Do you even swim bro?

Fuse Fitness 

She felt so awkward coming here alone.

Just how it worked out though, sometimes. Ellie was working when Savvy was off work, and going back home to watch movies without the cheetohs till it was time to pick her up sounded sad and lame. So like, why not, you know. Make the effort of going to work out?

Only running on treadmills sounded horrible. And so did weight lifting. Even with vampire strength. Like. No thanks.

So hey, here she was. In a bathing suit. In the gym pool. At night, when there was like, surprisingly few people swimming? Which was probably a good thing - she was pale enough to probably be reflecting light.

Exaggeration, but like. She didn't see sun a lot. Or you know. At all.

Also guess what? She was still kinda self conscious and currently lingering along the side near the change rooms, towel wrapped up around her. Could someone please go in first? As a distraction or something so she could slip in right during and not be noticed or whatever.

It was ridiculous yes. But such was her life, a whole bucketload of ridiculousness.

Coop was damn thrilled to have found a gym. Even better, it was open at night. Even better, it had a pool. Best: there were very few people around.

There were few things Cooper enjoyed more than a good swim. He could count them on one hand, and a couple of those were not things one discussed in polite company.

When he stepped out of the men's locker room in trunks, he didn't even bother looking around the area to see who was around. He stepped up to the pool- the first empty lane he saw- and hopped right on in.

Coop had been swimming since Great Uncle Cletus (the man he got his middle name from) had chucked him into a lake at 3 years old. At the time, he'd been scared, but his big brother had jumped in right after and showed him what to do. And as a man, he'd become a rather fine swimmer, cutting through the water surprisingly gracefully for his size.

Waiting, waiting, waiting..

Finally some dude came out of the guy's change rooms, and holy fuck. He was like. Huge?? And buff?? And Savvy might have gotten a mild nosebleed if this was an anime, but it was real life so she just gawked after him a few moments.

Why was she here again?

Swimming, yes. In her pineapple bathing suit. Got it. She managed to move finally, scurrying forwards to grab an open lane beside his. Why you may ask? Possible eye candy? Motivation to like, swim fast and stuff? He seemed to be a pro at this.

Meanwhile, Savvy hadn't been in a pool since her swimming lessons from ages 6-12, so she wasn't sure if she was gonna awkwardly drown.

Swimming in itself was somewhat like riding a bike, though. Once she jumped in and started a timid doggy-paddle.. It started to come back. Plus, guess what? She no longer needed to breath, and that was actually pretty damn awesome as she dove under and started skimming along the bottom.

Then she realized she'd gone the whole length of the pool, without coming up, and probably looked like a monster. Which she was! So in a fit of panic Savvy burst to the surface gasping and choking on chlorinated pee water.

He'd just finished a tuck n' turn at the same end if the pool when he heard the soundsame of someone very nearby choking and sputtering. He wasn't a lifeguard or anything, but the police Academy had taught him that this was generally not a good thing. He was by her side in a flash.

Sliding one arm up around her back, he grabbed the edge of the pool with his other and leaned back to dragged her the last couple of feet so she could grab on for herself. "Take y'seff a secon'n just breathe. Y'okay." His voice was calm and soothing, and he released her as soon as it seemed she had hold of the wall. He was still concerned.

"What happ'nd? D'ya get all cramp'd up'r sumthin?" He hadn't noticed how far she'd swam underwater. But choking like that, he assumed, meant she'd had trouble propelling herself up. And muscle cramps could kill that way.

The choking was honestly for show, partially, though the feeling of inhaled water in dead lungs was very much disconcerting and she 0/10 did not recommend.

Apparently she'd drawn the attention of HugeDude, who suddenly had her in an arm and moved her along like she was an infant. Which she entirely was in that moment, brown eyes huge in slight fascination and horror because legit. He was acting like she weighed nothing?

Okay, you did kinda weigh less in the water but let her have a moment please.

Then he started talking, and her mind was boggled by how utterly redneck someone could sound. The rudest part of her soul wanted to hysterically giggle and ask what are you SAYING??, but she just coughed more deadness and blinked a few times.

"Nonono I just.. Mermaid. Wanted to be a mermaid." What were you fucking saying Savannah. "I think I held my breath too long and whoops need air to breathe you know, life force and all that!!" Help her, she was panicking. "I never got a cramp swimming but thank you for not letting me drown I super appreciate it and that's super nice and-"

She legit had to wheeze out loud to calm herself down.

She... wanted to be a mermaid? She looked embarrassed or nervous or... something. Maybe a joke would put her at ease? "Y'no, I seent on-line whur they got them tails... been think'n I might jus git me one."

