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It was questions like that that always had a way of making her lip tremble a little.

But she flipped the camera back to the one that faced her, pushing for a small smile and nodding slightly.

"Thank you."

She was sincere but afraid to say anything else when the sensation to burst into tears was so close to the surface.

Katya hadn’t really done anything worth being thanked over, but.

”If you wanna come over before next week just text me anytime. Or just. Text me anytime anyway, okay.”

She was reluctant to end the call.

A nod, more notable this time.


It was probably best to hang up.

"You can. Text me too. I'm gunna go now I think."

A small wave, and she'd wait to see if Katya would try to keep her on the line in the next few seconds.

If not, she'd end the call.


She wondered if that was the twentieth or twenty-first time she’d said okay in just this conversation.

”See you later.”

Katya would let Cris hang up, and when she did, she dropped her phone flat onto the table.

She googled signs that might be telltale signs that your friend had been physically assaulted or harassed. In. Like. Sexual ways. Or any ways, really.

None of it was reassuring, and she told herself she was just jumping to absurd conclusions. But. Still. It nagged.

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