Rainbow Glitter

Outfit! Set anytime at the evening parade

So many people, drunken and high and swirling about in a mass of every bright color. It was delightful, vibrant.. A good place to get a meal. Holly wasn't set on doing so, just yet, merely enjoying the madness that was a pride parade.

She'd even chose a sunny outfit to fit the vibe, glasses unneeded in the dark but very much adding to the cuteness. Seemed to attract some attention from a few giggly girls with rainbows painted on their faces, and before she knew it she had a flower crown perched on her head.

They parted ways, as she sought out more odd little humans doing odd little things.

Tempted to shift into her dog form and get fawned over, she held back for now, more interested in the little vending stalls set up along the streets. Perhaps she could bring something gaudy back for Regina? Make her wear it on outings because it was a gift and how dare she break her sire's delicate little heart?

It already was broken by the redhead not attending the festivities with her.

"Oh come now, why not?"

"You know I despise crowds of people."

Bless her stuffy little princess.

She continued to browse, swaying happily to whatever beat was being emitted from the crowd - or, rather, beats, all swirling in together to form an utter mess of noise that was pleasantly chaotic.

Come now, happy people. Give her something entertaining to make this night even better. Holly held up a beaded necklace, utterly gaudy, but happened to see someone reflected in the fake luster that caught her attention momentarily. Anyone interesting? Just a common human, as Regina might call them?

Her head would cock over her shoulder, and she'd offer the person a cheeky little smirk to draw them in.


What a peculiar event. Spectacular, wonderful, colorful, exhilarating. Yet peculiar all the same. It spoke in volumes. Not just a celebration; a statement. A movement. Edvin found he quite liked the idea. Though his own romantic preferences were largely irrelevant now, he supposed he might identify most with what was referred to as "straight" or, perhaps based on his past experimentation, "bi-sexual." The terms hardly meant much to Edvin. He found it all rather trivial. Still, Edvin took an interest in the celebration and saw little harm in attending in support of the cause. He seemed to be well received. Scantily clad people whooped and whistled and dubbed him "daddy", which he supposed was meant to be something positive. He was even gifted a flower crown which he wore shamelessly atop his head.

There was most certainly a lot to see, smell, hear and sense. Alcohol, food, sweat, blood. And the overwhelming flood of power that radiated from the crowd. It was in situations like these that Edvin sometimes wished for a break from his own ability. There was no turning it off, try as he might have. There would always be the pull to those whom possessed a gift. After so long, Edvin had since grown accustom to the sensations of many. There were, however, isolated occasions in which one caught his interest for being different. One such as this; the complex sensation of something he had yet to encounter radiating from a woman whom was herself a complex creature. A vampire, and a powerful variation at that. There was a draw to her that Edvin hardly felt so strongly from within others. Something the beckoned him away from the pursuit of a dreadfully intoxicated atendee.

Edvin spied her gaze in the reflection of the beads she held aloft. There was a beat of a paused before he chose to approach her with a warm smile. His eyes flickered to her own crown, and he motioned toward his. "I supposed this what many refer to a 'twinning.'" He mused with a warm laugh, his voice steady and below a yell for the knowledge that she could hear him perfectly over the cacophony of sound that filled the streets of Magic Hollow.

A powerful one, like her. A male, somewhat attractive, but dreadfully old and not at all interesting in any other fashion but a little bit of fun. She would happily toss a $20 bill to the vendor, way too much for the little set of plastic beads, but nothing to her personally. Not when you had centuries at play.

Was her twin, as he so put it, as old as her? Older even?

Holly was mildly interested, and strung her new necklace around her collarbone before offering up a hand. Dainty, light-footed, she shot him a winning smile with a little trill. "Walk with me."

It wasn't a request.

If he'd be so kind to take her hand and stroll, she would guide them further along the stalls, browsing. "How old, mon jumeau?" Powers, rank, clutch (if he had one), they never really caught her immediate interest. Holly preferred to get an estimate of her company on their age alone.

The young ones could be naive. The ones who were but a century or two.. They liked to think they were something special.

The old ones, like her, seemed to be the most fun.

One wrist reseted formally at the small of his back as the second moved to grasp the woman's extended hand. A gentle squeeze, a tilt of his head in a nod. Oh, how he did love interactions such as these. It reminded him of his first meeting of Beauregard, then again with Greta. As if it were old friends meeting for a stroll. Edvin would follow her with a measured gait, his head turned inward toward her so that he could listen to her words through the roar of sound around them. A peculiar question, but it spoke to him of what she valued. Age, experience, maturity. "I was born in the year 815." He said with a distant chuckle. So many centuries ago now. Could he remember it at all? There were snippets. Largely death and dismay. Sickness and hunger. It was all behind him now.

"And you?"

Like a good gentleman, he took her hand and walked by her side easily. She wasn't romanticized by it, but she did appreciate a nice man when she met one.

