetching mug on display. But you're welcome to wall space any time." She was sure her broke ass couldn't afford anything Katya made anyway.

Jo wasn't buying.

Katya tried to not look visibly disappointed (it failed), instead giving a few small nods. "I don't have a lot of free art dump, but I'll holler at you if I do," she told her REAL CASUAL, while simultaneously trying to not be offended that she was implying her work was worth no money.

"Anyway. I'll scram, but send me a pic when you get that hung up. Yes??"

Demand. >:O

Jo frowned, distinctly consternated. Not only was she apparently a snitch, but she was also a mooch. When had communicating become so difficult?

"Naw, man. I'm not trying to weasel free art outta you. I meant for you to, like. We have a few pieces we put up on our poetry nights and stuff, artists or whatever trying to get their shit noticed and sold. I made cool little signs for them and everything." She had no idea why they didn't just... put their art on Etsy or at a proper gallery, but apparently it was a thing to ask coffee shops to show their art. Just substitute "week night hipster bar" for coffee shop.

"But if all your stuff's commissioned, I s'pose you're good to go, huh?" She grinned like she still totally knew what "commissioned" meant and like she wasn't fucking exhausted.

She gestured vaguely. "I'll shoot you a photo when I get it framed and hung. I really appreciate it, man." Because god forbid she sound ungrateful after she'd come across as a mooch.

She watched as Jo justified herself. It was awkward, and maybe it was a misunderstanding, but ultimately Katya literally didn't have work she did in her spare time to give away.

Besides Wilhelm and Jo's painting which she'd specifically asked for no payment for, so.

"No worries. Now the place is officially claimed by chihuahua dogs and even the walls agree," Katya eventually said back with a smile. If Jo returned it she'd go to fist bump her because she gave her bro vibes ok. "You don't mind if I put it up on my portfolio do you??"

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