It was late into the evening, the sun was starting to go down, and Katya planted herself on the ground because a) food baby b) she was starting to feel like a walking tangerine. A cute one, duh, but still.


She’d had a few burritos. The really giant, fat, kind. She still had the last of one left in her hand, and as she lowered to lie down, she nibbled on it. Here and there. Safely, ok, not here to choke.

(Would probably choke.)

It was cloudy, so if there were gonna be stars soon she sure as shit wasn’t gonna be able to see them. Just. Clouds. She closed an eye for no reason, focusing on the edge of where one cloud overlapped with another, and went for another bite of her burrito. Legs were in starfish position, wolf and human full and content and maybe even sleepy now.