Mountainside Planetarium 
The high lingered as they made their way inside, Beauregard all but humming for it, a sort of youthfulness having washed over him. He might have taken Kaylee's arm in his own, a habit in the company of young women regardless, if he'd known her a tad better.

He did not understand what drove other vampires to turn psychics. Ophelia, perhaps, was wise in changing her firestarter acquaintance.

But the vast majority could be developed into allies that remained delightfully edible. The taste of blood remained on his tongue, a happy thing, though he was satiated for now. Beauregard had run willing donors dry before, and he would need to fight the temptation to encourage her back more often than was wise.

They hadn't even stumbled onto the teleportation bit, a lesson that could go by very quickly if she vanished to somewhere like Cedar Creek.

Leading them into a quiet hallway, feeling a giddy sort of almost naughty despite owning the place (Edvin held it financially, but those were boring details). A few late night visitors wandered the exhibit halls they'd yet to reach.

"There is a cafe just around this corner," he said, pulling back a curtain to reveal the more public area. "Grab what you'd like. I am certainly in no rush."

She wouldn't have really minded the arm holding, truth be told.

As it was, she trailed after him only slightly, eyes wide as they went through a side door and into an off-limits hallway. She assumed, anyway, a lack of people anywhere to be seen as they traversed further inside.

A curtain was pulled back, revealing the main exhibits entrance, a cafeteria close by. "Thank you," Kaylee hummed, shooting him a hazy, if not pleased grin. At least he was polite enough to offer, another good point about this vampire.

She honestly liked him, so far. He might have his own goals in mind, but so did she in a way? As long as they matched enough to get along.. She'd be content.

It would be perhaps five minutes later that the redhead returned to his side, carrying a large tea (coffee was gross), and nibbling on a double chocolate muffin.

"I'm perking up," Kaylee reassured with a more peppy tone, starting to regain her excitement. "Ready for my disappearing act, Ringmaster."

Maybe she'd become so good she could pass as a magician.

She did not leave his side for terribly long. Beauregard was partial to the scent of chocolate, missing dearly the luxury of eating, though no food he'd ever eaten even touched the sort of sumptuous dining afforded from a good feeding these days.

It was good to see her livelier, at least for the task ahead. His mind was only just settling back into its previous space, though the condition of having fed very recently always left him feeling sharper.

"Delightful," he hummed approvingly, nodding them ahead. There was a large, empty room likely to be used for banquets and the like, but it would work well for this task at hand.

Ringmaster. She seemed to understand dreadfully well his sensibilities already.

Opening the door for her as they arrived, he would hold it for her to enter, one hand reaching a tad further to flick on the lights. Allowing it to close behind them, he swept a hand out to the broad empty space, some rows of stacked chairs along the edges.

"It is not the most scenic, but it offers you some distance to move once we start fine tuning things," he said. Beauregard headed toward the chairs, seeking to grab one for each of them so that at very least she could finish her food. It would certainly go to waste if she vanished without it.

And he didn't need it spilling on his floors, regardless.

They entered a sort of ballroom area, wide and empty for the most part. She blinked around as the lights came on, somewhat impressed and thinking this would be an ideal location to practice if she was ah.. A little less spazzy with her power still?

Honestly, she was expecting to be sent home once she tried.

"What do you have in mind?" Kaylee asked, sitting down and holding the cardboard tea cup between her knees. She started nibbling the muffin less delicately, trying to hurry this up so she could get energized and ready to go.

He could manipulate emotions.. Did he plan on giving her that sense of fear that usually drove her to teleport?

Then, how would she control where she was going? It might be based on need.. "Last time, I was ah.. Little intoxicated and needed a bathroom. Somehow I managed to teleport into one in the same building so I'm thinking like.. If I can convince myself I need to be somewhere specific it might work?" A small shrug.

"You probably have better ideas, having been around a lot longer." Seeing people do this kind of thing, even.

It was good to know that she was apparently the type to drink. Useful information for later, even if it left him wary now that she might make some foolish choice and end up a shifter.

The very thought burned at him.

"I would like to say that I do, but these early days will be ones of experimentation," he said, smiling faintly as he took a seat across from her. "I think what is most important is to focus on the sensations that occur immediately before, on a very detailed level. If... fear is a trigger, I may be able inspire some sense of that -- without any real danger, of course -- though I imagine that may be slightly unpleasant."

For Kaylee, at least. He found in that moment that he didn't care for her name. Perhaps she had a better middle name, or he could decide something else for her. It was too youthful, too modern as it stood.

"I don't know if a need to impress a vampire is need enough," he teased, but it wasn't an idea entirely in jest.

Study the sensations before, she hadn't honestly thought of that. Maybe knowing how it happened would help her control when it happened? Seemed a legitimate enough tactic, so she nodded thoughtfully and finished off her muffin in a few last bites.

"Nothing I can't handle," Kaylee confirmed, knowing she wouldn't get of on this, but confident it wasn't anything worse than she'd experienced in life.

If it was to help, worth it.

If she impressed.. "Well if I do, it's a bonus no? It can't do anything else but help." A somewhat playful grin back, before she downed the dregs of her drink and set it all aside for now.

Right, let's try this.

She bounced up, hands holding the hem of her dress and lightly pulling it apart as nothing more than a nervous fidget. Teleport now? C'mon power? Hello? Anything?

