Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

5pm, at Paradise Creamery!

Katya was doing her very best to not peek inside and shuffle over to order before Asha got here. So. She waited outside the store, carrying a colourful tote bag she’d DIY painted probably even back in high school, honestly, with Asha’s clothes inside.

And two packets of catnip somewhere in there too. Which. Okay.

She felt like she was enabling some hardcore street drugs or something like that, but also like what the fuck was she meant to get Asha as a thank you present that wasn’t generic?? Catnip had been the only thing that came to mind.

She nibbled her nails, less out of anxiety and more out of plain habit.

Zachary finished yanking his stained apron over his head. Blender No.2 had finally bit the dust, and in its final moments had chosen to leak out chocolate malt as Zachary poured a customer's shake. Once a new drink was made and the group had gone, he was delighted to discover the fudge had smeared across his chest like a gross child finger painting .

In the back, he blindly reached for a new apron and hastily tied it. It was a little snug compared to his usual one, but he needed to get back to the front.

There was a sigh of relief when he found no new customers waiting in the shop. However, there was a woman loitering outside. She could be waiting for someone or had stopped to check her reflection in the glass. That happened more often than you'd think. Zachary had seen more people picking their teeth than anyone needed to in a lifetime.


Dressed in a Shift Happens polo and black jeans


That was the frantic text Asha sent about ten minutes ago, but really it was because her other work meeting ended around 4:30 and then she had to rush to get showered and ready and bring food for the late shift at Shift and just.


Not enough to rouse the cat, though that was maybe a function of luck than anything else. Anyway, Asha was closing in, in like. Five-ish more minutes or less. Promise.

A text reassured her she wasn’t being ghosted, but it also gave no timeframe.

Katya sighed to herself, but mostly wasn’t here to have her mood ruined by something so stupid. So. She went into some hipster clothing store just down the street, solely looking to pass the time. She’d poke her head out every now and again to sniff for jaguar.

Katya didn't answer. Katya why T_T

Asha got to the ice cream place and parked and just barreled right in the front door without even kind of using her peripheral vision or senses. Like, they were there. She just didn't pay attention to them. Plus she was sweaty and all she wanted to do was bathe in ice.

But she DID notice her friend was nowhere inside?!

"Shit, I— oh hey!" she said breathlessly to what was ice cream man's name again it was Zack?!

"Did you see a lost teenager anywhere around here?"

Meanwhile, she texted Katya.

I am hear w re are you

But she wasn't looking at her screen so her text was a disaster.

The girl that barreled in looked very familiar. "Asha? Welcome back."

He paused for a moment and thought. A teenage girl? There had been a few that came in much earlier, but recently... Oh, the girl outside. Maybe her? "There was a girl waiting in front. I think she walked off a few minutes ago."

"Hey, sorry I’m late! My bus was la-" Marlow burst through the creamery’s doors while she was throwing her apron around her neck, but stopped short seeing a customer as she practically mowed her down.

"So sorry about that, " Marlow weaved around the girl, catching a glimpse of the familiar girl. Her eyes widened and she snatched her head down to not make eye contact with her.

Shitshitshitshitshit. She raced behind the counter and dove into the employees only area to hide.

"Ill check the back to make sure, um, everything is okay back there.."

The phone in her hand buzzed.


She left the store she’d never had any intentions of buying a single thread of fabric from ever anyway, walking right back up to Paradise Creamery with a bounce to her step.

”HEYOOO,” Katya greeted, going to put both hands to Asha’s shoulders all bro-like because she could. And envelop her in a snuggle from behind.

Her wolf was less yowly this time.

She gave a brief smile to the guy and the fleeing employee because she personally had hated being ignored when she’d worked in hospitality.

Let's go through all the great things that just happened in order:

1) Zac remembered her name. Heart eyes. "Nice to see you again. And, oh jeez, thanks," she huffed when he informed her that probably Katya had wandered off.

2) That was about when a text came through that Katya was on her way way way. Good.

3) Asha got stumbled into by... No fucking way. Zapdos over here. That wasn't so good actually — but she just stared at her, like eyes bugging stared at her. Last she saw, this chick was convulsing on the ground with fucking lightning bolts radiating out of her. A w k.

