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 This was not really Greta's scene. Not to say that she had anything against anyone in the LGBT community - hell, she had experienced attraction to women in her own life - but she stuck out like a sore, silver-haired thumb among the crowd of hip young people. It apparently wasn't common to see older women at drag bars, as she could feel more than a few pairs of eyes lingering on her as she moved around the inside of the club. Truthfully, she was just exploring Lavender Heights, getting acquainted with her new future home, poking through the different areas within.

 Still, curiosity and a quiet hunger tugged at her conscience, keeping her from leaving and moving on to the next thing. She passed through the building Friday night crowd, floating in a sea of heartbeats. Her eyes lingered on those dressed to the nines in their finest drag, with painstaking makeup and gaudy outfits. Greta had never really... observed such a thing, somewhat taken aback by the abundance of it. She was of the opinion that anyone could wear whatever they pleased so long as they were comfortable, but... well, maybe she was just old. She couldn't quite wrap her mind around it.

 Her gaze flitted away from the glittery queens to wander among the crowd. A variety of scents mingled here, from very much alive to very much not. Perhaps she could pick someone out to charm into a meal. Perhaps her nose would lead her to a different kind of encounter.

This was certainly quite the establishment. Perhaps not something Edvin might have visited under any other circumstance outside of being thorough in his exploration of Lavender Heights. He was well aware of the influence of the LGBTQ community in the area and if he were to be perfectly honest he did quite enjoy the colorful atmosphere.

That was perhaps the most mild major of referring to a place like Pegasus.

The lifestyle itself was nothing new to Edvin. Homosexuality was no trend or recent development. Though it had been many hundreds of years since, there had been a time long ago when Edvin himself had explored the boundaries of sexuality. That was a time since passed. Edvin found now that sex was a distant afterthought. He busied his mind with almost never, which was a feat a thirty year old version of himself never might have considered.

Such was the passage of time.

The lengths at which the performers here decorated themselves, however, was relatively new. Perhaps a bit jarring. Though it was ultimately something Edvin found entertaining, and an art he could respect. Alas, his focus was drawn away from the preformers quite early on in the night. The presence of someone quite like himself was no small thing to glance over. But in a sea of bodies, it was a needle in a proverbial hay stack.

His wandering drew a few glances from glitter smeared and half drunk college students as he moved about the crowd, but Edvin afforded them no attention of his own. It would not be long before he could spot a rather misplaced woman doing much the same as himself. With a twist upward of his lips, Edvin adjusted his course toward her. He fell in step beside her with a gentle nod of greeting. “Quite the show, hm?”

 She felt the power signature first, a faint sort of tingling that steadily grew, along with a scent that was familiar, yet not. It would seem that she would be finding another like herself before she could seduce her prey, and sure enough, it was not long after she'd realized the presence that someone was walking up beside her. She apprehended him with a slight tilt of her head, but continued to walk at a leisurely pace, the faintest hint of a smile on her lips. Another vampire who had not been encapsulated in their youth.

 "Quite," she agreed in a lilting voice, walking with him as if they were old friends. "I've never been to such a place. Aren't we a couple of oddballs." It was less a question and more a notation of an amusing matter of fact. They had more in common with one another than perhaps anyone else here, despite only a handful of words between them.

Edvin took great pleasure in the ease with which the woman accepted his presence. Just as Beauregard had, she afforded him the familiarity of old friends, despite not knowing one another’s name. Idly, he did wonder if this might be Greta, the woman whom Beauregard himself spoke of. He supposed it would be a quick process to find out.

“Mm, I cannot help but feel I am severely lacking in glitter and body paints.” He mused with a mirthful chuckle. “What brings you here?” It could be something so simple as a hunt. He could not deny that a bloodstream thick with alcohol did not sound appealing.

 Edvin's comment was pretty humorous, causing the woman's eyes to narrow slightly in a good-natured fashion. Imagining a man such as this in lingerie and glitter was enough to give her a mental chuckle, but the thought vanished just as quickly as she considered his question. The chances that a seemingly sophisticated, stronger-than-average vampire such as this was an associate of Beauregard's didn't appear to be slim. Greta decided it was safe to act on that hunch.

 "Just getting to know the place. I'll be a resident before long," she admitted, slowing to a stop and turning to face him more fully, plainly apprehending him. "You wouldn't happen to know a certain Beauregard?" The woman pried, brows lifting just so.

Her answer did coax his brows a fraction higher. It was possibly coincidence, that a rogue would decide to settle in Lavender Heights on the same timeline of the forming Clutch. More likely, however, that this was one of Beauregard's comrades. The woman was forward enough to confirm his suspicions. Edvin flashed a brilliant smile. "I am rather well acquainted to with him. Do you happen to go by the name of Greta?" His head tilted respectfully.

 Well, she certainly wasn't far from the mark at all. Greta nodded affirmatively, grinning cryptically. "I should hope he hasn't said too many terrible things about me," she said lightheartedly, hands coming to rest in the pockets of her slacks. "I don't believe I've heard of you, though. What shall I call you?" It seemed an unspoken acknowledgment that they would be seeing more of each other - it was only right to be properly introduced.

