Pointy Ears


Ok, first time to be out in the heat with this newish body temperature. Definitely felt way warmer. Not a fan of hot weather in general, sooo.

But there was about one good thing about it.

FREE THE NIPPLE SEASON. Braless life made her feel like a floating fairy.

Katya made it up creepy stairs carrying a medium-sized canvas. Not before appraising all the potential places Jo might put the art, but anyway. Up the stairs she went. One by one. Which was very awkward with a canvas which had a cloth draped over it.

”Awooooo,” she greeted when she made it to the final step.

There were two good things about were metabolisms: she could eat whatever the hell she wanted, and she burned through hangovers fast. She'd woken up with armageddon unfolding in her head, and several hours later, she had only the faintest headache, although her stomach flopped whenever she made sudden movements.

She'd holed up in the upstairs lounge to knock out payroll and any associated paperwork and had made her way halfway through when footsteps clunking up the stairs heralded Katya's arrival. At the girl's greeting, Jo twisted around on the couch to peer back at her, and her friendly but sorta weak smile shifted into a grin when she noted Katya's haul. "Heeeeey. Whatcha got there?"

As expected, Jo was right there. Katya grinned widely, making her way over to her.

"Present!" she informed, leaning the canvas against the side of the couch and keeping the cloth draped over it for now. "I wanted to get it done before, like, wolfbrain," Katya informed, straightening again and looking to Jo.

Maybe a little sympathetically.

"How are you?" she asked, genuinely interested in her well-being. Jo had cared when she got infected, so the feeling went both ways. Duh.

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