4) Katya was now here and grabbed around her with a sudden snuggle that shook Asha out of her shock by putting her in another shock. She was lucky not to go orange eyed. "Heyyyyyyy!!" she said, her heart recovering from a million miles per hour.

She pet Katya's arm and grinned at her.

"Uhh, Katya, this is Zac, and..." she paused, unsure if the girl had given her name before she'd gone body electric.

"Aaaaaand we're gonna eat the heck out of your guys' shop?"

Why the fuck did Zapdos work here, Zac?! Maybe she'd zapped him into hiring her.

The two girls were locked in an embrace and Zachary was unsure where to look. Letting his eyes linger too long on one of them felt he was encroaching on a really sweet moment. Was this a date? They looked very comfortable together.

Katya reminded him of a doll with the long hair and small features. Her open affection with Asha was frankly really sweet and considering they were all standing surrounded by ice cream, that was saying something.

Asha was exactly how he remembered: a lot of enthusiasm. It was pretty infection and Zachary found himself smiling back. "I'll believe it when I see it." Seriously, how much could these two really eat?

Marlow's disappearance to the back was odd. She usually had no problem coming to the counter and immediately serving. He'd figure out what was wrong in a minute. Right now he had a adorable couple to attend to. "So ladies, what will it be?"

Fuckfuckfuckfuck What the fuck was she going to do? The girl obviously recognized her. Marlow held her head in her hands and grumbled in frustration. This girl would probably tell Zachary how crazy she is and how she can't control her powers and then he would fire her and then Marlow would be broke and then couldn't afford her apartment and then get kicked out and...... Deep breath.

She could feel her static forming into her hands. "No, no, no!" This couldn't be happening. She needed to fucking CHILL.

It would be too suspicious her, hiding in the back while customers were obviously here. Marlow took a deep breath to help calm her nerves. Which didn't work. Instead she laughed nervously and kept her hands in her apron pocket while the tingling sensation buzzed through her fingers.

She plastered a wide, and clearly fake, smile on her face and inched out to the counter. Marlow didn't say anything and tried to just blend into the background.

Asha was probably one of the three people on this planet who were short enough that she could snuggle them from behind. It delighted her despite her ten year delay to the ice cream store.

”Hey Zac,” Katya greeted with a sweet smile, separating from Asha to stand beside her. She provided a nod to confirm the notion of eating the heck out of the place.

Great hearing meant she heard some complaints from the girl in the back, but just assumed she’d like fallen into a cardboard box or something. It did, however, mean she was looking her way with interest when she emerged again.

She was crazy attractive. Could Katya order with her instead pls??? ^o^

She blinked away after a few moments, focusing back on Asha. ”You can order first. Have as much as you want - you bought like thirty steaks for me, so.” Katya browsed the displays and would half-listen out for Asha’s order at the same time.

She did hear the girl freaking out in the back and wondered... if... she was about to witness some lightning bolt of crazy again. Wouldn't that be terrible.

Katya made her offer and Asha couldn't say no. Soooooo.

"How abouuuuut starting with... two scoops of vanilla topped with a scoop of lemon sorbet for me? On a cone," she ordered, offering him a smile.

Lightning lady crept back out, and she side-eyed her and her hidden hands with suspicion. Don't even freaking try it, lady.

"Coming right up." Zachary twirled a scooper in one hands, rolling up his sleeve with the other. The chill of the built in freezer was comforting as he had grown to enjoy the cold. Work was still work, but little things like this kept him content.

A triple in a cone was a decent amount of ice cream, he scooped in a little extra for the heck of it. The finished treat was handed over the counter to Asha. No drips and at a straight angle, he was a professional after all.

"And for you?" He directed his attention to Katya. She was a little thing, but he'd seen small children put away their weight in sugar before. Was she a classic flavor type of gal or a little more adventurous?

He tilted his head toward the corner Marlow was hiding in. Zachary jerked his chin forward, one eyebrow raised up in question. Want to handle this one?

Did she over hear that girl right? 30 steaks? She wanted to faint. That would be so much rent money! Holy shit.

