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Katya felt like all she did these days was text but seriously zero complaints. Socialising was (◜௰◝).

Which reminded her.

Robbie had kind of fallen off the face of the earth. No texts. Calls. Anything. So, just to like check in.

how's vamp life been


Texting had been the last thing on Robbie's mind since she died.

Regardless, the phone's vibrations were easily enough to garner her attention. She just stared at the texts for a second, her mind blanking as her thoughts were reduced to static. Robbie blinked a second later and began to type.

hey you

It would never not be Robbie's greeting.

it's been terrible, I miss food so much
how's the she wolf life going

After that, Robbie couldn't not send Katya a link of what came to mind.


if you’re comparing me to shakira i’ll defs take that as a compliment ^o^
unlike you i have to eat triple in food now so that’s kind of the opposite

She thought of Wilhelm. Held off from it for a moment.

is blood at least tasty for you


I'm totally comparing you to shakira

As for Katya's wolfish appetite, Robbie considered it a privilege to still be able to enjoy food.

Then came a question that left Robbie thinking sad thoughts.

it's the only thing I really taste anymore
I hate it, but like

Drinking blood was fucking horrifying and disgusting, but Robbie was a vampire. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced when she was alive, but she didn't think that Katya wanted that detailed of an answer.

so like
you haven’t got bored of the taste yet??

Katya loved pizza but if she ate it every day or whatever she was pretty sure she’d die.

it's hard to describe

Robbie sighed.

It wasn't difficult to describe, only to admit.

when I'm hungry, it's all I can think about


Katya was less and less jealous of not becoming a Vampire instead. Her current situation would never be and never was ideal either, but it was easy to grow towards indifference when you thought about like.

Eating the same thing, over and over again for probably the next million years to come.

i hope you're at least asking peeps to drink from them because like
some crazy girl knocked me to the ground before the full moon and drank my blood??
it was weird and totally not consensual



It was a necessary lie, which made it easier.

I've thought about putting an ad up somewhere, asking people for blood at nightclubs is hit and miss

Katya could take that with as much sarcasm as she would like. When the new she wolf mentioned being fed on, however, Robbie's thoughts quickly went elsewhere.

where?? did you catch her face or anything?

Robbie and Amy might not have asked for consent from their victims, but at least they had the decency to erase any memories of the incident after the fact, Matthew's case notwithstanding.

‘Yeah’ was always an answer which screamed indifference to her.

magic hollow i think and yeah kinda but it was the middle of the night obviously so
i mean i’d probsbrecognjse ber if i saw her again what just happened to that sentence

She paused, reading over Robbie’s second message again.

doesn’t beauregard help with meals and stuff??


Magic Hollow was a little close to home. Regardless, Robbie didn't have much time to dwell on it before Katya mentioned Beauregard.


The temptation to ghost Katya and abandon the conversation right then and there was strong.

So she did.

Katya waited. And waited. And then it was the following night and there was still literally no reply, which was. Very. Not. Robbie.

She was stuck between concern and huffing out of offence.

is it like secret or something


Robbie had felt like shit for ghosting Katya, but what else was she supposed to do? Explain to her why she and Amy weren't a part of Beauregard's glorified wine club? The punk had almost convinced herself that she made the right call until Katya persisted the next night.

Yeah, no. The ghosting had failed miserably.

Katya was too nosy to take nothing for an answer, and the thought of her going to Beauregard for answers didn't sit well with Robbie at all.

we're not welcomed in beauregard's clutch
it's a long, shitty story about how amy's sire turned them against us, so we've been on our own


Ok something something reading the answer wasn't the first thing that came to mind.

did you legit just ignore me for 24hrs


I did and felt like shit for it the entire time


cool imagine how i feel
friends don't ignore each other that's just rude

She paused. Considered if what she was sending was petty. Didn't care in the end because it was the truth.

at least cris showed me that


Incoming call from Robbie



Katya stared as her screen changed, signalling an incoming call, and just.


She didn't even wait for it to go to voicemail. She just denied it, because you get what you give. Or something like that. There was a quote.

She didn't know, ok.

Robbie was happy to speak her mind via texts if Katya preferred.

dont you fucking care pull that cris shit with me
that bitch has it easy, she wouldn't hhave lasted a day of the shit i've had to deal with
shit that your buddy beauregard hasnt helped one fucking bit


Pettiness was fine but what the fuck kind of messages was she now getting.

Katya had literally, like. This was vicious?? What the fuck.

She blinked out of shock. Stared at them some. Took offence on Cris' behalf.

i'd recommend you shut up while you still can


fuck you

Robbie then proceeded to hurl her phone at the wall. The shatter upon its impact was satisfying, but only for a moment.

What the actual fuck.

Robbie needed to go to a psychiatric ward, and Katya was definitely, very, very, done defending her outbursts.

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