Starting to Get This Vibe

The Gym - Were Only 
He breathed in deep when she pulled away, feeling familiarly warm despite the battering that this evening had brought. "Hmm, you sure? Do not need another moment to be certain?"

Levka would absolutely let her go... if she wanted to be let go.

 Different circumstances but the same caution, she glanced sideways down the row of lockers to make certain They had not warranted any attention. Pulling backwards and trying to coax him to come along as she let the back of her shoulders press into the metal and kissed him properly again. "Just a bit - only a couple of seconds, really ..." She kept her voice low, turned away to nip at the side of his neck and slid her arms loosely around his middle instead. "Tell me to behave, it's a once in a blue moon opportunity for you."

Levka couldn't help but wonder if anyone who thought Yana Novik was cold had ever bothered to actually give the effort to be certain.

Well, not that he was complaining. He was pretty happy to keep much of this information for his own purposes. And as he practically pinned her at her encouragement, he was pretty glad to stand his ground, let this happen. He kept his head turned into hers, let her roam a bit from his mouth but took every second of contact he could get.

The attempt to turn the tables on their usual roles was met with a rumble. "Mm-mm," he declined with the barest shake of his head. Wasn't going to happen. His rules were that she didn't have to behave if she didn't want to.

 She sighed, a puff of breath against his neck as she kept her teeth at his throat until she nosed under his ear. Her fingers pressed against his sine, closing her eyes for a moment and keeping flush to him. "You're wrong for this - I'll tell myself then." Cheek pressed to him, she dropped her hands back to her sides first and nodded, a wordless request for him to backpedal. "Goodnight Levka, I'll see you soon."

Finally compliant, he took enough space back for her to get by, though he'd surely turn after her as she slipped past. Though.. he still needed to grab his things from his locker...

Maybe best to let her go here, or he'd just find another way to delay her. Tempting though it was, he knew when he'd played out the novelty of his hand for the time being. "Хорошей ночи, Яночка..." he said, keeping the locker and his jacket still in it as something of a tether. Let the temptation go with the promise of next time. "Быть безопасным."

 She understood the pet name, knew what 'be safe' sounded like in either language - and while she was happy that not everything was a battle of wills, there was still some small part of her that wanted the challenge. A little voice in the back of her head that insisted that she roll her eyes and oblige him and act like it wasn't pleasant for her one way or the other. But cooperation was rare and she knew better than to squander it, resisted the impulse to lean in and kiss him again as she adjusted the strap of her bag as it tangled at her shoulder.

Soon, that was enough - soon.

 Before she could stop herself, she opened her mouth to say more - stopped and smiled instead, hesitated. Soon - don't make a fool of yourself. Gentle reminders from the more level part of her mind as she turned her back to him with a degree of finality and headed for the exit and back toward Belle Vista in turn.

Her hesitation was flattering in the fact that it was mutual. But it seemed inevitable that it be like this. With nothing really pressuring them apart, the decision being made was... difficult. Oddly so. They could have kept going or a while yet, found an excuse to exit together. Left a car here while they ventured for food together. He could have made some excuse to find his way back to her house, maybe, if he'd gotten clever enough.

But there was value in being left wanting, anticipating.

So the brief exchange of smiles, and he let her leave, only turning back to get his things and close up the locker when she was out of sight. By time he headed into the parking lot, she'd probably have already pulled out, headed back her way while he headed for the mountain.

Couldn't help but think, though, that he'd gotten peculiarly lucky to find a woman who would not only tolerate his trying to terrorize her... but also value his company enough to stay regardless. Levka had done nothing at all to deserve it, but he'd taken it with both hands and a firm "mine," anyway.

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