Marlow snapped out of her awe and scooted over towards Zachary as he nodded her over to handle the next order. She could do this. She could handle making the next order, right? Right. Hell yes. Hell to the fucking yes. Marlow carefully slipped her hands out of her pocket and quickly washed her hands, prepping for the girl’s order. She didn’t noticed Asha’s look, mostly because she tried her best not to look her way.

While she waited on the girl to order, Marlow was practicing her breathing exercises.

Cones were a good way to ruin literally all the flavour. Katya winced a little in the face at the choice, but mostly just worked on memorising what she wanted.

She glanced at the wordless exchange between one exmployee and the other, and then grinned as the chick approached.

”Hi! So. Could I get a scoop of cookies and cream, bubblegum, and ummm. Mango sorbet? In a cup.”

"Thank youuu," she smiled as Zac handed her the cone, and immediately she started going to town on it as she listened to Katya order things.

But no force alive could keep Asha from the face of confusion and disapproval she made at Katya ordering ice cream in a cone. Hello? Why are you so sad?

"Cups are so wasteful though?" she questioned, because she had an opinion and apparently couldn't fucking keep it to herself. "Like, you can eat the cone after and it's like ice cream flavored."

Zachary punched in a few numbers on the register. The cone verses cup debate was a polarizing subject. He was pro-cone himself because if you were paying for the three scoops, why not get your money's worth? Far be it from him to come between two girlfriends having a silly argument. This was probably their preferred method of flirting.

The real question was how far along were they in their relationship. Was this a first date or had they been going steady for a while? There was one sly way to learn more information. "You guys paying together or separate?" Very few established couples payed separately.

This girl was cray. Her flavors choices were all over the place but at least choosing a cup. It was the most reasonable choice due to her several scoops. That shit was going to be dripping everywhere and a cone would have been a foolish choice.

Marlow nodded and went away at scooping her flavors. One by one she scooped them into her cup and set it on the counter for her while she retrieved a spoon. As she focused on working, her electric current fades away as did her nerves. Work put her in a focused head zone and was a good thing for Marlow. Being focused meant less zappy zap.

"Here is the monstrosity you asked for, " she smiled, trying to keep a sane attitude on these flavor choices.

She was oblivious to the fact that Asha had picked up on her social cue, so Katya was visibly taken aback by her attack. Enough that she froze a little as she looked to her, dumbfounded.

”Um.” Cones ruined the entire deliciousness of the ice cream? And were awkward as? ”Steaks are wasteful too?” And Asha hadn’t had a problem ordering an entire cow???

The guy spoke and Katya looked towards him without budging. ”Together.” And then back to the chick. Who.


Monstrosity somehow sounded like something she should maybe take offence to, but instead Katya just continued to look dumbfounded, this time as she grinned. What the fuck was going on SOS.


She slid her cup across the top of the display as she moved to the register to pay by cash, giving a little gawk at Asha for the public call out on the way.

Howwwww were steaks wasteful when you ate them?!

Asha was equally confused by Katya's logic and also her very dramatic reaction to a simple opinion. Girl plz we're just talking calm down.

"I'm just confused because cones are like cookies and you can't eat cups, those just go to a landfill. And you can eat steaks so that's not really wasteful?"

There was few things less awkward than watching a couple argue. Since you were not part of the relationship you had little to no idea whether the jabs they threw were meant to be playful or hurtful. Absolutely no one wanted to be present during a real vicious fight, but at the moment, Zachary had no choice but to stay and observe.

His chances of diffusing the situation weren't good. "Um yes, the total is $10.25."

Please do not escalate a full blown argument in his shop. You two love each other.

Marlow slightly frowned at the arguing, but felt that it couldn’t be anything too serious.

While Zachary ring their order up, Marlow went to re wash her hands. She hates nothing more than being sticky. She would rather die. Well, no not really but like, still.

She took her time washing her hands, opening she didn’t have to make eye contact with the two girls again, especially the one who pretty much left HER TO DIE ON THE SIDEWALK. Marlow wasn’t salty though. She didn’t know what she would’ve done in that situation either.

Cones literally did not taste like cookies was she presently on catnip??

