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Motel Glenn Capri 

Mexico had been entertaining, profitable.

His reasons for returning to this dusty corner of the world were multi-faced; above all, however, Jaxon was curious. Curious if his former associates still lurked in these parts, curious if that motley lot of posers had formed their southbound clutch without him. Tempted as he was to investigate the Heights and see for himself, Jaxon exercised his better judgement, at least for tonight. Should the place be claimed by those he had quite frankly deserted without so much as a second thought, arriving unannounced beneath the new moon felt reckless, even by Jaxon's standards.

His curiosity could wait for one night.

For now, he was intent on finding something to eat.

Jaxon, tempted as he was to flush out his prey with an illusion or two, chose to wait patiently instead, leaning against the trunk of his car with a cigarette between his fingers. Smoking carried more risk than most undead were willing to take, but the man was willing to bite that bullet for the sake of keeping up appearances. It gave him a reason to breathe, plumes of smoke dancing overhead with each breath.

With the night still young, he was confident that such a establishment as this would see its share of unsavory business. The blood of prostitutes and addicts satisfied his hunger as well as any wholesome, expensive meal. More importantly, places like this saw people disappear with convenient regularity.

What was one more name on the list of missing persons?

If all else failed, there was always the night auditor.


Not many people tended to mess with Rabbit considering her number of tattoos, especially the few on her face. Though her personality was sugar coated, she still knew how to cut a bitch if needed. But why the fuck was she here at this sketchy motel? She had been out on mountain roads the passed few days, camping wherever she could find. She just wanted somewhere where she could just take a super quick shower and be on her way really.

She turned off her dirt bike and swung a leg over to dismount. A boot kicked her kick stand down as she sang confidently to herself. "And if I catch it coming back my way, I'm gonna serve it to you...." Her voice became louder as she slipped her helmet off, letting black hair fall to the sides of her face. Rabbit let out a laugh as she finished her singing. A tattooed hand reached into her jean pocket and slipped out her hotel key, unfortunately oblivious to her surroundings.

Patience didn't always come easily to Jaxon, but it proved to be rather rewarding on occasion.

Turning his head at the guttural roar of a motorcycle, the man suppressed the urge to smile. A feminine figure clad in leather soon came to a stop in a nearby parking space, her mode of transportation more suitable for off-road driving by the looks of it. Perhaps even more interestingly, she was singing, her voice becoming clearer once she removed her helmet. Locks of black hair framed her facial features, partially obscuring them in the poor lighting.

Jaxon was most certainly intrigued, but what truly piqued his curiosity and appetite was the scent of a psychic.

He had struck gold.

"You have a beautiful voice," Jaxon said, taking a drag from his cigarette as he watched the young woman reach into her pocket for a key card. Although he could have gone about this a hundred ways or more, a bit of idle praise felt like a good way to set the tone.

Rabbit jumped out of her skin when a voice spoke out to hear. She cocked her head over her shoulder to see who had startled her. "Oh, I didn't see you back there." Chills ran down her spine as she got a strange feeling from the man. She heightened her senses around her as she watched the man smoke from the corner of her eye. "I hope I wasn't disturbing your night." Rabbit tried to remain polite. It was best to not piss off sketchy strangers.

She didn't move. She didn't want to show this random dude where her room was. Who knew what kind of slimy characters were hanging around this motel.

For all her fearsome appearance, the young woman seemed a little jumpy. Jaxon smiled at her diminutive words, shaking his head before flicking what remained of his cigarette aside, mindful of the embers. "Not at all." He stood from his reclined position. "Though I can't speak for those trying to sleep."

Jaxon hardly cared about disturbing the other guests; he had been just as loud with his own car.

Shifting his gaze from the rider to her bike, he couldn't help but comment on it. "I was expecting a cruiser when I heard it, maybe a cafe racer."

He then returned his gaze to the young woman, one brow raised.

Rabbit noted his smile. Her eyes narrowed.

She cleared her throat and watched him flick his cigarette away. She doubted many people at this particular motel were actually sleeping, but she had to admit; it was pretty quiet otherwise.

"It gets me where I need to go," she explained. The bike allowed her to access back country trails a bit better as it was able to handle the terrain. And yeah, it was loud but she didn’t care. Rabbit adjusted the strap of her bag on her shoulder, hiking it back up into place.