Though, how nice he full was.. Yet to be seen. Holly wasn't the most trusting of ladies, not with her history. A long history, as long as.. His perhaps? She made a soft ooh noise, looking at him levelly, but with a growing little smile. Old after all, not some impetuous little young one with their ego so far up their ass they didn't know how to behave.

Holly shot him a coy smile, looking down the street to the source of the current music and leading toward it. "I'm not entirely sure the exact date, it was so long ago and I wasn't one to keep track. I think it was.. Before Iceland was settled. Or maybe just as. I remember that being the gossip of the era, from where I originated."

In simpler words. "Old, darling, just like you." Another little smirk. "Not that I'm implying you look it, of course! I know my manners."

She was a good little maid, after all.

Long ago, then. An age to rival his own, he could estimate. Perhaps younger; as he did recall the settlement was within the parameters of his undead existence. As they moved, a breeze shifted among them, and with it her hair moved from her neck.

There, inked into the pale skin, he spied an image he could recognize with striking familiarity. With a pleased smile, he spoke in the language he had long since abandoned. An ancient language form which many European languages derived from. “If I look young, then you look to be but a child.” It was an assumption that she knew the words, but he could trust that someone as old as she would not ink the symbol upon her skin without purpose. The modern society found it to be a sign of pride in one’s ancestry, but someone old as he? He did doubt it.

italics are Old Norse ok I couldn’t find a translator yolo


Words suddenly washed over, old and strangely familiar. How long had it been since she'd heard that language? Regent of course could speak it, around her, but they rarely ever divulged in the ancient relic of speech. There were others more natural, now.

Holly was almost saddened to say it took her a moment to collect her head, and reply back in the same language. "I am young, but if my memory serves I passed the stages of 'child' before I died." Again, the exact age was lost on her. A little farm girl turned prostitute didn't have the mind or powers to keep track of her age. Perhaps twenties, was her best estimate.

It mattered not.

"Helga, as I was once known." She smiled up at him, as they stepped near the edge of the small gathering. A space had opened up in the street, where clusters of humans were dancing in various forms. "Holly is more suited now. Do you know how to dance, sir?"

She'd relent her lead on his hand, if so, and be led into the group.

There was some deal of delight in finding someone that not only closely matched his age, but his heritage as well. An intriguing being, this Holly. Edvin hummed his amusement as she lead him toward a cluster of moving bodies. A song he had offer heard filtering from bars and clubs in the passing months; some latin tune, though this one was being played by nearby performers using guitars, drums, and an electronic keyboard.

Edvin did not call himself a dancer. He had danced, yes, and found great joy in it. He had learned many styles, practiced perhaps a third of those regularly. The tango was one of those dances he had grown fond of, though he had not practiced in some time. Still, he supposed his old brain was good for something, and he was certain his memory would serve him well enough with moves that he could replicate for the sake of this song.

“I cannot promise to be perfect.” He chuckled rathersheepishly, but took her hand nonetheless. With a nod to her, he lead her closer to the dancing patrons. A small smirk played at his lips as he grasped her hands in his and took the first steps in which were a loosely structured and incredibly sped up tango. His feet were quick to find the rhythm, and he did hope she could match his pace.

"And I cannot promise not to chuckle," she quipped back, but it was said so sweetly that it really couldn't be taken as offensive. She merely liked to tease!

She probably could lead him better than he could her. But Holly knew most men could get riled over such a thing, and she was amused and curious as to what the dear old man might offer. Her hands in his, she looked up at him expectantly, already swaying slightly..

Then she was whisked into what she recognized as a ah... Butchered tango?

At least she was able to keep up, being swept along the group of humans with ease. "Tell me, what does an immortal like yourself do with his time? Visiting like I am?"

Give her something juicy, darling.

She matched his pace with grace he could not say he did not expect. Edvin hummed as they moved, and his body soon found symphony with the music. Enough so that he could focus on her words rather than the steps he took. "I live in Lavender Heights. There, I act as Second for a Clutch." He said rather matter-of-factly. "I make my earnings and find my meals as a therapist." Edvin chose to add, for being Second hardly constituted as something he did with all of his time.

"Do you mean you do not intend to stay here in Mountainside? You are quite a curious creature to me..." He paused a moment to spin her, before pulling her close to his chest. "I would hate to see you gone so soon."

Ah, so there was a Clutch in the next town to their own residence. Good knowledge to have, indeed, and Regina would be pleased to know this when she returned home. Holly knew full well she'd have no interest in joining, surely.

Being a follower lost its appeal, when one was itself a leader before.

She spun easily, humming in thought. Already entranced him, had she? It was always flattering, though she held no interest in finding a romance. Having someone tangled through your fingers, though, was useful.

Holly could continue to be curious creature, still. "I won't leave just yet, not to worry. My mistress owns a mansion in the Hollow, one of many holiday homes. We bounce around as we like, Mountainside just seemed the most intriguing for our latest stay." She smiled at him, shooting a wink. "So far, seems to be just so."

