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Announcement Archives

This is where all of the old announcements are stored. Feel free to search this archive for any information or updates you may have missed.



October 20:
The long awaited date is here! What Lies We Breathe is officialy open for play! Be sure to read the Welcome thread and the Guidebook to start writing with us! Thank you so much for your patience. <3 — Gina & Yaz

November 2:
Tomorrow marks two weeks since the site's official opening! Thank you for sticking with us as we make a few clarifications and updates. You can view what we've changed by checking out our Change Log. The activity you all have brought to the site has been amazing and we appreciate each and every one of you! — Gina & Yaz

November 10:
Ladies and Gentleman, we are making a few behind the scenes changes to the system running our site! We may experience some downtime, though we shouldn’t have any. In the end, this should make the site run more efficiently (read: faster)! Please bear with us for the next few days in case there are any issues! Additionally, please let us know if you experience any issues by posting here! Thank you so much for your patience! — Gina & Yaz

November 28:
Happy Holidays to all those who celebrated this past week! A few important changes and clarifications have been made to the Guidebook, so please read the updates in our Change Log. We're officially passed the month-old mark and the numbers are in! Between Oct 20 and today, you all have: tripled the number of accounts (29 → 91), tripled the number of threads (67 → 229), and quadrupled the amount of posts made (242 → 1,006). That's amazing! We can't tell you how much we appreciate the support you all show for the world we've created. Thank you! — Gina & Yaz




Jan 8:
New locations have been added to each subforum. Check out locations threads for your new hot spots!

Jan 31:
We've added three new abilities for Psychics. Head to the guidebook to find out more info about Mimicry, Necromancy, and Projection!

Feb 6:
Valentine's Day event! Is your character interested in a blind date? Check it out!

Feb 9:
We've revised our Mortality Clause and our ICA=ICC rules for clarification. We've also added a rule on Godmoding, Metagaming & Powerplaying for additional transparency. See the change log for details!

Feb 12:
Blind Dates have been selected! Your character should have been tagged with a link to their thread. If not, check the event thread for your link. Happy dining in the dark!

Feb 13:
We've added a bit to our guidebook on Were Groups and Alliances. See the change log for more info.

Feb 20:
We added a "Tempting Fate" clause to the Guidebook, under ICA=ICC. Please see the change log for more info.

Mar 5:
A new page was added to the Guidebook. See the Change Log for more details. Additionally, we've updated the Suggested Faces List! Check it out!

Mar 15:
Surprise! Yaz has created three new wonderful banners for you all to enjoy! You can set a different banner by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and selecting the drop-down on the right-hand side. The new banners are: Fern Gully, Twilight Gap, and Predawn. Enjoy!

Mar 31:
We've added an event for April Fools Day! Let us know if your character wants to Fool Around!

Apr 1:
For everyone who signed up for the Foolin' Around event, your thread prompts are located in the Elsewhere forum! Enjoy and have lots of fun! Happy April Fools Day!

Apr 3:
We updated the information needed for Creating a Group and added in how to request a Sub-Location. Please see the Change Log for more details.

Apr 15:
As a way of thanking our players for embracing the volatile nature of WLWB, we've added something new to our Face Claim to honor the in game deaths. Check it out here!

Apr 25:
Thanks for bearing with us while we fine tune the required threads for leveling up your characters. We've revised the wording on a few writing challenges for added clarity and simplicity, but their premise is the same. Please review the Levels page in the guidebook and our change log for more details.

May 12:
We're looking to rollout of a few new sub-locations so we've made suggesting and/or owning new locations a little easier. Check out our new Sub-Locations Suggestions thread and additional sub-location revisions to the Settings Page of our guidebook. Let us know if there are any new areas you have in mind!

May 16:
Congratulations to the Lions for forming a Pride. Enjoy your new forum and all the gold that comes with your new group. For everyone else, please note that Solstice's description has been revised. Check out the Larkspur Locations thread for the location's new details. Additionally, we have modified the adoptables so they no longer have to be related to your character. If you have a fun idea for a character, but don't have the bandwidth to play them, feel free to toss them up. Someone's bound to bite.

Jun 8:
Hello friends! Nothing to report, other than that you're all amazing. I appreciate each and every one of you. I'll be rolling out an advertisement contest soon with some really neat prizes so keep an eye out for that! Happy posting! <3 — Gina

Jun 13:
A wild contest has appeared! WLWB is hosting an Advertisement Contest! There’s a pretty neat prize in store for two members so if you’re interested, please read the information located here! — Gina

Jun 16:
Let’s hear it for the Hyenas for forming their Cackle! Bask in the lovely glow of your new forum and group! For every one else, be aware that the Crestview Locations thread has been updated. — Gina

Jun 20:
Introducing three new powers! Head to the Humans & Psychics page to find out more info about Empathy, Imprint, and Meteokinesis! Also thank you to everyone who participated in the Advertising contest! Head here for the results!

July 5:
Thank you to everyone who participated by submitting new sub-locations! We really appreciate all of your efforts! To show our appreciation, anyone who submitted an idea for a new location is receiving one wildcard each. More information here!

I’d also like to take the time to announce that Caoimhe will be coming onto the staff team as an Admin. Please offer them your congratulations! I know they will do a fantastic job by all of you. <3

Lastly, I’d really like to note the sheer amazement I’ve felt over the past few days. First, a very warm welcome to all our new members. Second, you are all insane (this is a good thing). Over 200 posts in 48 hours. <3 I love ya’ll and I can’t wait to see where you guys take the site going forward. — Gina

July 16:

Introducing... Vampires!