She felt a twinge of awkwardness as she stood there, avoiding going back to her room. She didn’t really want to risk being followed. Her fingers clutched her room key tightly.

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She could easily overlook the reputation of a motel if it offered her easy meals and dangerous but private pleasure. Well-fed was the mood, and Carmen opened the door of her room on the second floor with the intention of a smoke.

She was quickly greeted with the dizzying smell of Witch. And Vampire. Faint, but unmistakable.

Her eyes travelled into the distance - to the other side of the motel - where she noticed two figures. So very curious.

Hardly seeking to hide herself, she stepped towards the railing, leaning against a pole and carefully lighting the cigarette as she watched.

Jaxon hummed at the young woman's taciturn response before offering one himself. "Fair enough."

He supposed that she had some semblance of common sense; the poor thing hardly seemed trusting of strangers in dark places. Taking a step forward, the man paused when he heard the creak of an opening door, a reminder that the game was still on. Jaxon inhaled, as if from exasperation, only to catch the faint but unmistakable scent of death.


Less than willing to share a meal at the best of times, Jaxon wasn't enthused with the presence of another vampire. Tonight, this psychic was his and his alone.

"You're a pretty thing," he said, a troubling levity to his words as he closed the distance with a purposeful gait, "Tell me, what can you do?"

Rabbit scrunched up her nose. Did he just call her pretty? She hardly thought of herself as that.

She glanced down at her tattooed hands, key still in tow. Her head twitched slightly hearing the rustling of another person. She ignored it for now, keeping and eye on the curious man, who had just taken a step towards her.

Rabbit did her best to hide her awkwardness. Clearly the man was interested in something more than just small talk, especially from his last question.

What can you do? Her eyes narrowed at that man. It was a sure confirmation of his interests. She took a step back and kept her mouth shut. She tried to think of something snarky to say but decided against it, not wanting to provoke. No, that was the last thing she wanted.

Jaxon, ever one for the little details, observed the young woman with a sight tilt of his head. His smile broadened when her eyes narrowed, yet she had nothing to say in response to his question. How unfortunate, but the man wasn't so easily discouraged.

"It isn't often that I meet someone like myself," he said, filling the silence and pressing forward still, "You can almost feel it in the air, like static before a storm."

In reality, they couldn't have been more different. She was prey, and he was a predator.

Then Jaxon sought to meet her gaze, blue irises alight with intent.

Rabbit turned to face him head on.

Someone like him? Oh, he must’ve meant the whole power thing. She wanted to roll his eyes at him. He was also beating around the bush. So Rabbit decided to take things into her own hands.

She cocked her head slightly at him, curiously watching his smile and smirked. "I’ll give you what you want, if you give me something in return."

She slowly zipped down her leather coat, revealing her ink covered chest and a thin low cut tank top. If she was going to be bothered by a vampire for her blood, she might as well get something out of it for herself.

That is.... if he complied.

She zipped her coat all the way down, holding his eye contact. Rabbit definitely noticed his eyes, but faked a seductive smile and batted her lashes.

That seemed to garner her attention.

Watching the young woman, Jaxon found himself intrigued when she met his smile with a smirk. She offered to give him what he wanted so long as he offered something in return. "Oh?" The promise of such an exchange had its appeal. "What might that be?"

The man spoke with the same levity as before, his amusement shining clearly in his eyes.

Of course, the movement of her hand caught his attention, Jaxon's gaze briefly falling as she unzipped her jacket. Beneath it, he was amused to see more skin etched with ink, scantly clad in a top that hugged her form. As much as he would have liked to indulge in the distraction, Jaxon only watched for a moment before returning his gaze to hers, entertained by her smile and the batting of her lashes.

Did she realize what she was doing, the manner of creature she chose to dance with?

He supposed it wasn't impossible, for his kind were no longer the stuff of legend and fiction. Regardless, Jaxon admired her audacity.

"Name your price," he said, his curiosity piqued.

Yes, well, that static was likely her.

Carmen privately amused herself in order to ignore the ego of the Vampire she was witnessing. At a run-down motel, he could very well be nothing but a traveller.