”Sure, but what about everything that happens before you actually eat the steak?” Katya glanced at her, not sure why she was interested in having this conversation in front of the employees here. Like. Seriously not understanding it.

She opened up her wallet to pay Zac, before stuffing it back away and going for a spoonful of her ice cream. ”Thanks,” Katya gave a small smile both their ways before turning to Asha again.

Ok just what was she gonna say now.

"What things happen before you eat steak? If all food containers were edible I'd totally go with that too."

She was so confused and she furrowed her brow sightly in confusion as she went ahead and ate. Her tone remained conversational. She just had opinions and was into debating sometimes, sorry world.

Maybe Katya was the kind of person who liked her cheesecake without a crust too, which was probably the sadder thing.

Oh no. He had seen this argument before. Specifically from his middle sister to his dad when she decided to go vegetarian a few years prior. The explosion that followed had him taking the rest of his lamb chops up to his room and riding out the screaming match back in the dinning room. He didn't expect these two to actually really go for an all out throw down, but he still took a cautionary step back, away from their direct line of sight.

He was also worried about Marlow. Ever since she emerged from the back room there was something obviously off with her demeanor. Stress was radiating off her. Zachary peered at her from the corner of his eye, he'd never seen her so tense.

"You okay?" He asked in a low voice. No reason to alert Katya and Asha. They were engaged in their own exchange anyway.

Marlow began wiping down the counter while the two girls continued to argue about ice cream cones and steak. Like seriously, wtf.

She wiped down the counter several times, even though it was completely clean after the second go. Keeping her hands busy would help keep her focused and less of a electric maniac.

Wipe, wipe, wipe. Scrub, scrub. Wipe, wipe.

You okay? At first she thought it was directed at the two girls. Marlow had sort of zoned out and maybe the fight escalated and Zachary, being the nice dude he was, checked in to see if one of the girls was okay. But it turned out that he was actually talking to Marlow. She was sort of taken aback at his question.

"Yeah, I’ll explain later, " she said with a grin. Maybe she wouldn’t give him the whole story quite yet. She was definitely curious about how Zachary knew the girl though.

Here was a wild Asha purposely choosing to misinterpret. How could this be the same, experienced, Were who’d helped her the other night.

”Mass clearing and destruction of forests for farming? And literally everything in between,” Katya answered in mild disbelief, scooping away with her spoon.

”Do you wanna sit outside?” she nodded to the tables.

"Yeah, outside is fine. And I mean, that happens for literally everything anyway," Asha shrugged, pointing at the cup. At least clearing land to make food wasn't clearing land to make garbage.

She'd follow her out anyway, plopping on whatever seating was out there and deciding on shutting up to eat and maybe let the weird mood settle.

She hoped Asha didn’t approach every situation with logic that was that dumb. But. Like. Her life reasoning was probably questionable at best if she’d knowingly infected Fray anyway. So.

Katya decided to force her brain back to thoughts of flawless Mum Asha instead.

”This stuff’s for you,” she informed, taking a scoop of her ice cream while sliding the bag over the table.

She was willing to put the past and weird only-steak-hating-but-not-everything-else moment behind her and decided she would probably never ever ever buy steaks for Katya again like she wish she'd known that gesture wasn't appreciated?

Anyway. Asha let silence settle until Katya spoke like a second later to give her a present.

"Awww, thanks," she grinned, peering in and seeing her clothes. And also... her nose picked up drugs?! And then her eyes.

"Oh my god, thank you!!" she squeaked again, enthusiastic like before but like a billion times more. She pulled out one of the packets, laughing at Katya remembering.

"Oh my god oh my god I wonder what happens if I put it on ice cream, could you open it??"

She handed it to Katya and her eyes were orange for it.

Going orange-eyed over an unoriginal gift was really flattering. Going orange-eyed in general was flattering in this context.

When Asha laughed, Katya laughed along, but a little quieter. Mostly she was dying inside because hi. She was being asked to open said cat drugs. For a moment that wave of dying inside registered on her face, before:

”Mhm-hmm,” Katya nodded through a spoonful of ice cream, taking the packet. She unstickied the top - it was one of those sticky packet things - and prepared to super carefully shower it over Asha’s ice cream? If she allowed it??

