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if this conversation travels out of this chat imma be really upset so
when i get a little more stronk would you be willing to take a photo of me in wolf form


Julie hadn't been asked many strange favors in her short life, so this was a first.

these lips are sealed

She pondered on the request Katya had just made of her.

what's it for?


meEEEEE i wanna see what she looks like maybe paint her #selfportrait


that's actually really cool
yeah let's do it


Katya was totally lying about her reason but when two people didn’t know each other it literally wasn’t even lying, yolo.

And hey she did want photos for herself too, so.

i wanna at least kind of remember my shifts before i do it because what if i do something super dumb???
jane said i’m fitey i don’t wanna try play and tackle you or something when you’re in photographer mode


being tackled by a big wolf doesn't sound fun no
you start to remember after your first few moons so it won't be that long

Unless Katya fought with her wolf and made things difficult like Julie had for the first year of her wolfish life, give or take.

So she’d been told a few times already. Bleh could it just happen instantly thank you.

i’ll text you then!
and happy pride month btw 9_symbol_rainbow4_animal_unicorn9_symbol_rainbow4_animal_unicorn9_symbol_rainbow4_animal_unicorn


Julie totally didn't forget it was Pride Month. She had thought that was July for some reason.

you too 9_symbol_flag_rainbow

She couldn't locate the unicorn or rainbow emojis and couldn't be bothered to copy and paste them from Katya's text, so rainbow flag it was.

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