In any case, she truly had no interest in witnessing whatever this was becoming. Though an intoxicated pervert held its appeal, she put her cigarette out early and headed back inside.

The new moon hung heavy. Perhaps she'd hear a scream in five minutes. Either way, she wouldn't be involved.

Rabbit didn’t care that the other stranger was watching. She was sort of busy with a life or death situation at the moment. Her options were limited.

He asked her to name her price. She smiled a wicked smile. "I thought I was being obvious, " she said, holding her her room key for him to see. She took a few steps backward and started walking towards her room.

God, what the fuck was she doing. What the fuck was she thinking? Rabbit swayed towards her first floor room, not bothering to check if the man was following her or not.

When the young woman flashed a wicked smile, Jaxon matched it with a devilish grin of his own. Her response was delightfully coy as she held up her key card, to which he gave a shrewd nod. The time for words was fleeting, and Jaxon watched her take a few steps back before she turned her back on him. He followed her a moment later, his footsteps and hers disturbing the otherwise quiet evening.

Reason warned Jaxon to err on the side of caution, whereas instinct suggested taking a bite out her right then and there. While both forces had their merits, he walked a fine line between them. What good was immortality if he couldn't enjoy himself, after all.

It wouldn't take much to overtake the young woman with his long strides, but Jaxon maintained a leisurely gate and a comfortable amount of space between them.

She stopped at her motel door and unlocked it with her key card. Rabbit glanced at him from the corner of her eye before stepping through the door
and holding it open with her shoulder while he caught up. She forced herself to remain calm and to keep her breathing at a normal pace. Her chances to turn back and to avoid this whole encounter were quickly disappearing.

Keep him enticed and remain believable as to avoid his vampiric charms, she told herself.

Was this the only option she had though?

"You have to be invited in, right?" she asked, her voice soft like velvet.

This was all so blissfully simple.

Yet, Jaxon still had to keep his wits about him. Short of reading her mind, there was no anticipating the young woman having a sudden change of heart. With the existence of his lot no longer a secret, hunting was as dangerous as it had ever been.

She unlocked the door to her room and held it open for him, exhibiting a certain etiquette that was uncommon.

Then she asked a question that amused him. "Don't believe everything you read," he said, shaking his head. Although she was on to something, Jaxon was confident that the power of invitations did not apply to the likes of hotel rooms. "A fair guess, however."

He soon stood in the doorway, his gaze set on hers before he stepped through the threshold with ease.

A corner of her mouth twitched lightly as he was so easily able to come into her room. She supposedly did believed everything she read.

She didn’t meet his gaze as he entered through the door. Instead, she looked down and and closed the door gently behind her, clicking it shut.

Rabbit was suddenly... unsure. She had hoped that he wouldn’t have been able to enter so easily. So now what?

She continued looking downwards and held her opposite arm shyly. "I, um..." she stumbled around words, trying to piece a few together.

"I bet you weren’t expecting this, we’re you?"

The confidence with which the young woman carried herself seemed to ebb once Jaxon entered the room. Her gaze fell to the floor and remained so, even after she closed the door behind him. How unfortunate, for he had found her seductive air rather entertaining.

Despite her bashful demeanor, she soon posed a question that intrigued Jaxon.

"Not quite." He saw no reason not to be truthful. "Though I'd consider it a pleasant surprise."

It wasn't often that someone so willingly accepted his company.

However, Jaxon wasn't quite satisfied with the young woman's sudden demure. Stepping closer, he observed and admired her, his hands held neatly behind his back. "I take it this is your first evening with a vampire?" The man spoke with genuine curiosity, no longer interested in maintaining the masquerade.

She gave a soft laugh, threw her bag to the ground and slipped off her leather jacket, also tossing it the floor. Rabbit shook off her shyness and stepped towards him, just as he did towards her.

"Not that I remember. You vampires tend to not leave us with much to remember. " Rabbit smirked and eyed him, taking another step forward.

She continued walking further inside, brushing passed him to sit on the end of the end. "But I like to remember, " she said slyly.

Her soft laugh was a pleasant sound, one that made Jaxon smirk. Once she discarded her bag and jacket, the young woman seemed to gather her nerve once more and mirrored his movements by taking a step toward him. Looming over the delicate thing, he couldn't help but admire her courage in the face of such a creature as himself.