It’d be a nice gentle slope of catnip.

Katya was a catnip angel and Asha was a slave to the green in more than one way. (Because aside from loving catnip she also chased dollars and also she liked it when Abraham's eyes went green. They never seemed to do that anymore...)

Anyway, down came this particular green on her ice cream and Asha made little mewling sounds of happiness. The scent was almost enough to get her going, her pupils dilating in impending pleasure.

And then it was done and Asha took a careful lap of the ice cream catnip mix and.


It was a dream. For her and jaguar.

Who immediately seemed to roll over metaphysically, wriggling her body around this way and that, and Asha slumped a little and her head tilted and she giggled.

"S'the besssst thing."

Asha made noises of approval which had her wolf glaring. They were weirdly cat-like mewls, and Katya wondered if she'd eventually start barking at people on the street.

She put the packet back down, eating her ice cream as Asha lapped hers, and it was. A thing. "Dude. Are you already high??" she asked in disbelief, pressing her finger into some catnip that had scattered onto the table. And eating it.

It made her think of oregano even though it was a different flavour.

She couldn't not giggle at that question? Also she wanted to snuggle up. Katya, you're so far away.

"Yessssssssssss," she smiled, drawing out the ssssssss because it tickled her palate. Catnip's effect was immediate on both cats and Ashas.

"S'like. Right away!" she said in a near whispered tone of excitement, her free hand splaying all fingers out like an explosion. "Then it goes awaaayyyy. Inna while. Not now."

She wanted to rub her face on your face, Katya.


Katya idly picked at more catnip as Asha spoke, even giggling a little at the explosion. It reminded her of Wilhelm. Anyway.

"How long's it usually last?" she asked, eyelids fluttering in drowsiness a little. She was oblivious to it.

Asha had this down to an exact science.

"Fifteen hours and then a minute dead period."

Wait. What.

"I mean that like the other way aroooounnnd," she whined. "Do you like holding hands but in a friendship way?"

Plz she needed touch. Even platonic touch.

Even with the explanation of the 'other way around' Katya couldn't figure out the science which was described. She was also really bad with numbers, so. Also.


Katya ate away at her ice cream, unaware that her eyelids were just. Drooping lower. Even her wolf felt just a twinge of sleepiness. "Yeah," she told her. "My best friend doesn't let me touch her."

So she extended a warm hand over the table, still eating.

"That's meaaaan."

Asha could offer to be Katya's best friend but that wasn't something you offered. You just fucking did it.

So Asha just did it. Took Katya's hand and was honestly really sweet about it as she lapped away the rest of her drugged ice cream and stared about the beautiful world with wide, wide pupils.

"She thinks I'm gonna infect her accidentally. Which, I dunno. I probably might, so, I can't really blame her."

Still, she stabbed at her ice cream, playing with Asha's fingers idly.

That was a lot of words.

"That's dummmmb. Tell her I said she's dumb."

She giggled a little because she imagined Katya saying some dumb catnip high cat were told her she was dumb and it was great.

"You can't infect by holding hands. Unless you like. Lick her hand and then she also licks her hand."


"That'd probably somehow happen." Pause. "Happen somehow."

Not like, actually licking Cris' hand. But she'd somehow manage to do the impossible.

"Do you have lots of human friends?"

Asha thought that was a dumb thing to say, but she also didn't think vampires existed a year ago. Anyway.

Lots? Remote co-workers probably didn't count. She pondered on who she thought of as friends.

Literally everyone.

"Some!" she compromised, excited for no reason. Maybe because she saw her own tail in her brain and wanted to pounce it.

"Do you tell them?" Katya continued, without really even asking the entire question. Whatever.


ROO ROO ROO the jaguar grumbled out in confusion. "You don't tell anyone anything because if they're not turned they'll just tell a million other people. Or if they're turned but like, dumb."

Her sleepy eyes widened at the answer. Wolf went growl growl grumble and then actually whine let’s just tuck our tail and reverse a few steps thanks.

Katya gave a single nod, to show she understood, even though she’d also literally just implied her best friend knew.

Asha had a jaguar boyfriend. She probably didn’t know what it was like to feel lonely.

Yeah, well, Asha was high.

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