Even if the lame attempt to help her calm down did fail, at least he knew she was okay. He let go of the wall and proceeded to tread water instead, using his arms to slowly move backward back into his own lane. "S'long's y'doin okay, I'll leave'ya too-t. Jus' splash 'round ifn y'need anythang."

Tails, what. He wanted a tail. She blinked water out of her eyes a few seconds, before connecting the whole mermaid trend that led to people selling actual mermaid tails with the fins. Like, dude. She totally wanted one, obviously. But this big guy in a mermaid tail?

It took all her willpower not to giggle like an insane person, not in a mean way! Just like. It was sort of a weirdly adorable image?? "You should totally get one," Savvy told him honestly as he swam away, clinging to the wall herself and breaking a smile.

"I'll very obviously drown myself if I need help, promise," she chuckled, letting him get back to his thing before refocusing on the new task.

Fuck laps, she wanted to dive underwater again. The sensation of not having to breath was incredible, seriously. She could probably live down there indefinitely, a true mermaid - minus coming to shore to feed.

More mindful of coming up for 'air' at realistic intervals, she dolphin-dived her way along the lane, then back to the deep end. They were like, the only people in the pool so far.. So ignoring the lane ropes, she started swimming along the bottom, back and forth.

Crossing his lane at one point as he swam over her, she flipped onto her back and waved at him with both hands.

"Only if y'get one too." He had a vaguely flirtatious tone as he smirked and kicked off of the wall. He swam diligently, enjoying the water and what one could loosely define as company.

He noticed her passing beneath him, and smiled at the two-handed wave. He took a breath and dove, changing direction to chase after her at max speed. One hand reached forward as his lungs started burning for air, and he tapped her leg before changing direction again to swim away. If they had the whole pool to themselves, then they may as well have fun with it. He surfaced, gasped in a desperate deep breath and hauled ass. Just in case she caught onto the game and felt like joining.


The wave suddenly meant he was diving down and a bubbly shriek almost escaped her before he.. Tapped her leg.


Then he was swimming away full speed, and her traumatized brain clicked onto a simple game. The simplest of games really. And guess what guys? She wasn't a potato anymore who couldn't run very fast or swim very fast and eventually give up and bawl because her siblings had longer legs than her.

Nope, now she dove after him like a pro once she resurfaced. Technique kinda sucked as she attempted front-crawl. Vampire speed made up for it, though she reigned herself into an acceptable level.

"So ruuuude," she scolded him when she was close enough lunge for his leg. Her hand would awkwardly grasp an ankle long enough to slow him down, then she dove back underwater and kicked away as fast as possible.


Her scolding made him laugh, audible above the splashing sounds they were generating. Woah, this girl was stronger than she looked! She'd slowed him, and it startled him for a moment before he realized it was because she'd grasped him, and the additional drag of the water helped the slowing process. He sent a mighty wave of a splash after her as she darted away- but she was quick enough, and he, delayed enough, that the water showered down harmlessly onto the waters surface. He pursued her again. "Oh! Y'ain't gonna git away!"

It took him a minute to catch back up, but his monger reach helped considerably as he reached out, grabbing her to pull her in. "Done caught me a mermaid!" If allowed, he'd hoist her up- hands at sides, nothing inappropriate touched- and toss her toward slightly shallower water before swimming away again. (He didn't want to throw her deeper and have her drown by accident. That would take all the fun out of the game.)

If not allowed, he'd throw his hands up and zoom away again. He was cool with boundaries, just needed to know where they were.


He spoke in such a redneck accent it was mildly ridiculous, but also weirdly endearing? In a pretty like, judgey way, he didn't fully look like a redneck, with broken yellow teeth and tattoos and stuff. He came off as just like, super duper American.

Not a bad thing, and she was getting quite the workout trying to zip away from him in the water without relying on her supernatural speed. Smol Savvy legs didn't give her as much propulsion as he had though, so he'd catch up soon enough and then just..

Hoist her up and toss her like a sack of potatoes??

It was so fucking weird getting flung like that when she hadn't been picked up since she was like, a kid. Bubbles flew out of her mouth as she choked on laughter, but before she could do anything he'd boogied away again.

This was playing on some sort of predatory instinct, driving her to speed up just a little bit faster to catch him once more. "Not letting you get away sailor!" Savannah joked back, because that was a thing right? Mermaids, sailors?

Sure, let's pretend it was, as she tried to snag one of his hands to slow him to a halt. A fantastic miss, to which she just expertly stuck her tongue out at him, and took a deep (unneeded) breath before diving back underwater. Maybe she could sneak up on him from below again?

She was both sad Ellie was missing out on the fun, and also kinda thankful because the chasing would have probably set her off and then the pool would look like an episode of shark week.


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