A soft, rolling chuckle resonated in Jaxon's chest at her clever remark. "Only the paranoid among us," he said, reveling in the bit of banter.

With each step she took, the space left between them dwindled. The scent of her was delicious, for lack of a better word. Part of him wished he hadn't happened upon such a beauty when the ice underfoot was at its thinnest, figuratively speaking. The new moon made matters all the more dangerous, but it was a gamble that Jaxon was accustomed to. He was confident in his resolve, his composure.

She brushed past him then, taking a seat on the edge of the bed. "Would you, now?" Jaxon turned to face her, his smirk persisting. "That could be arranged."

He strode forward, admiring every inch of her.

She arched a brow, and tilted her head slightly. "Then what are you waiting for?" Rabbit leaned back onto her elbows, watching his movements before she was sucked into looking over his features.

Through narrowed eyes, she observed his bone structure, his jaw line and neck. She suddenly felt inadequate but quickly shook the feeling. In the beginning, she was eager to flee, but now... now she wasn’t sure what she wanted to be honest.

For now, she pulled her dark hair away to reveal her neck.

The young woman quirked a brow, and Jaxon smiled at her remark, watching as she leaned back onto the bed. Like he had done, she seemed to study his features, her green eyes taking in the finest details. Suffice it to say that the man indulged in the attention upon his approach.

She was beautiful, delicate—like a robin's egg.

As Jaxon came closer, the pressure behind his teeth intensified. Then the young woman brushed her hair aside to reveal her neck, which appealed to the base hunger that gnawed at him. Lowering himself down on to the bed, any thought of personal space cast aside, he met those enchanting green eyes before his icy blue gaze roamed toward her throat.

His fangs emerged, and he struck like a coiled serpent. Although it was painless, numbed by the vampire's neurotoxic venom, Jaxon bit into the young woman's neck and drank the delectable blood that flowed forth, mindful not to make a mess of himself. One hand was used to support himself, while the other gently yet firmly seized her shoulder.

The taste of a psychic's blood had no equal.

Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as he approached her on the bed. His blue eyes practically pierced her, just as sharp as his fangs.

But it happened so quickly. Before she could second guess her choices once again, his fangs pierced her neck. She let out a sudden gasp and tilted her head away from his. She was more surprised then anything about his quick advances even though she had encouraged him. Her hand reached up and grabbed at his back, bunching his shirt up in her fist. It was a sensation was she familiar with but couldn’t exactly pin point the memory.

Rabbit closed her eyes while he drank, but still imagined his intense ocean eyes and sharp jawline behind her lids. Her back arched, pushing herself against him.

The sharp and sudden gasp seemed amplified by the silence that preceded it, but Jaxon thought nothing of it. He was a lion with his prize, feasting with nary a concern for anything besides his own appetite. Amidst the feeding, he felt the young woman curl her fist against his back, tugging at the fabric of his shirt. There would be time for that.

For now, however, he drank.

Not only did the blood of the gifted make for a delicious meal, but it was a rare reminder of what it had been like to live, to be alive. Her blood was quick to take effect, inducing a pleasant high that reminded Jaxon of London's countless opium dens.

He would have continued to drink until he could no more, but the feeling of her body pressing up against his ushered a thought. The man could indulge in greed and drain her dry, or he could be wise. So, with no small degree of willpower, Jaxon withdrew once he had gotten his fill, running his tongue over the young woman's wounds to seal them. With time, they would heal.

The man heaved an almost labored breath then, leaning his head back with an expression that betrayed the rapture he felt. "Delicious," he said with an airy sigh, fangs receding as his gaze returned to hers.

Rabbit felt the man retract his fangs. A wave of light headedness washed over her as the world around her slowed down and blurred at the slightest. As the vampire pulled back and licked her wound close, she blinked about lazily.

When his gaze met hers, she glanced away shyly. Her cheeks flushed a light pink as he commented on her taste. Words couldn’t put themselves together for a reply. Instead, her tight hold at his back loosened up and she lay flat on the bed.

She was in a bit of a disbelief that it happened so rapidly. Where did the time go? Or did it actually take all but a few seconds for him to get his fill? A hand reached up and ran a finger lightly over her neck.

