Here for the Booze

Cordova Pride 
Mameha sipped her craft beer slowly, taking in the the hoppy aroma. It soothed her insides, not only because of the alcohol but her love for it and it helped in forgetting about the creature inside of her.

She wouldn’t go as far as calling herself an alcohol connoisseur, but she felt pretty damn close. Ahh, Colorado seriously had some good brews.

Mameha’s eyes scanned over the parade activities quietly. She really only came here for the booze to be honest, and the people watching. She finished off her beer and threw the plastic cup in the trash while she also pulled out her wallet to purchase another.


The mountain man had left the mountains and counted himself among civilized folk once again.

Suffice it to say that Lee stood out like a sore thumb, navigating the lively crowds of college students and the like. While the temptation to dress for the occasion and wear something Bohemian was there, he hadn't quite lost his mind to that extent. Lee also had more respect for the celebrations than that, which begged the question.

What was Lee doing here?

It was a fair question, even though he didn't really have an answer for it. Perhaps it was because Lee was a man who valued freedom, including the freedom to live your life as you saw fit. Wasn't that what Pride Month was all about?

Lee honestly had no idea what he was doing.

Regardless, all this walking, watching, and philosophical contemplation made him thirsty, and he was quick to weave his way through the people toward the nearest vendor of beer. He would have preferred liquor, but this didn't strike him as that kind of party, at least not until nightfall.

Stepping in line behind a young woman, Lee waited patiently and observed those around him until he realized the scent that was quite literally right under his nose.


She was slipping out her ID when a familiar scent washed over her. She was still getting used to the enhanced smells and all this other were shit. Her shoulders tensed as she scooted up with the line while she struggled to not look behind her out of curiosity. Don’t look, don’t look. It’s too obvious. Curiosity killed the cat.

Well good thing she wasn’t a fucking cat.

Antsy and curious, she took a quick casual look behind her, an almond shaped eye gazing up. Fuck she was short. She quickly turned back around, silver hair trying to keep up with her, as she unknowingly dropped her ID. Again, she scooted forward as the line minimized. Booze, she needed booze to calm down her nerves.

Turning from the counter with another IPA (his third), David started back for the pinball machine in the corner. He didn't watch his step closely enough in the crowd, tripped on a stray appendage, and fell into a wall. Or rather, Chewbacca.

"The fuck!?..." he blurted as his mind processed not Chewbacca, but an unusually tall man made to appear even more unusually tall by his wild brown hair. A glance up and then quickly back down, David wiped helplessly at his beer on the man's shirt and apologized.

There was something rather entertaining about the young woman looking over her shoulder and then up at Lee. No sooner than he met her gaze, however, she quickly turned back around, silver locks of hair billowing in her wake. A smile brightened Lee's expression. Sadly, his amusement didn't last very long at all.

There was a stumble, a blur of movement, and a man blundered into Lee.

Lee was quick to react, reaching out to steady the man who fell into him. He then noticed a second later the beer splashed across his shirt, already soaking through the fabric. "Aw shit." Fortune didn't seem to smile upon either of them.

With an expression that could only be described as uncomfortable, Lee refocused on the man. "You good?"

Making a scene was decidedly not in Lee's nature; accidents happened. Ensuring that the other guy was fine took up the forefront of his thoughts.

"You good?"

"Awe, man. Sorry 'bout that." David finished the pointless wiping to step back and survey the situation: the tall man and his nervous companion. He put his hands together in an awkward single clap.

"Okay... Well. Hey, I'll tell you what," and a jovial grin spread across his face. "This round is on me! What're you having!?"

Mameha heard a small commotion behind her and curiosity took over once again. She peeked over her shoulder to find the were behind her now covered in beer and a human apologizing and offering him a round of beer. Her eyebrow twitched in jealousy.

She reached into her small backpack and grabbed out a wet towelette that she stole from a bar and handed it to the beer covered man. "Here" she said quietly, looking up at him as she pushed hair out of her face. Glancing down, she noticed her ID on the ground and quickly bent down to pick it up. Her well manicured nails wrapped around it tightly.

"No worries." Lee shook his head at the man's apologies; while they were hardly necessary, Lee could appreciate the thoughtfulness behind them. However, the promise of free beer made him grin in kind. "Well, if you're offering, I was thinking about a stout."

Who could say no to free beer?

Lee definitely couldn't.

Then the young woman, the were, turned around and offered Lee one of those damp, citrus-smelling napkins. Raising his brows, he took it with a nod. "Thanks." He didn't see how this would help his soaked shirt at all, but he tore it open and started to dab at his shirt regardless. Now he smelled like beer and citrus, which wasn't as unpleasant of a combination as one might expect.

"Name's Lee, by the way," he said to the man, offering him a hand to shake.

"I'm David!" And after a handshake and with Lee and a brief exchange with the bartender David spun around balancing three dark pint glasses. "Shall we?" he asked with a classy smile, making a point of firm eye contact with the uncomfortable-looking woman.

The awkward exchange around the moist-i-nap made it clear that these two weren't here together. But he'd feign he thought otherwise if it meant she might join for a drink. Could he be blamed for such an 'easy' and 'honest mistake'? He smiled at himself.

David saw a free table and headed for it, expecting his 'friends' to follow.

Mameha watched Lee awkwardly wipe himself down and couldn’t help herself but giggle. "Beer will get kinda sticky, you’ll thank me later," she said quietly.

Her gaze met the human, his own staring intently at her. She narrowed her eyes curious about this gesture. Her inner beast wanted to jump out and snap his jaw for the challenging eye contact but instead she coughed and cleared her throat, breaking the eye contact.

She made the point to memorize their names, ingraining them into her memory. "I’m Mameha ", she slowly followed David to the empty table. Why was she so willing to follow? Her hyena growled at her friendliness, trying anything to return to giving cold shoulders but Mameha ignored it and sat down, offering a small smile. Free beer, she told herself.

Beer got sticky. Of course Lee knew that.

He didn't about it at that particular moment, though. With an awkward smile to the young woman and her giggle, Lee tried his best to clean up whilst also making introductions with David. Following their handshake, Lee was content to follow the man's lead, David's positive charm infectious after their little little. "I reckon we shall," Lee said, observing the eye contact between the other two.


Still, the trio soon found themselves an empty table, and Lee was quick to trash the napkin once it had done about all it could do for his shirt. The temptation to simply take off his shirt was there, but he had only just met his new friends.

"Mameha." Lee sincerely tried not to butcher her name with his Texan-seasoned accent. "That's a pretty name."

A glance was given from the lady in question to David before Lee helped himself to the beer with his name on it. "Thank you very much," he said to his fellow, a soft nod given before taking a drink. It was a good brew, for certain.

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