Remembering what Alex said, she attempted to close her eyes and concentrate on something. Anything.

The cafeteria came to mind, and she tried to focus on that with the same intense need she had last time at the Ice House. You really wanted that freaking muffin, Kaylee.

.... "I'm not entirely sure anything's happening yet."

He watched her fingers play at the hem of her dress, looking over her unabashedly as she stood in front of him with her eyes closed.

"Don't toy with your dress, dear," he scolded quietly, watching her hand to see if she would over.

Beauregard pondered his options for a moment, deciding against fear and instead on a cousin: anxiety. It was a gentle start, a deliberate one. He was curious what sorts of games he could play.

"We will wait as long as needed," he said with easy confidence. "Perhaps you could vanish to the car and I could drive you home. Could take a dreadfully long time, but we will wait."

Not all needs had to be wholly physical things, and not all fear had to be from immediate danger.

The little scold was.. Odd. In a nice way. She never was one to be scolded as a child, her mother too uninterested to care, her father non existent.

Again, she was beginning to think she had daddy issues, especially when she listened to his request and let her hands drop to her sides, away from the fabric. "Dear?" Kaylee hummed, but then she was slowly intoxicated by a building tension in the back of her neck.

She needed to go teleport. Now. To the muffin place. No wait.. Her car. No his car.

She was supposed to be doing something else, what did he tell he to do he told her something. Kaylee needed to remember that because it was important, but she forgot and.. Oh yeah, the sensations before she teleported. Were their any?? There weren't any, she wasn't able to do this at all and it was useless..

Her eyes opened, to look at Beau and tell him she was useless and couldn't do this, but her vision swam. The room tilted off-kilter, fluttering around sickeningly.

Her vision tunneled, at the same time green eyes suddenly flicked to deep purple.

The next thing she knew, the sensation of anxiety was gone, everything was normal and not tilting, and some old lady was cursing her for cutting in front of the line to the planetarium cafe.

He only breathed a sound of quiet amusement to her one word statement of questioning. It was a phrase often frowned upon by women these days, so desperate to declare their independence of all things male. If she stuck around, she would get used to it, or come up with something better he could call her.

Kaylee was a lackluster sort of title.

Beauregard was surprised to see her looking at him, one eyebrow rising.

And then she was gone, and it did startle him some. It was impossible not to feel a variety of confused even with the knowledge that it was possible.

He swept a lazy leg out toward where she'd been, just to be sure that she hadn't... somehow gone invisible. There was nothing.

"Au revoir," he hummed to no one and waited curiously for contact.

There was a faint state of disorientation, as there always was. She tried to stumble out of the line, reaching for her phone at the same time, but her feet didn't seem to understand which way was which anymore.

Kaylee would knock into a few people, a little pole, and drop her phone before she could stumble into a chair and breathe.

That was.. The first time she actually managed to consciously make herself go anywhere. Even if it wasn't exactly the right somewhere.. It wasn't Cedar Creek?

I ended up back in the cafe heh..
Shall I come up to you or go to the car or wait here?

For now she'd just.. Sit and breathe.

That was a surprise, but not an entirely unpleasant one. Somewhere within the building was a convenient option.

He would head out toward the cafe, eventually spotting her looking perhaps a bit dizzied. The mastery of a new power could be a taxing thing.

Beauregard made no announcement before he pulled out a seat beside her, smiling somewhat approvingly.

"Marvelous," he praised with simplicity. "How are you feeling?"

There was no reply, but he arrived quickly enough.

She smiled more genuinely at him, glad he'd manged to help her more than she'd helped herself in years. For the price of a little euphoric experience?

They could happily make this a thing.

"I knocked myself into a pillar finding a chair. Aside from that, a little dizzy." Kaylee shrugged, grinning a little more. "I think the fact this wasn't far meant I didn't get too worn out?"

She'd actually thrown up a few times, during the further jumps - even without alcohol influence.

As this went.. She was actually happy. "Thank you, so much. I think this is going to help me, if we keep doing sessions."

She smiled with a radiance he gave himself credit for. Propping one elbow on the table, he rest his chin to his fist as he listened.

"Hopefully less stumbling about as you practice," he said. Beauregard was thankful to have missed her indignities.

"You text me any time the mood strikes you, and I will be happy to help you practice," he said warmly. "And I will do the same. Do you believe it best to call it a night here, or try again?"

He assumed the former.

This was a really nice arrangement, honestly. Kaylee found herself at ease, nodding in agreement to his suggestions. "I like the sounds of that, I'll be sure to text you. And feel free to do the same anytime, my nights are mostly free."

Well. Always. But she didn't want to sound that pathetic and alone.

She blinked at her phone, checking the time quickly. Ah.. Yeah, best not push herself too much, she'd be a zombie at work tomorrow morning. "A night it is, if you don't mind." Kaylee would smile at him, before standing up.

Could she be so bold as to ask for a ride? Buses were an annoyance at this hour. "Does the disoriented lady get driven home, or should I attempt to poof there myself?" A cheeky grin, though honestly. Please don't make her try so soon after, she might barf.

He was in comfortable agreement with all of it.

"I would be happy to drive."

It meant, notably, he could see where she lived.

"Can't have you practicing too much too soon. You'll outgrow your need for my assistance."

A light jest, and he'd lead her contently to the car.

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