Edvin offered a charming chuckle as he shook his head. “Only good things, I assure you.” Whilst some might have been put out that Beauregard had not mentioned his potential Second, Edvin found it reasonable to keep information about the forming Clutch to simplicity. The finer details would be worked out during the official gathering.

“Edvin,” He said warmly, his hand extending so that it might take hers in a friendly grip. A man who sported an iridescent unicorn horn fastened to his forehead approached them then with a tray of assorted hors d’oeurves. Edvin waved him away with a good natured shake of his head, to which he recieved a rather rude glance of scrutiny before being left alone. “The community is rather... exciting. Certainly unlike any other I have encountered.” He mused.

 She didn't think Beauregard would be so underhanded as to talk poorly of her - after all, she wasn't sure he knew enough about her to kick dirt on her name. At least, she had given him no reason to do so, but she still took the man's reassurance with a grain of salt despite her chuckle of amusement. Edvin. Her expression shifted just so, into one of pleasant softness, as she took his hand in her own in a ladylike grasp, squeezing his hand for a moment before releasing it again. As for the unicorn server, Greta would merely consider him with an amused silence, turning back to Edvin as they were left alone in the crowd again.

 "What, this old thing?" she purred, gesturing lightly at the colorful club around them. A joke, obviously. "Indeed... what a shock this would have been to a much younger me." Undoubtedly. "Do you know this neighborhood well, Edvin? Perhaps we can find some place with fewer ears." She considered him with a generally neutral gaze. She would prefer to discuss vampire business than the glittery decor of this place.

Someone younger might have missed the humor in her words, but Edvin chuckled genially for it. To call such a place "old."

The bustle of the crowd was admittedly distracting, and Edvin had the oddest sensation that the longer they remained in one place, the more attention would be drawn to them. People did not stop to speak in the modern era. It was all about moving. Doing something. Exchanging numbers and texting one another. Edvin could not wrap his mind around it.

Greta suggested they move, and Edvin ushered her toward the back of the building with a nod. "I have not been a resident of Lavender Heights for more than a few days. I did occupy Larkspur for, oh, a month prior. I have done a great deal of exploration, however,." He said all of this in a conversational volume despite their movement and the thunder of the music. There was no doubt that Greta would hear him just as clearly as if they were speaking in a quiet room.

 Greta moved with Edvin as he walked along, keen on being able to have whatever conversation she so pleased without attracting unwanted attention to choice words. She listened to him explain that he was himself a new kid on the block, but not a complete stranger to the area. She nodded and hummed in understanding, hands sliding into the pockets of her slacks in a sign of relaxation, alert eyes wandering around the club.

 "Good to know," she remarked simply. "This is my maiden voyage to this area." Perhaps she should have taken a wing to scope things out - but this way, at least, she was meeting somebody that was probably good to know. "Have you known Beauregard long?"

What a peculiar place to begin her first exploration into the city. He supposed it did do a sufficient job of encompassing much of the area's culture. "Only for as long as I have been a resident of Mountainside. He is a likable fellow, that Beauregard. Easy to befriend." If he could recall correctly, Greta had known Beauregard for some time. Relatively speaking, that was. A few months was scarcely anything in comparison to the centuries he had endured. "I am correct in assuming you too were a member of Bone Hollow Clutch?"

 Greta smiled lightly at Edvin's praise of their mutual acquaintance. He was indeed a charming fellow; the woman personally knew better than to store abundant trust in him so immediately, but he was hardly special in that front. She sighed needlessly, hardly requiring air, more as a precursor to her words from some bit of flair. "Yes," she confirmed simply with a chuckle. "Have you stopped by there yourself?"

He did wonder how a woman such as Greta or a man such as Beauregard had come t involve themselves with such a group as Bone Hollow. At the questioning, he responded with a mirthful chuckle. "I am afraid I would be rather disliked by such a crowd." He mused.

 Greta tilted her head at the man. Obviously Beau had filled Edvin in on all the details of what made Bone Hollow a less than agreeable habitat for some. "Oh? Not willing to kill shapeshifters on sight?" she pried, brows rising.

The smile relaxed some as she sought elaboration. “I have lived many centuries, and in those I have observed that killing something for the reason of being different often causes more issue than there was initially.” His eyes searched Greta’s face for any indication of disagreement. As she had left the group, he was under the assumption that she was of a like mind.

 Ah, another vampire who was truly ancient - more so than he looked, though he had aged gracefully, if she did say so herself. She smiled a little at him, nodded her head in agreement. Greta had been through enough wars to agree with him. "Indeed," she said simply. "Have you got a business card, Edvin? Let's stay in touch - though I presume we'll be seeing more of each other in the near future."

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Edvin hummed a small chuckle at her request, but delivered all the same. From his pocket he produced a wallet, from which he drew the card he'd had placed amongst the city. "I suspect we will very soon. The finishing touches on the Planetarium are nearly there, then I do not suppose Beauregard will doddle for much longer thereafter."

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