If You’re Happy, I’m Happy

Artisan Market 

Only a few things in life made Rabbit happy. And one of them was baking. And a second was making people happy. So why not have the two join forces and make people happy with homemade baked goods?

Rabbit set up a small card table and chair in the market. It was her first time here so she was a bit nervous to be seen as maybe an outsider. But she ignored the looks of other sellers and continued setting up. Her hand made sign was set against the leg of the table;

“Homemade Mini Peach Pies - $6 Each”

Rabbit especially loved using the local produce. Peaches were slowly coming into season and she managed to get her hands on some of the first few that were ready.

A few pies were set out on her table for display. The crusts were perfectly golden from her even layer of egg wash and sprinkled with some raw sugar to get it a good sweet crunch. Peach filling had started to ooze out along the crease in a tantalizing caramel color. And the aroma, the aroma filled her nose with delight as she struggled not to devour one herself. Okay, if there were any left she would...

She snapped her camping chair into place and sat behind her table, awaiting a customer to make fill them with some happiness, even if it were just for a moment or two.

As far as desserts went, the cat wasn't super into pie, not compared to say... ice cream, or cheesecake, or eggnog, or basically any lump of dairy in various stages of solidity. But she could appreciate the smell of food, and as Asha wandered through the market close to the new pie stall, she found herself looking more than once in its direction and the pretty chick sitting behind it.

So! She headed over, catching a glance of the sign. $6 for a mini pie? Preposterous! She'll pay it, though. "Hi," Asha beamed, though she was actually facing her wallet as she fished for... well. Uh. She actually only had a hundred dollar bill on her.


"Sorry, can you break a hundred?" she asked sheepishly, looking up at the chick and finally catching sight of her tattoos, and blurting out an immediate follow-up of, "holy shit your tattoos are amazing."

Rabbit quickly stood up from her chair once a customer wandered on over. She clapped her hands excitedly in response to the woman's enthusiastic greeting.

"Oh my gosh, hi! Welcome!" She smiled wide, probably a little too wide and looked a bit crazied, but she was honestly excited for her very first customer. The woman was, omg, gorgeous. Preventing herself from doing a little happy dance, because, obviously who would want to scare away their customers.

The girl asked about breaking a hundred dollar bill. The answer was no, but before she could answer the girl, she blurted out a comment about her tattoos. Rabbit paused, turning a bit shy. Her hands gently ran down one of her arms hesitantly. "Wow, thanks so much. Do-do you have any?"

Tattooed chick was so happy to see her! Asha was a god damn excitement magnet and was so happy to make someone's day!

"I got one on my shoulder, plus a tramp stamp," she grinned, a small shrug about the latter. "Yours are super nice though."

So she pulled out that hundred, looking to her with a hopeful expression. "If I bought like... seven, would that work?"

S-seven pies?! Her eyes widened and her jaw practically fell open. Rabbit shook her head to take herself out of her awe. "Um, are you sure? You really want seven pies?!" Shush, Rabbit. Don't ask questions like that. If people want to buy seven pies, don't fucking stop them! She gulped. She did have them much change, but holy shit. She'd feel too bad to have this girl buy seven pies because she didn't have change.

"N-no! Just have one for free. On me." She really did like making people after all, but she was mentally kicking herself.

Wat. The girl wanted her to not have seven pies?! Do you have any idea how many she's eating for, girl?

Just her and her humongous animal appetite. Also she supposed she could give one to Abraham. Or... two. Two max. He'd probably just give the second one back to her because he wouldn't know she'd eaten five other ones.

"Noooo, I definitely gotta bring seven home. Some for my" blsrgjrrk "boyfriend!"

She said it with a friendly smile, but she meant it. Pies. Plz.

"Oh my gosh, okay," she laughed while she reached into her cooler and pulled out neatly packaged pies. The were in a small black box with a string tied around into a bow. One, two, three... she counted as she set them on the table. She did quick mental math and smiled wide at the girl, "That will be $42 and out of $100, so $58 change. " From her fanny pack, Rabbit pulled out her change and handed it towards her.

"Oh and before I forget," Rabbit dug around in her fanny pack once more and pulled out a business card. "I'm a tattoo artist who also happens to bake pies."

The card would read:

"Rabbit Ink
By Rabbit Nickels
Tattoo Artist"

and in handwritten blue ink:

"and Maker of Pies"

Yay!! Asha took the change happily, and was about ready to pick up the pies and greedily eat one before the girl pulled out a business card.

"Oh... oh wow, really? That's awesome!"

She stared in wonder and then squinted at the name, looking at the girl with a sort of cautious curiosity.

"Is... your name Rabbit?"

She'd never ever heard of someone being named after something she ate sometimes as a gigantic jagwere.

Rabbit smiled and nodded. This girl was so enthusiastic and she was feeding off her energy.

Is...your name Rabbit?

"Um, yes. That is my name!" She gave a nervous laugh. One would think she would be used to the attention on her name. Well she was but it was mostly the strange looks people gave when they had to do a double take.

"I’m new in town so I’m trying my best to hand out cards. To get my name out there, ya know? Whether it’s for pies or ink!"

"That's such a cute name," she said, and she meant it, even if half her brain was going "white parents are so weird." It was still a cute name. Just, you know.


"Definitely gotcha. If I ever need another tattoo I'll definitely look you up. Where is your parlor?"

Would she shift if she got tattooed? Would the pain be too much? Tune into find out!

Parlor? She gulped. She didn't have her own parlor set up quite yet which was a bummer. She'd have to wait to see if Colorado provided a good enough clientele first before she did that.

"Super weird, but I'm actually just doing them out of my home (apartment) in Crestview for now." Oh god, that sounded super sketchy. "I am licensed to do so, by the way. Totally legal and quality work," she laughed, hoping to reassure any suspicions of a basement tattoo vibe.

"Check me out on instagram if you ever get an itching for some ink," Rabbit motioned her to turn over the business card so she could point out her instagram name: rabbit_ink

"Oh," Asha laughed with her laugh which was kind of nervous but let's just leave it at that?! "That's cool! Will do."

In fact, let's will do right now — Asha pulled her phone out and went to type in her insta and hit follow.

"Dude, these are sooo good. I swear if I get up the nerve for something new, I'm coming atcha." Okay. Now, she'd grab all her stuff.

"See you around?"

"Let me know! And thanks for pretty much buying all of my pies..." Rabbit laughed and offered a little wave.

She could really get to know this girl. She just had such a warm inviting aura around her and Rabbit appreciated it, being new and all.

"See you around, enjoy the pies!"

"My pleasure!" Asha grinned, gathering her bounty and heading off.

To eat. Five of them. Herself.

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