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Maxine was still at the mall when she sent off the texts to Cliff, just because it was something that sort of couldn’t wait!?

Moonshine! Guess what?
Actually scratch that I’m just coming out with it LEE CALLED!


He was in the shed when she texted, but he always kept his phone on ring so he could hear it over the music and saws and sanders. Cliff stopped the circular polishing of a bedpost as he looked over his shoulder at his phone. Maxine, probably asking about dinner or-


What did he say? How is he?


That he's feeling better
Has a new job
I invited him over, said he'd drop down to magic hollow this week
We didn't really talk about the accident or us leaving or anything substantial


Huh. Considering he’d seemed so against them leaving, Lee was awfully willing to make amends. Maybe the crash had knocked some sense into him. Maybe he was only coming over to try and punch Cliff in the face or yell at Maxine.

Sounds good. Where’s he working now?


Manager at the marina

Something along those lines. Phone conversations were hard to remember word for word!

I mentioned Levka wouldn't tell us what happened to his phone and he skipped right over it 1_face_lopsided


Probably ignored us or maybe the phone got lost. We can ask him in person.

A long sigh.

You think he’ll try and get us to come back? Seeing Espy was hard enough. It’s like a magnet.


This was a topic that was too heavy to talk about while mall strolling, and also one which made her feel like the worst for tearing Cliff away from the Sleuth. Maxine would wait until she got to her truck to answer.

Ten minutes later, that was.

Maybe, maybe not. He didn't seem to really care about it?
Do you regret leaving after seeing Espy...?


Maybe it wasn’t the best conversation to have over text but oh well. Ten minutes have him time to finish up the bed post, and he was returning to the mudroom of the guest house to shower there so he wouldn’t track in any sawdust when the text came in.


He replied pretty quickly to that.

I miss her and Lee, and it’s not easy to ignore the bear, but I don’t regret leaving behind a shitty situation.

He added something he probably shouldn’t have as he slid off his boots in the mudroom.

I’ve got you, and that’s enough for me


I just don't want you to feel confined or anything because of me
Ugh idk I get dumb feelings over this


What even, Maxine :(

I actually feel the opposite. More freeyou know? I think I would have ended up leaving sooner or later but you sorta gave me the courage to just go ahead a do it. You made it less painful too. I’ve left a Sleuth before and it wasn’t nearly this easy. Tore me up for months. This is better. Feels right


It was reassurance she shouldn’t have needed but did.

I know I know I guess it might just be because I agree with you and then feel stupidly guilty you have to feel the same

She’d almost felt like crying when she’d hugged Espy.

Sometimes I just think what if Levka actually might’ve been a more involved leader that last time but
He’s heard me out before and nothing happened
It’s not regret I’m feeling but just the stupid “what if” and then I get guilty


I get you. But you shouldn’t feel guilty, you’re not forcing me to feel the way I do. As for the what ifs, there’s only so many chances you can give to someone before the what if just becomes fantasy. We talked to him, he made promises and he just couldn’t keep them. I wish it were different but i know you’re smart enough to know some things are just not going to work the way they should


Maxine didn’t really know what promises he’d made to Cliff, though? So maybe that was influencing her... feel bad mood.

She thought about it, head against the car seat, before just grunting it away.

Yeah I get it

There was a pause.

I’m going to go buy some beers since Lee’s coming over and that
Want ne to bring home food?


He wasn’t super sure what to do with her response. It was easier to read her in person. But she was circling back around to Lee and Cliff was cool with it.

yes please to both. When’s he coming?


Didn't set a date he just said he'd come down into town this week

She turned the ignition on.

What foooooood does smokey want


If it was more than like three days there was no garuntee the beer would last long. Also the fact she was offering to get beer was consolation that they weren’t in deep shit with the whole pregnancy thing. Unless female weres were immune to that stuff which wouldn’t make sense but none of it did. There were so many questions. He hadn’t asked a single one, which just put him more on edge about it all.

he saysssss Chinese. Beef and broccoli and Kung poa with rangoons please and thank you


Okay, be home soon 1_face_grin3


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