Stardust Salon And Spa 
Outfit is a white towel. Classy.

Surely a spa wasn't the place for a rich, uptight business lady who preferred not to be around commoners used to be a princess in Renaissance France, right? On the contrary.

Understand this. A place where you can be cleaned to the highest standard of hygiene, relaxed in an internal manner one could never achieve on their own, and be in total peace if one preferred as such, all done by someone else who you pay to act as a personal maid?

And you think Regina wouldn't enjoy this?

She of course paid for the most expensive treatment, which included everything on the menu. Currently Regina had just come out from a full-body massage and was now relaxing in a communal area with well-designed seats one could lay down and let their body cool off in.

She took this time to close her eyes, and just let her mind wander deep into a battle strategy she found rather fun. She played both sides, so it was difficult to tell who would win, making it all the more exciting.


This was fine. She totally wasn't spending money on something dumb. She totally wouldn't chew off her nails within 24 hours.

Katya sat in front of the nail tech, one hand extended her way as she worked on finishing off her burgundy shellacs. Watching the lady work was strangely relaxing. Perfecting the... stuff she was doing to her nails.

Katya had totally never got her nails done before.

There was a strong smell of, like. Rot?? That began wafting her way. Without any subtleness, she sniffed the air, glancing to the nail tech as she just literally produced no reaction to the fucking stench. Like what. Was this normal?? Did this salon operate as a part-time body disposal place for serial killers.

She looked over her shoulder, trying to identify the source. Genuinely expected someone to be carrying human limbs around.

But nope. All she saw were some probably rich people chilling in seats, and Katya stared at them all, just. Trying to distinguish and figure out where the smell was coming from. Was there like a severed head under one of those seats?? Like she didn't understand please send help.

Why was literally nobody reacting??? She was the only one wildly looking around.

Spas were meant to be relaxing, often burning various incense to create an atmosphere and ambience that created a sense of meditation. Regina did not believe in all of the ridiculous 'spirituality' behind such matters, but there was truth to certain scents creating certain feelings, so she wasn't amiss to it.

One such scent that counteracted that was the smell of dog. As soon as the smell hit Regina's nose, she knew something was up. Thankfully she needn't breathe it in, and so just remained blocking her sinuses.

Still, it would be intriguing to find out where such smell was coming from. Opening up one eye, she took a scanning look around, to find anyone who might have been an animal residing inside the human visage, or as the commoners call them, 'Weres'.

She was looking for reactions mostly, as she did know vampires gave off their own smell of decay. One such girl getting her nails done was reacting quite heavily. If she started to panic, then it was likely she'd turn. That would ruin this spa evening.

If the girl would notice her, Regina would gently lift a finger to her lips, and nod back with a practiced warm smile, before going back to lying down in peace.

Katya noticed the lady a little belatedly, but caught the finger to her lips shushing her.

Lord and saviour please fucking help her.

There was. There was a murderer at this salon who’d just shushed her and what the actual fuck was happening. The tiny woman in the towel returned back to just... literally acting like nothing was up.

Katya stared at her even then.

Eventually she’d turn back to face her nail tech, unable to deny the fact that her heart was - in all honesty - beating a little faster. Being confused didn’t help the gentle anxiety.

When her nails were done, she’d go over to pay before shuffling in the direction of the murderer woman.

”Excuse me,” Katya said flatly but quietly, staring hard at her as she stood. Her arms and legs were stiff with tension, wolf prowling near the front of her brain.

Could a flanking maneuver even break through a Periclean strategy? Perhaps a pincer maneuver could.. but not if they were seen. An ambush would be better. In which case the opposing army would have to adopt an excuse me.

Hm? That wasn't right.

Regina opened her eyes carefully, and was greeted by the dog girl who seemed to be having a moment before. Perhaps they just wanted to talk, but from the girl's posture and tense demeanor, Reg hadn't calmed down her little freak out. What a shame.

With a little clear of her throat, Regina spoke quietly and calmly. "Firstly, you can calm down. I happen to be okay with your kind. Secondly, understand that I won't hurt you in any way, neither would you want to shift in a public place. Thirdly, how are your nails? Mine are going to be done in a few moments, I want to know if they are of a high quality."