Thank you to all of the members that helped make this roll-out happen! For those of you that killed characters for this event, those characters have now been placed in the Transitioning category if you would like to bring them back as a Vampire! If you would prefer to not bring them back, please tap a member of the admin team and we will put that character back in the deceased category.

This is the part where we ask you to re-read the entire guidebook from start to finish before proceeding. There have been changes in multiple places that require your attention. With this in mind, anyone trying to Level their characters will be able to use the old level up rules until 11:59 PM 7/21/17.

We would also like to take this moment to welcome Bones to the admin team! We know that she is just as thrilled as we are to have her on board and expect her to smash do great things!

August 8:



Great googly moogly, ya'll are insane (in all the right ways). Over 1,200 posts have been made since we introduced Vampires 3 weeks ago! Thank you so much to everyone (new and old!) for making our rollout such a massive success!

A big congratulations goes out to Kiew for her promotion! That's right, Liars! She's fueled like fire! Our resident #plantlady and #actualunicorn has joined the admin team! Please extend her a giant round of applause and send her your love! — Gina, Caoimhe, and Bones

August 21:

Total Eclipse of the... Abilities?

For the first time in nearly 100 years, the United States is experiencing a coast-to-coast Total Eclipse. The occurrence is amazing and awe-inspiring, if you aren't part of the supernatural community, that is. For those Psychics, Vampires, or Weres that haven't experienced a Total Eclipse before, it can be very jarring experience.

The moment the eclipse hits its peak (for Cordova, that was just after noon, at 12:07PM), all supernatural creatures "lose" any and all powers and are rendered entirely human for 24 hours. Psychics and Vampires will not be able to use their abilities. Vampires will feel no urge to consume blood, and can even go out during the day, should they wake up from their sun-comas. Weres will have no attachment to their beasts. Again, they all turn entirely human, with all of the vulnerabilities that come with being human, meaning they cannot heal anything they might normally heal!

That said, feel free to start a thread with your character reacting to this event! Keep in mind that if your Were/Vampire was shifted at the time, they will revert to their human form. For Vampires, this isn't much of an issue, since they retain their clothing, but Weres on the other hand... Welllll...

Sept 1:

Mysterious as the Dark Side of the Moon Skin

It's been a long time coming but the dark skin has finally been completed! Huge thanks to both Caoimhe (and Shinka) for getting this put together. If you find errors or something that looks like it was missed, please feel free to post in the Maintenance thread or in the #AskAnAdmin channel! This is just one of many projects that have been in the works for you all and we are so excited to roll this out to you!

Oct 20:

Hey Liars, It's Your Birthday, Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday

Officially, What Lies We Breathe has been open for a whole year and it's thanks to all of you! We're grateful to each and every one of you for making WLWB not only a fantastic community, but an inviting, happy, and comfortable place for everyone to enjoy. Your admin team could not be happier with the last year and we want to thank everyone for all the hard work you've put in! Head on over to the Announcement Thread for a full rundown! Don't forget to check out the Change Log either!

Again, thank you so much. We hope you all love all the new and shiny things, and look forward to writing many, many more threads with you all!

Love — Gina, Caoimhe, Bones, & Kiew! <3

Nov 5:

A wild contest has appeared!

WLWB is hosting an Advertisement Contest! There’s a wildcard in store for the two members who post the most advertisements so if you’re interested, please read the information located here!

Love — Gina, Caoimhe, Bones, & Kiew! <3

Nov 18:


An abnormally large tiger has been spotted roaming the streets of Crestview after tearing it's way out of a man. I repeat, WERES HAVE BEEN OUTED. See the News Broadcast located HERE. At this time, you can also see the massive updates and changes made to the Guidebook! We've added a ton of clarifications and additions, so please see the Change Log post HERE.

Enjoy your newest plot twist! We <3 you all!

Love — Gina, Caoimhe, Bones, & Kiew! <3




Jan 1:

Happy New Year!

It has truly been an amazing year with you all. From the Vampires being outed to the Weres running wild in the streets, this year, our characters have seen and experienced a lot! They've been stressed out, turned, and even murdered and there's only more turmoil ahead for them. Here's to all the friends we've made, the laughs we've had, and the support we've given to each other, and all the wonderfulness we'll share together going forward. Truly, we love and appreciate each and every one of you.

Happy New Year! Love, — Gina, Bones, Caoimhe, & Kiew! <3

Mar 31:

Happy Almost April Fools Day!

What is even happening?! It's not April 1st yet!!! But it is the full moon today! See THIS THREAD to find out what's happening!

— Gina, Bones, Keeva, & Kiew! <3

Apr 1:

Welcome to What Lies We Bleat!

Your admin team has unanimously decided that What Lies We Breathe is now closed so that we can follow our life long dreams of opening a Modern Day Goat RP. We are immediately changing to What Lies We Bleat. Your characters have been altered automatically.

Please note that any and all vampires regardless of level now have the ability to change into a goat. All humans and psychics have been gifted with a goat in one way or another whether it miraculously appears in their homes or a stranger on the street just hands them one. Both of these changes (as well as the Baby!Were random event) will be active for the next week.

— Gina, Bones, Keeva, & Kiew! <3


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