It seemed like the bashfulness had returned, the young woman's gaze glancing away from his own. Jaxon couldn't help but smile, a chuckle bubbling up his throat. Still, all he could do for the moment was admire her and all the life she had. The cherry blossom tint to her cheeks, the rise and fall of her chest, the steady drumbeat of her heart—she was so fetching in her mortal state.

When she fell flat against the bed, Jaxon relaxed his own posture, though still loomed over the young woman; that bewildered expression of hers was precious.

Then she reached up to brush her fingertip across his neck, which elicited a low hum from the man. With the hand that had held her shoulder, Jaxon trailed down the young woman's arm until his hand found hers.

His thoughts in a haze from the high, Jaxon was a man possessed by a gentlemanly air. With the young woman's hand in his own, he brought it to his lips and placed a kiss upon her knuckles.

With the kiss, ever so gently placed on her knuckles, she was taken back. This man, this creature. How could he be so gentle towards her like that? The hand he held of hers began to turn transparent and fall through his own. The sudden moment had made her lose control of her phasing. With a quick refocus her hand became it's normal solid. She lightly bit her cheek, hoping the vampire didn't notice.

"I'm confused," she admitted with a breathy sigh. What was she confused about? She was half expecting to be ripped part and left for dead, sucked dry. Or was she believing everything she read again? Her words along with his hum broke the silence, though she barely even noticed it. The room still slightly spun around her, but things were less blurry as she regained more and more focus.

With her other hand still on his neck, she lightly brushed her fingers along his hairline by his ear. For some reason, touching him here was a confirmation to herself that he was indeed real.

How could someone, something like Jaxon be capable of such gentle affection?

It was a fair question, one that the likes of himself had no answer to. Perhaps the high made him docile, or perhaps she awoke some echo of humanity within him. Regardless of the reasons why, Jaxon was indeed gentle with his prize, the delicate beauty that she was.

When the young woman's hand became ethereal and fell though his own, the man couldn't help but raise his brows, having witnessed firsthand her ability. "That's interesting," he said, sounding more intrigued than anything. He had seen a variety of powers over the years, both among psychics and his fellow undead, and this woman's ability wasn't entirely alien to him.

However, the young woman soon expressed her confusion, which Jaxon supposed was reasonable. He had every intent to make this night someone's last, should it have been necessary to ensure his next meal.

"We're a difficult lot to decipher," he said to her, smiling as her fingertips followed his hairline, "Though not always as monstrous as you might expect."

Jaxon seldom said no to a good conversation, especially when he felt like he did now. "What is your name?"

She watched him smile, her eyes tentative on his lips. He smiled so easily at her and caused her to smile as well. She drew her hand down his jaw line, tracing his edges lightly. Difficult to decipher. She was indeed having a hard time reading him. He was so adamant about what he wanted when they were outside in the lonely parking lot, seeming he would do anything to get what he wanted. But when she turned the tables on him, something appeared to change.

His reasoning behind his behavior didn't necessarily clear up her confusion.

She looked back at her hand in his. So he had noticed. His comment was something new to her. Being around mostly humans her life tended to get some unwarranted reactions about her ability but here she felt at ease and some what comforted.

"My name?" she hesitated and nibbled on her bottom lip, "Rabbit." A name suitable for prey indeed.

A smile danced across her lips, and curious fingertips continued to explore his features, traversing his jawline. Such tenderness was a rare thing, something precious that Jaxon seldom experienced, much less offered toward another. Surely it was the high following an easy meal; that would have been Jaxon's thoughts on the matter were he in a more lucid state.

Then the young woman humored him with her name, and what a name it was.

"Rabbit," Jaxon said, unable to conceal his amusement. "It suits you."

The lion and the rabbit.

With a pleasant sigh, the man blinked slowly before returning his gaze to hers. "Desmond." It was the name of a man who had died long ago in Jaxon's opinion, but he gave it nevertheless.

She repeated his name several times over and over in her head getting a sense of what it felt like to say it. "Desmond," this time she whispered it out loud. The way her teeth buzzed through the name was satisfying. It rolled off the tongue with ease.