That ought to be enough.

Singling someone in a towel out and harassing them was potentially really fucking weird.

You know what was weirder though?? Now that she was stood in front of this tiny lady she realised the smell wasn’t coming from beside her chair. Or under it. Or behind it. Or literally anywhere in the surrounding vicinity - she didn’t have a dead person sliced up in her handbag.

No, like. She literally reeked herself.

Wilhelm and Asha telling her Vampires smelt like death came to mind. It meant the itchy feeling that she sometimes felt in her spine didn’t pop in to say hi, and now the lady was saying words.

Words which kinda made sense with the notion of Vamps and Weres smelling to each other. She asked a question somewhere in there too, but it went straight past Katya as her eyes zeroed in on her arm.

”Can I touch your arm,” she asked, and without waiting went to poke it with two warm fingers.

Guess Reg would find out the hard way about the nails then. She mentally rolled her eyes as the girl ignored her question. No matter, if the nails were not up to par she would just have them washed and reset so Holly could do them herself. She was good with that sort of thing.

She opened her mouth to respond to the girl, about to tell her yes, despite the fact she was generally averse to touch, but the girl's rudeness seemed to overpower her own question, and she touched anyway. It would be cold, obviously. A good reminder that Regina would have to suggest to her masseuse to pay no mind to the cold skin.

After taking a deep breath, she looked to the girl and spoke in a level manner. "It's usually common manners to wait for the answer to a request before you perform it. But I suppose I can let it slide if it sated your fascination."

She shuffled her arm away, bringing up the other arm to brush it lightly where she was poked. "Canine, so.. I'm assuming wolf?"

Cold skin. Even colder than had she touched her as a human, the warmth of her own body a clear contrast.

So. Vampire.

Katya looked back to the lady as she scolded her or something. Ok. Common manners. Blah blah blah Wilhelm had said that too why were Vampires so dignified and crap.

Besides that one that’d licked her neck and fed from her. Decidedly not dignified.

Katya’s eyes widened at the bluntness of her question. ”Yeah.” She glanced back to the fingers she’d poked her with. ”If you wanna look at the job they do with the nails-“ Katya said, lifting a hand her way for inspection.

Wolf was spot on. Admittedly it was guess purely based on stereotyping, the girl could have been.. a fox, or hyena for example. But, wolf it was.

Finally she was getting her first question answered, and raised her neck a little to inspect the girl's nails for a few moments. A scrutinizing scanning of digits coloured a deep burgundy. "Very lovely. You certainly get your money's worth here."

Not that money was ever a problem.

Leaning back, she re-assumed her laying position. "Any other queries dear?"

Probably not her money’s worth when she knew she’d start biting and chipping and nibbling them off as soon as she just, like, sat in her car.

Katya pulled her hand back after a few moments, stuffing it into her pocket. ”Nope.”

That was probably codeword for ‘are we done’ or something. Like. She was harassing a random Vampire at the spa. She should probably stop harassing the random Vampire at the spa. She wasn’t a murderer like her initial suspicion had been, so why was Katya still lingering and intruding.

”Uhhh. Have a nice night,” she said, but still stood there in case the lady had anything to say.

The girl had nothing else to say, which was more than okay with Regina. She would have answered the girl's questions surely, but in all honesty, peace was nicer.

She spoke to leave, but stayed still. Best give her some parting wisdom. "Some of us are cruel with their power. And some of us are kind. Stay cautious, but don't judge a book by its cover."

Her eyes closed then. "Or rather, stench."

She blinked at her, trying not to be judgemental for using the ‘book by its cover’ line. Because the first part was at least true. She knew it.

”I know,” Katya said resolutely, but not being dismissive either. She knew she looked young, but that didn’t make her dumb.

Katya lingered for another second, swaying sort of awkwardly, before turning for the exit.

She’d totally just harassed a Vampire wearing nothing but a towel. That was weird, and that was coming from someone who liked to think she didn’t really have boundaries.

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