She needed to know if their Clutch was welcoming to rogues as it were, however, regarding him with a raised eyebrow. "Is your Dominus hostile to those not allied with him wandering the Heights? I'd rather not have someone attempt to wring my neck while I'm merely shopping."


-“No, in fact we welcome those who don’t wish to cause any trouble. Undead and animalistic alike.” Edvin said as the music died away, and their dance ended. He offered her an arm and lead them back into the crowd.
Atari - Yesterday at 6:41 PM
-She'd take it easily, intrigued by the idea of a less hostile relationship to the supernaturals roaming the area. "Interesting philosophy, if I must say. I tend to share similar views in that if they don't bite first, neither will I." Holly grinned to him, allowing the man to take the lead this time.
raylers - Yesterday at 6:43 PM
- “Then we are alike in many more ways that we first though.” He responded with a warm smile. “If it is not too forward, I must tell you that you intrigue me.” He would approach the topic carefully, as not to come off too crass.
Atari - Yesterday at 6:45 PM
-It was forward, but not in a disconcerting way. Holly enjoyed the flattery well enough. "I might say the same - it's rare I meet someone my own age, who hasn't ah.. Soured." A soft giggle. "Am I to get your name, sir?"
raylers - Yesterday at 6:49 PM
-Soured was a wonderfully used term. Befitting of many of those he’d encountered that had aged quite as long as he had. At her words, Edvin’s brows rose. “Oh, dear. Excuse me. My name is Edvin.” How had he not returned in kind to her own name? He shook his head. “Apologies. Alas, I must step even further past respectful boundaries to explain to you my infatuation. You see, the gift I possess is unique in the sense than it allows me to take on the gifts of others around me.” He thought to explain throughly, lest he come across as rude. “I am unfamiliar with yours, and I cannot make sense of it. It does bring me quite the exhilaration in finding something new.”
(That was so long oops)
Atari - Yesterday at 8:39 PM
-Edvin it was, a simple but nonetheless likable name. He continued the conversation further, and she hummed lightly in turn. "A copycat power - how handy." The ability to recreat another's power made for so many more options. "If you do not recognize mine, you have yet to meet a dreamwalker." Her head tilted to regard his reaction.
raylers - Yesterday at 8:43 PM
-A Dreamwalker. What an incredibly encircling word. Edvin took a moment to regard her as a rather overwhelming rush of infatuation took hold of him. There was a distant memory of obsession, long subdued, but ever present in the back of his mind. Edvin’s lips pursed some as he tilted his head sideways. “Pray tell, what is it you can do?”
Atari - Yesterday at 8:48 PM
-Holly did not mind talking about herself in the slightest. "It comes with two seperate abilities - I can lull any species to sleep. When they are 'knocked out' so to speak, I can enter their dreams and observe. Sadly, this part does not work on our kind or I would show you."
raylers - Yesterday at 8:50 PM
-Intriguing. So incredibly intriguing. Edvin did so wish he could somehow experience it. Alas, there was no way to lull a vampire to sleep. Not in the same sense. There was no dreaming in that state. “And can you manipulate them? The dreams.” He mused aloud
Atari - Yesterday at 8:52 PM
-A gentle nod, accompanied with a chuckle. "At times. Doing so is a finicky business and often the effects don't go as intended." Holly raised an eyebrow to him, questioning. "People see what they want to see, you know."
raylers - Yesterday at 8:53 PM
-Edvin hummed warmly. Inquisitively. “Truer words have not been spoken.”
Atari - Yesterday at 8:56 PM
-She quite liked this man, for they seemed to share similar views. "I do think I found a friend in you, Edvin." Her hold on his arm turned to a squeeze. "You'll have to meet my companion, Regina, at some point. Have you met a power that can copy any language it meets? Comes in handy during travels."
raylers - Today at 5:38 PM
-Perhaps not so much a friend, as Edvin did place a lot of stock in whom he called “friend.” She was intriguing, yes, and very similar to himself. She spoke of her companion, who’s powers were equally enticing. “I have not. I must visit, it seems. And perhaps we might find a way I could experience such wonders you can achieve.”
Atari - Today at 8:34 PM
-A visit would be lovely. She grinned widely, nodding in agreement. "If you can find a willing human, I would be happy to let you borrow my power to try," she offered, reaching into heh purse for a phone. "Is there a number I may reach you at?"
raylers - Today at 8:35 PM
-He wasn't certain, but he could perhaps convince one of his clients to try a new form of therapy. Edvin would offer her his number, along with a business card. "Do not hesitate to reach out whenever you would like."
Atari - Today at 8:42 PM
-Ooh how fancy. She regarded the card curiously, thinking maybe she could take him up on therapy for the fun of it. Doubtful Holly needed it herself - she was content with her level of sanity. "I shall send you a text so you can have my number - feel free to do the same." And just for good measure, she pecked his cheek. "I shall see you soon, Edvin."
raylers - Today at 8:43 PM
-He accepted the peck on his cheek graciously, and nodded in agreement. "Until then. Enjoy your evening."

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