So Hard To Do What I’ve Intended

Magic Hollow 
"Between you and me, I'm not sure how long I would've been able to keep up with his flowery way of speaking; mimicking his fancy bullshit was fucking tedious."

That elicited a huff from the punk.


"He lost me at 'dear'."

"Ugh," was the only way Robbie could express her agreement on the matter. The man's use of 'dear' was antagonizing to say the absolute least. Spoken like some term of endearment, the punk hadn't bought into it for a second.

At that point, Robbie darted off to Amy's room, retrieving the requested tank top whilst still listening to anything the blonde had to say. Margaux seemed reasonable according Amy, which almost gave Robbie hope. Still, the prospect of a reasonable vampire sounded about as plausible as mermaids—highly unlikely, but not impossible given all the other weird shit that existed in this world.

"You'll finally have the stability you deserve, 'cause I'm clearly shit at playing adoptive sire."

"We deserve," Robbie said, correcting Amy as she returned to the living room with a tank top in hand. "And you've done better than any of them. You bothered to actually try."

Looking Amy over, the punk offered the top and asked, "Do you need any help?"

Robbie's response to Beauregard's term of endearment made her chuckle faintly.

Ugh was a very accurate description, but maybe Beauregard himself knew it; maybe he used it purposefully, give all with whom he crossed paths with weird 'dad vibes'—or maybe 'old timer' vibes—Amy really had no idea what his deal was with that, but she supposed she didn't need to duel on it; wasn't like they'd have to deal with him anymore.

The punk was quick to dart to Amy's room then and about equally as quick to return.

"We deserve."

"And you've done better than any of them. You bothered to actually try."

She huffed.

"I would've helped you even if you'd been turned into a shifter—though I reckon that would've ended rather badly." She wasn't much of a shifter expert, but based on what Fray had told her, his species didn't seem to have control over their actions when they shifted—sort of like when a vampire went all demon-y and shit. "Carmen was not worth it; I would've chosen the same path a thousand times," her tone grew more sober with each syllable, a hand reaching to grab the shirt after she'd tied her hair in a rather sloppy bun to keep them from falling everywhere.

"Do you need any help?"

That was actually a very good question, but she was gonna go with no. She hadn't been rendered completely useless.

Humming in response to her friend's query, Amy would slide the top on, a faint grunt leaving her as she tugged it lower and straightened it out. Robbie sure as fuck had a good aim; Amy would give her credit for that. Heaving an unnecessary breath to calm her nerves, she'd lean her head back against the wall for a moment, shut her eyes and just.. stay there for a moment.

"Alright, let's go."

Amber eyes snapping their focus back on Robbie, she'd wait for the punk to move.

There was no point in wasting any more time.

The chuckle was comforting, no matter how faint it was. What followed shortly thereafter, however, had quite the opposite effect.

"I would've helped you even if you'd been turned into a shifter—though I reckon that would've ended rather badly."

The guilt that weighed on Robbie as a result of that was unfathomable, reminded yet again of Katya. Prior to meeting Amy, Katya had been everything, the one whose care and company kept Robbie going. Now they were both monsters, werewolf and vampire, and estranged as a result.

Robbie could only assume that Katya had made it. She had other shifters to take care of her.

It was better that way.

The punk wasn't there for the rest of their conversation, the look in her eyes distant and hollow; only once Amy struggled to put on her clean tank top did Robbie seem to snap back into reality. She refocused on the blonde, watching her friend lean against the wall for much needed support.

"Alright, let's go."


She made for the door, unlocking and opening it for Amy. It was going to be a long ride to Cordova.

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