Moving her fingers from his jaw, she tiptoed them to his lips. She knew vampires preferred the psychics as their powers gave them a sort of appealing high. She figured that that was all this one wanted from her, but there was a feeling in her stomach that she hoped it was just more than that. Rabbit refused to acknowledge it though. It was a silly thought that she pushed aside.

But his lips. His lips were so enticing. Laying there on the bed, she leaned her head up and brushed her own lips against his in a soft kiss, ignoring all of her brain signals that advised against it.

Jaxon greatly enjoyed how the name sounded in her voice.

Rabbit tiptoed her fingers to Jaxon's lips, and it was a rather pleasant sensation. He would have taken those fingers and kissed them too, but the man didn't dare interrupt whatever she planned to do. While tonight began with a hunt like any other, it had become something rather different, and Jaxon would see it through.

Doting over his lips for a moment longer, the young woman then leaned upward and kissed him, her own lips against his. True to her nature, Rabbit's kiss was delicate, and Jaxon was equally gentle.

He let go of of Rabbit's hand and moved to caress her cheek, allowing the kiss to last for as long as she desired.

A sigh of relief washed of her as Desmond returned her kiss. Butterflies fluttered about inside of her, pushing her continue the kiss longer and longer. Rabbit felt a twinge of happiness as she smiled while her lips were still pressed against his, but a realization hit her.

She pulled back with a gasp. "Youre going to erase my memory, aren’t you?" Of course, why else was this vampire acting so kind towards her. Happiness wasn’t something she deserved, or at least that’s what she thought.

She leaned back into her elbows and looked up at him with widened doe eyes.

Rabbit seemed satisfied with their kiss at first, prolonging it for what felt like several moments until she suddenly withdrew. With a gasp, she all but accused Jaxon of intending to erase her memory. "Hardly," he said in his defense, brows raised by her shift in disposition.

Still, she looked at him with doe eyes, and the man couldn't help but feel a bit moved by the sight.

"I try not to unless it's unavoidable." Jaxon tried to be reassuring, holding Rabbit's wide-eyed gaze. "It's a bad habit, meddling with the minds of others on a whim."

He sat upright after a moment, still watching the young woman. "You trusted me with your life, now I trust you with mine."

Although all she had was his face and a name, sometimes that was all one needed to cause a great deal of trouble for one such as himself. Yet, he had a sneaking suspicion that Rabbit wouldn't go shouting about tonight's encounter from every rooftop. She seemed too smart for that.

She wasn’t sure if his comment was reassuring for her or not. She watched him sit up and she herself scooted farther up the bed, leaning herself against the headboard. It had been a while since she had seen the man this far away. They had spent several moments so up close. Close enough for Rabbit to begin memorizing his features.

You trusted me with your life, and now I trust you with mine. Rabbit panned over these words in her head. Why had she trusted him? Did she really trust me when she invited him to her room? Not really, but he did end up proving himself otherwise. But why had he trusted her?

She murmured a quiet thank you. She wasn’t sure what she was thanking him for. Trusting her, or not killing her? Maybe both.

Rabbit wanted to embrace him again. His lips were addictive and the way he looked at her made her want more.

"When did you start trusting me?" she didn’t bother asking why. She knew he wanted an easy meal and in a sense, she was that.

Cognizant of the distance that now existed between them, Jaxon found himself longing for her scent, her warmth. Alas, he stayed where he was, close to the foot of the bed. He was silent as Rabbit mulled over his words, appraising them. Whether she believed or found comfort in them was a different matter entirely.

Jaxon nodded softly when she mumbled her thanks, the blue of his eyes still looking for the green of hers.

Then she asked a rather interesting question, one that brought a thoughtful look to his features.

"While I drank your blood," he began, "I admired your faith, your willingness to offer me a meal with your life hanging in the balance. Few are so daring."

Few are so daring. she laughed softly. Was she daring or just plain stupid?

She too missed his touch. She looked down at her inked hands, craving them to be wrapped around him once more.

"You’re daring to trust a psychic, " she cocked a brow at him. Fingers snaked to the bottom of her tank top and slipped it off, revealing a black lace bra underneath and the multitude of tattoos on her chest and abdomen.

She met his eyes and dared not look away.

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